Gladiator Back Workout | Tony Nicholson - Mike O'Hearn at The MECCA

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Today is another epic 4am back workout at the MECCA of bodybuilding. If you want to crush your back you need to come to this gym and give this back workout a try. Today we have with us a special guest Tony Nicholson. Try out this back workout and let me know how you like it. for more great workouts click this think:Meet Tony NicholsonTony is one of China’s top health and fitness coaches. He currently resides in China where he is inspiring multitudes of people with his infectiously positive attitude, a thirst for living a healthier life and his natural ability to create powerful connections with every individual he meets and each client he transforms.His personal journey has motivated many others to redefine their own wellbeing through his health and fitness programs. Parents, teachers, students, athletes and people from all walks of life have all called on him to transform their lives. Tony has become the best known Fitness and Wellness Coach in China with a private client list including leaders of industry and entertainment icons.Tony uses his unique understanding of both the Eastern and Western mindsets to help his clients experience the best of both worlds. His mission is to share his knowledge with all of China and beyond, inspiring others to live their best lives by developing the discipline required to reach their goals. Tony teaches his clients how to commit to a plan that will allow them to manifest their ultimate dreams.Tony’s health and fitness achievements in China are vast:In 2010, he was named Best Male and Best Overall Competitor of an annual 12–Week Health Transformation Challenge.Tony inspired the creation of the largest simultaneous plank in the world, with over 2300 Chinese people, creating a new Guinness world record set in China.He also created an App that became the number 1, top grossing health and fitness App in China.Tony has his own juicing channel with China’s largest online recipe company.As China’s fitness boom continues, energised by health-conscious, affluent millennials with changing values, such perceptions will possibly evolve. At the competitor’s level, however, David speaks of other difficulties facing Chinese bodybuilders if they wish to truly raise the sport’s reputation and make a further impact on the international stage. ‘Money is the biggest challenge,’ he bemoans.Most competitors, like David himself, are trainers by profession. While convenient in helping them keep fit on the job, in a country where 60% of personal trainers earn less than 8,000RMB a month, the lack of lucrative sponsorship contracts seen overseas puts a strain on training programmes, finances and free time.One hopes that, in the face of the nation’s burgeoning lust for all things fitness, an increasing demand for trainers – and good-quality trainers, David emphasises – will push earnings up. Additionally, the growing profile, public exposure and social media advertising potential of competitors such as Mou Cong mean that wider sponsorship and increased backing can’t be too far away, whatever people think of their physiques.My time at the tournament and chat with David have made me realise, much like those who doubted him in the past, I’ve had it all wrong about bodybuilding. I suppose I’d never really taken it seriously as a genuine sport as such, thinking of it as some self-obsessed vanity pursuit, but that’s just so wide of the mark; these are high-level athletes making huge lifestyle sacrifices and showing admirable dedication to their craft – David will work out at least five hours a day in the weeks leading up to a tournament, for example – and under often challenging circumstances.I ask what keeps him going – his fitness and health, his image, or the glory: ‘It’s prizes that keep me pushing myself harder. Competitive sports demand you be faster, stronger, bigger – always striving to be go one better – so as a sportsman, titles are the reward you chase, the recognition for the dedication you’ve shown.’ With many bodybuilders continuing to compete well into their fifties, there’s still plenty of time for David to taste further glory.From Qian Jicheng to Zhuo Zhonghua and now Mou Cong, Chinese bodybuilders have already seen some success overseas, but only time will tell if David Jing and his muscular Chinese fellows can help make a sustained impression on the international scene. The signs are positive, though, and the nation’s growing economic strength that has seen them become a world leader in, well, pretty much everything could yet provide the springboard for future success.Like the bodybuilding greats before him, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno, Mike holds 4 Mr. Universe titles and was voted one of the 12 greatest physiques of all time by the fitness industry. Mike has been Team Captain for, and has just been signed to be the Team Captain of MAGNUM Nutraceuticals.

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Mil respetos sos admirable mike saludos desde ecuador
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Mike your The Man! Your Dog is too funny! LOL! He said its a little early so I will just catch a snooze! LOL!
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Titanus - maximus
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Man u r dog's feeling sleepy !.
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Always teaching, always learning, always on...MO loved this session
Nice Back Workout!! & My Man is Right Your a Peaceful Zen Warrior👍✌
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Hi Mike, i have a question. My right testicle has swollen to the size of a Tennis ball and is a deep purple colour after an accident with a cattle prod. I have used a syringe to try to relieve the pressure but it seems to keep growing. I know it is one of the best kept secrets in bodybuilding but my question is should i have got castrated at 15 years old like you did to avoid these kind of problems? Keep up the great work x
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One of my favorite videos I agree to work out with you Mike would be amazing! A real life super hero! A Titan for obvious reasons! I learn something from every video. Thank you!! Your boy in Columbus 😉
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How the heck does Mike's joints n tendons endure such punishment!? Youzzza!
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You have good content but six hours or less a night is absolutely terrible if you're trying to make gains sleep is by far the most important thing as far as gains go besides getting calories and protein in without seven to eight hours everynight you will definitely not be seeing big gains.
Did you smash???
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Fukin Viking !!
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Early bird gets the worm.
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Great inspiration Superman Mike I really hope to meet n great with you when I move to Vegas next year .so humbling to see you inspire
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Who needs music, all you need is the voice of Mr. Mike O`Hearn.
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*Hi Micheal, Did you know that there were over a 100 Gladiator Schools build throughout Rome, Planet Fitness, was not one, however, Gold's Gym may have been. Training to compete in the Colosseum is important, but getting a proper night's sleep is as well. Make sure to get at least 7-8hrs a night for optimal performance*
His pup says you guys are crazy this time of morning is for naps!🤣
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fcking legend that Mike O'hearn guy is
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Love the passion Arnold had the same.
A back workout, thats what I want to see
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You should do a workout vid with Larry Wheels, that would be so dope
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Ass licked tidy!
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Sensei Mike o'hearn
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Mike man you really are a real life super hero. You do martial arts, lift like a barbarian and have the greatest attitude, SALUTE!
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Wow! This new format is amazing. This is the best workout video I've seen yet.
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Mike a hearing u r my favorite unnatural workout non steroid steroid using bodybuilding 15 year old
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I think my back grew a little bit watching this video...
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Nice video. Back is fun to do. The music was perfect and gave it a slight documentary feel.
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By the way did a spinach, broccoli and green tea shake energy for hours!
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You guys really need to understand that Mike is a 100% natural bodybuilder for natural bodybuilding, which is natural, props to Mike for doing it natural!! That’s naturally natural and it’s the only way to do it, natural!
Khristopher Bryson
and he's been watch this video a few minutes but man you're right I'll tell people the same thing crush the bar
King of the Beasts
Mike's a natural like me, he knows the secrets, which is why I love watching and waiting for him to slip up and say some lol. He just told ya there - Crush that bar, grab it HARD!!!! like it stole something from you. Give it the Death Grip.\nBEAST MODE
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All the steroid stuff aside\nThis man is a beast
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what i would do to kiss mike
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That Latino Vin Diesel looking fellow goes hard
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Mike is putting out some of the best quality content in this fitness industry. Keep it up brother
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Awesome man sure will do it do a workout with Steve cook
Mike O'Hearn
You have to try this workout
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Nice Mike, great video!!!
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This guy looks exactly like Vin Diesel
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Natural lifting sux
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Awesome to see someone you admire in person! Great video Mike!
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Lucky and grateful guy respect
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Great workout and tips - so not going all the way back with the rack pulls hits the back differently?
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Good workout..
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That’s a Bad Dude ! Chingon
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its 4 in the mornin even the dog is sleepin but mikey dont give af cus he fukin said so. legend : )
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The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan called yourself the peaceful warrior and this is phenomenal reading. I recommend it.
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Progress speaks for itself.....and our Workouts never lie,,,,,
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Thanx for putting all the work in man, you are the best out there
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That's was cool to watch..
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Now for me 4am no for me is 4am and look your video and I feel very good Mike power video ouuuu houuu. Now I have the next one waiting for it.
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My clock doesn't have 4 a.m. on it.
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Don't care whether you take steroids or not. It takes more than steroids to keep doing what you've been doing for so long and yet still going...... I've only been training for 2 years and I now know how hard it is how long it takes...... I live 7929 miles from you but hope that we will train together someday and I can learn form you
Super JSG
Little vin diesel
Not trying to hate here but that tony Nicholson guy barely looks like he even lifts. Yet he’s China’s best fitness instructor? Sign me up!!
Crush the bar man !
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Bet he was in a wheel chair and full plaster cast suit the following day.
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A real superhero!!! Those who keep knocking you mike.... can’t hang with you! Much respect my brother in iron👊
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