The Try Guys Take A Lie Detector Test

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The Try Guys test their friendship as they probe deep into each others' personal lives.Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo!

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Abdullah Omar Salih Al-Naqeeb
the guy reading the polygraph or whatever its called has no emotion what so ever
Adrien Castle
I think zach maybe made out with Eugene at one point, lol
Aiden Domino
That was so sad, the shocked look on the lie detecter guy when Zach said he didn't think he was the best try guy. :(
Alastor Pines
OH my god Eugene and Keith when Zach asked if he'd be a good husband??????? Dayum he KNEW the answer. (But to be fair tho. Zach would make a terrific husband)
Alexsandra Skatchkov
This lie detector guy is everywhere
That lie detector man is my spirit animal
Angie Hong
Ned’s answer about John’s marriage being worse, counter argument to him, if he is that old and he is still married, that proves his love with his wife is strong enough to make it last.
Annemiek Steur
Another shitty Channel.
Somebody should ask John if he's ever killed someone.... He's so traumatized....
Antonia Amberla
Well, now we all know that Zach had a girlfriend this time
Anya Vance
KornDiddiy if that is your real username
Anything Ttreat
Athena S
I am a child of divorce as well Eugene. I can confirm your statement
Audrey M
I love all the questions about Ned and his wife and the killing of the nuns and Italian babies because he loves Ariel and I love that so much
Bad Intentions
Funny thing is that Zach wasn't single.
The lie detector guy keeps the straightest face, he’s a whole mood.
Ben Russell
so how about that being single lie
The polygrapher guy is so dark. He deserves to be in the DC universe.
Caleb Ardle
We now know that Zach isn’t single
Chantelle Wang
who’s here after Zach announced his relationship
Crazylil EXO-l
I dOn’T NeEd yOuR eXplAnaTiOn 6:18
Cynelle Khent Ann Vasquez
I feel like zach isn't single in this video
He is telling the truth.
Dawn Aiko
Well, everything’s a toy if you play with it. —Zach
Deborah Heuzen
Eugene knows how to ask the difficult questions
Duda Menin
Elizabeth M
Wait if him and his secret girlfriend have been dating for 2 years theennn
Elizabeth T
Round Two: PERSONAL QUESTIONS\n\nNed: “Keith do you think I’m bad a karoke?”\n\nLMAO😂
Emily C
Emily Cunningham (STUDENT)
Eugene: do you like being single?\nZach: nah\n\nOver a year later they upload a video titled \
Fallen Star
I just found this channel and Eguene is already my favorite. He reminds me so much myself.
a lie detector isn't 100% accurate though.
“I’ll kill you right here”\n\nJohn, calm down there buddy
Hailey VanParys
This is literally the best Try Guys video. I was dying
Halen Ho
At 2:50 why does Zac sound like a 37 year old single mom?
Haley A
John is my spirit animal!!!!
Hans Samuel
Eugene: do u think u talk too much?\nAlso Eugene: My MOtHer WaS a PSychIc
Hey Hanna
“Do you like being single?”\n\nRecent video: “we have been together for 2 years”\n\nBasically during that video he wasn’t single.\n\nWe all got fooled
Hiroko Mitsu
Ingrid Koldenius
*Its weird looking at this when you know that Zach has a girlfriend*
*He’s telling the truth*
Jay Jenkins
Zach: do you think I’m ever going to find love?\nKeith: yes\nJohn: he’s lying.\n\n😂 KEITH!!!
Jesus Mascorro
Isint that lie detector man the same person who did shane dawson?😂
Joy Chase
Zach: Hey Keith, do you like Ned's dog?\nKeith: No\nNed: What\nJohn: Keith is telling the truth\nKeith: I don't like any dogs\nNed: Do you like Eugene's dogs?\nKeith: I do like Eugene's dogs\nJohn: Keith is telling the truth\n\nI DIED AT THIS PART.😂😂
Kiera Quast
Lol zach was lying abt being single
“Everything’s a toy if you play with it” 😂
The lie detector is so straight-faced
When he said “God hates liars, I hate liars” I was waiting for him to say “Therefore I am god.”
Lauren Batzli
“Do you like being single” \n*zach, a non single guy*
Wait when Zach was asked “do you like being single “ HE WASENT SINGLE
Logical Lester
It’s John from Shane and Rylands videos!😂❤️
This is one of my favorite try guys videos. They need to do this again on the new channel.
Megan Wilson
He was with Maggie during this
Mehak Garg
how zack passes the being single question? i mean howw??
Mollie Gaden
Molly Pritchard
“I don’t know those babies”\n\n-Ned 2017
Moneda Meow
Eugene stating he has a lot of secrets and the real secret at that point was Zach's GF. And they look adorable!!!
Zach: Do you think you have a better marriage than John?\nNed: I-I assume so, yeah. Y'know, he's older. marriages tend to. . y'know, not get as good when they get older? But, like, I dunno! W-We got stuff that we deal with. . everybody does.\nJohn: I'll kill you right here.\n\nobviously the best part
Natasha Chu
did this birth any eugene and zach fanfictions.
Neha Ponnala
This is what I wanted:\n\
Nina Ylimaki
Zach: You think I'm ever gonna find love?\nMe: WELL YOU ALREADY DID
just for the record, polygraph tests are highly controversial and notoriously unreliable. More and more court systems are moving towards removing polygraph tests as admissible evidence.
Nora Kate
Asks Zach does he like being single evEN THOUGH HE WASNT SINGLE HERE😂
Noradino Rodriguez
Peanut Butter
Keith : \
Pierced French Siren
Eugene is just truly dark\nZach is adorable\nNed would kill the entire planet for his wife
Potato Boi
Ned: *nobody likes nuns*
John has no chill
I Love how Zack had a girlfriend while filming this 😂
Rachel Carnegie
okay, but can we talk about how zach had a girlfriend at this point??? so the other guys asking about him being single and all that was bs?????
Keith being willing to give up fried chicken for Becky is everything. I want a love like that.
Sand Maymayz
Shadow Cubed
i’ll kill you right here
Soraya Hassani
Even if Eugene has a lot of secrets I still would date him .
Stephi Smith
zach: eugene do you know how much the three of us care about you?\neugene: no\njohn: he’s telling the truth\nkeith: we’ve gotta be better abt that\nI AM CRYING IN THE CLUB
But Zach was secretly dating someone. 1:50
That H8tr
09:19 Zach, you ARE the best try guy.
Tom Powerstroke
They were all lying when they said zack won’t find love \nHis secret girlfriend
Toxic Angel
Ned’s face when Keith asks him “do you have a problem controlling your volume?” Is me when the teacher is collecting homework
VT Riffs
I like being hooked up to machines.
Waddles Penguin
Do you think you're the best in the try guys?\nZack: no *truth*\nNed: no *truth*\nEugene: no *truth*\nKeith: \n\n\n\nYes\n\n\n\n*truth*
#zagene is real lol lmao
baby girl
compact disc
John: I'll kill you right now
flawless lover
Eugene's laugh killed me 7:43
jessica mcwilliams
Zach lied when he said he liked being single. He was already dating Maggie at this point. Also the Lie detector guy has done lie detectors on The Real and Shane Dawson/ Ryland Adams
little miss 1594
Heh Eugene is a child of divorce and so am I, well not yet but on the 1st of January I will be, but it does do stuff to your brain
“i’ll kill you right here” is my favorite thing in the whole world no one can change my mind
meghan dolan
this video was made in 2017. zach just revealed that he has had a girlfriend for a little over 2 1/2 years. HE DECEIVED THE LIE DETECTOR TEST
prince wicked
I wonder if his girlfriend watched this video
Maybe Eugene just wants to f himself.... he's a member of the try guys
unicorn1206 2003
Eugene's laugh😍😍
wendy pearson
John reminds me of a seriel killer!
winter fruit