The BEST (and worst) Cat Designs! (Battle Cats)

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Nicolas Cage in Battle Cat form is my new favorite thing.More Battle Cats • I spend a ton of time on Twitter so if you want to interact with me, that's your best bet. Thanks again for the support. I really appreciate it :)

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My favorites:\n\n1. Caged cat (duh) \n2. Sub cat \n3. Crazed Iceberg cat
hentai cat: loved by 12 year olds
yay the battle cats
Alex Chang
I've asked this two times before and still haven't gotten a response, but what is the song that Matt uses at the end of all his latest Battle Cats videos? I really like it and I was wondering if there was a full extended version. Pls mang, help a starvin' boi out here!
3rd dislike :) jk I was the 301st like innit fam
Apex Elite
Best Cats (imo)\n1). Caged Cat\n2). Cat-thullu\n3). Cat-astrophe\n\nEdit: here's an even better list:\n\n1). Caged Cat\n2). Caged Cat\n3). Caged Cat
Awakened Bahamut Cat
Axelerate 4
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i start this game for 30 minutes i already have a uber wow name:Pai-Pai i have a lucky day
*Makes an art for bongo cat if he was in BC* matt shows a video of bongo cat if he was in BC... ;-;
Berry Dan
It’s a bit late.. but Goku Cat!!!!!!
Blank Acquisition
Play “One night stand” again please
Bob God
Thanos cat confirmed
Brian :v
*Alguien que hable español que me explique el vídeo plis :v*
Calder Mccall
Cattyulu should evolve into hp love cat
Calebeast Gaming
Cat-Thulu, Mutation cat and cat in the box
Captain_ Yeet
Yo where’s the link to the battle cats vote
Captin Dog
Cage cat should evolve into Jake cat (Jake Paul)
Chara Dreemurr - Christopher Moon
*Looks at thumbnail* thanks i hate it\n\nWe're supposed to make you suffer, Matt! Not the other way around!
Christian Kominek
get your but on battle CATS!
Christina Titus
So what cat won?
[insert unoriginal first joke]
Clumsy Ninja
15:55 it's evolved from should be dj catlid
Cold Tiger
I wish there was a killer queen cat from jojo
Dabrien Williams/Hacker Cat
15:35\nAnal Beeads Cat.\n\nThe Big Poo cat.
DanFan2017 #rgaisagoose
Matt my boi
Deltarune Ralsei
I like Abomination!
Dip Pyro gang
iceberg cat would be amazing in the game, and his abilities would maybe be freeze red 50%, since it's an iceberg
Endah Sulistyo Mukti
SWAT kirim
FanOfCoder XDLUL
Flamming Poptart
Pls upgrade your togaluga
Why did the girl with sheep's wasn't in the finals\nHer design was so eye pleasing\n\nP.S the spider girl cats reminded me of the spider girl from Monster Musume
Gammer917 9
The first
That’s my face when I didn’t unlock an Uber super rare with my last rare capsule on Uberfest.......
Ghazwan Burhane
What if they added ink bendy :o
IIYolo Z
Ahem......”BONGO CATS”
Macho realistic cat will haunt my dreams. Oh wait...Cage cat too.\nT H A N O S C A T
Jumpy_squirrel 07
Kantatee Manawapat
My design looks EXACTLY like the trashcan cat like litteraly EVERYTHING. Except the first form name, its trash cat not trash can cat. The design and the name and the evolve form. I posted it like 3 three days after Ponos annouce this yourbattlecats thing in my friend's instagram account. And then there was like this guy in your clip Matt that his design looks exactly like my design. I posted it very early but my design DID NOT be IN the finals cause of this guy. And I am so MAD. I'm very dissapointed in Ponos. Hope someone will understand my feelings. I am very sorry but it's true. If it’s possible I want mine AND his to be in the game. That’ll make me feel better. Or Ponos should send me some gifts.
Kayn Is Broken
Linus Drager
Luanda de Hilster
M.G.N. Gaming
I want a cat that has\nHp: 5\nAttack: 750000 (does 3 shock wave each dealing 100000 and it stuns enemies for 4 secs) [first attack], 850000 to a single enemy and deals 300000 to enemies arround the enemy (no chance of crits) [second attack]\nAnd it has a brother that has\nHp: 2500000\nAttack: 5 damage per second (only attack)\n(Blocks shockwave and anything that tries to pierce trough it, also it reduces the damage of anything that tries to pierce through it)\nI edited this and i also nerf-ed some stats\nAlso it's recharge time is 10 mins (both)\nChance to get: 0.01%
Marshall Duncan
what is the outro song called????????????????
Master Builder
Mister Mello
7:21\n\n\n Suddenly evolves to disco cat\n *insert Ali-A intro here*
Mr. Pixel Ninja
My mailman cat is far superior, he's even more overpowered as mailbox cat
Nguyen Max
Paddy Gillespie
LIKE SO MATTSHEA CAN SEE\n\nI was just treasure grinding, doing the wifi save energy trick, I ran out of energy, so I went to turn my wifi back on to refill my energy. When I got back, I noticed I didn't watch the ad, so I watched just before my energy refilled to 500, I finished the ad, FIVE HUNDRED ENGERY RECOVERED
10:34 wow here I am :D how did this happen *THANK YOU SO MUCH MATTSHEA*
Platypus Plays
The police cat should do extra damage to black enemies...\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nPlz dont kill me.
Matt they added a new chapter to the game
Polar Face
mattshea i h8 u for not voteing for cat-thulhu
Prince Sheo
Garbage Cat wasn't even my submission for this competition LOL\nBut yeah, evidently my Garbage Cat is inferior
Roshan cadore
How tf you upload a private video come on matt
Caged cat should evolve in bee-hater cat. NOT THE BEES!!!
Ryan Phillipe Manuela
......i played battle cats multiple times now dreaming to get uber super rare but now i made new account and beating seven stages i guess its 7 now i got 3 rare tickets i just used 1 and eh now i used second one i guess......i like frozed when i saw radiant aphrodithe (idk rlly kniw that spelling) and wow just wow
Shadowistix Terraria
Where is the link to vote?
Skull crusher123
Rare \
Some Random Bottle
0 views 34 likes HMMMM
Candle cat Chandelier Cat and Candle king cat???...\n*i think you mean litwick Lampent and chandelure*
Stage four Cancer
Please play Dig! Dig! Haniwa! Its from ponos and yeah. Its from ponos soooooo have fun
Stinky Kraken
The ghost buster cat is similar to the necromancer cat’a evolution
matt wheres battle cats?
Taylor Peng
For every like I add nothing
Temmie !
Terence Tan
Where is battle cats
That Nubcake
Attention all fortnite gamers, John wick needs your help to escape down town. All he needs is your credit card number, the three digits on the back and the expiration date and year, but you have to be quick so John wick doesn’t get rent by epic gamers.
The Warmedic
Keep it up everytime you upload it makes my day October 10th is my birthday
Someone should have made a Matt-Cat
Toopz ‘
Notification squad!!
Toren Kochman
Hey Matt! Thanks for seeing digital cat (he was my design) and anyways I hope you liked it!
3:06 \
White ShadowGD
MattShea: doesn't do battle cats for 2 months\nMe: You are the enemy of the people.
Police cat better freeze black enemies if they add him.
Xanion The Xanion
Mattshea said \
Ye Boi
#first dislike
Yeeman The III
angelo denova
Hi there!\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nHave a good day!
david flores
matt why have you not played earn to die 3
edin Izairi
Eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy matt can we get a mat cat or sheyy cat or addddddddddddd cat or shaycat
hatim soudani
hi matt\nsend cat food pls
honey it ur grandma whats a sub? ??
*I want normal cat but no ears dont ask*
ice wallowcome
I want cat-thulluh
just dude
Hey mattshea is in the thumbnail
king meaty Jamm
Cat in the box was added to the game, just got him from a rare capsule
manic lion
Do I got a good design
memegawd 456
Where the hell is the next episode matt
Oh no! You added your input and now the flock will follow and one of your choices will win!
battle cats👌😍
If bongo cat isn't in this Imma be mad.
zubair khan
HEEYYYYY mattshea!! when are u gonna make a new battle cats video!like if u want to see more battle cats