011 Carla Stella with subtitles

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part 11 from folge 3317Carla denies that she has feelings for stellaTHANKS TO THE TEAMI own nothing. No copyright infringement intended.

Carla Lahnstein Mann Stella forbidden liebe love verbotene von

Alex Kiss
Hanna number two....
She was Hanna's first woman as well.. That could have worked out just fine..had she not died.
Miffy Black
Carla drawing a woman is kinda like writing a name into the death note :D Except that that woman doesn't die...
Ree ReeMoive
Carla really cares about of Stella. It 's interesting.\nThanks for up this movie\n
Hanna died? Didn't Carla's GF before Hanna die too? Creepy
haha.. I didn't know German who knows play mahjong...!!
Thanks a lot for uploading and for the subtitles as well.\nI'm just so addicted to these videos, I'm even starting to remember the script now!
great choice of music at the end lol