The Witcher 2 - Enhanced Edition - X360 - Letho: The return of the kingslayer

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Letho, the violent assassin of Kings, has something to say to celebrate the launch date of The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition on Xbox 360.The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings Enhanced Edition is now available on Xbox 360 and PC.Join the community on

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But you all still tuned in for the royal wedding right?
Nice choice on Gwent beta card picture for him
Aleksa Petrovic
Steel for Humans\nSilver for Monsters\nDimeritium for Witches\nGwet for Geralt\nViper School for Kings
Ave Me
Azzon Fire
Letho should have his own story
Bad Math
Simply incredible. Can't wait for TW3.
BellCross Wolfstein
This is why i let him go in the end.
Ben Hubble
They should make an entire series like this , would be great
When you roll up a Goliath rogue
Blank__ __
2018 anyone?
Quem esta aqui por causa do vídeo do Bolsonaro ????
This is an example of poor party formation in MMO: Archer up front, tanks in the middle, and no one protects your support. God damn noobs.
Caius Cosades
Najbardziej szkoda mi maga bo wykonał kawał dobrej roboty.
Carlos Vergel Rodríguez
lol when i was interviewed in witcher 3 about witcher 2, i had to google the names and everything cause i remembered shit lol
Clive LFRC
Halo 4 Announcer: REGICIDE!!!!
Dale Donatan
That's how witchers from the viper school get the job done.
Dante Evans
Part of me still wishes that letho had done this to radovid
David Ee
I wonder if Yennefer still sat at Demavend's council at the time of Letho's assassination attempt, would things be different?
David martinez
Not only is he a big badass he's a very quick assassin
DeenanTheKemon I
Cdpr are the most captivating developers on earth. Idk whos in charge of their cinematic trailers But DAMN. talk about bein good at your job.
A scene inspired Kratos.
Dishonored 4 Taxi
anyone still watching this bad ass trailer in 2017
I want arms like Letho's
Rogue OP!
Nasza Polska gra
i was 13 yrs old when i saw this and i was like holy fuck this the best cinematic i ever,even until this day
Fellow Templar
The guy deserved that, what kind of a king has a feast during a war?
This man just sank an entire ship, killed an obviously very skilled archer, a masterly mage and a king and went off as if nothing happened. \n\nAnd then you meet 3 stupid thugs at an inn who think they can kill a witcher
Letho biggest badass in rpg universe.
Habibi Ben
Eredin’s a king isn’t he?\n –Letho, Viper School
Hayden Glenn
jaime lannister could have taken some notes from this.
J. Jonah Jameson
Letho the badass.
Jack Pfister
plot twist: this is actually assassins creed 4
Jacob Whatrsson
James Godsall
Anyone still watching this awesome trailer in 2018?
Jirka Bounty Stiegler
guys why did Letho killed the king ????
Johnny Huy
The beat from 3:50 to the end sounds dramatic!! I want that beat but don't know what the name is ?!?
Kalgeriax 101
To tell the truth. \nThis game the combat, is way harder than Dark souls. For me of course.
exactly 4:20 min long ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
Kinky HamsterIDkXD
The bombs name is Northern winds.
Kramer Dortmund
finally the witcher 2 on xbox one
I want a game where you play him!!!
Ling Pan
one of the best
If Letho wanted Demavend's head as physical proof of his assassination in order to win Iorveth's trust, then why would he even bother with the ice bomb plan?\n\nCan't really get any physical proof if your target is turned into ice and his head melts into a puddle of water in your travels. Even if he somehow did get the ice head in one piece to Iorveth, you could still brush it off as a neat ice sculpture or something.\n\nNot trying to shit on the trailer or anything. It's still cool, regardless.
Luka Plos
Anyone knows what music is this?
Marks man
Someone know the name of the song when letho killing everybody ?! Plz
Mehmet Aytekin
Greetings from 2019!
Mezio Fufezio
I hope Next witcher game will be epic like this
Letho, Kingslaying Before it was cool.
to be honest, there is no fucked-up-unwanted-stuff-to-uphold-the-game things in this trailer... thats why witcher is best! nothing more nothing less.. state the point and slay some monsters!
MixD Gaming
it was litle brutal
Normanne Z
The archer was able to hit 3 flying stones, but not this fatass... I was expecting more from the archer
I cannot believe I'm watching videos of the witcher and diablo 3 just because my discs have been scratched by the xbox laser. :(
Olgierd von Everec
Awesome scene.
Peter Rego
I wonder if one of lethos daggers is silver? The viper has two fangs
Petr Kirrilov
Prime Crusader
What is the name of the song at 2:21 ??? Ever since I heard it in the game I have been searching for it!!!
Rafael Lopes de Oliveira
Still better then despacito
holy shit.. that assassination was masterful. Gotta give props to the mage though, his reaction time was on point. Even saw in a split second that it was an ice explosion and countered with a fire shield.
Rogue AI
2018 and still awesome
i wouldn't mind playing as letho tbh
Schizophrenic Cynic
Give letho his own goddam dlc or his own game
Severiar _S
The best trailer I've ever seen. It's a masterpiece.
Steph Drain
Anyone still watching this orgasmic scene in 2018.
Stu Pot
Odrin...Here boy... ODRINNNN!!!
Sun God Ra
An amazing scene and incredible music. That video was a piece of art.
Tarek Chamas
the way the mage face palms haha
Tawny Owl
grashing this shib\nwid no surbibors :-DD
1:33 why don't you guys *CHILL OUT*
Tony Williamson-Bruscaglia
An accurate portrayal of how a Witcher would cope in the Harry Potter universe.
Tvrtko Kaurinović
Is that the winter bomb from witcher 3 he threw?
Twiggy Shei
Wait... so did Letho tie the head to his belt or the hat... because There's no way the hat and head stay together for very long...
music kinda reminds me of Lacrimosa from Requiem in D-moll by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart :)
Ultra Woke Supreme
Dont kill a kingdom kill the king.
bought it awesome game. I dont get why its so hard. If you learn to use the knives, bombs and spells properly its not to hard.\n\nIts krazy that doing one good thing hurts other later.
Ville Lepoaho
Too bad he wasn't this badass in Witcher 3, in the fight against the Wild Hunt.
Yakout Lazrak
So we're gonna have a new version of the Witcher 2 with better graphics?
Zach Man
I'm not a big RPG type person. But this game looks very fun to play around. Would it be a title for me to pick up? I do like Final Fantasy. I can't get into The Elder Scrolls I'm sorry.
gives me chills every time... Still one of the best cinematic trailers ever made.
3:03 u mad bro?
Oh boy here i go killing again -letho
It's 2017, still wish to Letho and Geralt in co-op someday.
This is by far the best intro in video game so far - fuckin hell - what an awesome cut scene!
Could Letho really move that fast for someone so big? I mean all that muscle equals weight, and ussually the fastest people are more lean/thin, idk just a thought, maybe they just didn't want to tturn him into the steriptypical jugernaut beast becasue of his looks.
jig ga
one scary witcher besides geralt of course
meshal nashri
3:36 did he really think his fat ass could climb up there?
Letho is an incredible character, enormous/but agile, pretty dumb face/ very intelligent and cunning maybe more than geralt, and he came for a died breed of witcher (viper) which doesn't exist in the books? So he became an soldier of fortune. A great antagonist.
slave trader
Fucking Jamie Lanister. smh
somebody doesntmatter
Still the most badass cinematic in all video gamedom.\n\nAnd Letho is still the coolest witcher. Sorry, Geralt.
starfish junky
Still watching 2018
tail feather
Gotta hand it to that archer guy. I think he was just there as the hired entertainment, but he still tried his best. Good for him.
the great cabbage
3:01 That attention to detail on the arrow flight. Incredible.
warren byrne
wil dan
hol up my superior north wind is not that powerful
Still to this day, it's the greatest opening to any video game I've played. Honorable mention is Lost Odyssey intro.
graphic is like ps4