The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The First 10 Minutes

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Watch the first 10 minutes of the wallcrawler's latest film, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, in advance of its Blu-ray release. Spider-Man: Homecoming - Hall H Segment - Comic-Con 2016

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Aarti Patil
I so do not regret watching this is Imax the first 10 minutes were fiyaaah
Aiman Arif
The amazing spider man is more best from spider man homecoming... 😪
Akmal Erzansyah
I think andrew garfield better than tom holland who agree?
Alex Franco
I miss the actual physical costumes
Spider man is my favorite super hero he’s the man
Andrew Choe
The Amazing Spider Man movies were awesome. Andrew Garfield was great, and I wish there was a third movie with him as Spider-Man, but things change.
Andrew Pearson
does anyone else get depressed knowing that there are so many people just like max, ignored and bullied.
Angel Moreno
Venom 2018 qnyone gonna see it
AnoNy Mous
How many FPS did you get?
Arliyo Sidow
Every time Spider-Man swings and they show it from his perspective it always satisfises me.
Ashroc DenarKo
Best Spider-Man swinging scenes ever
am i the only one who likes the sam raimi ones more? ik they may not have been accurate but the sentimental value is just there
Benedic Lyngkhoi
Amazing spiderman is much more better then homecoming
Brennan Perdue
Wow this was so bad
Chaney McInnis
this scene has more views than the trailer for Homecoming.
Chief Little Rex
Probably the best intro to a Spider-Man movie but leads into the worst Spider-Man movie to exist
2:34 That heroic swing you do when you let a truck crash into a bunch of cars and kill everyone inside
Clorox Bleach
Sad to see none of the Spider-Man reboots have gotten to Carnage...
Count Swagula
Andrew Garfield is my favourite Spiderman and this opening just proves it. They way he looks, moves and talks is almost ripped straight out of the comics. It just feels so naturally and organic. Can't wait to see what Marvel Studios does with the character
My rankings:\n\n1) Spiderman 2\n2) Spiderman\n3) Spiderman Homecoming\n4) Amazing Spiderman \n5) Amazing Spider-Man 2\n6) Spiderman 3\n\nBut even spiderman 3 wasn't that bad.
Daniel Smoke
This poor guy at 3:58
Daryl Tan
Aunt May: I wish ..your uncle could have been here...\nMe: I wish...Andrew Garfield could have finished the Trilogy..
Diamond Jubilee Goldie Shine
Oh... OK....Cereal.... ok...😀
what a disappointment of a movie, same with The Amazing Spider Man 1.. you wanna know why TASM 2 is so crap? Sony got their dirty little hands involved, just how they made Spider-Man 3 a messy movie with too many characters
Do the first 1 hour and 30 minutes of the movie bro
Fam '00
Tobey = Best Spiderman\nAndrew (TASM2) = Best Costume \nTom = Best Universe (MCU)
Fernando Brito
That was a badass introduction
Frank Castle
This movie wasn't that bad.
Frederick Burke
This is most Spider-mannish 10 minutes of all the Spider-man movies, including MCU.
Fullmetal Shenron
4:21 lol he ain’t stopping just because a spider is on his car
Giggity King
Stan Lee: I think I know that guy\nMe: He's the guy who destroyed your library.
Good Apple
i feel so bad for foxx
Henri Agus Prasetyo
Love this scene, best ever
Hipster Ninja
Am I the only one who actually liked both the raimi and webb movies?
Hoody Seivutru
1:15-1:22 is fu*king awesome
Hungry Drummer Joey
Top 10 Anime Intros
I hate First comments
The suit is amazing
Its Ali64xX
Full movie link plz
Jack Mallor
Only true band nerds understand the beauty of the trumpets in the beginning
Jackson Pike
As bad as some people find the movie, that theme is lit
Jeremie Tshibasu
The music...🤗
Jesus Garcia
Spiderman homecoming’s intro has nothing on this intro😂
Jheytee tanhueco
Better than homecoming
John Elizondo
Spider man let all those people die in that crash just to save that only person “max”
Joshua Williams
Just think of Andrew Garfield was in Avengers, man that would be awesome
Juan Garcia
The best part of the movie
Kavin V
2:31 \n\nBatman : Save one \nSpidy : yes sir
Kenneth Ly Videography
I will give the movie this. The cinematography was amazing. Seeing Spidey swing around never felt better, I love the color palette, the shot composition is beautiful and they really captured the way Spidey movies. I hope it carries over and is improved to the new reboot.
My favorite Spider-Man scene of all time is this:\n\nWhen Spider-Man and the Lizard are battling in the school, Gwen Stacy smashes a trophy over the Lizard's head. The Lizard then goes after Gwen, only to be webbed up by Spider-Man. Spider-Man webs the trophy, breaks the window with it, and tells Gwen:\n\n\
saves jamie foxx.. lets everyone in their cars get rammed and killed
Kyle Flash
wish Spider-Man homecoming had some of these classic swinging in NYC scenes
L Jj
Best Spider-Man movie by far
This movie is funnier than homecoming
La Pizza
Now this...Is a great Web-Swinging (btw i dunno if i write that well)
Lalfel Kimi
spider Man beautiful
Lusifa Spartan
The amazing spiderman vs spiderman homecoming who wins
Out of everything, *this* is IGNs most popular video? Wow.
Mayur B
Andrew Garfield Is The Best Spider Man😍\nSrry The Amazing Spider Man 😙
Best marvel soundtrack imo
wtf 163M 😲😲
Mike XD
I'm Spider-Man
4:17 feels like a Deadpool moment
NMS Tr4nquil
Love that ps4 spiderman adapted this
Nathaniel Drake
lol this is IGN's most viewed video and it has nothing to do with gaming.
No Name
Story might’ve been garbage but the cinematography and those cool action and slow mo shots are some of the best
Player One
After playing Spider-man ps4 jesus this really is the way Spider-man should be. shows that team that worked on this and the game completely understand the world of spider-man
PrasannaVenkatesan Govindarajan
Andrew is best
Rian Karlo Punzalan
1:17 press L3 to dive. Press R2 to swing. 🤟🏻
Roui J.
I actually liked this Spider-Man
Sahib Preet
Sloppy writing killed the franchise
*2018 anyone*
Son Goku
when i saw this in theatres, i was at awe. i actually really liked it! then i went online and i read all the hate for it that i began to see all its minor flaws and began to hate on it too. Then i bought the blue ray and saw it again, and you guys know what? its a freakin amazing spiderman movie! im beginning to believe that these vocal haters here are marvelites who just hates on any comicbook movie that is not created by marvel...This film did a great job portraying spidey and andrew did a great job with it. ima go watch the film again!
Sparkle Music Channel
Whos watching this in 2018?
Tech Tamil Hank
This movie is my favourite
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Parker
Do you know that is Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone
The Jayydi
I love this movie😍😍
Tim Sugi
Still kinda wish Garfield was apart of the MCU & Avengers
Tridens 57
Best spider man theme song
Ultraman 70
Toby's Spiderman 1&2 will always be the best
and people still say tobey maguire is better , lol
Windows 10
*W H E R E W E L A N D I N B O I S ?*
I love the Andrew Garfield Spidey better than the Toby McGuire. This one is closer to the Spidey I grew up with, goading enemies, cracking jokes, and taunting bad guys with quick remarks and insults, all with a much better portrayal of New York attitude and manners.
Xunzhi Sun
Yeah u saved max ,that’s good, but how about those 15 people who just got knocked off in those knocked off cars
Yan Moreira
Idk why this movie got so much hate, it was great
I really like Andrew Garfield AND Tom Holland. You can like multiple potrayals, jeez.
Zav Malik
I thought it’s the
archana kumar
spiderman becomes a history in avengers infinity war \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nsoooo sad
christian Guzman
The cgi in this is way better than the one in homecoming
fred walker
*shoots rhino with webs* *shoots webs at his pants and pulls it down* rhino:TIS IS NOT END SPIDAR!!!
jeff hardy
Best 10 minet in my life
lol lol
2:30 So instead of stopping de rhino instantly, he lets basically a few people on the road to die to save de dude wid da blueprints. Noice...
I feel so bad for the people who worked on amazing spider man 2 and the people who enjoyed it. This was a unique universe with so many un answered question. They could of expanded so much and we never got to see a third one. To me this is one of the best universes not movies but still a good one even thought it is not really well directed but it is still warm to my heart as spiderman is the best superheroe. Also Tom hollowds spiderman to me is just average. I don't feel as engaged as I did with Sam rameys spiderman and Marc webbs. Part of it is because spiderman is now in the mcu and he now has limitations to his character and there isn't much meaning to him other being a cash grab even though he isn't he is valuable to most people watching. And to me. This is sadening as we won't see Andrew garfeild again as spiderman or I any other Sony projects. One of my dreams is too see amazing spiderman 3 come out and to Andrew garfeild to come back as spiderman older and more mature and to see the spin of movies come out with the sinister 6 and venom. The venom trailer is out and I'm not sure if it's in tasm universe but if it is I hope we see a glimpse of spiderman and to answer some of our questions
sandip pati
How could this movie even fail!!
sir Bean
Even if i had those powers i wouldn't be able to do that....\n\nThag is too high for me 🤤😨😱