DIY EDIBLE SCHOOL SUPPLIES! Teacher vs Supplies! FV Back to School Skit

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Aiden Miller
Not with the rappers
Balthier Sky
Beta Guedes Cummins
👨🏻 this is funnel dad lets see how old he can get\n👕\n👖\n👟
Briana Arteaga
This is fake funle vesion
Bryant Jara
Thums up if you like mike,shawn,chase and oreo
This is lex and her unicorn\n🧝🏼\u200d♀️\n👗. 🦄\n👢👢
Caroline Scanlon
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Clifford Banton
This is Amy \n👱\u200d♀️\n👙\n\nShe does not have a age \n1 like =1 age \nLet's see how old she can get
Cupcake Callie
FUNnel Dad is cringey..
Cyndi Moden
This is the dab police open up if you don't were gonna break the door down and arrest you.
DH gamingdz
😔 this is Tim hes homeless\n👕 \n👖\n👞\nEvery like get him 1 Dollar 💲
Dale Gneiting
Dino Duck
Donald Weihrauch III
That looks so good I just want to let you know
Erin Nickerson
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Gavin Coleman
What is mothie
Glaceon Umbreon Sylveon
You know the bubble gum you could of just took out the middle :)
Graysen Gaming
Greg Bass
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Hannah Agsalda
play bee swarm simulator
Hayden Schmidt
This makes me sad for future generations
Hera Turner
Hugo Palma-Martinez
this is a dumb teacher
Hunters World
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Iitu Bettina
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Jakka TV
Why is it a skit?
James :3
Cute family bonding but kinda cringe
Jeffrey Simoneaux
Jennifer Allen
I can see the tape
Jerome Sutton
Jessica Me
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Johnny Trujeque
My favorite one is Jerry ranchers in the gummy
Jozo Jacovic
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Juliana Eramela
Make edible crayons out of fondant
Kamila guerrero
Ew but is funny🤣🤣🤣
well that is one strong kid there lol love your vids
Katsy Bacos
Kennedy Is Lovely
Kitty Kat Playz Gacha
I like my own comment because no one will
Laokong Xiong
Fgveev dad you aro case.
Layce Andrews
Your color blind duddy
On the camera its blues
4:34 I was laughing
Lps little pet pawl Andrea
Can you make more of this videos
Luca Johnson
This is Layla \nLayla is homeless one like one dollar \n😟\n👗
Lydia Acosta
If Tim is homeless how he watching YouTube and commented ?
Lynux Oliver
This video is cringe
Madhuri Amruta Vakkula
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Makayla Coffin
This was weird when it showed that it was blue/purple when daddy said blue it was blue and when mike said purple it looked purple like if you agree
Mark Wilkins
I liked my own comment because no one will
Mary Lyford
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Matthew Schroering
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Melissa Glont
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Mhd Hikmat Malakani
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Michelle Renee
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Miller Boyz
Funny dad like if you agree
Is this a copy channel?
Naser Gaming
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Nichole Donu
Nico Plaz Roblox
Uhh uhh no candy in my school
P&A SLR Studios
You mean candy+food
What is this and why is it 1st on trending
Plush bunny Vlogs
😄homeless kid one like pls\n👕\n👖\n👟
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Ravshan Iskhakov
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Rosario Velez
Why did you say it was a Christian cup my name is Christian
Shelley Fralic
The only time we have a free game is to play with friends and you
Shmellos key
Blue due
Slime Show with Melanie
Use edible papers for your binder and edible markers for the edible papers leave a like 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Steven Kohr
I I’m a boy
Tammie Liau
I'm already 9 year old
The Real Wolverine
This is not funnel vision you just copied the video and put it on your channel
The gamer Bro
Mike kill the candy
Toria Kirk
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Are you in primary cause I am grade 2
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johngamer22 gr
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jorge lopez
You can do it by yourself after you are done watching the video what they did
joshua pomfret
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little kitty dog pet little
👸🏻 this is little Sam\n👗\n👢 She is very nice everyone in the class likes cuz she's a princess
mike is fat
my mom looks like yoongi
I'm worried that this is on trending.
noah Logan
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noah cisneros
the kid is most definetly doing this against his will
riT Aka Ritthy
I am shocked you lost so many subs i feel bad
sebrick lizama
Your just copying them and your not them
vashlee arcega
this is my friend
zenaide rodrigues
who left the video on 13:10 cause I did lol