SAVE or SACRIFICE? - Death Coming (Gameplay) ENDING

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After dealing with Mermaids, Aliens and Angels, we're left with our biggest choice yet in the finale of Death Coming.Subscribe for more Death Coming! ►

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Aaron Stein
totes means deaths in german
AceCaviera 17
I’m sorry sauce but I don’t think i like your death coming videos I like paint the town red
Adam Lopez
Aliaes Evans
My grandpa died this morning and i was coming here to try to be happy. thank you for your great videos
Arda Göksel
AstralFox 73
He should have a second channel called captain pasta
B Rowe
tah r not nazis ta r the ussr
Sacrifice for the memes
Blizzard Lizard69
Brady_ Epix
Brian Landenberg
7:56 pay F for respect \nR.I.P. whale it was to adorable to die
Carver Wilms
the level is a reference to the movie \
Chris Laine
Do it please
Cinnamon The Cinnamon Roll
Dude....I love you. You make me feel happy when I'm depressed
Crazed Assassin
i love these videos allways funny
Cricket Coop
The difference for the endings is that you actually kill them if you save them, when you dont save them, fate falls its way.
Cyndia Monett
Captainsauce you deserve 40000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 subscribers
Danny Adams
One of the best youtubers i subscribe too and i always laugh at ur vid love ur gorn vid to keep up the good work
The chief was making a reference to the Oregon trail game when he died
Save the innocents, and sacrifice the bangers.
Dolphin Tail
A lot of non VR series are ending =(
Domestic Waffles
Why does first matter though
Eli Haggermaker
13:41 19/captain sauce icon
Em0 ցҽҽ
0:06 I think I know them\n\n_What,the people you killed?_ 😂😂
Emerald Pros
Plz play the forist it got a huge update
Emilia Skiba
My first thought when I saw the game was “Oh! We play Death from the movie Final Destination” Hah how right I was.
Eren’s Brother
Wait did you\nSay anus or what I got confused 😐
Fleet Admiral Auto
Grim should tell Kevin the story of how his assistant killed all the people he saved and then got himself stuck in an infinite loop.
Flowers, bombs And more
Please replay some of the levels, like those winter ones so we can see the unique kills. I guess it wouldn't be significant but hey, your choice
Gamer of Konoha
The sand mermaid 5:00
Gamercrew Vlogs
Theres a refrence to plants vs zombies near the hippo
Ghost Helwig
I would love to see the bonus level, because I adored this game and this series. So much fun the entire way through. I can’t even express how happy I am that you ended up playing this entire game. 😃
Guy Around the corner
The ending is great!! I mean a giant alien scorpion robot you get to kill everyone is so satisfying after spending a heck load of time to kill people☠️💀
Hobo Broze
InFamous Coffee
There's 5 first comments and none of them are first when you sort it by Newest first and scroll to the bottom
Isaac Leong
Captain sauce you deserve 1M subs
Isaiah Werdmuller
Captainsauce you're my favorite YouTuber and I know a lot of YouTubers that I like whenever I see Captain sauce video that's the first one I watch I'm super excited for it it would make my day if you liked my comment at least
The choice was actually that you had one chance. You reaped those people and by that you got a second chance in life. But when you do it again, you're dead for good... I think
Jace Haskell
They are Russians, not Nazis. But I wouldn't expect you to have followed the story line. Your cap, you make your own storyline.
Jae Allen
Hey captain sauce it u read this look at your video of Press X to not die.Im sorry but when I watched that you look like a girl I died laughing
Jeremy Enge-Frey
Why does it have to end?
John_playzMore games Games
The crystals look like plorts from SlimeRancher can you play more slimerancher (plz like for captainsauce to agree plz ._.
Kaedin Childs
i love you sauce
It’d be really cool if there was a sequel in which you became an angel
Kathy Swick
I was having a bad day. This cheered me up so much. Thank you. Keep doing what you are doing. You make more of a difference than you know.
Kayla Zhafira
Help Indiana Jones fight Nazis. I'm hapoy now they are dead
Kim Bui
Where’s battle cats
Kristy Brock
Who else noticed that cap went right at front of the UFO but did not notice it XD
Krystle Rider
Please reap more bonus
LIL A1706
Landon Watson
Hey captain you da best
Lily McPherson
Did anyone else see da plants vs zombies refrence?!\nOr is just me?
Lord Freit
Why do you upload so late!
Maimoon Nur
Indiana Jones
Mark Aldrich Soria
Mary Devitt
I really like the series but the \
Mason RobertsTV
It’s like final destination. Even though they cheated death they still died in the end
Mike mabe
Minute Memes
I must say something
Miranda Liversedge
You are the best and I love your videos
Mr. Mister
I want comment about something, but I don’t have anything good to comment about.
Nickolas Phillips
React to Cyanide and Happiness Compilation.
NightDragon 09
Play warriors rise to glory its basically GORN RPG
Nils Van Huffel
How did he know they were in that train ?
Paladin Gaming
8th maybe
Rage Banana
Still think he’s the best YouTuber
Restive Apple c
Robert Latham
ARE YOU a Jimmy
Rocky the doge biscuits
Who else has noticed that cap sauce is like one of the few YouTubers that don't make those cliché thumbnails with their mouth wide open and looking like they over react way to much. Thank you cap
Sigyn Laufeyson
Grim Reaper pulling on the heartstrings again, you know, when he's not exploding them he is the reaper. gonna watch Grim Parenting again
Snailster Beasley
Yesssssss captain sauce the humanity hater
Squiddestroyer2 YT
the skull is the crystal skull from indiana jones
Sydney Johnson
44th comment
That One
Yo sauce, you should have done an 11 draw in battle cats on a recent event banner. The Uber draw rate was 25%
The Prodigy Crafter
My first meeting for my school I am so cool thank you captan sauce for helping me in my actions
Trentisgone Roblox
Ultragav45 Wizard
He isn’t fighting nazis he is fighting Russian Comunist commandos. That’s a hint to Indiana Jones Kingdom of the Crystal Doo-dad
Venus Cassem
I ❤💛💚💙💜. your vids!!!
Waicong1 and Waicong1234 Gaming
Bruh only three people hate well i LOVE YOUR VIDS ITS ALMOST LIKE A GOD IS TALKING TO ME!
Yuhashi Family
He is a hero
billy ducks
I love how you instantly spoiled it at the start of the video lovely I didn't want to know what the ending is anyways
cady marie
Your the best sauce every day i like to sit down and watch you make my day
Best yt ever. Love him always watch his vids within the first 30 min (already finished the vid)
please play the bonus level !! I loved this series so much!!
export b
hetay estbay roidday Ur mum
jared nielsen
You wanna know who the best person in the world is\n\n\n\n\n\n\nLook at the first word
keano Bosch
do the bonus
mason_cavs 15
It’s Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, you know that one where Indiana has a son and he is getting chased by Russians (I think their Russians).
I just watched all of your Death Coming videos and they're so good! I'd love to see that bonus level~
Death coming teaches us a valuble leason...\n\nDont die by being stupid
pickle boy
I predict you're killing people for From so he can be with his quadruplets and Debbie
quinten van scheppingen
this the plot of one the indiana jones movies its a nice movie actually theres skull somewhere in the name of the movie
robin hastings
Ooooohhhhhh plz do that bonus level.
sharron fyfe
This level is a India Jones and the crystal skull reference. Like if you agree
the money stealers 234
Noice videos