The Amazing Spider-Man 12 - Worse Than You Can Even Imagine

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24 Frames Of Nick
Paul Giamatti was robbed of the rhinos artistic performance
A Dreamer
No one is going to make a response video to this
Better than your other spiderman review
A Person
I'm so glad they didn't make a third installment of this series because if the plot was like what Denis Leary said it would be it would be fucking ridiculous.
A. Cheri
Some movies are so bad that its funny and lovable... \nASM & ASM2 were just bad
now i know why i liked raimi's more than this
Abyss Bun
By slowing down \
Akashi Fujinuma
Barely Luke
I haven't seen this small problem talked about in any review,it's regarding the pictures of Spider-Man. We were only shown twice in the first movie that Peter used cameras,when he was trying to catch the Lizard and when he took the photo of the student council that Gwen was a part of. It is not shown or confirmed in either films that he was working for J. J., but when Harry needs his help all of a sudden we get hit with \
Big Bergoglio
Honestly I’ve seen this and the rami video like 9 times already
Black Skip Bayless
Slowing down the “for you” song makes it 1000 times better than the actual movie lol
Can we just take a second to acknowledge the fact that the plane is going straight to the GROUND and Richard Parker is UPLOADING stuff through the LAPTOP? HOW??
On the topic of Gwen's death being predictable, every time I see Aquaman I think he is going to lose his hand.
15:32 LMAO I wasn't looking at the screen when this scene happened, I seriously thought it was a sex scene lmfao 😆
Bob Poppins
I can never get over that uncle Ben died over some milk
Boreas The Northern Dragon
Well, I haven't seen The Amazing Spiderman 2 yet, I had wanted to for the longest time, in spite of people telling me \
Chris Reqkless
Your review of the Sami Ramis got me heated but this one. This one? Spot on
Conner Nichols
Andrew for me
Cryptic Robot
How could trash talk these movies they’re the best\n\n\n\n\nJust kidding
I have been saying for years that the ASM movies dont understand spiderman. Im still convinced that they only hired Marc Webb because of the pun with his name.
Why would anyone get mad at someone for having different opinions on movies?
Dilophoclaw 2007
Why the hate for crocodile rock and Sam raimi movies!!!!!!!!!
Emerald Phoenix
Still to this day,The Movies are Garbage.
Francis Garcia
one of the key aspects of being spiderman/peter parker is that he always chooses to do the right thing even thou his personal life is at stake... this was best demonstrated in the movie spiderman2, and also the spiderman ps4 game.... the thing about the amazing spiderman series is that they never introduced that aspect! yes, andrew garfield's spiderman makes choices as well, BUT it is not about choosing what is right.. it's about keeping his promise to gwen's dad! that is ALL the choices he had in the film!! i hated it!!
30:13 \nThis is my biggest problem with this movie.\nWhen watching it I had a flashback to the \
I’ve never been in a romantic relationship. Nor have I ever been near a romantic couple. Is THAT really how couples act? I’m not trying to be a meanie or sarcastic or something. I sincerely don’t know.
All I wanted was a movie with emo Spider-Man and pizza time is that too much to ask for?
The Roblox 'oof' when Gwen died killed me
Infamous Swoosh
dang, I liked these movies when I was younger... now im sad that they kinda sucked.
JG Bolt
Everybody 20:32 you'll thank me later
I watched CA: the winter soldier then the amazing Spider-Man 2 with my best friend and my friend said she liked ASM 2 more than the winter soldier and I was like what?!?! gurl you crazy! Amazing Spider-Man 2 was so fucking stuffed with 3 villains we haven’t seen before and just terrible writing/acting (mostly on Jamie fox’s part)
Jesse Gamer style
Tobey=original SPIDERMAN\nAndrew=good looking SPIDERMAN \nTom=young SPIDERMAN
John Smith
The worst song of all time is ice J J fish
King David
Andrew Garfield didn't have any charisma, in my opinion. He just didn't jive well with me. I really liked Tobey Maguire and the new kid was pretty good.
King Ganishka
I never felt like these movies were to be taken serious but more of a parody on the Raimi trilogy. With that said, Andrew was TERRIBLE as Peter and felt nothing like the initiation from the comics whilst as Tobey filed that part correctly. Only his Spiderman could have used some work but blame the script. Anyways, i'd say Andew is the worst Spiderman by far and Tobey is the best. Holland would be a close second.
Kratosdescendant gaming channel
20:04-20:25 they tried to make him Deadpool.
Kyle Frank
The first TASM was marketed in the trailers as \
Lathan Colson
I don't get why people hate The Amazing Spider-Man 1 suit. It's very unique and different. Take Batman for instance: he's had countless suit over his 70+ years of existence. The same for Spider-Man.
Legeindeus Zero
it's \
Liam Connory
Switch the spider men then they would be better
Liam Hay
That actually is how leave a penny take a penny works. It's meant to help customers not to have to deal with small change to speed up transactions.\n\nHence the take a penny part of the name.
Why did Peter Parker have to steal that intern's nametag in the first movie if he's best friends with the CEO's son?
I think the worst part about the amazing spider-man film is that the Lizard in it looks like the goombas from the REALLY bad Mario live action movie.\nedit: I typed this comment at like 3 minutes into the fucking video only to be have 16:31 slap me in the face for not watching the full video yet XD
Marcel Vanin
God damn sir you make me laugh so hard. And i could not agree more with you. Great stuff
Marus Koval
2/10 both
Miles Videos
I loved these movies
MisthiosX `
I honestly liked the Amazing Spiderman movies, the 2nd movie couldve designed the enemies much better but I did like them.
My opinion Doesnt matter
Tobey Maquire is best peter parker\n\n\nPIZZA TIME
Nature's Dichotomy
Why does nobody talk about how awful Homecoming's Flash was?? He wasn't even a bully, just kind of a rude friend
Nell B
I’m really grateful that I was a kid during the Toby McGuire era n these versions of Spider-Man aren’t apart of my child hood lol. Thus this was not the fault of the kids from the early 90s 😂
Nico Lord
I love how \
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Oh... yes. :-)\n\nI still like those moment between Anakin and I but what can you do. ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯
The scene where Dr. Connors is looking at his arm's reflection is actually a form of therapy. It's called \
Patrick Kilduff
He does look like a goomba!
Pro 92
Even Venom is better than these non-amazing pieces of shit
Pumpkin Pan
I liked it.
Tobey is the best Spiderman
I refuse to watch both films as Sam Raimi ones did it for me
Robert Barton
i love this movie so much 10/10
5:42-5:44 the eagle screeching lmaoooo😭😭😭
Sam wilson Captain America
Original goblin looked better than Harry's goblin
Samuel Steiner
Am I the only one that heard toxic
Seth Discord
I would like this version of Spider-Man to be the one mostly wrote about in the comics I feel like this adaptation is more realistic than the one we already have
13:18 i actually love this scene😂 because he's just messing with him
Sheev Boi
When a guy who's last names Webb can't make a good Spider-Man movie
Shisui Uchiha
lmfaoo the train coming out the ground
Snowy Owl 77
Tom Holland is the most accurate representative of the comic book Peter Parker in film\n\nToby McGuire is the world’s favourite film Spider-Man \n\nAndrew Garfield is victim of a poorly constructed Spider-Man story and also the least fitting of the 3 Spider-Man actors. But I’ll admit I personally love how both of the Amazing Spider-Man suits look, and the movie in general. I tolerate the story because I’m a sucker for Spider-Man
Spider Man
Do you know what I liked about this amazing spider man movies that number 3 didn’t come out
I remember watching the special features of Amazing Spider-Man and Dennis Leary is talking about bringing Captain Stacy back as like a memory or a ghost. It sounded retarded and this was right after the movie came out, then the 2nd one came out and that's about the point I realized they had no idea what they were doing. They just went with the first idea they came up with to keep him in the movies. They probably would've done that regeneration thing in the third one if they had the chance.
Subject Delta Δ
That oof when Gwen died was SAVAGE as hell
Talyn Chavez
I died when you compared his accent to Tom Holland's rough New Yorker accent
31:10 this made me laugh so hard. bravo
The Epic Marvel Fan 2009
Also in the 1st movie Gwen Stacy walks up to flash and talks to him as if she’s his god damn teacher or something...\n\n\
The Indiscriminate
Something that always bothered me about the first Amazing Spiderman is the inconsistency with the Lizard's hands. In some scenes he has four fingers on each hand, but in others he has five fingers on each
The Pun-Isher
“Go home Felicia.”\n\nWhere they setting up Black Cat?
Timothy McLean
So...both movies have Spider-Man learning a lesson, only to then learn that he was right all along for stupid reasons.\nInteresting throughline.
Uli Schmidt
I actually liked amazing spider man 2.
I think if the Amazing SpidSpodMan came first it would’ve been better tbh.
Uncle Ben’s death scene is so forced in this movie, I was expecting Martin Sheen to look at the camera and say ‘You knew this was coming folks.’
Best Spider-Man Movies imo (haven’t seen into the spider-verse)\n1. Spider-Man 2\n2. Spider-Man \n3. Spider-Man Homecoming \n4. Spider-Man 3\n5. The Amazing Spider-Man \n6. The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Zack Ainsley
Don’t you dare mock the prequels...
Zenzo Animations
Not gonna mention the itsy bitsy spider part on spiderman vs electro?
adonisbel giannisbel
17:24  i cry!!!!!
amihos maz
19:34 are you kidding me?\nIT'S THE WORST!!!
brian messalti
just skip to 20:32 and thank me later
are we just gonna ignore that peter NEVER finds uncle bens killer?
dragon and the ink machine
The reason they suck is because of no pizza time
the only spiderman movie i like is.....\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nthe ps4 game
i think the cgi is terrible for both, but the suit is amazing in the 2nd one
kenneth leon
I do think these series is the worst one but I still think you were being too biased against this movie
mil mil
*Sam Raimi Spider-Man is the best* movie Spider-Man for me. That's the one I consider canon 💖✊😐 in the cinematic universe.
I never noticed Peter Parker had an accent in The Not-so Amazing Spider-man 2.
rocotile 29
List:\nHomecoming\nSpider-Man 2\nSpider-Man \nSpider-Man 3\nThe Amazing Spider-Man \nThe Amazing Spider-Man 2
The Amazing Spiderman was the fiend that J. Jonah Jamerson was warning us about.
6:43 do you actually have a daughter?