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girlfriend lie detector lol miniminter mm7games random simon test

5000 subscriber without a video challenge
Its fake. The lie detector is paid
She can open her mouth pretty wide😮\n\n\n\n\nBut she probably won’t need it with Simon..... lel
Alex Anghelides
Josh is better looking than David beckham 😂😂
Alex D
The pulse reader is not accurate...\n220 - your age = max heart rate\n\
Alex Garcia
R u cheating on him no 400 bpm
Who would've thought this bloke had a chick
Arianne Balderstone
Finally a collab ❤️❤️❤️
You hear that?\nThat's the sound of Fan girls hearts slowly breaking 😂
Bobbi Jones
Anyone else been subscribed to talia for ages and only just knew about their relationship?
If you look at her body language it tells an interesting story. Her arms and legs were relaxed during the questioning but after the truths and lies were revealed, her body language was closed off. The test revealed that she likes what he has done career wise more than she likes who he is. It is possible she may actually believe her own lies to be true. Quite interesting how the mind evades the truth to prevent dissonance.
CJ Heynes
She'll cheat, it's only a matter of time. Simon is too trusting, should have asked if she was loyal to him not those stupid questions 😂 all he got out of it was she thinks Josh is more attractive
Cammy Adams
she a gold digger
Is she related to trump? \nHer face looks orange.
Clasher Superior
Oh wow Simon is cheating on jj
Your girlfriend has a very nice beard
Conor C music
Talia and simon EP out soon
Cristiano Goalz
#10 Trending in Australia 🇦🇺
BTW lie detectors are not always accurate it's only based off increased heartbeat which happens when your nervous and lies if you can control your hearbeat you can easily beat it
Dance Fanatic
To all the people who are confused by the question “is your name Talia mar”, it’s short for Nataliah Margaret.
Dayton Greene
Simon has a gf? I’ve been away from the sidemen for a while
She has a weird nose and without makeup.... you can get better :)
Diego Savage
All the dislikes definitely came from all the fan girls 😂
Dolly Bentley
God everyone is so rude wtf
Ethaniel tanziel
she fake git rid of her
Gold digger
Wait so hes cheating on jj?
Gillie Boy7390
Simons sence of humor is he’s sub count
Loving the fake laughs to humour she doesn’t get
Hannah Scott
The amount of nasty comments on this video is insane. Everyone grow up. Talia is one of the nicest youtubers out there, she's funny, interesting, gorgeous and she has a good heart. No, she's not a gold digger. Those of us who watched her channel before she started dating simon would know that.
Idris abatan
YouTube was so surprised that Simon had a girlfriend they put this vid on trending
Imogen McLeod
Jack Smit
Moving and laughing makes heart beat quicker so maybe they where all right or wrong she laugh on some answers
Jacqueline Moreno
Can I have her? Jk keep up the great work
Jamie Playz
She is a gold digger
Javier Sanchez
Simon congrats on being #5 on trending.
Jdor D
I don't think most people are brave enough to take a lie detector test on any subject. ..\
Joe Lycett
(To quote W2S...) \
John Mead
He dumped her right after this video
Jordyn Nexus
Freya and josh need to do this with Simon third wheeling as the computer man 😂🙌🏼
Josie Rounding
My psychology teacher told me these are 35% accurate and it has ruined it for me
Wait the word Simon and Girlfriend dont have to do with eachother
Kyle Adlington
She laughs at everything
aka paid actress\n\n\njk lol
L Battista
The fan girls are not going to be happy with this video
Lee Ann C.
They finally upgraded from the little lie detector toy lol
Legendary Supa Saiyan
What happened to KSIMON?😂😂😂
Little Bunny
I mean I wouldn’t trust a single answer from the test, they aren’t magical machines that can tell truth from lie. Anything from posture to the fact she was laughing could have messed up the results.
Ask about cheating
Main Bqrd
It's not \
Marley Bingham
I love them too , so cute 😍😍
Mason Rackley
Do another hide and seek in sidemen house
Matt Smyth
Mohammed Miah
The thing is not 100% accurate cos i genuinely think talia was telling the truth and i think she was
Mollie handinson
Morpheous Review Vlog
And to think that the government use this pseudo science garbage for jobs is insane, I guess some bureaucrats are making real dough out of this and that's the only reason to use it, money.
Muhd Danish Bin Bahari
Simon do a q&a with your girlfriend
Munchez Layz
The captions ( subtitles ) suck lol
You're supposed to remain calm. She was laughing a lot would could cause inaccurate results. Which is the only explanation for thinking Nicolas Cage is attractive.
Nicholas Sankar
Dude simon finished the fan girls
Nicholas Shadburn
her nose is a madness
Noobie on Overwatch
Gold digger detected
Our Founding Liars
Ask her who killed JFK please.\nKeep asking questions
Pizza Productions
we need to see more of Talia, she's hilarious
#5 IN TRENDING !!!!!!!!
Rajveerhrl Lilloo
Josh third wheeling with his best friend XD
Ryleigh Alyssa
anyone else really sad that Simon has a gf ahahahhaha
Thats a 💎DAIMOND💎 digger
Samantha Longoria
It's really upsetting that he is taken but it was bound to happen some day
Scooter Bro gaming
And she is a GOLD DIGGER
Shashwat Gupta
Plot twist josh puts a video my new girlfriend Talia
Smarna Ravela
Petition for the same to be done for simon
Song Theory
This test is grossly inaccurate. She isn’t supposed to be laughing or speaking other than yes or no. Talking too much and laughing can raise her blood pressure and heart rate, thus throwing the testing off. (which is also why lie detector tests aren’t held up in court.)
Steve Summer
she looks 30
Ask her if she is cheating on you. Bet you won't be laughing anymore
Finally a YouTube couple I rate
zrk clothing is so sick
She's so cute!!
Tammy Playz
Ain’t your girl
Team Lucid Gaming
You know lie detectors don’t actually work..
Telai Sharpe
All y'all saying he can do \
Never thought I’d see the day Simon would call someone his girlfriend.
acl gang
Bit under age
so cringey
crazy brosss
She is fine af🔥💯
the amount of hate on this video is absolutely ridiculous, this test isn't 100% accurate and it's obviously just for fun. people here saying things about her don't know her and have no right to speak about her as if they do, grow up
Im reading through all the comments, pretty much all of them are hate towards Talia. It makes me so sad to see that people who support Simon cannot be happy for him and that fact that he is in a relationship. Talia is an amazing person. Please take your hate somewhere else, she doesnt deserve it.
i love black people
Im not gonna lie but Talia has a very good mouth to deep throath..
lilscunk 21
Break up with her she is toxic
lucie newton
Why does no-one in the comments know he had a girlfriend? He had admitted it before and they have done a video on talia's channel 😂❤
megan fisher
simon why are you cheating on me. i’m heartbroken
That farmers tan though..
my friend
Ohhh snap simon and girlfriend doesnt add up
shes sooooo nice and pretty!! u dont deserve her
Rap or crap with Freya and Talia please
x_Crazy Kid
Simon I’m not trying to be rude or anything but the way your girl does laugh is Jeff when he does open up his mouth