AVGN Games - Angry Video Game Nerd - Episode 115

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2-Bit Arcade
Hi all,\n\nI'm the guy who created the second game in the video, \
This video was great.
Alex Rodriguez
So is anyone gonna tell Nerd about WASD?
Anna. Septer
B l e p B l e p
Laughing Joking Numnuts\nLJN\n\nLaughing\nJoking\nNumnuts\n\nTHIS CHANGES EVERYTHING
Fred Fucks.
Batman12020 8
There’s a 3ds AVGN game too
Brian Lee
Imagine every AVGN games are dark souls.
Can I get 100 subs without videos? Shamrock
Fortnite is gonna get a board game....I’m not joking.Monopoly is signing EA a deal.
was that golden sun music i heard playing??
Chris Molyneaux
When he said \
The meta cannot be more amazing.
Cinametic ,
Avgn my best frend
Clumsy Gamer
who is still watching this on 2018
Connor D.
what was the episode with the puppet? if there is one
CrasherX 2000
*_F R E D F U C K S I S H E R E_*\n\n\n\n\n\nI wonder what the actual Fred Fuchs is thinking about this...
I want to see him review AVGN II: ASSimulation!
6:28 That music's straight up Rolling Girl
I did not know he was so popular to actually have his own games, now that's something!
DaTa CrY
And then they made The Video Game Nerd: Assimilation.
He should review his sequel, AVGNII: ASSimilation.
Dark Dragon716
Mega man with the nerd? How about mega nerd
Darth golden freddy Gaming
He should play the sequel ASSimilation like if u agree
Daryl The Explorer
You should be honoured James Rolfe. A lot of people created a dozen video games based on you, the video games you reviewed, your catch phrases and comments, all obstacles that are impossible to avoid, and finally, laughing joking numnuts. Your legacy will last forever in both history books and video games.
Dat Guy
You know- If the Nerd ever reviewed any Muppet games, because I know there has to be at least one shitty one, I feel like it'd be neat if the Puppet Nerd from this intro did the review instead.
David Ayotte
The soundtrack of the last one is pretty epic
Denis Ivanov
I wanna play AVGN Monopoly!
Dokholiday 81
Bro imagine if he played CoD Zombies because Element 115
Dr. Feinstein
Does anybody find it interesting that instead of him destroying AVGN Adventures in some overkill fashion, he deletes the game from his computer like a normal person?
Edward Finley
You gotta admit, riding a shark thru lava while shooting lasers from its eyes is pretty badass
You should play the AVGN Board Game for a James & Mike Mondays Video
they actually made a sequel to AVGN adventures dude old school nintendo is the classics I remember playing , Snes is cool\nGenesis sucks whatever happened to the N64!!!
Ghostly Gaming
You know what needs to be created? An AVGN RPG, that I would buy on the spot, think about all the unique things that could be added as attacks, items, and power ups. James, consider this idea.
Gold Connor
*L*aughing \n*J*oke\n*N*umbNuts
Heather Cremins
Laughing joking numbnuts, didn't realise that's what LJN stood for
Anyone know where to get that awesome soundtrack?
The final boss of the last game should have been Nostalgia Critic
Hym Verdan
AVGN: The Game by LJN. interesting.....
Jamie D
On the nerd's gravestone.\n\n\
Jason Smith
Did anyone have a working game of avgn game over?
Jeff N Staycee Spradlin
Laughin' Jokin' Numbnuts = LJN
Jennifer Pruitt
All bow to the AVGN! Never have I ever heard so much swearing from the lips of a nerd in my life!
John Wolfe
Best AVGN episode in a long time, in my opinion.
Jordan Miller
0:14 this dude predicted fortnite
Jose Garza
The music is solid.
Juan D'Marco
The Nerd's epitaph should be \
Laughing, Joking Numbnuts. LJN.
Leopold Litchenstein
Scrotum cannons?\n\n\n\n\nI just started singing \
Letycjusz S.
In second game AVGN fly like a Superman. So... where's the rings from Superman on Nintendo 64?
Lord Ice
17:45 Oh my god. The pattern is the golden rectangle. It's infinity! The infinite spin!
MC Confusing
AVGN are you from PA drinking all that rolling rock and yuengling?
Marcus Lopez
The moon from Majoras mask is that the cameo
Marcus Reading
I swear that music at 6:47 is the Golden Sun battle theme.
Maryna Tsevina
Matt Ring
I can't imagine how many quarters the last game would steal if it were an arcade game.
this should be ported to the switch asap
Mega Jared X
Someone released the last game for 3ds. Thank you whoever made it.
Noah Aguirre
Did you now there was sequel? Yeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhh
I've followed you since your very first video and I've always found it fascinating how you never got pulled into the hipster YouTuber scene. You were around before all the kids that have come and gone, risen and fallen in the ranks, and yet you're completely the same guy. Well done good Sir, well done indeed. 
Nothing Special
Top 10 anime plot twists
Obed Arana
Who's Mike??!!?\n-AVGN
Phantom Drakon
Laughing\nJoking \nNumbnuts\nLJN
I pre-ordered the Nerd Game on Steam and Supported the Kickstarter.\n\nI still have my AVGN Picture framed right next to me =)
Fred Fuchs must be pissed off...
Was that Isaac's theme from Golden Sun during the Bugs Bunny fight?
RG Wrath
I like how he slips in making fun of LJN by saying \
There's one thing that could have made AVGN Adventures even better. After defeating Fred Fucks, the screen goes black. A message would be displayed across the screen, reading \
Rico The MLG PRO
U Got The Commodore 64 X The Modern PC That Looks Like A Commodore 64
Not sure how many people know this, but you can now play The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures on the 3DS. \n\nIsn't that amazing?!
Shin Kaio
You should make a video about angry video game nerd adventues II: ASSimilation
To be completely honest EA = LJN
So meta.
Why dis this guy look like the nistolc critic
Th3_No0b z
OMG its motherfucker clarence Mike!
That Rallyboi
You know a Games bad when the person who was related to the game or was involved with the game hates it
The King
thumbs up for golden sun battle theme
The Locust God
The Reaping Hopkins
Where can I get angry video game nerd monopoly
Can anybody tell me the name of the song at the very end, like 21:20? I think it's from Megaman?
watching avgn while eating popcorn and drinking ice tea.\nlife doesn't get better.
Tyler Adam
Laughing Joking Numbnuts (LJN) \n😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Zac Folk
I would love to buy that song, iconic song from my childhood
I'm still waiting for New York 2017
Does anyone know what happens to the texting of the bread I looked it up on the AppStore and tried to find it on the cinemassacre website but I couldn’t find it.
euro Semeco
nerd siendo president of LJN
18:30 wtf is debian logo doing on the sky
gamer guy
Why is the bottom of the screen in avgn adventures glitched?
6:50 Golden Sun Isaac's battle theme ;-)
it's yo boy nigga
what was i thinking-james 2013
jess pace
that last game looks awesome, good for screwattack for making such a neat looking game :D
klaus hammer
Can someone make a nerd typing game similar to the old game Mario typing
5:25 If Nostalgia Critic played games, he'd probably love this.
I really loved this episode.I am really happy to see so much Fan creation based on the nerd.That really show how people love the Nerd.
phenom_ 1986
I love this game, but the use of the super mecha death Christ was poorly done. There wasn't enough use of it, and when there was a time for it, it wasn't really needed.
16:50-17:33.; Reference?...