The Try Guys Take A Lie Detector Test

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The Try Guys test their friendship as they probe deep into each others' personal lives.Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo!

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A Person
Dude the lie detector guy kinda scared me..... just a little...
A Whiteout
Omg 7:44 is sooo adorable xD Zach holding onto Eugene’s arm
I'm a very nervous person, I don't think I could pass a lie detector test
Alejandra Surias
in all lie detector vids i watch its always john
Aljaž Jesen
That grandpa thinks he tough, he probably steals his wifes pillows and lies about it
Andrea Bradics
7:29 Keith's \
That lie detector man is my spirit animal
Annaliese Emerson
I think I may ship Zac and Eugene now.... \n\n\n\n\nTHEYD BE CUTE OKAY?!
Annie Deng
*God hates liars, and I hate liars.*\nme: IS JOHN SECRETLY GOD??
Annie Kiraly
Zach and his lollipop😂
Anson Hu
The lie detector is really just an ancient piece of medical equipment, it was never meant for the police even the creator warned them (police) that it’s not supposed to be used for those purposes
Athena S
I am a child of divorce as well Eugene. I can confirm your statement
Audrey Segedin
I feel like the other try guys learned another side of Eugene.
Audrie Wagner
Eugene's laugh makes me cry because I love it so much
Eugene, even without the hair I’d still find you to be a gorgeous attractive young man!! Like seriously!!!!!!!!!!! 🙈
Autumn Scott
when john said “god hates liars and i hate liars...” i really expected him to say “i aM GoD”
Avril Cardenas
This made me realize how bad Eugenes self esteem is I kinda felt bad for him
Bel M
9:21 John sounded surprised
Brandon S
John:I'all kill you right here\n😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Callie Coon
“I’ll kill you right here”. Omg, everyone has gotta love John!
Catherine Linsey
John:I’ll kill her\nMe:🤣🤣
He is telling the truth.
David Kyle Bacierto
Ohh.....Keith is telling white \
Deborah Heuzen
Eugene knows how to ask the difficult questions
Don Norde
Elliott Gaylord
Eva Plaz
Keith : no I don’t like any dogs \nNed : do you like Eugene’s dog \nKeith : well I do like Eugene’s dogs\nAll:laughing
personal question time!!!\ndo you think Neds bad at karaoke?\n\nyeah very personal 😂
a lie detector isn't 100% accurate though.
Garycato 101
5:59 Keith: Ned you and Ariel are so cute together. is any of it just for show?\n\nNed: ya sure\n\nJohn: he’s telling the truth\n\nNed: it’s like Instagram sometimes you post a photo that’s like the cutest version- I DONT NEED YOUR EXPLANATION\n\nI wonder what Ariel said when she watched this video if she watched this video🤣
0:28\nThis man just confirmed his identity and he needs his own show
Giggles Bloody Murder
I swear John does all lie detections from tv shows to YT Lol
Golden Sliver
“Have you ever wanted to replace one of the try g-“\n“Yes-“\n“He’s telling the truth”
Hailey VanParys
This is literally the best Try Guys video. I was dying
Haley A
John is my spirit animal!!!!
Haruka Nanase
I think Eugene looks really good in this...Just me?
Isabel Read
I love how Zach is sucking a lolly the entire video of interrogating others.
Izzy Gaut
Jake Anglim
0:29 John=God\nIt’s official.
Jake Bordenca
3:14 “I murder the nuns.”
Jay Jenkins
Zach: do you think I’m ever going to find love?\nKeith: yes\nJohn: he’s lying.\n\n😂 KEITH!!!
Jkangie Amjk
**rips that weave off the snitch**\n THE ITALIAN BABIES
“Do you know how much the three of us care about you?” \n“No” \n“He’s telling the truth”\nI think my heart just broke
Jones H
This video is when I started shipping Zach and Eugene.
Josie Joyner
Keith is every try guys favorite but they refuse to accept that he’s the best😂😂
Kaitlyn Rivera
Kathy Leene
Eugene doesn’t believe in true love and thinks that try guys don’t care about him much…that’s basically me but it still broke my heart
Kit Kat
John: God hates liars, and I hate liars\nMe: So therefore he is god
Laura Croft
Leah Rothfeld
John has found his way around YouTube
LilRose 101
Is that the guy who did the lie detector test for Shane dawson
Lilly weber
John is a savage
Lily'sCrazyGames! LCG
Zach:have you ever want children?\nEugene:ya \nMe:omg this is amazing😮😉😊
Lina Awny
Keith: i dont like any dogs\n2018 keith: welcome to the barkchler
Zach: mom do you think I will ever find love?\nZach’s mom:yes\nJohn:she’s lying.\nZach:noooo
Lou Zher
Basically this:\nNed talking about his wife\nZach making out with people\nEugene being sad and making people sad\nKeith making things awkward. Very awkward.
7:22\nZach: Eugene, do you know how much the three of us care about you?\nEugene: No\nKeith: dang..\nJohn: He’s telling the truth\nKeith: ...we gotta be better about that...\n\nThey all looked so genuinely sad by Eugene’s answer wow my heart
M. S
*I don't know those babies*
Macie Schlegel
When Eugene smiles into the camera I thank god for blessing the earth with him
Magnolia Hanna
john is my favourite try guy
Mariana Paiva
I’ve watched this video an unhealthy amount of times
Marnie C Evans
In the question of whether or not they lie, I think I’m pretty much the same as Zach. I lie, I lie a lot. But if you ask me a direct question I will give you a honest answer.
Master onight
Why does YouTube complain about non family friendly content when I get a condom ad
E: Do you like being single?\nZ: Neh...\n\nMe.
Mnsa 3002
Eugene....I can't believe you were insecure r so hot ...omg ....\n\n\n\n\n😍
Momo Bobo
(10:02) I can see that happening though
Natasha Chu
did this birth any eugene and zach fanfictions.
Paige Miller
That guy is gonna kill all of the Try Guys XD
PainSplits SplitsThePain
What if the whole time John was just looking at porn
Potato Boi
Zach: “Keith, do you like my chest hair?” \nKeith: “..... ... *yes* ...”\nJohn: “ *Keith is lying* “
Rainbow Angel
1:25 I love that they say “nothing wrong with that” like 3x times
Robbeca Kawaii
Eugene is literally Severus Snape being Questioned by Dolores Umbridge Lol 😂
*Zack*: Eugene, do you know how much the three of us care about you?\n*Eugene*: No.\n*John*: He's telling the truth.\n*Keith*: We gotta be better about that.\n\nThat really broke my heart.
Souls Damned
9:50 \
Stephi Smith
zach: eugene do you know how much the three of us care about you?\neugene: no\njohn: he’s telling the truth\nkeith: we’ve gotta be better abt that\nI AM CRYING IN THE CLUB
Stijn van den Berg
Zach: do you think I'll ever find love?\nKeith: yeah...\nJohn: he's lying\nZach: *laughs* DAMNIT KEITH\nThat part killed me😂🤣
*“I don’t know those babies...”*
Tokusei K
Eugene Is Creepily Pretty. I Mean It Scary How Hot He Is. I'm Not Gay But If He Told Me In A Demanding Voice To Give Him A Blowjob-
Two Zorillas
Where is the Zach and Eugene ship part
Vague • Blossom
1:22\n\nI just internally died
Vincent Meade
i am so curious who the 3 people zack made out with
Watts Phan
It’s John from Shane and Rylands videos!😂❤️
Zarcy Zarc
Zach and Eugene are so cute
_ _
John is in so many youtuber’s videos \n\n\n\n\n\n\nLmao a legend
baby girl
beebo’s dope forehead
*theres not a bigger narcissist than keith*
heyits adi
Everytime i get a like ill add a 💜\n💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
yo im not saying zach made out with the other guys but.... zach made out with the other guys
tsm & pjm
I love how John just minding his business without caring this other four chaotic guys. We stan John lmao
vio la
imagine having john as a dad and then he asks something, you answer and then he goes ”ok i don’t buy that come to the lie detector”
I thought Keith was gonna say that he likes himself