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The Glitcher haha
Aiden King
Princess peach a princess who's always in another castle...Zelda a princess who's always in another castle.
Alan Brody
Anon Nymous
Ok, 5 minute break over, got to get back to Blood & Wine!
Anton Keeko
wait... real time beard growth? that's a sellin pint right there
I'm ashamed but I gotta agree on that \
This game is is probably in my top five list of greatest games I've ever encountered
Blue Fox
Bo G
2:20 needs to be a meme
Bruce Alrighty
.... and The View.\n\nVery accurate.
Crai Crushna
Someone actually didn't play the game when they listed all three of those \
Daniel Lindberg
Please say “ you mad bro?”
Dennis F
Gwent is seriously addictive XD
Durante Exeralt
Best game I've ever played, literally.
Emperor Uriel Septim VII
Son of a Witcher
Eric Elm
Play as Geralt, battle hardened vagabond that can't survive a 8 foot drop...
Euryphus _
In German, Roach is called \
Robert Baratheon lolololololol
F.B. I
When I grow up I want to be a panner
First Name Last Name
There are actually thousands of roaches around the world that all respond to Geralt and are bread in the horse-a-tron 2000
It's funny because whether you chose to have that snow ball fight with Ciri could completely change the outcome of the story.
As a Polish person, I can say that, yup, that's 100% Poland. Totally. Also, the teleporting. demon horses. We have them. Absolutely.
One of my fave games, although I got the depressing ending... oops.
Galician Polonizer
If Witcher would be real,my friends would be total freaks.
Gkost games
Best game ever made!!!
Goace Florin
this game is so badass its so hard to make fun of it lol
J. Roc
I'm sorry was I the only one who didn't get into Gwent
Jamie Legends
Jen Plays YT
Jenny M
you forgot to mention the fact that in the cutscenes he jumps around like crazy, gets torn apart by claws and swords without losing any health but soon as you fall down a 40cm ladder he dies
The View!!! Omg XD
Jonas Trosch
This game was a work of art with an incredible story. I have 450 hours logged in so far. I haven't been so obsessed with a game since skyrim.
Josh Rhoden
Just picked up GOTY edition 2 years after the game released. I hadn’t even heard of the books or the previous games but playing this for about 15 hours now makes me want to do the ones that came before. Even now in 2018 this game is still the best game I have on PS4 right now. An experience every gamer should at least try
Junior senior
One of the best honest Game Trailers to date
Fun fact: escorting the goat IS part of the main quest
Kevin Hagler
Best game I've ever played. \n\nMy fiance thought the game was sexist. Probably because each time she'd see the game, Geralt would happen to be getting busy. \n\nShe didnt realize that I had to put in my time; several hours in fact, per girl! Oh well. lol
Poland can into games
Lake Nash
Lol the actually stole so much from Robert Baratheon for the Baron that I couldn't stop imagining his face whenever he talked.
LowerSpider4725 PR
Léo fields
Featuring: Robert Baratheon lol
Markku Toivanen
Wind's howling
Mateusz Smagacz
Bloody Baron as Robert Barathian made me laugh!
Media Brands
You had me at game within a game. I'm so happy:)
Mia Vegan
Sauron oh my godd hahah 😂
Michael Mangold
The View! LOL
I beat Witcher 3 in a single weekend. Yeh, I didn't sleep but it took my m8 like 3 months to do the same.
Mr Dictator
so for some reason GTA V won steam award for best game in game(no one cares that Gwent is a real game now)
Don't you dare say that I haven't played the first two games!!!1!!1 I played the Witcher 2 first, then I played the Witcher 1, then I played the second part again using the saves from the first part. Then I repeated this cycle like 2 more times then waited for the Witcher 3 to be announced. After it was announced, I played the previous parts again because I had deleted my saves. And also because they are awesome
Niko Harju
Completely lost it at \
Ninja-Turtle Man
I read the books after playing The Witcher 3. I recommend them.
Niraj Kumar Srivastava
That inception movie pun
Nyanko Sensey
Well i never play witcher 2 while i play witcher 3. Shoud i buy second one?
0:50 he says geez, not sheesh
Peanut B
Say: \
Piotr Skłodowski
Actually I red Witcher book series by Andrzej Sapkowski in the '90 but than again I am from Plland. Also I heard Netflix want to do adaptation for TV. Lesser known fact is that there already was Witcher tv series and a movie. From 2002 and 2001 respectively. |And they were so absolutly, mind boggling bad nobody, even greatest witcher fans want to remember them.
Potatoes Mashymash
I have 480 hours in this game. And I don't regret it. I love this masterpiece of a game, one of the best games I've played.
Will you do an honest trailer for Witcher 1 and 2 in the future?
They broke the internet
Samuel Muller
I played through about 1/3 of the first one and less of the second. This one's definitely the best of the three. (The combat system was repetitive in 1, and potions were much more annoying in both.)\n\nAlso - the book's pretty solid - though it's not really a novel. It's a series of short stories.
Shado White
Is he soldier 76?
Shiro Einherjar
Gameception! I'm so done lmfao.
Gwent is an actual game now
Sinister 666
Robert Baratheon😂😂😂
Soham P
The view 😂
this was perfect, for a perfect game
Tealion Wolfheart
Wild Hunt \u003e Breath of the Wild
That McArn Guy
Play as a character who is not only a freak, but a super freak- lol 😂
The First Kot
Am I the only one who never ever had a glitch in this game? No? ok.
The Fursecutioner 779
BUT ACTUALLY!!! the snowball fight is a part of the main quest.
The Hood
I haven't finished this game...and it's been 2 years
Themindi severything.
Victor Nguyen
No Ciri nude scenes\nF
Warren Worthington
that was excellent, and i dont comment on these
Xander Ellem
1. i had read the books\n2. I did play the first game\n3. I already had a perfect witcher 2 save ready for import long before TW3 was released.
Zvezdan Zlatičanin
Now after watching this..i like the game more.
aaron laymon
Dragons Dogma!!!
I started playing this game in November and finally beat it a few weeks ago. It took me 300 hours including the Hearts of Stone DLC. I did every secondary quest, treasure hunt, and contract I came across and went to every question mark on the map. I've never played the other Witcher games or read the books. In fact I had never even heard of the Witcher series before The Witcher 3 came out but The Witcher 3 ended up being the greatest RPG I have ever played and I might even say its the best game I have ever played. I'm going to start Bood and Wine at some point but for right now I'm taking a break from the game.
fletcher mcguire
That could've been so much better.
fυи мαѕтι
Found the pan yeeeee
The view!!!😂😂😂
jOsEheRi Gonzalez
Hardest dilemma in the game: choose between smoking hot raven haired woman, smoking hot red head or smoking hot blonde. Life as a Witcher is tough.
jordan harding
Haha I lost it when you compared the baron to Robert baratheon. Been saying that since the start of the game.
mudrak patel
That Capcom part made me laugh hard 😂😂😂
when you said \
Am I the only one who has beat the game but doesn't know how to play gwent
say \