Cookie Ninja! HeroForce vs Ninja Cookie Battle!

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Noah should be called fireball ninja
ANDY maniacs 135
The human torch
Abhijith Krishna
Dragon man for fire ,Lighting girl for electric ,star girl for light ok bye superhero kids
Akira Salsabila
Because you have fire power I'm going to name you Captain fire\nEden because you have lightning power I'm going to name you Miss lightning\nPooping cuz you have light power I'm going to name you Miss light. And that's it
Alex Lawrence
Eden : Sparkplug \nNoah : Fireblade \nHope : StarLight\nEdit : like if you agree
Alyssa Welch
Noah and me have the same name
Amaan's Vlogs
Asiya 007
B19_ Swift
I am fire boy the is
Beyblade Gamer
I love your YouTube channel and you are my favourite YouTubers and I recently watched a chad wild clay video and Noah you were in it
Charles Riddick Jr
Hope is the light angel eden is elite storm and noah is human torch like if you agree
Crowbar Jones. DEADPOOL
You are so good
Cute Little Psycho girl
_HEROFORCE GO!!!!!_\n\n\n\n\nHope:Lightshooter\nEden:Lightning Girl (like casual)\nNoah:Like he said,FLAME NINJA!
Dark Flash
Noah’s is flame 🔥\n\nHope is star ⭐️ \n\nEden is Bolt
Dayachka Francois
Diamond Dimer 2010
Noah:fireninja\nEden:lightning storm\nHope:sparkstorm
DragonKnight 1420
Edith is Electric zapper\nHope is Light bright \nNoah is Flaming fire\nDone
Eliel galindo
Noah the ningaaa!!!
Noah flame 🔥
Fernando Burton
Gifty Ijekhuemen
Fire smash,thunder girl ,sun light shimer
Hamja Miah
Noah:fire flame Eden:lightning strike Hope:light beam
Hex Playz
Eden Is Storm Noah is Purifier and hope is Beam. I'm sorry that I used simple names I thought they would be good. And like if you agree
Hugo Foo
hope: lady of light, eden: lady zap and noah: fire flame ninja like if agree
Ibeth Torres
sorry brother using it Noah flame ninja eddan lighting girl hope star power
Ifeanyichukwu Ifeanyi-Ozukwe
Noah:Flame boy\nEden:Thunder lady\nHope:Star girl
Isaiah Belfort
Noah is fire flame hope is star shield and eden is the electrity
Iwikua I
Hope:Star Power\nNoah:Flaming Ninja\nEden:Lightning Storm
Izat Pakistan
Noah:fire storm\nHope:star light\nEden:electric thunderstorm
Jackinator 12
You should add to more hero force superhero’s and the power should be seeds, ice, magic or earth love you guys
James Melendez
Eden electro girl Noah fire boy hope starlight
Jaswinder Dhaliwal
Noah:Firestrike.hope:Quicklight.edan:zap quilt😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋💀💀💀💀💀💀💀😸😸😸😸😁😜😉😂
John-Peter Biccard
Novu 🔥💨 hope ⭐✨ eden ⚡❄ from John Peter S H K herofort
Kane Fisher
Noah Should be heat wave And Eden should be god of thunder and I hope should be Light beam
Kannan kumar
Hope - star power\nEden - electric girl\nNoah - fury
Kareem Lee
Lightning girl the flash girl The ninja fire boy
Kendric Frazier
Older sister her super hero name should be lightning girl Noah name should be flame boy hope name should be light girl love your vids
Kids Fun TV
Great video, as always Super Hero Kids! You guys are awesome!
Kristin Nolin
Noah:HEATBLAST eden:megawatt hope:bright light
Lorren Duke
Light girl; and flamee and the last one is striker
Loungo Motlhasedi
fire ninja, lightning girl,light girl
Manelisi Mokgetwa
Nah is flaming ninja ,Eden is lightning girl and Hope star light
Marlon Marlon Steiner
Noah Fireboy \nEden storm\nHope light Break
Matt Vogt
MayaAM2009 Mghdh 1275
Firestorm lighting strike and sun glaze that's what your heroforce names are, 😋
Melissa Lamb
Hopes name night light Edith's name electric smart Noah name fire ninja
Miguel Rocha
Noah: can be fire boy hope:can be sun strike Eden:can be Thunder storm
Natasha Wilkie
noah : the flamer , Hope :flowerlight , Eden : shocker
Nelly Tomasova
Noah :fire ninja \nHope:sun light girl \nEthen:lazer girl\n\nLike if your agree with me
Nicholas Neo
Noah is flame ninja, Hope is star shooter, and Eden is dynamic lightning.\n\nLike if you agree
Noah’s Dance journey
Noah Your name should be fire ninja even your name Shelby let’s switch movie maker and roll your name Jody the worst name ever hope
Parker Sharpe
Good vid
Powerful Tasmiah
Noah: Flames 🔥 \nEden: Sparks ⚡️ \nHope: Starlight ☀️
Prietz atheo A Munar 200345671
I think of noah is fire man sv
Princess Tessa
Noah is flame boy,hope is star girl and Eden is lightning boom
Ray Boy
Eden is electro girl\nHope is bright star\nNoah is flame ninja\nLike if you agree
RedX rex
Heatflame and thundershock and stargirl thats my all of your name
Roblox Marc
Noah: FireStriker\nEden:ZapGirl\nHope:StarShine
Role Players
Fire flame starlight electrobuzz \n\nLike if you agree also you know who I hope
Sam Bowen
Noah heat blast
Samson Amari
Noah’s name: Fire Ninja or Human Torch or Fire Fist\n\nHope’s name: LightMage or LightWare\n\nEden’s name: ShockTricity or ThunderStorm\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nYou pick
Scyther 76589
mine rice superhero name is ice ninja because my power ring lets me shoot Chrome ice it's really cool okay so no one has fire fire ninja and whoever have a Lightning Electric and and that's all I got
Shahanaz Kmuhammed
noah flame ninja eden zaper and hope lightning star
Sidney Katz
Noan should be flame thrower
noah:fire boy, eden lighting girl and hope sun girl
The Duke of Gamers
Lightning bolt fire blaster and Eden jolt
The ROBLOX MiniGamers
Eden:Lightning Girl\nHope:light Girl\nNoah:Fire Ninja Boy
Tommy Le
Noah is captain flame hope is Moon star eden is Electric awesome
Vicente Zanche
Yash Mahendrakumar
Noah name can be fire ball eden name can be lightning girl and hope name can be lighting stile
Yuna Tan
Spider boy
Yuto Awesome
Hope is⭐️
Electric,fire ninja,flashlight
Zack Cook
Hope light Beam women
Zakirah Stokley
noah fire ninja hope sun star eden storm girl
amouna cob
Noah s name fire man
celia romero
Noah:Firestorm\nEden:lightning strike\nHope:Sun glaze\n\nLike if you agree
chaitanya chaitanya
Lighting girl
javier vlogs
Eden: super electric\nHope: lightning gold\nNoah: fire light
julian palomo
Noah name should be fire ninja
leo lebita
Do you know Chad and Vy?
louay chentouf
Noah: inferno blast
loud pokemon universe
Noah: flame Ninja\nHope: light shield \nEden: electric zap \n\n\n\n\nSorry for bad names and like if you agree
maria moreno
Hello superhero kids I am a big fan of you and I came up with some superhero names the first one is for Noah your name is flamer boy and for Eden your name is electricity girl and Hope your name is light girl will bye and make more videos.
marisa Papaleo
No uh should be demon ninja
nawfal ahmed
noha:fire knight\nhope:the human light\nedeth:lightning bolt
nestie corrales
Noah:Flame Ninja🔥\nEden:Lightning Striker ⚡️\nHope:Star beamer⭐️⚡️\n\n\n\nHeart it if your making that name\nAnd like if you like it :D
Hope is star girl and Noah is fire ninja and edin is lightning girl.
rninja 07
Noah blaze boy or blaze ninja
roblox with jeri
Hope super light noah the king of flames eden electro girl
saima mirza
Noah Fire ninja\nHope sprinkle star\nEdane The chief
subas koirala
Noah : fire ninja, hope : light ninja ,Eden : electricity ninja
flamer light speed time watcher
zander ph
Uhm got new name for noah flamer
Степной Цветок
its a noah