The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The First 10 Minutes

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Watch the first 10 minutes of the wallcrawler's latest film, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, in advance of its Blu-ray release. Spider-Man: Homecoming - Hall H Segment - Comic-Con 2016

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Alex Franco
I miss the actual physical costumes
Spider man is my favorite super hero he’s the man
Andrew Pearson
does anyone else get depressed knowing that there are so many people just like max, ignored and bullied.
Arc Trooper Rod 269
Arif Kamarudzaman
Now we know where Insomniac took it's swinging mechanics from.
Arsal ok
I don’t remember playing this mission in Spider-man PS4
Ashroc DenarKo
Best Spider-Man swinging scenes ever
Bailey Erickson
Peter Parker repped thrasher before it was cool
Barrack O lama
6:47\nI love how he starts whistling the Spider-Man theme
BayMan 64
Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man was the best!!
Benedic Lyngkhoi
Amazing spiderman is much more better then homecoming
Caleb Cattermole
spider man is the best
Chaney McInnis
this scene has more views than the trailer for Homecoming.
Chief Little Rex
Probably the best intro to a Spider-Man movie but leads into the worst Spider-Man movie to exist
I think I'd prefer this and the first than homecoming tbh
Clorox Bleach
Sad to see none of the Spider-Man film series' have gotten to Carnage...
Count Swagula
Andrew Garfield is my favourite Spiderman and this opening just proves it. They way he looks, moves and talks is almost ripped straight out of the comics. It just feels so naturally and organic. Can't wait to see what Marvel Studios does with the character
Dude whoever came up with web swinging is a genius
This is what homecoming didnt have, a web swinging segment but it had everything else
Daniel Smoke
This poor guy at 3:58
Daryl Tan
Aunt May: I wish ..your uncle could have been here...\nMe: I wish...Andrew Garfield could have finished the Trilogy..
Diamond Jubilee Goldie Shine
This Is A... Wonderful .Channel..😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Disappointed Father
Honestly, these first 10 minutes made this movie feel promising, but man o man did this film drop the ball.
Edward Brock Jr
This is probably the most viewed IGN video, they must be proud about it!
Efrain Calderon
Everyone just gonna ignored that Spidey stopped to talked to some ramdom dude for 5 mins and even brushed his hair but completely ignored the crashed taxi.
Envi ous
I wish this is a 360 video
Do the first 1 hour and 30 minutes of the movie bro
Fernando Brito
That was a badass introduction
They need to make a 3 one
Frank Castle
This movie wasn't that bad.
1:14 best part of the movie
Giggity King
Stan Lee: I think I know that guy\nMe: He's the guy who destroyed your library.
Henri Agus Prasetyo
Love this scene, best ever
Hershey's James
He saved one guy and let like 5 other taxus get run over
Hipster Ninja
Am I the only one who actually liked both the raimi and webb movies?
Jake Company
He’s graduating from high school! And he’s a 30 year old man!
John Paggett
So we finna ignore the fact that the one dude in the alley at 4:00 didn’t get hit by debris from the truck 😂😂😂😂😂
Jon Startop
Commenting \
Jordan Steele
Andrew Garfield had the potential to be the BEST Spider-Man put to film. He was the perfect casting choice for a college age Peter Parker, but they just had to try the origin story AGAIN. If only they would’ve had him in college instead of high school, I feel like this series would’ve turned out way better than what it is.
Joshua Williams
Just think of Andrew Garfield was in Avengers, man that would be awesome
Juan Garcia
The best part of the movie
KNG bugg990
Count how many people probably died in this scene...🤔
Kenneth Ly Videography
I will give the movie this. The cinematography was amazing. Seeing Spidey swing around never felt better, I love the color palette, the shot composition is beautiful and they really captured the way Spidey movies. I hope it carries over and is improved to the new reboot.
My favorite Spider-Man scene of all time is this:\n\nWhen Spider-Man and the Lizard are battling in the school, Gwen Stacy smashes a trophy over the Lizard's head. The Lizard then goes after Gwen, only to be webbed up by Spider-Man. Spider-Man webs the trophy, breaks the window with it, and tells Gwen:\n\n\
saves jamie foxx.. lets everyone in their cars get rammed and killed
1:13 - 1:25 has to be my favorite part...
Kyle Flash
wish Spider-Man homecoming had some of these classic swinging in NYC scenes
L Jj
Best Spider-Man movie by far
I know this movie wasn't great. But it's certainly not as bad as a lot of people say
Out of everything, *this* is IGNs most popular video? Wow.
Mayur B
Andrew Garfield Is The Best Spider Man😍\nSrry The Amazing Spider Man 😙
Mehedi Hasaan
Dislikes from DC fans
4:17 feels like a Deadpool moment
Nathan Egerton
9:41 when your siblings takes the last package of pop tarts
Nathaniel Drake
lol this is IGN's most viewed video and it has nothing to do with gaming.
Oreo !
Just watching this still wishes Andrew was still playing as Spiderman
Player One
After playing Spider-man ps4 jesus this really is the way Spider-man should be. shows that team that worked on this and the game completely understand the world of spider-man
Best movie
Ragnar Lothbrok
Rahul Badade
If he hadn't saved Max... there would be no Electro, so in turn no Harry, so no Amazing Spider-Man 2....\nIsn't this amazing
Raju sethupathi
Best BGM ever
Resame Obibia
Who comes back just to see the amount of views.
Rian Karlo Punzalan
1:17 press L3 to dive. Press R2 to swing. 🤟🏻
Rod F
This Spider-Man is such a bully... everything Peter was not.
Roui J.
I actually liked this Spider-Man
Ryan Spiker
They kinda skipped an entire scene...
Samuel Brown
Best music awesome. Andrew Garfield’s spider man was the best. He’s one of the most talented actors out there, his chemistry with Emma stone was amazing and the swinging and fight choreography was amazing
Satpal Singh
Spider man is my favorite super hero
My favorite movie of Spider-Man, and my favorite suit!
Scorch exe
Love that ps4 spiderman adapted this
Shubham Bedi
They added this swing in Spider-Man PS4 1:10
*2018 anyone*
I love how in 6:17 the New York Chinese American man with his young daughter is saying “thank you very much” in Cantonese and in 6:33 Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man responds back with his best Cantonese “No problem”.
Son Goku
when i saw this in theatres, i was at awe. i actually really liked it! then i went online and i read all the hate for it that i began to see all its minor flaws and began to hate on it too. Then i bought the blue ray and saw it again, and you guys know what? its a freakin amazing spiderman movie! im beginning to believe that these vocal haters here are marvelites who just hates on any comicbook movie that is not created by marvel...This film did a great job portraying spidey and andrew did a great job with it. ima go watch the film again!
Spider Noir
7:12 Stan Lee cameo :(
Tech Tamil Hank
This movie is my favourite
The Creator
5:35 haha i like how he just shows up and says \
The LBE Squad
Who else clicked this just for the first 20 seconds
Tridens Tv
Best spider man theme song
You can't take away from The Amazing Spider-Man movies is that they have Beautiful CGI
Vic Solis
I actually liked this take on spider man.
Woo Dy
I think this is the best opening of all the spiderman movies
I love the Andrew Garfield Spidey better than the Toby McGuire. This one is closer to the Spidey I grew up with, goading enemies, cracking jokes, and taunting bad guys with quick remarks and insults, all with a much better portrayal of New York attitude and manners.
6:56-6:58 XD
Xoskeleton _12
i dont know why people say that the movie was bad it wasn't that bad
4:16 i love the fact that the driver of the police car didnt stop when he crashed on 2 spider man. I also like spider man’s scream when he sees a car running 2wards him
6:38 - Spider-Man at his best
dawg gaming
the only marvel movie I watched
goku goku
best intro scene for spider man...
lil chino310
I wished Tom holland suit looked like an actual costume and not like some green lantern suit
lol lol
2:30 So instead of stopping de rhino instantly, he lets basically a few people on the road to die to save de dude wid da blueprints. Noice...
50k dislikes??? \n\nWhy?
realistic guy
gonna miss Stan Lee
sandip pati
Are they allowed to kiss on stage in NY colleges?
spider man
I love his suit🕷️
tejas tayade
This is the best start of a superhero movie I've ever seen
the raptor