Who is GAME MASTER Exploring his Fingerprints (mystery box helps unlock identity)

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Matt and Rebecca Zamolo unlock the true fingerprint clues found on the glove left behind by the Game Master in the hotel room in Hawaii. After looking through the hidden spy gear what was on the tape the GM left through the balcony but left behind his glove. Matt dusts the evidence for answers to the riddles left in the abandoned house. Do you think it could be Chad Wild Clay or possibly Stephen Sharer? We will see what is found in this family friendly video in 2018.

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*We found the Game Masters Mask and Glove outside our house :)))*
Abraham EscobarArevelo
is stephen cause chad took a lie dectector test and he is not the hackr
Adam Shields
Chad is the game master, like if you agree with me
Aizele Pador
I feel like no one can see my comment cause I every time I comment there’s 0 likes 0 dislikes 0 comments and also I see other comments having 3-5 comments like whatttt. Probably this comment is going to do the same thing. Edit thank you for seeing my comment this is the bestttttttt
Alexa Medrano
Rebecca is working for the game master know =like if you agree
Alyssa Vivian
Armita Rajaei
The Doomsday Date is: November 3rd 2018\nPlease like this so Matt can see this
Ashley Holloway
Did you see the Stay on track sign behind you
Ashmi Mehta
I think the game master is good watch Rebecca’s video
Austyn Lucero
Roses are red \nViolets are blue \nI don’t like my own comment \nCuz I’m not like you
Its chad remember stephen sent the love is all thing so that means chad is the game master
Beatriz Peraza
You found me the game master
Best Dancer
It is Chad wild clay\nAnd how I know I’m gonna tell you \nSo me and my friend were walking and I saw chad talk in his phone about code ten and how he was planning it and I saw him put on a mask and writing clues so yeah\nMatt and Rebecca pls notice this is true
Brooke Petersen
Rebecca is Woking for the game master
Cheryl McCartney
Chad and Steven are the game masters
Chrss Sky
Hey Matt Rebecca is working/helping for the game master.1 like for my comment 1 like for your comment
Crazy rainbow Unicorn
Don’t let this comment fall to the bottom!! \n\n\n\nPlz give a like 🙂\nThank you so much I’ve never gotten this many likes❤️❤️
Cuite bug Aguirre
Chad wild clay is the game master
David Gonzalez
Matt, in Rebecca's channel she made a video about joining the game master. PLEASE READ THIS I JUST WANT TO HELP.( Like if you have seen Rebecca's video about joining the game master.)
Dee Rosa
Elle Schnake
Ahem...\nMaybe the Games Master is the good guy(s) and they actually are trying to save YouTube from something or someone. Maybe that someone is Project Zorgo? They might be the bad guys trying to take over YouTube. Or other way around. But I think it is that way. I don’t know just my opinion about all this. \n\n\nThanks for reading!!!!
Elyen Mochi
1 Like = 1 Good luck for them
Emigdio Ino
I think CHAD WILD CLAY is the Game Master who do you think is the Game Master please comment who it is
Erica Hodges
a app really Matt !
Erika Jones
becc is in the game master group they told s and g sharer like if u saw that vid
Evelyn Gonzaga
I hate cliffhangers like if you agree
Gacha. Florence
Rebecca and Matt hello we are holly and Florence wheeler \nAs u know it was Halloween a few days ago and when I was\nOut trick or treating holly was at home with our mum then a person knocked on\nOur door trick or treating they were wearing the EXACT SAME COSTUME as the game master\nIn ur video we really hope ur safe and we hope this information is useful to u all the zAm fam are with u\nRebecca and Matt ♥️
Heltz StayHD
XD he said that he was going to open it carefully but he did’nt
Izzy Adventure
I love you I live in the uk and I wish I could meet you
Jackie Busch
Jasmine Martinez
I think that chad is the game master
Jeri Ann Summerville
You published this video on my birthday
Jonni Miranda
Karemi Damian
The game master is qbanguy
Karma Rewis
rebecca is working with the game master that is why she was acting really weird......I know I am really late but I think the game master is either stephen sharer or he is working with chad wild clay because he is supspicous and i think he is the game master.......we need to take down the game master and project zorgo. I love watching your game master videos because I am a zamfam.........LOVE YOU REBECCA AND MATT SLAYS
Katie Hearts
Me and my friend are trying too find some clues
Katie Madrigal
If I can hamster and holy name in it Blackjack I ain't spare I inspire the name from you guys and I love you videos
Kebe Kass
The Game Master is not after you
Kelsey Parker
so crazy
Kookoo Loka
Rebecca is acting reply suspicious
Kyelyn's Vlogs
Love the intro
Lara Stuckey
It's from the game master
Lennox Ward
Little Eeveelutions
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Lori Loo
I think chad wild clay is the GM.
Maria Elena Dominguez
Its from the game master
Maria Munoz
Cada is the gm
Mary Murphy
Where is Rebecca
Matilda-Mae Daisy Campbell
Dear Matt Rebecca is working with the game master each his vids
Matt and Rebecca
Let me know what is going on. See what happens tomorrow on Rebecca’s channel.
McCormick Kids
Steven sharer
Michelle Cooper
God is always keeping you safe and he is helping you\n\n1like-1prayer \nstay safe please Matt and Rebecca
Michelle Dolores
Nathan Simpson
I think it is chad wild clay because in one of steven shares videos it show alot and steven droped the share the love shighn so ut is pretty obvious
Neelah Valenzuela
Here is something you should know GM has a tik tok\\ musically account
Nijah Jennings
It is chad wild clay he has a video showing he joined project zorgo
Chad wild clay and Stephen Sharer they both are not the game master
the game master
Priscella Madrigales
It's both of them one is GAMEMASTER or project zargo keep it up one of them is GAMEMASTER and project zargo
Rayan Tabbaa
Chad wild clay is the game 😱😱
Regina Haynes
I love your chanel
Riley Scotty
Vy Qwaint fingerprint
Vy and chad are instinct
Roy Vizon
Your like a CSI or a crime scene investigator you must have some tweezers,brush,gloves,
chad wild clay is not the game master it has chad finger prints because he touched the gloves and just put the gloves back then you found it and got the finger prints
Safiatou Balde
Sha&Shan DIY
We love this series! ❤
Shikha Aggarwal
Hi I am nishika I am on my mothers phone 📱 matt rebbeca is working with the game master
Skylar Johnson
Clues it is from the game master
Slime Squad
Summer T
1 like equals 1 hope that the Game Master will save YouTube and Project Zorgo will STOP!!!!!!
Teanna Fletcher
The king45
That intro
Trev Combie
I think Stephen
Valentine Minten
Vyizigiro Justin
he is not the game master
Wild Card
Roses are red\nViolets are blue\nI am gonna like my own comment\nBecause nobody do
Rebecca is not the Game master but she is working whit the Gm
Zeze Ahmed
The GameMaster is Chad cuz I saw his channel and I saw him on his computer hacking or something and it was weird his screen was all green he also had the targets on the computer. Like if you Agree
besties forever [music,fails,pranks]
Rebecka got hipnatized 3 times and steved did to but only 2 times so the game master might be controlling them
cocinero Cocinero
i think rebbeca is working for the GAME MASTER
ella berry
This is the game master\n🙎🏽\u200d♂️\n👕\n👖\n👞he is trying to save YouTube\nbut he doesn’t have any recruits\n1 like=1 recruit
emily paxtor
jacob plays
They are
The game master wears gloves stupid, how can you check for finger prints. also is it you first time ACTING?
none ya
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soccer 101
who was scrolling through the comments while watching 😂😂\n(i was😂)
xiara olivo
I think Chad is the game master
yashvi World!!!!!!
Chad is the gamemaster...all i know is mystery clues made my him...\