Video Game High School (VGHS) - S3: Ep. 5

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+RocketJump please on behalf of all of us, maybe we can get enough likes on this post for them to see. I really enjoyed Video Game High School and even being a university student I felt so connected with the problems, the joys and the whole utopian setting of video game high school where the world lives off video games in a sense. We really liked the protagonist Brian and all the characters. I would actually wait every week for the next Monday to watch an episode even though I would definitely buy them if I had money. I understand film making is time consuming and it is always good to find new projects, but if you can perhaps make video game university, or new seasons for video game high school, that would definitely be something we'd look forward to. Thank you Freddie and RocketJump! PS: Im an aspiring film maker
Alan & Autumn's Channel
22:30 that \
Andrew Park
Is it just me or did ki get even hotter when she went emo
Austen Tews
I love how the terrorist music sets in as they roll up
It's depressing now
BenjAmin Hoang
Wendell is the penguin
Bix Turbo
anybody else notice that RHD JDM Silvia at 29:15 ??? hella nice.
the last two episodes have just been depression.
Bob jones
Parenting 101: When your teenage daughter is having a hissy fit throw a burger at her and she'll shut up and listen
Guys I think this needs to be said... I don't want to be that guy who asks for likes for the creator to see it, you don't have to, just start a chain of comments if you don't want this show to end. If you feel like liking would help to help others see this comment go ahead.. All I know is VGHS is the best show this individual has ever watched, and I don't want it to stop!
And dad of the year goes to
22:28 Jenny is cash me outside girl
Cameron Womack
Anyone else think Ki looked WAY BETTER in this outfit? Different make up, straight hair and exposed shoulders? Yes please!
Christopher McCoubrey
Hype for people watching this in 2018
Cole MacGrath
I swear Calhoun is the best character in this entire series.
Cooper Brewster
please make another season!!!!!!!!!plssssss!!!!!
Darkk Angel
BrianD is such a gaming nerd
Demetrius Prime
CALHOUN IS BEST DAD (Father figure)! Just saying.
Who else was thinking that this show was cheesy af when they first saw it, but fell in love with it after few episodes.
I loved the boom nailed it
Doreen R
I LOVE V.G H.S SO MUCH THEY SHOULD MAKE SEASON 4 \u003c3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dyl With It
i think they forgot to turn off catchup in the race against DK.
Elitheguy Elitheguy
I'm so glad that ted stood up for himself against dk
Elly Awesome
This was such a great episode! I am absolutely loving this series! Well done everyone. Well done!
Ethen Sun Randomness
Everyday Gamer
yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Halo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
VGHS needs to continue pls, it's literally the best thing I've ever watched
This episode featuring: Kiimo (Emo Ki)
You can't find the local maximum if a cubic equation if you're not specified what \
GI Jack
I honestly liked this version of Ki better than the original one (A lot of the people I hang out with these days don't care about school)
Ghost 2.0
Glenn Low
Calhoun is wise af
I wish there were no swearing
Harald Paquay
The drifting part in this was quite bad :-(
Hurried Sleet
Im just sooo glad this series came out before youtube red. i honestly had a feeling that this would be on red if it came out today
Who is watching this in 2k17
*runs for 2 seconds, throws burger, becomes incredibly out of breath*
Jelly Beans
42:05 best part
holy crap
Kaz does stuff
This series has made me cry SO MANY FRICKEN TIMES! This series has really taken a dark turn... That's why I love it. Thank you. -- A Happy Viewer
Kevin Tai
Honestly, Calhoun is my favorite character. He's hilarious
Calhoons sandwich in the seen with Brian telling him his problems changes from lettuce to meat and cheese
I'm going to the CSUN next year. The college that vghs was filmed in!!! I'm hyped.
Liam McCarthy
6:00 That's actually the real band, Silversun Pickups. Honestly one of my favorite bands, before watching this, I was surprised to see them!
Lima Bech
10:08\n\nIs it just me, or is that equation unsolvable? Or, in American mathematics classes, are you always to assume that algebraic equations are equal to zero unless otherwise specified?
Liz Inami
What's the intense song when Ted stands up to shoot dutches
Is it me or is everyone sad past Season 3 Episode 3
Matt Aliv
Brian's last name is Doheny???!!!!??!
Michael Lemasters
I love Calhoun he is the best father figure you could ever have. Calhoun is literally a wizard.
Mike Junior
I love Josh Blaylock
Why are their phones so old and computers so futuristic.
Munchy Monk
40:00 literally the best kinda reaction us game developers can get from our audience. It brought a slight tear to my eye.
And This Is All Because Of Cheeto
Nathaniel Larkin
42:05 made the entire show worth watching
Nehemiah Snyder
Nicky Ballantine
pleas pleas please please please please please make seon 4 s4 ive wathed all the seasons 10 times
The Merch is very expensive
Nils Sauer
calhoun is so funny xD
As long as Cheeto turns out fine I'll be fine
Noah The Unicorn
When Wendell and Ki have moments like that the two of them are so lovable. \nLike if you agree 👍🏻
Noodle House Films
Why's mastercheif blue
Darth Ki is the best.....!!!
2:02 spelled Energy Enery
Master chief dresses as Kat rather than a different colour spartan.
This is not the final episode. I believe there is one more left that will be the series finale. Yes, this is the last season unfortunately. I don't think this will be the last we see of the team. Video Game University anyone?
For a show that's basically a surreal kind of video games based comedy of sorts they are also quite good at touching upon real issues. It's like the writers haven't quite decided which way to go with it so they've just allowed themselves to go all over the place at times. I've gone through initially loving the show to loosing a bit of interest and then back to loving it again. All in all I think it's an amazing show, well written, funny, touching, surreal and very unique. It may never get the plaudits that it deserves but I reckon those who have enjoyed it will hold it in high regard which is really all that matters. Excellent show.
2:55 the guy with the camera on the right needs a better hiding spot :P
Rhendel Oliveira
26:08 lol Calhoun
Richie Palma
16:36 is this a reference to MGS4? If it is, it took me more than a year to see it... war has changed
Robert Ambrose
Rip for sex she only 16 😪
Scoop Scloop
I love how Brian like: Calhoun, I just danced with a cat 😅
ShinyBadge//ReaperMain //Overwatch
So Ki became a somewhat goth?
Shy pandiee
ki looked hot like this kinda dark look
32:58 U can see the cast in the background
32:57 couldn't help but notice the crew :P
Stephen Henry
When Caulon's sandwich changes in the scene where him and Brian are talking.
Steven Nemeth
Who thinks they should start this series up again like if you want to see this again pls who dosent
16:39 i thought he was jeremy from studio c for a sec
I love all the Calhoun scenes XD\nhe's such a badass character
The Blue Elephant
Are u going to make more episodes??
Tomás Pabón
Calhoun has really progressed as a character, he's a father figure now
Tony tK
ki is kind of hot in this epsiode o - o 
Traci Skibbe
when Jenny and brain talk i felt really bad for the both of them
rosie = best character
Wyatt Putnam
Calhoun gave that best advice. \
Emo Ki is hot lol
I'm not normally the guy in school who punches nerdy kids faces and steals their lunch but Wendell really makes me want to punch his face and steal his lunch.
What computer language did Ki use to make that game??
The whole bubble-gum shooting scene is a direct reference to John Woo's The Killer (1989) :D I love how Freddie has incorporated it in its own way. In the original scene, the assassin also wears a fake mustache and dark sunglasses and it takes place close to the water where a boat race is taking place
Honestly I thought I was the only one who watched this show on Netflix 😂
marko marko
I'm still crying from last episode some one help me
paw pad
10:31 tells her the right answer.\n10:50 Gives a wrong answer that does not show up when solving the problem.\n\nI know math *pushes invisible glasses*
wait didn't Freddie Wong die in the last video but he's still in the intro
I feel kinda bad for wendell. i think he is a really good character and deserves more respect than he gets.