Delerium - Innocente (Falling In Love) [Official Music Video]

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"innocente (Falling In Love)" by Delerium (ft. Leigh Nash from Sixpence None the Richer) from The Best of Delerium, available now.Download on iTunes:

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Agapi Vasileiadou
Alex Jackson
love it check sounds.
Alicia Mae
Leigh Nash has one of the most beautiful voices and she is so highly underrated. I remember hearing this as a kid on Much Music and I have loved it ever since.
Arthur R. Pozas
this theme it's so Great!!
Attique Khalid
liked it.....\r\n
Bad Dog
This is a remix. I wish people would refrain from posting videos without knowing the material, :P\n
Batphink Reynolds
THIS is the version I've been after for years, amazing song with so much atmosphere which Delerium excel at and one of the very best bands/projects in this genre!
she looks ugly, like ketchup
Bilgehan Goktas
evet mister evil, gülse birsel gag programına başlamadan evvel bu klibi çekmiş :) Sonra avrupa yakası falan meşhur oldu kadın işte.
Bogdan Nicolae Cojocaru 2
+RQxana Grandmix 2001\nFuture Trance Vol. 16\nID&T Yearmix 2001\nMega Music Dance Experience\nMembers Only #11
Bre R.
I used to say if my daughter's cat ever had a song this always reminded me of Kiddie and I'm not sure why
Christopher Shevlin
Still one of the best songs!
C'mon now, this version is definitely better than the Tiesto version and is good to dance to, but the Poem album version, musically, is vastly better. It's just not a club track.
Danny Guzman
So cool
Dejan Resanovic
beautiful ... lots of love .... Laigh Nash is Angel on Earth ...
Dmitry Syomin
Fucking beautiful, awesome and outstanding lovely song!
Don Billiot Jr.
Can someone help me find the original version? I am having problems finding. :c
Best song from Leigh Nash till date
Emilio Ordoñez
what is the album version?\n
Delerium - Innocente (Tiesto mix) ...this is the best version !!!
Ianna Thornquist
anyone else think she sounds like Ellie Goulding? I guess more so on the Tiesto mix...thats where i originally heard this\n
J Woods
so happy for my sister Jen and Matt this year they are to be wedded in August, I get to be the bridemaid with others at her wedding, so much fun and happiness too........Congrats Jen and Matt Hooper in WASHINGTON State. thanx LW
Luis Carlos
me encanta la voz de Leigh Nash desde su trabajo con Sixpence hasta sus trabajos como solista; letras y melodias son muy conmovedoras, realmente llegan al alma, hasta ahora solo conocía esta canción en la versión de Tiesto, no sé si esta es la versión original (yo creo que sí) pero aún así pienso que ésta versión es muy buena y además me parece que hay que darle más crédito a los artistas (disculpas si soy muy parcial pero me encanta el trabajo de esta chica :-P); me agrada buscar los trabajos de esta cantante sobre todo si son del género electrónico, de esta manera acabo de encontrar su más reciente trabajo Under the Gun (esta canción no es del estilo electrónico pero la compañía musical hasta donde entiendo se especializa en éste estilo) con la firma de la famosa Armada Music, me agrada que esté con tan buena compañía ojalá que la rompa y pueda crear más éxitos como éstos para seguir endulzando oídos jóvenes.
its wierd ennit and im 12
Mantas Mantass
perfect song, beautiful singer, perfect voice...
Maria Osorio Battista
What's the version of this song? 
Matthew BonoBeau
Leigh Nash, Messenger of Peace
Screw all the remixes. The original is literally and easily the best version.
Nice bit of jazzy lilt to her vocals but the brainless pose gets to be a lil much
Michael Mickster
i love this kind of vocal trance!
Mikhail Petrov
One of the best song I ever heard
this truely is the best version!!!!
Охуительно ребят!
Marvelous !
Nadia Abou
This song is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL! had me near tears. Her voice is so angelic and sends shivers down my spine and the lyrics oh so true. Bring back bitter/sweet memories of when your in love and lost love. I've been listening to it since 6am. I wish it were longer.
Nelson Rivas
The original is so much better! Tiesto made it so cheesy
Nick Tsiridis
this is the Lost Witness Radio's one my favourite songs ever.i love the voice of Leigh and the amazing rhythm and music!
This was back in the early 00s i miss it !!!
kinda depressing
Infinitely better than the Tiesto remix, in my opinion.
Ramy Tlili
i want to fuck this chick's voice\n
Rompe Ortos
In 2001 there was a compilation with Delerium's song Innocente in it, but I didn't fount it on youtube, neither on google, it was the most beautiful version of the song, is there a chance that someone had the same compilation and now what I'm talking about? I'm sure it was also ATB- Let you go and Silver - Turn the tide, and maybe Kosheen -Hide you.
deep dish remix best mix / dark progressive
@sideeffekt01 \nCould you tell me where is the university of yours? I've developed a fascination with the architecture and city in this video.
Sam Templin
No point in slowing down the song. DJ Teisto's version a lot better. It doesn't even match up with the video.
It's a lot different from this one. I suggest you look it up
both versions AWESOME! even Deep Dish's is superb! Remixes were so quality back in the day
@roxeanneb are you high on crack? this version is 140 BPM, the tiesto version is 125 BPM. and you say this version is too slow compared to tiesto? shows you how stupid are the Tiesto heads. This is way more emotionally conveying than the predictable recycled and rather FLAT tiesto remix. this is better. PERIOD
Sorry to all you fans. Neither this or the Tiesto mix are the best. The album version is better than either
@demitri241 Yeah, I thought so too. I want the original.
Trista Ishmael
Listened to this all the time when I was younger, finally found it!! 😊
Viewer DnB
where is the full version in youtube i need pls help D:
@MrMikeKnut Are You serious, almost every elite underground DJ hates Tiesto lol...\nI've heard stuff from \
Walter Maxia
I can't get out of my mind this voice, I love Leigh Nash!!!
I watch this video so much i'll probably be the 1,000,000th viewer. I love tiesto and his choice in vocalists! He's like a machine. He consistantly produces great music.
Yalcin Kaya
this is the best version :)
then you should listen to silence by delerium its even better than this one
brandon ww2
This sucks alot.Tiestos version is the best
everybody shut up! the song is starting!
crystalin ian
Beautiful ...
0:49 \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3
damian cooper
i have this on vynl its the best by far hard to take out near the end good music:*)\r\n
donnie vu
I have the other version on their Poem cd.I think all together,there are 3 versions.
Gülse Birsel lan bu kadın!
anyone know where this video was filmed? What city??\n
+RQxana Tiesto Remix probably. 
kamilek milusiński
nice ... danke ...spasiba ... dziękuję
Great Song! Great City! Toronto!!!!
laci huse
tiestzo mix FAVORIT
lahdiri tayeb
what a fucking beutiful track, i remember when i 've seen the video on VIVA TV in 2001 i think or 2002 , these were great moments, i miss the trance and the dream dance of 90's and the begining of 2000's, now it's all over!!!!!
malik rezeski
Man, they are both great. I love this one... but I love the original too. \n
i wish i had seen this version before i saw tiesto's.
gah, why.. the original is kind of good..
paper towel
i wish it was snowing in this video
sana zidani
\u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3\n
please tell me where to download this song
download free youtube downloader ,
this is the Lost Witness remix dumbasses
Lost Witness version is the best no doubt!!!
It took me 9 years to find this. Thank you for posting. This song had people think of me as crazy since I didn't know the title or artist when I spoke of this song.\n