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DIY Slime vs slime kit slime. Which is better? Jordan and Audrey each make slime, one with a slime kit and one do it yourself slime. You decide which one is better.Please Subscribe to be notified when I post another video. Music: epidemic soundThanks For Watching!XOXO-Jordan

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I love you Jordan and Audrey so much
Abdul Mahid
I love u jordan also u and ur family are the best youtubers ever I love u guys
Afsana Islam
Hey Jordan and Audrey! I love when you both make videos together and you guys inspire me to do a lot of stuff and carry on with all the great stuff!! \nBtw hi random person scrolling through the comments have a great day or night or afternoon 😊
Alex Wilk
I love you Jordan😊
Aliya Jamila
give me a ❤️ if you do you will make my day 😀😀😃😃
AllaroundHaley xx
I love your vids guys so much!! You are the best!! ❤️❤️
Annmanda Olson
Love you guys
Arianna Solis
Homemade slime is better
Arrianna Jones
Both of yall are winners both yall slimes are really good
Art with Cookie
I ❤️ Jordan and Audrey!
Ashling Smith
Home-made slime is way better like if you agree
Bailey Baird
I LOVE YOU JORDAN AND AUDREY I LOVE YOU and I feel you with containers I am also bad with them I LOVE YOU
Bonia DIY
Your video always awesome Jordan 💖💖💖\nDon't hesitate to visit my *DIY channel* guys, you'll be welcomed with open arms 😘
Brianna Wilson
Love yiu sooo much I’ve been watching you since I was 4
Canax Fence
Jordie for the win
Cupcake Queen2684
I vote for homemade slime
DAVE roy
Hi i am vary sad today beacuse i broke my arm today. pls leave a like 1 like=i heal for my arm.
Dakota Metz
Jorden should spend 24 hours in your parents room and prank them like Audrey did on her channel. Like If You Agree.
Diodio Leopold
home made slime wins👍❤
Elaine Ferrao
I don’t like slime kits because for me the slime is either over activated or it is just liquid. I love ❤️ homemade slime better
Emily and Emilia
Jordan had the best slime cuz she's the master of the recipes of slime
Emma Ryall
I love you guys sooooooooo much❤
Erika Perez
Home made
Eva Lillo
Sorry Audrey I think I like Jordan slam a little bit better \n Like if you guys a great
Fareesa Atif
Early!!!!!!!! Love you!!!!!
Glen John
Jordan wins this challeng
Halissa Voeunheng
Yay I'm here before 1000 comments and I love slime but not as much as I love you Audrey and Jordan!!!!!
Hank Hill
Hey Jordan I love could you like my comment your videos are so fun
Ismat Hassanali
LOL my cat was watching with me
Itzy Graloza
Wait i did that at 3:45 am. 3am!! I made teal slime and at three fiffty five am it turned green!!!!😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😭😭😭😭
Come on let’s get Jordan to 2 million fans love you 😍
J Mollon
Homemade slime home made slime Jordan you're the winner
Jack Baker-Burton
Slime just Jordan xxx xxx love you xxx all
Jamileh Hamideh
Love yoy guys soooo much
JoJo Phillips
never add play-dough to slime because on Tuesday I went to my friends house and she had slime and play-dough and we added play-dough to one of her fluffy slimes and it completely melted is we tried to fix it but it was completely water
Joanna Quintero
Hi my name is Valentina
Just Me
When they all post at the same time and you don’t know what to chose. \nHave a good day for anyone who sees this.
Kathleen Crooker
I 💓 guys so much
Kawaii Bunny
Kelly Cooper
Kriti Loree Ints
its a clear boogy
Krystal Williamson
Please give me a like
Kyle Anderson
I am flowing you guys
Lauryn I
Blue +yellow =green😁
Lediane Macedo
Yassssssss slime video\nOne of my favorites
Lifen Time
Why on earth only girls like slime but not boys.!!!! How does it feel like touching???? Naughty girls :-)))))
Maclaine CV
When you were like it’s like Jell-O (for Audrey’s slime) it kinda reminded me of pigs feet
Mandy Watchorn
I love you guys so much you guys rock I am your biggest fan please heart my comment it will make my day
Maria Rozell
I vote homemade
Marina Rowe
Jordan's slime is good but Audreys is better is what she said
Maya Paysinger
Jordie won can I see you in real life and we can be friends can you play more sardines games
Definitely homemade slime is better!
Nicole Martin
Home made slime totally won like if yu agree.
Nora Roche
Play FaceTime hide and seek
Olivia 88
Olivia Rickard
U guys should do a twin telepathy but with bath bombs I think it would be really funny like if u agree
Owen Dewild
Home made slime
Presley Redman
This is the best channel please can you give me a slime of yours pleeeease
Jordan’s is better
Rachel Jane Craven
Jordans is the best slime
Richelle Foo
Jordan’s slime is better than Audrey
Riley O'Dell
Home made slime!!!!!!!!!!Yasssss!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rosa Alferes
Jordan wanna
Salarah Brooks
Jordan's slime was the best
Saleita Smith
I love ❤️ the way you editor your video on YouTube and you make an amazing video on YouTube and I love 💕 watching your video on YouTube and you are my favorite YouTube channel to watch
Sam Davison
Best chanel EVER!!!!!!!
Sharon Ow
Me:Likes even though l haven't watched the video
Sierra Read
Home made slime
Slime Queen
Can you please make a video on how to make butter slime
Starla Chester
I vote Justjordan33 like if you agree
Tanya Cunningham
In the beginning I saw Agrey’s sleeve
Taylor Carey
That's So Ria
I love you guys! And Jordan won..
Thetripleteam :3
Yass who loves making slime like Audrey and Jordan
Victoria Mochkovsky
I tried the rainbow slime kit before, but I hated it. The slime was not stretchy and it turned brown.
Vinod Lol
I vote home made slime
Wilson Dela Cruz
You\nAre \nAwsome\nWho is beautiful? Read the first word
akshaya rastogi
Press the subscribe button turn it from Audrey's red shirt to Jordan's grey top/hoodie\nLike if you noticed!
alexandra rivera
I vote homemade slime like if you agree
I’m not sure who but Audrey has a rainbow slime and the rainbow slime never turns into a different colour and Jordan her slime just turned into red a very dark red if you agree give me a Thumbs ups
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keira rhoads
SPONGEBOB is the life LIKE if you agree
layla karnuth
today November 7th is my birthday
paty gonzalez
Jordan has the best slime
princess K
Like if you love Jordan slime vids
soumia rqibi
Jordan’s was better than Audrey
summer and karissa
Jordan is better
taliah fleary
You should recreate your baby vids and a no editing bath bomb vid like if u agree
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