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Grand Theft Auto V 100% Gold Medal Walkthrough \ Guide in HDGTA V Missions Walkthrough Playlist:

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One thing I don't like about the game is the time on the clock. One minute passes every one second.
A true hustler
Just brilliant
Andrews Knott
5:04 the dude inspecting their ID's was quite confused about trevor's look on the id. XD
Anish Xavier
I think the final heist would have been atleast a billion take.I know there cant be trillion its only possible if u join the whole states of USA,i mean instead of gold it can be steal diamonds heist that would be very interesting.
Bball Life
Who is still playing gta v? Semptember 2018
Benjamin gszy
Why does trevor say “with approximately eight tons of gold”?
Trevor is dressed up like Claude from GTA 3\nMichael is dressed up like Tommy Vercetti from GTA Vice City\nAnd Franklin is dressed up like Carl Johnson (CJ) from GTA San Andreas\nNicely done!
Brad Mason
am i the only person who noticed Michael wearing tommy vercettis clothes,Trevor wearing claude speeds and franklin wearing cj's???
Brandon Welsh
Anyone getting Italian job flashbacks from the escape scene
Auto aim makes it boring
Brother Jero
Bunsen_ Burna
ha, literally GOLD medal walkthrough!
17:50 DAMN XD from friday the movie YO i love that scene Now =D
you are so bad at driving... god
Christopher D
I wonder if anyone could pull this off in real life. haha
Obvious is better than subtle because\n- No need to hire hacker\n- No caseys cut
CoolgAmerplay's Gta gamer
That Mission is so good and awesome man it is so cool ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Wow what a fire fight huh. I didn't think i was gonna pull it off. The obvious way is not quite as hard in my opinion and it's around 8 mill more each. I just kept switching around using AR CMG grenade launcher RPG. The RPG plan backfired btw a couple times. Its just that there isn't much room to maneuver. Anyway the car chase went ok. At least that part wasn't retried and i was like denis anderson in gravedigger lol. moves not meant for a camaro. Glad i tricked out franks car.
I love Trevors sinister laugh in the vault
David Fruteau
David M.
The helicopter version is better more money and choose a good crew
Decebian Hunter
I pick the cheapest guys to do this like Ricky and taliana and packie has always been my main guy.
17:49 Best scene in the whole game
why can't we ever have heists like this happen in real life?
Gta logic:Jewerly heist requires a good amount of laying low.Rob the Union Depository:No laying low.
Erica Duarte
how come when I try this mission, I can not go in the strip club
who watch it in 2017?
Fadhil Rifqi
Remember, with bad hacker, you change the road lights slower because of the \
Farizzaky Imam
Firman Syah
Make The Money
FonFon Girão
“Oh dont forget old Case here,uh?\nBiggest score of our lives we ain’t taking any chances.” 12:16 Ahahahha lmao
Gold Roger
can you change your choice after you have confirmed which way you are doing the job (a or b)
Gta v is better than gta iv
The story gta v is like a movie 💪💪💪💪💪💪
Thank God I did the Obvious Approach or I would've lost a gold bar😰
Irui Soleil
\u003ehacks traffic lights\n\u003edoesnt realize those fgts can break the law for some purposes
I just realized that the GTA5 story started because Amanda fucked that tennis coach, so Michael destroyed his house (what wasnt his house actually) so he had to pay it back using the money he get from the jewel robbery but that robbery caught Trevors attention so he started looking for Michael in Los Santos and so all the rest of the missions were caused. btw mind = blown
Jefferson Ochoa
Joe The Taurus
This mission reminds me of the fast and the furious
Johnny Roberts
The guys should be celebrating the fact they pulled off their dream heist, the one that no one said could be done. Instead they're all standing at the steps of Michael's front door, arguing with each other. I feel like I'm not the only one bothered by this. At least in the Obvious approach (the better one imo), they all kinda celebrated.
KD Safe
Mike got a heart for Casey.
Karun Divij Balachandar
I just realised, the words on the back of the vans, gruppe sechs, sounds like group sex. Lol
I love the fact that he doesn't execute Casey, but literally just hands him a gold bar worth 300K.\nI know, it's a video game.\nBut it's still nice to see that.
Kronixx Loverman Champion
fuuuuuck this mission is dope
hello people from fortnite
Lipgloss Lauren
Gta is like a big movie
Mark Medrano
Can someone can tell me what to do that mission i don't get it
Matt Thornton
Even though she only makes several minor appearances, I think Paige Harris would make a great GTA Protagonist. A female lead in a GTA is long overdue!
McNurty 5
Phew, Casey has got onto Michael's van and he didn't let Trevor to kill him \nbecause Trevor only thinks about killing people
Michi L.
Am I the only damn one, who got the song \
Mohamed Elattar
hey guys when i do this mission i got one the cars stucked and i lose 1/4 of the gold any help please ?
Mustafa Prince
Naufal De Gea
who's still playing GTA 5 until now ?
The prospect of more money has made me take the obvious approach each time. This is actually my first time seeing the subtle mission.
Panagiotis Zografos
that's pretty kinda italian job
Pardon me, Kind Generous Great Gentleman Sir.
And to think this all started because micheals wife cheated with a tennis coach
Paul Ahrenholtz
7:20 that moment is gold
Onion and eggplant, best code names ever. XD
Quick Channel
18:27??? Did you see that guy?
i'm thinking that 'casey' truck armored truck driver could be either a future gtaonline character or a gta 6 character. what if he goes to vice city because of this mission? groupe sechs transfers him to vice city to drive another money truck and it happens there too? odd eh? you never know. it could be a new running joke for gta. after vice city on to liberty city...robbed again?
Rafif Cahya
this mission is just like the italian job's movie heist
Rami Marogy
The escape reminds me of the Fast 5 bank heist
Rico Riggins
I've always hated that these guys wine too damn much if I got away with that much money and Micheal had betrayed me in the past, I'll take my share of the gold, tell him it was nice seeing you again stay away from me and then that'll be the end of story
Ronan Hodgson
I like how all the main characters at the start are dressed as Claude Tommy and CJ
I love trevor he is my favorite
Sasori Tobi
lol I love these three guys XD
Stacey Latham
Is it me, or does youtube buffer on the most extreme parts
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Onion 86 and Eggplant 22? XD Best name for a van EVER!!!
treovrs name Santiago Diego IMAO XD
THANOS Kolektor Akik
Fuckin maryweathers
The German Empire
Do u guys notice that they\
TheGamer Guy0612
How does merryweather find out they did it? Does Casey somehow tell them? Should there have been an option to either save or let Trevor kill Casey? ??????????????????
How the hell did Merryweather find out about the heist.
Travis Ritenour
don't get any ideas about trying to hold up a armored truck because the guards were well armed and well trained to take you down if they had to
Trevor Philips
You saying don't panic makes me want to panic\n- me 2013
if Niko Bellic Luis Lopez and Johny Klebitz replaced Michael Franklin and Trevor
Yaameen Uddin
It’s make me so funny at the end when they swear to lester
[TUM] H4rdStyl3z
I know this is a game and all, and not 100% realistic, but when they blow the tires off the vans and threaten the drivers with the guns... couldn't they just stay put? Aren't those vans meant to be bulletproof? Or am I missing something?
_-*Headphone Gaming*-_
Eggplant?Onion?Are they(truck) eatable?
Lester got the biggest cut?
emanuele de pasquale
Molto bello vdeo io sono un tuo grande fan delle gioco gtia5
freddie montgomery
What if that Manager called Merryweather??
everything up to this shootout in the game, easy. This shootout - REALLY HARD. If I was allowed to use the F**KING MINIGUNS i bought in the game it would be better and easier\nedit: this was a an extended ragequit btw lol
louis decaestecker
wie vind dit leuk like me
maverick oliver
at the end of the mission, they fight each other
mohamed tarek
what's trevor's ability ?
nigerian hl3
I feel bad for Lester lol thanks Michael is his friend
plamen ivanov
man Lester`s great
prashant saraswat
This mission was awesome.Mike and Trevor really fight a lot and even i dont trust Michael.
For a couple of mid-west stick up artists you guys sure have become a pair of whiny west coast douchebags!
sonic the hedgehog
Who's playing gta 5 IN 2018
4:41 is it me or does he look like martin matradzo
8:03 i like how they are just casually talking about their criminal life with the manager while he think they mean their fake job.
xd Majigger
I just finished the big score but for some reason franklin Michael it Trevor didn't get the money
Who records these, just one person, or like a group of people like IGN?
† Masterhp †
Playing with a controller and auto aiming is pain in the ass. d