Zelda: Majoras Mask Randomizer (Laid Back Commentary)

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A playthrough of a randomizer of Majora's Mask on the N64 that was created in 2013 by DeathBasket. It is actually a rom hack that uses RNG based off your file name to shuffle certain items. Glitches like Bombchu Hovers are required to complete the game in mostly all cases. A newer randomizer similar to AmazingAmpharos' OoT 2.0 seed generator on GitHub (May 2018) is available for people with Python 3.0. No Windows Installer is currently available, and the kinks are still being worked out, so it is not as great as Ocarina of Time's randomizer just yet, but unlike THIS older randomizer, it will NOT require game glitches to complete.Link's tunic is always purple in this randomizer. Deku Link cycle is skipped and you start with the Ocarina, meaning you can immediately get Song of Healing and one of the 3 main transformation masks. Heart Pieces, Songs, Rupee chests, Bombs, Bombchus, Zora Eggs, Stray Fairies, and Great Fairy rewards are NOT randomized. The Lens of Truth and Red Potion from Kotake are NOT randomized. All other bottle items are randomized within a pool among themselves (in my case, fairies were blue mushrooms). Swords and Shields are not progressive and can overwrite each other, even if the newer find is weaker (Kokiri Sword can erase the Gilded Sword, and Hero's Shield can erase Mirror Shield).To avoid the hassle of needing to do bomb hovers and other glitches, I used a GameShark levitate code for those instances where such glitches were required to continue (and in some other minor spots to speed things up).

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I actually really enjoyed the levitation cheating.
You levitating so much makes it less a game of skill and more a puzzle where you have to find where to go next with what you got. And honestly, that's like 90% of the fun of randomizers, even more so if you know the game so well, so I'm totally down for hovering.
wait what. i thought this video was just 20 minutes but it is 2 hours... ive been watching it for 1,5 hours and i havent noticed it. lol\n*edit* : watched it all now
Dude it's crazy how popoular this video is vs your others. Hopefully some of the people who watched this transfer over to look at your other stuff bc I've enjoyed your channel the past few days
Anhurs Runeseeker
I dont consider flying as cheating unless it breaks the game what u are using it for does not break the game u could get to all the locations thru another path your just speeding everything up
Artic Gamez
Why don't this man have at least 5k subs?
Arturo López
Imagine if a Randomizer could also randomize non-boss enemies. \n\nSo when you destroy that hive at Woodfall Temple, instead of spawning three wasps, it spawns three Iron Knuckles xD
Ashamed I watched this all in one sitting at 1AM. Nice vid though!
Bunnie Berliner
Great video. It would be funny if you tried out Majora's Mask Masked Quest too XD Subscribed by the way
Cameron The Nerd
I, personally, am HORRIBLE at MM and better at OOT but you make it fun to watch dude!
You earned a sub! I really liked your commentary and your enthusiasm. Your humor is spot on and there was never a moment where I was distracted by something else. Keep doing you, man!
Carlie Hutchinson
Just wonderinf where i would be able to find this particular randomizer as after watching this video im truly keen to give it a try
Cason Fireboi
Your awesome in my opinion
Charge Beetle
40:08\nThe guy who hides in plain sight gives you the mask of a person *who also hides in plain sight.* 🤔
Chase Glanman
I never watched a playthrough all the way, but this was my first one, you get a sub dude 👌👌👌
Codi Trense
So, when getting the great fairy’s sword from the shooting gallery, it said the great fairy’s sword has been stolen from you...
Cody Pautz Youtube
You can use the Fierce deity mask anywhere in this not only boss rooms
Connor White
Theres no way youre only at 2k subs i thought you were some big time youtuber lol keep up the great work!
DJ dan in NYC
Dan Hahn
Man, you out here bein all hard on yourself, this is great content. No shame when you're out here makin something you enjoy and you're actually beast mode at.
Devon Flett
Saw this in my recommended list, I saw randomizer and Majora's Mask and I was in. I really enjoyed the commentary too.
Drecknath Magladery
you got the picto box instead of the bow the first time
Duncan Wise
The bow was the camera
Eliquinox River
Really enjoying the playthrough, this is the first vid i've seen of your channel, but it's real good! keep up the good work, subscribed to you 30 min in, by the way, couldn't you get another razor sword from the guy that was giving it out as beans? still watching the vid as i'm posting this comment (40 min in)
Flame vs Gaming
Fukou da
Gabriel Vanegas Arias
I feel like in Majora's Mask, the levitation is a bit more cheating than it seems, just because time is also a limiting factor in the game, and you save a lot of time with that. Still, I don't mind cheating if it's just for fun.
Good Old Days Gaming
To be clear, the levitate code used here was mainly to cut out lots of unnecessary tedium in the game for those of us who've seen it 800 times before and would rather not waste time with things that aren't even a focal point of a randomizer. Do you really want to see the room in Stone Tower where you must push a block and flip the room a billion times, AGAIN? Or do you just want to see the next chest item? I may do another one without the code in the future, but this particular recording I was tired of all the little time wasters in the N64 Zeldas and didn't feel like bothering with bombchus. It's purely a casual experience, and I don't feel that levitate ruined it.
Grethe Marie Gugarden
if Bunny Hood reward is actually the Bremen Mask, then we are screwed of collecting it x-x
Ian Nichols
When he trades the razor sword and loses a sword, cant he just go back to the magic bean man and get another one, since magic beans are the razor sword?
Itz XythZayle
Awesome randomiser play thru, I’m subscribing👍
James Miller
majoras mask link down b changes between deku (for bubble projectiles goron punch and zora reflect shield)
Jim Blackford
Your commentary reminds me a lot of Nintendocaprisuns
Joey Bagatoni
You sound like donut operator
Jordan Jerome
It is pronounced DEEKOO not dehkoo.
Judah Wharton
With the file name “Stryder” (exactly like that) the bank guy gives you the Fierce deity Mask for 200 rupees, and you can use it anywhere.
You mentioned NCS before, you remind me of him with how you speak and I don’t think it is an intentional thing, just similar personalities. I appreciate how mellow your commentary is. I have to be honest that I may have fell asleep a couple times. (I have a bit of a habit of laying down to watch videos then *zonk*)\nThese are positive things though. You do have a couple of cool voices that you do too. I’ve also watched your Zelda OOT randomizer. Twas gewd.\n\nNot sure if you’re a fan of Josh Jepson too? (I actually found him through NCS) but he just finished an OOT randomizer, have you seen it? It was pretty wild. Once I get a computer again I’m for sure going to play a randomizer.
*This is so fun to watch so far.*
You remind me of Nintendo caprisun
well yeah,levitating isnt really cheating. i like this rando and some glitches and exploits,but i cant hover and it doesnt add much to it. the appeal of the randomizer is that its an easily accessable rom and you just see if you can beat it anyways,not hovering for 3 days lol
Every time I hear someone complain about how slow and cumbersome fighting as goron link is, I will forever refer to your fight with the captain. Nice run my dude. Keep up the good work. Good editing too.
Marco Geson
Great casual run and, in my opinion, the levitate and fast-forward never was too much. I play through the game once a year and I know how boring and annoying some parts can get after a while. And while others maybe wanted to see more of the mod I was more fond of the commentary after a while and watched the whole thing.\nAnd a little bit of advise…\nI know how depression in and that it hits you like weather sometimes, but don't be so full of self-loathing. You do what you like and even if it consists of playing a game for the 800th+ time without wanting to archive anything. You enjoy it and that is all that counts. And as long you don't damage your life in any way, there is no need to be ashamed of it, even tho I understand what you mean. Don't compare the archivements of others with yourself, 'cause at the end of the day, the only person you need to make happy and functioning is yourself! So take care of yourself buddy and I hope that you have a wonderful day and greetings from Austria!\n(sorry for potential spelling mistakes)
Maudileena Daisy Pie [MLP Friendship Is Magic]
the first bpow you got truned into a pictobox
Metal Blade
Michael Sanchez
good video who cares if u used the code was fun too watch
Michael Wilson
I feel ding a Zelda: Majora's Mask Randomizer it should be done with near 100%heart pieces dose not matter but all mask if possible and items or close to it if not able to be completed at 100% level, that includes Side quests.\n\nWhen i play MM Rando i completed 3 files different seeds so far and i gotten all mask/all items and i played on about 6 different seeds since some were uncompletable by that i mean couldn't get one of the trade items for Anju and Kafei Side Quest and other little things that might hinder me
52:30 you think the water level is the best???? Uh. Love the content so far. I liked snowhead, stone towers, wood fall and the water level. Forget the name already. These have been popping up in my feed lately and I never paid much mind to em until this one and I’m glad I did because this is really interesting.
Nicknock Play's and reviews
What about deity? Fierce deitie is mast 1
Nico Famiglietti
The goht boss was 26 seconds
So.. I have been seeing these randomizers all over Youtube.. It looks like it would be a lot of fun! I would like to try it, but I am unsure of what ones to download. I also have not used my emulator programs on my computer in years.. I am sure I can figure it out, but if anyone has any tips I would appreciate it.
Paige Cierra
Literally laughed out loud when you got the pendant of memories!! Couldn’t believe that.
Patrick Davison
50:22 Link is hitting that T-pose. You know he had to do it to ‘em.
Patrick Nagle
Argus is the name of the second dark world dungeon boss in a link to the past
Pedigree Pegasus
I actually think this is really cool. You should keep making videos
Pedro Planas
Dudes, I love the music of this game but even I got tired of the game itself because at times, I think randomizers are used because playing the same thing over and over is just a waste of time, to the point that such waste of time is \
My guess on what would normally be the Great Fairy's Sword: one of the trade sequence items. You already had three, so you coudn't get any more. Probably one of the land title deeds you hadn't gotten yet, or one of the Kafei quest items.
The dance that you're doing is DUMBBBBBBB
Cannot wait till AmazingAmpharos makes a MM Randomizer. Boom! 50th comment!
25:12 I absolutely agree, Majora’s Mask for the N64 is much better than its 3DS remake in my opinion.
Sans The skeleton
did you know that in majoras mask, Link is dead!!!
Sass Gorilla
I'm surprised you don't have more followers. You have an entertaining voice and commentary! Subbed. I just realized how oddly I worded this. Oh well
Not a kid anymore as he plays Majora’s mask that he memorized
Cheating in real life is called being rich.
Really excited for this!
Sky night the nunk
Did I see the zora mask on the inside of the great fairies mask?
Taylor Gobelle
Hey champ, super chill commentary, great work!
for someone who claims to love gaming.\nHoly shit do you constantly shit talk being a gamer. I had to stop watching just because of how annoying it got.\n\nSome self deprecation is fine, but you go on and on and on about trashing yourself and how being gamer makes you less of a person. it just gets tiring to listen to, For future reference.. if your gonna be a gaming channel, avoid that topic.
That Guy
Dude if you wanna do this don't be embarrassed. You like video games. If people in your life are gonna call you a nerd for likening that then they're kinda dumb lol. It's not the 80s anymore. Video games are cool
i guess you could get the razor sword back at the trader in the deku palace
I was not expecting to watch a two and a half hour video today. But I did. And I enjoyed it.
Tobler Animate
shrek for smash mouth ultimate
Vegetal Spagoot
\u003eGets Bunny Hood\n\u003eSays it's the best mask in the game for human link\n\u003eNever uses the Bunny Hood
Far as I know, AmazingAmpharos is NOT the one working on the Major'as Mask randomizer, it's a fella called epicYoshi. Yoshi did, however, fork from the AA's OOT randomizer.
WampWampWamp Lol
Pictobox was from the first “bow”
Wes Nohatsha
Odolwa doesn't even have all of its attacks on the 3ds.
Yandere Chan
you were sayin that you hate the water temple eh?\nwell take my philosophy:\nLife is like the water temple. Long, Boring, Annoying, Inconsequential, Meaningless, and Unnecessary.
YuKKi Plays
New to this channel, however keep up the great work. P.S. love ur commentary
Zack Rose
Meh, not my cup of tea, I understand the speed up to skip cutscenes and what not, but it just doesn't feel like your playing them game when you use the levitate hack, especially since majora's masks main game element is the limited amount of time, and your basically throwing that out of the way just so you can have a casual \
anime gamer
how does this guy not have a million subs or at least 500,000 subs
Did anyone else find it funny when the kid randomly gave him the giants mask just before the the final boss? :,D
wow i found myself watching the whole video and you just randomly appeared on my recommended. subbed.
tardy to the party, Hot water would melt the ice in the sword shop. Dont need fire just something warm.
1:24:30 : \
You sound like Topher Grace
jacob white
If he spends 10 hours 6 days a week... Damn
A Majora's randomizer would be better if it didn't include trade quest items like the title deeds and kafe/anju quest
mmhm yeah
Thank god! Thank you for speeding up the boring text scenes!! We have all read it a million times
Subbed! This is pretty cool I found you from NCS' videos
I'm honestly not quite sure why this was recommended to me, but I'm glad that I found you, this was a rather fascinating gameplay to watch and a pretty pleasant experience\n\nGuess you have a new subscriber
plays romhack made by speedrunners for speedrunners. complains about speedrunning technics.
ultra instinct beerus
Long live the pictobox said no one ever. The bow was the pictobox
Loved your vid. Enjoy the sub ❤