The Amazing Spider-Man 1&2 - Worse Than You Can Even Imagine

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24 Frames Of Nick
Paul Giamatti was robbed of the rhinos artistic performance
A Dreamer
No one is going to make a response video to this
A unique type of autism
man looks like Ben 10’s plumber uncle, lmao
Abyss Bun
By slowing down \
Alan Doyle
I agree that these two movies our horrible
Alexandel Sosa
I still die of laughter (31:10-31:20) when you say the which is something we already fucking KNEW!
Arlo L
1) Amazing Spiderman\n2)homecoming\n3)Spiderman\n4)Amazing Spiderman 2\n5)Spiderman 2\n6)Spiderman 3\njust sayin...
AwesomeJon543 cool
pizza time
15:31 I dare you to listen to this with your eyes closed
Biff Wellington
Huh I never even knew there was a second one with Garfield.
Black Skip Bayless
Slowing down the “for you” song makes it 1000 times better than the actual movie lol
Blank Blank
The original trilogy was more like the comics in terms of oddness.\nAlso emo Parker immediately makes the third movie a 100% perfect movie.
I don't mean to be the edgy kid that disagrees with popular shit, but I loved Andrew as spiderman.
Bob Poppins
I can never get over that uncle Ben died over some milk
CaRon Bell
This dude is funny af
Camisha Hernandez
I actually think the lizard guy looks like doomsday but watevs... is it just me tho?!
Canadian Guy
how does one sneak onto a private jet?
Carmine A.
20:32 I hate you
Colin forever
The older we get. The more we side with J. Jonah Jameson
Why would anyone get mad at someone for having different opinions on movies?
Deep Kumar B S
I loved Tobey as Spiderman and i like Tom too,\nIt's better to forget about Andrew by the way...
Des Tro
*You know ... the Toby meguire Spiderman did look for his uncle's killer too .. and almost got him killed if i recall..*
Diego Domínguez Clavel
Poor Andrew Garfield
Elijah 1131
30:05 actually that is one of the few things that makes sense in this movie blood Incompatibility is actually a thing plus its cannon in the comics the radiation in his blood almost killed aunt may
Emmanuel Medina
But, not everyone knew Gwen died in the comics. There's like a thousand spider-verses. And in ONE, she dies and you expect everyone to know this? \nI loved your thoughts on the Sam trilogy. But this one? Specially the second one, you shitted on A LOT of things without having any context.
End Me Now
Everybody shits on this movie (and it's predecessor) for some reason, and I'm half sided on this.\nThey shit on Andrew Garfield's performance as the Webhead, but he actually did a fantastic job for what he was given (that being said, what he was given was definitely not very good).\nThey shit on the first movie's suit, but I think all around (The texture, the predominately blue-ness, the yellow eyes, the long spider emblem) it was pretty good.\nThey shit on the fact the movies were centered on Peter Parker's parents, and I agree with that.\nThey shit on the fact that Peter was never really a bullied nerd, and I agree with that.\nAnd finally, they shit on the sequel's villains (all around). Now, let's dissect this.\nSUBSECTION 1: ELECTRO\nNot many people really complained about Electro, the \
Enrique Ganto
31:19 31:18
Those wasn’t gold doubloons, they were subway tokens which is why they worked on the subway.
Ethan Blake
In Rami's Spider-Man they made Willem DaFoe look like The Green Goblin and in Amazing Spider-Man they made The Green Goblin look like Willem DaFoe
It was understandable really that he didn't want to give Harry his blood, it could easily be tested to see who it belonged to, a risk that Pete definitely wouldn't want to take.
Gabe Grier
15:42\nThat face
Gamer Trainer
5:05 LMAO cant stop laughing
General Georgi Nikolai Dragunov
IMO\n\n1. Spider-Man 1\n2. Spider-Man 2\n3. Spider-Man Homecoming\n4. Spider-Man 3\n5. The Amazing Spider-Man 1\n6. The Amazing Spider-Man 2
The Roblox 'oof' when Gwen died killed me
HA Entertainment
27:21 is do to the fact the a car is hurdling through the air at them.
Harrys actually the hob goblin
Amazing spider-man?\nShit spider-man...
Infamous Swoosh
dang, I liked these movies when I was younger... now im sad that they kinda sucked.
It's been three different Spider-Man reboots, hasn't Spider-Man not learned yet what happens to Uncle Ben?
Jennifer Davis
12:57 to 13:11 LMFAO
Jesse Cole
This was too long.
Jimbro sauce
This whole thing with THOUSANDS of fanboys all of a sudden disappearing when you don't talk about the Sam Raimi trilogy anymore REEKS of conspiracy. Like, seriously.\n\nMy theory is that these are actually 4channers that hate the original trilogy disguising themselves, then going out and giving the Sam Raimi fandom a bad name. Whether that's true or not, there's just... Something not right about this...
Joseph SML
I am legit the only one that likes the amazing spider-mans suit.
That section in 15:31 made me laugh so hard I almost peed
I really liked the raimi movies and the new movies are alright, i just like the oldies more cuz thats what i grew up with
Keizer Van Enerc
I saw The Amazing Spiderman 2 in the cinema when i was 15. I was so horrified by the girl dying.... i thought superhero movies always ended well.... :( I still sometimes randomly think about it, and wish he could have saved her. For that dead alone this movie series deserved that it was canceled in my opinion!
King David
Andrew Garfield didn't have any charisma, in my opinion. He just didn't jive well with me. I really liked Tobey Maguire and the new kid was pretty good.
Legeindeus Zero
it's \
Liam Hay
That actually is how leave a penny take a penny works. It's meant to help customers not to have to deal with small change to speed up transactions.\n\nHence the take a penny part of the name.
That Harry Osborn is like Leonardo Di Caprio, but sucks at acting even more.
Why did Peter Parker have to steal that intern's nametag in the first movie if he's best friends with the CEO's son?
I think she said easy bug boy
Marie Meyers
I loved the trilogy when it first came out, except Spiderman 3. Even back then I thought it was horrible. I found myself cringing through the whole thing and I couldn't get over how much MJ kept griping. When the Amazing Spiderman came out, I thought it was real good. I enjoyed it more so than the trilogy. When the second one came out, I kind of had an \
Mauricio PAguilar
I like a lot the two movies and I know all the mistakes that the films have, but I accept the movies anyway, and I enjoy them a lot, but nice review body.
Melvis Parsly
It's not electro its *MR ELECTRICIDAD*
Mental Midget
The love moments aren't \
Mr Incognitio
I dont get the hate for the Amazing Spiderman and Andrew Garfield. IMO the best Spiderman, better than Tom Holland and far better than the original trilogy
Mr.fancypantsgoat oh yeah
13:31 oof
*Says he won't watch A.S. 2, EVER* \n\n*Watches it anyway* \n\nMe: You are a FRAUD, COSMONAUT! *Flips a table* RAAAAGH!
Nathan Robinson
This is why the Sam Raimi trilogy will never be beaten
you nag too much bro, this movie still good, just another take of peter parker
Noah R
1. Homecoming\n2. SM2\n3. TASM2\n4. SM3\n5. SM1\n6. TASM1\n\nI realize now my opinion is almost completely different than everyone elses
Noah Smith
The hawk bit killed me
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Oh... yes. :-)\n\nI still like those moment between Anakin and I but what can you do. ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯
On the subway, the dude in the beanie is sometimes black and sometimes white
Except Spiderman isn't a nerdy outcast after getting his powers. He's confident and becomes more popular because of it.
Raiden Kalisz
Spiderman 2\nSpiderman\nSpiderman homecoming\nSpiderman 3 \nThe amazing spiderman \nThe amazing spiderman 2
Ratchet and Clank
This is my opinion, don't judge me \n1. Spiderman homecoming \n2. Spiderman 2\n3. Spiderman \n4. Amazing Spiderman \n5. Spiderman 3 (venom ruined it for me)\n6. Amazing Spiderman 2
Raymond Penland
And to think the Nostalgia Critic said that these movies were better than the Raimi trilogy...
What was that song that played when you started talking about Amazing Spiderman 2?
Sam Carpenter
Honestly the Uncle Ben death scene was scary af. The thief goes for the gun first, so Ben instinctively thinks he's gonna get shot and as a reflex, tries to disarm the thief. It makes sense to me tbh, it's what I would have done. Guns are scary. (I'd be dead as fuck, but yea...)
Seth 'The Kingslayer' Rollins
Also like the Sonic music you play in the background.
Tobey Macguire: Great Peter Parker\nAndrew Garfield: Great Spider-Man \nTom Holland: You get the bessssttt of both worrlldds!!! (Yes, that was a Hannah Montana reference)
Snafu King
Hahaha I can’t stop laughing at how uncle Ben screams and goes for the gun. What an ASS
Your vocal fry makes you sound like a teenaged girl.
Talyn Chavez
I died when you compared his accent to Tom Holland's rough New Yorker accent
The Awesome Kid
She said bug boy
The Pun-Isher
“Go home Felicia.”\n\nWhere they setting up Black Cat?
I'm going to do a quick rewrite of the ASM2:\n\nIgnore the opening scene with his parents, start the movie immediately with the Rhino chase scene. Spiderman can still be goofy, cracking wise, all that, but he needs to do that when the danger has been resolved. The movie carries on as normal, with Peter and Gwen starting their lives together. Then, instead of Electro being the main villain, we get the Green Goblin. Gwen Stacey dies a lot earlier in the film, thanks to the Goblin, so Spiderman almost comes close to killing him. Goblin gets away, Peter then goes into his shell, gives up the Spiderman role, but also reflects on how he was willing to kill Goblin and realises that that side of him wasn't being a true hero. In the absence of Spiderman, Harry (who, like his dad, has two sides to him, Harry and the Goblin) then secretly creates Electro in order to manipulate and scare his directors board into giving him full control of Oscorp, as well as letting Electro loose on the city. Spiderman, still depressed about Gwen, decides not to act, meaning he lets innocent people die. He then gets a talk from Aunt May, about how he needs to live life as Gwen would want him to live. This motivates him enough to come back as Spiderman, now this time, making jokes and quips in order to keep the citizens positive, rather than just because. Electro is defeated, Goblin escapes and Spiderman ends the movie as a more heroic character, realising his flaws and trying to improve himself going forward. In a post credit scene (which I hate), the Goblin, physically hurt and emotionally desperate, learns about the Rhino and gives him the gear to become the Rhino we see at the end, at which point the movie ends.\n\n1: You reduce the villain count to two, and tie the two villains together, giving a justification to have two villains\n2: You get the death of Gwen earlier, meaning comic book fans aren't waiting 2 hours for something they already know is going to happen\n3: Spiderman has an emotional arc, making him a stronger hero as well as a stronger person. You also see the impact Spiderman has on the city for a longer time, making you root for him, as well as making him look like an emotionally complex character rather than the stroppy teen he was after Gwen died.\n4: You see the desperation of Harry a lot quicker, justifying his actions over the whole movie rather than his short little burst at the end\n5: With the exclusion of Peter's parents, you start the action quicker, cut out the plot line of him trying to find out more about them, and reduce the run time, keeping viewers engaged\n6: Even though I'm not a massive fan of set ups at the end of films, you can tease Rhino early in the film and bring him out later, which also ties up the Goblin plot line, rather than having him run away, like he does in the movie
I kind of like these movies.\nNot because of the story, but because of the atmosphere.
Timothy McLean
So...both movies have Spider-Man learning a lesson, only to then learn that he was right all along for stupid reasons.\nInteresting throughline.
My Ranking Of The Movies Is\n1 Spider-Man homecoming\n2 Spider-Man 2\n3 Spider-Man\n4 Spider-Man 3\n5 Amazing Spider-Man\n6 Amazing Spider-Man 2
Unicorn Queen
Ya Batman really shouldn't kill people \nI completely agree with you 👍😆
I know i'm retarded and all that, but I actually liked The Amazing Spider-Man 1&2 a lot. Although can we agree that the first one is better than the second?\n\n\n\n\n\nbtw Tom Holland is the best spider-man
YouTube Assistant
31:14 - 31:21 is the best thing that will ever happen in your life trust me
Zappy Doggo
My friends have a term for the menacing Spider Man; Spider-Dan\nBecause any random dude named Dan could have gotten his powers and start tormenting the streets.
My body is ready.
captin kai
I don't know how people think the amazing Spider-Man was bad it was pretty good except the second it sucked badly
dollynho seu amiguinho
*Poor Peter Parker Parents*
h h
the only thing i didn’t agree with in this video is that the suit looks like shit. imo it was actually pretty well done and really high quality
ironlordz 13
Honestly, I feel Terrible for Electro in this movie
liam miles
I liked these movies.
logan whitaker
Am I the only one that really enjoyed the amazing Spider-Man 2? \nFirst off, I’m going to start off with I’ve never touched a comic book in my life. No disrespect to the comic fans, I just never gave a shit. \n\nBut that being said, I had no pre determined expectations I had to hold Andrew Garfield to, I thought Jamie Fox’s character is the deepest character in a Spider-Man movie. Like it was cool to see a Villain in a way that’s not the stereotypical “you killed my father! Aghhh!” Type of Cliche. \n\nI thought the Time square fight scene was amazing with the effects and the whole “crowd/event” theme. \n\nI enjoyed the love story side with Gwen Stacy, I enjoyed the sub plot of peter trying to figure out why his parents ditched him (why can’t the guy who made this video realize it’s about peter trying to learn why his parents left rather than the fact that he made the spiders? Like, did you watch the movie?) \n\nAnd last, like I said, I didn’t read the comics so Gwen Stacy dying was a curveball for me and that scene and the funeral scenes that followed really got me. \n\nI don’t know, maybe I’m a simple guy but as a guy who doesn’t have astronomically high and specific expectations of what a Spider-Man movie should be due to comic books, \nI really really enjoyed this movie.
What was the background music in the beginning?
monkey d luffy
This is why i subbed you your amazing
xFaDeDx xVeNoMx
But did you wear the dress ur husband bought you?