Deniz Roman - We Found Love

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DeRo Deniz & Roman Gay Couples Gay love

i luved how igor and denis were so relaxed about kissing each other etc. they were gorgeous to watch x
Aashi Babooram
It show us how we much we love you who I love very much.
Antwan Tito
1:16 episode?!!!
Daniel Matt
Loved it \u003c3 thank u 4 da good work
DrivingToLA 01
Awwww Roman is so small 😍😍😍😂
locaaaa porque alguien traduzca esta historia al español
It may not have a happy ending but it is a beautiful one
ha gaaaay
Happy Always
In which episode is the scene from 2:16 to 2:18 featured?
Imane Bsir
just one question before i start to watch their storyline.... will they have a good ending.... or like always they break them up...????
J Sar
Is there anyway i could watch the full storyline??:(
Joely Marques
Alguem sabe se tem essa serie legendada em português?\n(Anyone know if it has this series subtitled in Portuguese?)
Julia DingsBums
Deniz ist sooo hot verdammt :**
Leeanna Hanson
Love it
Lynne Mackie
Beautiful video. ^_^
Notsohobi Ahmaad
omg they are so beautiful couples anywhere I can watch them please 😘😘
November Wills
I'm watching their storyline, and It a bit annoys. When they're together it's cool and cute, I so like it, but when they breaked up it totally sucked. Deniz was an asshole fooling around and Roman was creepy ex bf stalker, then I hate both of them\nAnd the thing Deniz with Vanessa is just so odd
God, I still miss them. They were so beautiful. If I had the videos I would re-watch their story over and over!Beautiful vid!!
are these guys from a video movie or video series???
love DeRo ♡
Robin Little Flowers
My Rock Star at her best \u003c3 gosh I miss them ~ oh well there is always your videos and FF
My favorite gay couple forever. I loved them so much and I still miss them \u003c/3.
Salete FDS
The Actors are real gay.
Thank you for this vid.. It made me want to watch their story and luckily I was able to just finish watching it. What a beautiful story, although a bit hard at the end. Roman was my fave.
Tan Khai Lern Karen
Can u tell this movie name pls??which web can find this full episode??
Victoria Crow
What happened to them
julie last
this is sooo good! do you know where i could find their storyline??
lorenzo aloc
Ok not all actors are homosexual or heterosexual yeah I believe it.
oscar foster
bella historia de amor,interrumpida por una terrible enfermedad.
rexington john
I'm still crying over those 2! my heart broke when their story ended... Deniz has a new male love interest now... let's see what happens!
roro tamr
\u003c3 you Robin! :*
ur mah sunshine
Sweet kisses :****
مماو ميو
where i can see the title ?? \nor the drama ??