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26:39 I don't feel so good
Um,... it's not in the right order?! LOL!
Abdulaziz Kodirov
i don't know what this game tell me...what is the difference between this and WOW ???
I love how they show Clavicus Vile, Mephala and Nocturnal in the beggining. Many of players don't even know who they are
Adam Martin
I don't get the point of an elder scrolls mmo. I mean, the franchise is known for it's quests and storytelling, none of which you ever find in an mmo. Just seems stupid.
Alejandro Mtz.
0:44 Clavicus Vile and Barbas?!
Alex Anthony
Why doesn't the nord pause the fight and eat all his food?
Antonio Jose
Antônio José da Silva Júnior
Arch Stanton
OMG I'm in love with an elf chick
26:32 The sadness in his face... :(
Black Wolf Spike
FUS RO .... (15:52)
Boka Towl
That warrior must have taken a few levels in energizer bunny. He don't quit.
Brenden Garcia
Molog bol. Anyone
Brent tripp Thomas
Stay down penis stay down\n\nIt’s not done yet boys not quite yet
you could produce so epic movies
Chris Benn
Are the trailers in any order or just random order?
Cortez Bell
Very exciting movie :-)
Daryl Monje
As the trailer suggest, it seems that no one killed Barbas and we all got the mask instead of the hammer.
David Rose
How colorful and the soundefx is mind blowing just intense!!!!
Dicho Kusarov
The lion and lizard race look stupid in comparison to other games like Bless for example
Die Gurkevonnebenan
Who is she? /wer ist sie??
Dr. Pigeon
0:42 no one believed me i told you loki is alive
Elias Bilc
When are we able to get this graphics
English Pride
Pertaining to the last scene...BS how the coolest character always has to be corrupted. The dark side always knows who to choose in the 1st round draft. ;) Also, at 27:44, Jason Momoa, anyone?
Enkhe Bathsaihan
For one who uploaded this video, Never heard about a word \
Fadwa Yousef
Okay but my heart is still broken over the Breton rogue + his final interaction with the Altmer wizard. The Nord warrior not only fucking left him to bleed to death, but threw away the blue scarf that was obv important to him. For the Altmer to kill him out of mercy + place the scarf back in his hand was incredibly noble and??? The fact that in his final moments he kept seeing images of a person in blue who presumably was the loved one who gave him the scarf as a sort of \
Flower Power2
there needs to be a movie kinda like avatar but with a khajiit tribe or something or perhaps argonians.
Freakr X
I can already see the three Daedric Princes in the trailer Clavicus Vile, Mephala, and Nocturnal.
GOTJI 2122
FUS RO DAH!!!!!!!!!!!
These are _very_ out of order
Geo San
I wanna movie like this!
Hazim Endzeit
That rogue is a really cool character
Jackson Souza
James Watts
It's not fair..... everyone else leveled and the nord just hit TGM.
Jin-Young Lee
왜 한글화는 안해주는 거냐... ㅠ,ㅠ
I can't stop watching this...
Just now realized the dog is barbas from elder scrolls five
Lance Mitchell
Video I_______________________________________I Actual Game I____I
Layla Aaron
This isnt the original cinematic net time please put it in order Good Luck in th future i couldnt watch it all the way through.
Lord of Dark
What a Beautiful Elf i hope we have normal life but with a fantasy around us
MaZzZingerZ Ps
Para el elder scrolls 6 podrían sacar batallas a caballo lanza como arma a mano para combinar con escudo y a dos manos para alabarderos combates más simples menos gráfica y más fiabilidad online y añadir facciones como Daedra e Imperial sería chulo leerlo y escucharlo en español
Macabre 101
What the hell is that green spell that she keeps using.
Marco Golin
I can smell LOTR in the air, and I like it!
Anyone has a link from 2014 eso cinematic trailer till 2018?
Mellow MarshMellow
Hmm guess the Orcs didnt get the filming schedule.
Meme187 ridvan
Please 20century Fox please make this as a movie thats what we all want... the elder scrolls movie could be the next blockbuster...
One thing I hate about eso is everyone is clean, why I can’t be a dirty beggar .
I expect my nords to look like this in ES6
Nefarious Cookie
So..... many add ons
Nero Nyte
They're in the wrong order..
Night Fang
that nord was fkcing OP i feel bad for that breton... being controlledd by a dremora
I'm confused. Is this ESO or what?
So.... you took the time to put all these together, but couldn't take the time to put them in the proper order?!?
Who are those three mighty warriors?? \n\n Btw... *Hello There*
Pro Adz
Clavicus Vile ...I see u
Rich Rhodes
Rino Silva
Amazing... but wait. somebody can explain here 08:38 if they are enemies of friends with a enemy in common???
11:08 como se atreven a hacerle eso a una preciosura como ella.
SS Weisz
the elder scrolls online is the worst game
Shanna Martin
Well, you tried. Thanks for the time spent putting this together but yeah, they're in the wrong order.
It irks me that they are just thrown together in a haphazard order.
Shawn Berry
Very well done. I can watch entire movies like these. Although for the original 4, there needs to be more closure. Where did the nord go? And also it looked like the Breton was cured. Do they all meet up again?
Shaylin Parker-Valenciano
I play this I’m only at level 10 though
Teldisvar? is that her name?\nClavicus and Barbas\nCinematic: ''I am the herald of death who stalks with the hound''\nGame: ''wot m8!? no deal? you're no fun, what a bummer, well... time to go, com'here you mutt!''
Silverback Wolf
Very impressive :)
Sterling Vortex
it would be awesome if the final ESOnline game was a remake of ARENA
Tarcia Sales
bem que podia sair o filme de The Elder Scrolls
ThisTuna Games
Im still waiting for a goddamn movie
Eis um jogo que o neto do meu filho vai conseguir jogar
Träumerle xD
so Beautiful! but what happened to the Breton?
Uwis Pojok
ngemeng epe
Veronica Anderson
Wesly Backers
If they only could make a movie series of TES...
brave boy
Hay vkl
Плюс за ролики и куча минусов за беспорядок. Каким же ебанатом надо быть чтобы так располагать трейлеры.
19:55 Can always trust a Nord to loot. :)
fauzan R.A
thiss... thiss.. i don't know what to say watch this makes me wanna cry, not just the games but the cinematic too was very awesome, this was number 1 rpg games for me either the cinematic or the games, beside WOW
franklin ramos
como se llama ??
it's my AC. so please create another yourself
Just imagining playing a game as like this cinematic trailer
khurram munir
I like the Viking dude
light saberAddiCt
You got 2 and 3 mixed up
mohsenي Ahmed6
I wish there was another movie like that but a little longer and better 🔥
obama binladen
Could someone tell me who these people are? The viking dude is a beast.
Incredibly talented people working on these trailers. Ofc the CGI is rendered beautifully, but man the guys working on sound are equally good. Genuinely impressed.
prinz hector
arrow on my knees
simon mcdonald is not just the conceptual work...... it is not jus the rendering or the time consuming interstices to formulate and build the characters within the 3d pictorial spaces........ it is also the timing of the keyframes in relation to whichever tempo of storytelling a said graphic designer could be conducting at that juncture..... in other words...... awwweeeesome....
i'd just overdose on skooma at some point
sòn mercy
What is this game???
Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας
What is the name of that astonishing redhead elf?
Алихан Абдулвагапов
Нормально. Особенно даэдра понравились и центурион двемерский, выглядят лучше чем в оригинале!
Дмитрий Нетсев
I'm sorry, this elf women is hight elf or forest elf? Logic speaks that she is hight elf, but is \
Мороз Иванович
Саня 123456789
Скайрим ?
стас афанасьев
почему ну почуме не делают фильмы только с такой графикой
wrong order man