Dirty Keyboard Cleaning (ASMR)

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A satisfying ASMR timelapse.Credits: MUSICTip Toe_FullLicensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

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Its so cringy i was shitting in my hand
A salty boy
How much they pay you eh
I used that keyboard up until I got my Huntsman Elite the other day.
Adri lewis
Now when I touch my keyboard\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nI feel *FILTHY*
Aliyah Brooks
I just knew he would place the spacebar in first, I would have lost it if he didn't
I wish I could have a glow up like this keyboard.
Anh Hong
Omg I love this
Arm63 Done
Who has the time to clean their keyboard
Ashlee Potatoee
I swear your keybord is much more cleaner than my room
Austin Rausch
i dont like how they sped it up
this makes me want to clean my keyboard
Was this really worth it?
Bryan Gonzalez
No es más fácil comprar otro :v
Can We get 5000 subscribers with no videos?
Most people in this comment section; *IT'S NOT ASMR*\n\n\n\n\n\nMe on the other hand; *That poor toothbrush..*
Claudia Fernando
*this just sounded like another video from howtobasic*
when you accidentally came on your keyboard
DBU - Dragon Ball Universe
Imagine the keyboard stopped working after cleaning it.
I'm shocked he remembered where all the keys went.
Why does this remind me of Toy Story 2 when Woody had that dramatic satisfying makeover?
Draw Everything
Who is worried about the keyboard keys to be misplaced on the keyboard
Featuring Dante From The Devil May Cry Series
1:20 \nBuilding in a lego game be like
Gabs Slime
2:40 looks like legos
Geckoman gaming
Imagine if he hit the keys when they were out of the keyboard and they all got messed up and he forgot where they all went, oof
Glenn Spofford
I thought if I bought a black keyboard it would make my pc run faster, instead it just made it a lot easier to clean cause I can tell it what to do
the asmr is terrible because it's sped up
I want to commit seppuku
not my proudest fap
Immortal Ari
Whose keyboard was this?😂😂
Insane Nancy
I'm now wondering if my keyboard is that dirty nowadays
Jam Jam_
i kept trying to blow on my screen to get the dirt off
Jerry Smith
To all of you saying that this video is \
Jivy Vitruvian
plot twist this is how fast he actually works
Who else really wanted to play with that sticky goo?
Kathy Z
Is this keyboard still working
Kostyan Ulybashev
как говорил великий: \
Lady Color
I want the uncut version. I don’t care if it’s 3 hours, I like the asmr but it’s too fast.
Lauren Landas
you can do another asmr video on my keyboard...
Leon Müller
vs how imma be cleaning my keyboard 4:47
Light Rain
Buy a Razer keyboard
Lil Lemon
this asmr is no good at all
Lme Ij
broooo what is he doin ʕʘ‿ʘʔ when I clean it (never did) then just with lil but water lol I didn’t knew that keyboard letters need a surgery
Lourd Aro
people: asmr is a response, is something you're supposed to feel, if this video makes you feel asmr then its an asmr video, I know that asmr videos aren't (standardly talking) like this one, but we can't say that it's not asmr. \nPD: can we appreciate how clean it is?? I mean it probably looks cleaner than when he bought it
*This is why we buy black keyboards*
Low Battery
Or you can just get a new keyboard
Lucie Horakov
I mean.. Its clean
Lucy Dotterer
I would like to order a milkshake and keyboard soup please
Madara Uchiha
_Damn. That keyboard went through surgery_\n*Just wipe it* !!
Mar iah
At first I was like why is everyone hating on this video ? Then I realized it was buzz feed . Carry on .
Melody Stream
Am I the only one of who forgot this was ASMR video? I mean like I am just focusing on the cleaning tbh
Mia Parker
Just one wipe on my keyboard and I think that’s clean 😂😭
Midget Cat
Did you go uhh.. mud racing with your keyboard or something
Mr Chicks Butt
Phew! Im tired watching him do all that work. I need rest.
Mr. Raccoon
My eyes say no. But my ears beg to differ.
Am I the only one who didn’t find this tingly at all??
When you run out of content as a BuzzFeed contributor and then notice your keyboard looks disgusting.
Panday43 aj
Eww thats one damn crusty musty keyboard you got there bro
PoPoMo Kawaii
In my opinion....its actually not bad, its tingly for me\n\n\n\n\npls dont hate on me .\nits just an opinion
I would just blow on my keyboard and call it a day
RIP savage
What if i have a black keyboard?
my dude nutted all over his keyboard and he cleans it.
Sally E
Good keyboard cleaning \nSatisfying to watch \nBut bad ASMR
Sam goes online
Imagine buying a white keyboard.
Satisfying slezme
I've got to know... Did they manage to dirty up the keyboard just for the video or is this someone's actual, super dirty keyboard?
Shrek Shit
Buzzfeed doesn’t know how ASMR works...
Skyler Animations
*Looks at my keyboard:\n“Oh fu-!”
Thatz Dope
Will the \
And what if i buy a new one?
Tristan Gregory
This is ASMR for psychos. xD
3:16 Can i do this on my teeth?\n?
Turtlesrgud :D
1:08 “Ew..” 😂
Twice and bts are perfect for each other Zainy
Its very relaxing 😘😍😘😘
Yasmine Haska
Oh man ! Why don’t you just wach it
Zach Choi ASMR
I have an entire apartment I'd like to submit for cleanin... I mean ASMR
Zaniah Maple
One of the most important things about ASMR never EVER have music
Zunair Irfan
*Later*\n\nKeyboard: *Gets destroyed in rage after losing game*
Is it just me or do the keyboard pieces look like legos?
when i was halfway through the video i totally forgot that this was asmr
danz beard
I simply keep the plastic on the keyboard :-))))
don't sub to me plz
1:23 those Lego video games like
gg daisy7
Who goes through this much effort to clean a keyboard?!
goctoxri g gig7
01:59 howtobasic confirmed
heidi v
4:50 Only me who not realized That was a before and after scene?
hwee suan j
do they know asmr is supposed to be slow
i Merciful i
*title says asmr in it*\n\n*Some guy smashing keys for 5 minutes*
idek uh
oh he meant clean clean👀🤩
if i did this i would forget where all the keys went..
j bru
This isn’t ASMR at all! Sped up it’s making me all twitchy. Focus more on it being calming and nice clear sounds.
loop zoop
dirty keyboard cleaning makes me so tired am i right
who thought this was gonna be some good ass asmr but it’s just a bunch of sped up noises that’s way too loud even on low volume? 🙋🏻\u200d♀️\nand this isn’t even ReLaXinG 😔
molly huson
Thought he'd just give it a wipe but this escalated very quickly
Oh no no oh no no oh no no Oh no no oh no no oh no no Oh no no oh no no oh no no Oh no no oh no no oh no no Oh no no oh no no oh no no Oh no no oh no no oh no no Oh no no oh no no oh no no Oh no no oh no no oh no no Oh no no oh no no oh no no Oh no no oh no no oh no no Oh no no oh no no oh no no Oh no no oh no no oh no no Oh no no oh no no oh no no Oh no no oh no no oh no no Oh no no oh no no oh no no Oh Oh no no oh no no oh no no Oh no no oh no no oh no no Oh no no oh no no oh no no Oh no no oh no no oh no no Oh no no oh no no oh no no Oh no no oh no no oh no no Oh no no oh no no oh no no Oh no no oh no no oh no no no no oh no no oh no no
sakura heartfilia
Wooow, A for the effort !\nMaan, come clean my house and pay me for it please, you're the ones who taught me it was possible so come on now ! 😏😍🌸🌸
that one kid
Hey ummm dude what do you use to wash your keybored keys????\n\n\n\n\n\nSoAp + WaTeR \nNooo way bro i use that to take a shower
u n k n o w n
Not real ASMR, but really satisfying!
What could you be doing to get your keyboard this dirty?
zebra 12325
4:03 it's called slime
•layzee potaytoe•
1:10 \