Shark Tank - He Declined All Offer $2.5 Millions All Shark Are Angry!!!

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Tobey McGuire is no longer playing Spider-Man...and for that I’m out!!
I just got the app right now. This guy is on his way to becoming a billionare. 👍 the sharks knew he was too good for them 😆
WoW .. What jerky arrogant sharks we had here. Good for him for succeeding on his own somehow.
I like chicken more than noodles and for that reason, I'm out
Ali Majaz VLOGS
So they make their business decision based on personal liking - BOOM ! bad way to do business !
Now please for the love of god leave my recommended and don’t come back
Ashish VarmaOfficial
“I wish I could have a reason but I don’t have a reason and for that reason, I’m out”
Athur V
The criticism given was fair from their point of view and the contestant got a clear image and message what to look out for but most importantly he didn't accept their terms and what suits them, the contestant has an amazing vision, he will go very big and kick ass.
Come into shark tank for free advertising. Decline offers, gets even more customers from the views on shark tank. Genius
Barry Branton
More like loan sharks.
Bill Lambert
All I see is four manipulative frauds and a guy who saw right through their gaslighting tricks. First they say his valuation is out of whack, then they berate him for not taking their offers. If his goal was exposure then well played.
Bobby Ellis
And now he's making tons of more money. It really makes me happy to see someone come in and shut these people up. I really can't stand them.
Brian H
This is actually a good idea at least they got they're name out there I just downloaded that app
Christian Faulkner
LOL they got so butthurt when he turned them down 😂😂
Conner Sullivan
Oh, your company doesn't have a 10 billion dollar valuation right now? Im Out
The sharks act like they have all the power, make all the rules. This guy knows that the sharks are rip off artists. He never had any intention of making any deals with them. Who in their right mind makes a business deal with someone who advertises they are a shark? And this guy is clearly smart. He's using them and they know it which is why they are pissed. I never heard of his shirt company but in watching this vid I know about them now. He used them to get free awareness and advertising. FU sharks!
Dance Party
My right ear enjoyed this.
These people are assholes, i see what their tactic is, trying to talk down to him to lower the investment. \
Glad you said no - Best of luck - I sincerely hope you are successful
I would happily inject these \
I'm In, and for that reason, I'm out
Dreams2Film Production
Great job buddy you did the right thing and one day you will be the shark
Dylon Desbiens
Okay Youtube I watched it
Eddie Uromyeh
I can't find a way to outsmart you and take advantage of you so for that reason I'm out!!
Eighty cc
lmao they were so butthurt
Floyd Rose
Toby Maguire nailed it
Frank Gargione
“Your going to China and for that reason I’m out”\nOr\n“Your short is not purple enough, and for that reason I’m out
G -Reg
This video was in my recommendations \n\n\n\n\n\nand for that reason I’m out
HP Metabolics
.....and now I'm seeing an Mtailor commercial literally 3 times a day and even more frequently during NFL has exploded!
HardTimesMarine D
smart move on his part. he just wanted their help to accelerate the company. he is already showing profits. once he lands his supplier he is gonna do better and will keep being able to grow his business the slow and steady way.
Harry Williams
I enjoy interrupting people and for that reason I'm out.
Im lost
You tried to explain yourself and for that reason im out.
I left my drugs in my car and for that reason I’m out
James Wheeler
Are you serious? They actually got upset with him because he displayed independence and backbone by declining their offers. Yet, they had the audacity to call him arrogant. Hypocrites! Everyone of these snobs are arrogant in one form or another. I applaud this fellow for showing them that they aren't shit and he doesn't need them to succeed or feel good about himself for that matter...
Joe Average
a young man making millions a year and the sharks say he's unsuccessful, hot damn they're neck deep into their asses
Johnathan Roth
Lmao the Sharks are retarded, this idea was GOLD XD
Joolz Godfree
It's perhaps one of the few instances I've just seen the Sharks having witnessed an up-and-coming one, and even with a brilliant idea, at that. \
Considering how much success he's had without these sharks, it really makes them look bad.\nThey look/sound jealous, greedy and borderline criminal. They're looking to hold him down and back and take him for every penny they KNOW he's going to earn ...
This guys integrity and faith in his dream makes me want to use his product more than I've wanted to use anything that's been on offer from the Sharks.
Karthik Tenneti
Hey, this is a pretty good business!\n\n\n\n\n*And for that reason, I'm out.*
King Money Mastery
I lost my $40 an hour paying job and it’s the best thing that ever happened to me. I am 22 and can safely say I will never work for anyone ever again. I’m self employed and managed to make over 7 figures. Keep your head up everything happens for a reason!
Koa J. Vlogs
He looks so much like Tobey McGuire
Lex Gabrees
He won .. they just made themselves look bad ...
Lilla Sked
2017 video looks and sounds like a 2008 video and for that reason I'm out
Lol Mia
Applause to him👋🏻👌🏻👍
Lord Kiri
As an Entrepreneurship student I have to say that he made a very good decision considering the innovation behind his tech. He knew his business in depth and his target marget very well.
Marco Doe
Even if he didn't get $2.5m. He got something from the show... namely marketing. It was a smart move from this guy. He made a great marketing presentation asked politely for investments and when the sharks offered them money with him taking the risks, he turned them down. Probably knowing that loads of people watched the show and would google his company afterwards. A win-win situation.
Mark Waldron
This show is an inspiration, but not for the reason the sharks think. It's inspiring because if such an obnoxious pack of insecure narcissist morons can get rich, anybody can.
Mcarthur Beard
He went in knowing either they going give me what I want or I’ll use them to gain exposer and some one else will offer me what I want
Nunya Bizness
Over AntiMano
Unfortunately your breathing is too loud so I'll have to decline and say I'm out
Politically Incorrect
*No one can pronounce \
Qunicy Holman
this is the first video i wastced where the volume is coming out of the right side of my laptop
Your business is perfect, 100% sure we could make billions; Never seen such a genius idea \n\nAnd for that reason, I'm out.
Mark Cuban is a Globalist. And for that reason, I'm out.
Looks like season 1 Jamie Lanister in the thumbnail
Royal Reptile Kingdom
They are sharks after all his company was valued at 15mil 2 years later all on his own. If they would have partnered it would have been double.which would have been more then the 25 he said. Good stuff man keep growing show this peeps they forgot what it takes to start your first business the love the hustle its why they made it. NOW they have money and want to call you crazy i sure they heard that as well
Can we please talk about the fact that this looks like it aired in the early 90's, but is in fact relatively new.
my Left ear is lonely.
Shashika Sachinthana
comments are not ending.. for that reason, im out!
Sid Judi
I loathed the show the first time I saw it\nThe name is a huge exaggeration\nYou know what sharks do when they're curious about something?\nThey shallow it whole, test it with their mouth, if they don't like it, they will spit it out\n\nSo to deserve the word shark, these investors have to show more guts, plunge right in and see it from the inside. If they don't like it, they opt out, losing money or not\nLike sharks do\n\nThese people are too cautious\nThe word \
Silly Silly Goose
Do people come here to show off their business and walk away LUL after wasting their time.
Much respect for this man.
My right ear loved this PS i know how old this joke is.
You came here to explain your projects ? For that reason, I'm out.
ok now you can get out of my recommended
Smaakjeks K
He wasn't arrogant; he was direct and honest. The sharks are so far up their own arses. I don't even know if this shirt technology works, but I'm on his side just based on this.
Okay, youtube I watched this.
Supreme salsa
That one old guy was a cuck. And I quote \
This company on average now makes $350,000 to $400,000 a month. Unlucky Sharks, rude and arrogant.
TU nguyen
Glad he is successful now smart move rejecting these ppl
Tai Gadison
their just mad he didn't take their dumb offers haha
The Daniel Show
reading this title gave me a brain tumor
Thomas Marshall
HAHAHA! That guy got the last laugh over those sharks MTaylor blew up like The Godfather and is on TV everyday now.
Trucker 4 Trump
Best decision he could have ever made its better to take a little longer than risk flushing it all down the drain
Uknowit Al
They want to license the tech but not make it a brand, make money and leave him in the dust. After all its called SHARKS.
Your pupils are too dilated and for that reason im out\n'
The guy next my says “I’m out”, and for that reason, I’m out.
my left ear didnt like the pitch and for that reason, I'm out.
shark tank shouldnt be about them making money they already have money, it should be about furthering companies and technology in a way that no one can alone
Zach •
Your pants are a little dusty\n\n*AND FOR THAT REASON IM OUT*
[TXC] Kleos Gamer
The sharks are going to choke when they see how successful MTailor will be. And for that reason, I'm out.
a culture of man
There's a reason I'm out, and for that reason, I'm out.
Watching this has given me a great idea to make money. Make a youtube channel putting up old Shark Tank videos!
Seriously going to buy something from him just to support the business, which is a great idea and concept. He wasn't arrogant. They were. He's brilliant and guys like him are very logical; they don't show emotion needlessly—they don't react, they respond. They couldn't handle the look of a confident young man who wouldn't wither before them. Long live MTailor.
Why was this a recommended video?
ill Will
makes me want to buy a MTailor shirt just to support this guy.
joaquim pipa
you look like you might be smarter than us, and for that reason I'm out
If any of those jumped up cunts had spoke to me like that they would have got put to sleep on TV
You people dont get some people just used the show for free publicity and this people hate that.
Wow, the Sharks are a bunch of egocentric A-holes. I wouldn't want to do business with them either. They kept taking jabs at the guy's character, when really they were just projecting their own insecurities and flexing their egos. It's like they were saying without words \
The one thing businessmen hate more than anything else is another businessman who is as smart or smarter than themselves.
shariful alam
I just love his attitude. Good job bro. They were crying deep inside.
snazzy flutes
_your hair is too brown, and for that reason, im out._
His confidence exceeded his accomplishments at that time -- a true entrepreneur knows his outline.