Top 5 Most Awesome Cinematic Game Trailers (1080p)

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Top 5 Most Awesome Cinematic Game Trailers: Star Wars, Beyond Good and Evil 2, Overwatch, Assassin's Creed, World of WarcraftSubscribe to my friend on YouTube: World of Warcraft "Old Soldier"

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Aaron Abusomwan
Horizon zero dawn??
Aiden Lui
there is two types of cinematic, one have amazing graphics and the other one makes you feel things that you just cant explain...\nbut there is the cinematic of Star wars, just like the knife that Thanos gives to Gamora...\ni have no other word to describe it but PERFECTION.
Antony Tpz
Wtf, the blonde girl, looks like the girl from The Last Of Us!
Anurag Anand
Is beyond good and evil related to Hinduism?\nI saw a Hindu God those space database.
Austin N
Pause at 14:11. Thanks me later
Azrael Vanganza 98
They should turned Overwatch into a series.\nI believe it would give it a better reputation.
Benedict R
Looking forward to this epic graphic game
Why did I already knew, before watching the Video, that one of Blizzards cinematics will here be too :)
Boom Steiger
second trailer music had me thinking they was gonna come across master chief lmao
Blizzard will be everywhere :-)
??? : Killing Monsters....
My Opinion: I think the teaser trailer for Detroit: Become Human should be there. Like, chills dude. *C H I L L S*
Corbin Penniman
If Disney was to make the old republic cannon and make a trilogy on it they would make millions but unless something changes I don't see that happening soon
The first one looks so good until I found out it was star wars
DAVID bbbi
anyone noticed ganesha the elephant headed god
Daniel Meijer
Dekky Сockroach
Мурашки по коже 😱
Dev Karan Pradhan
for those who dont know.. star wars is cancelled
Din Din Wo
They should drop the games and just make movies
Donald Lutu
I really love the first trailer
What if tracers quote “The world can use more heroes” is hinting of the kid being a future overwatch character?
Elizabeth Haught
I didn't even realize the first one was a star wars one until they pulled out the lightsabers lol
Fox Ninja
15:23 still cool😲😲😲
GEE perz
That Star Wars trailer was insane
Washington was known to wear pink suits, not blue. Pink was the masculine color at the time.
They did an excellent job with Old Soldier
why the hell is overwatch there, it was made ages ago! the title is cool NEW trailers.
Assassins Creed ; best game humanity has ever played, and thats a fact.
Hejun Chen
they should invest the same quality into movie production rather than tasteless games
I wAnNa bE trAceR
I Am You
It's ur fault adult woman, you left her there
I am Walker
A movie of the second one would be AWESOME!!!!
beyond good and evil 2 omggg been waiting for too long!!
JR Mars
Darth sideus was a girl?
Jacobo Suarez Silva
Is it me or is the mother of the little girl in the Star Wars one Rey from Star Wars the force awakens and the Last Jedi? 🤔
Jay Alexander
Are these games coming out or are these games that came out already? Mainly talking about the star wars one.
Jeremy XIV
You should have done the SW trailer about the twin brothers
Jiaqi Yao
For the Horde!!
Justin K.
Am i a british men?
World Of Warcraft любовь всей моей жизни... \nНастолько мурашки по коже при просмотре любого ролика по этой игре... не вызывает ни одна такого ощущения, мое сердце разбито.\nWORLD OF WARCRAFT THE BEST GAME OF MY LIFE
Keith Lucas
The WoW:BfA shows exactly what's wrong in with WoW now. it went from battles for survival against real threats to pointless squabbles without honor.
Kitsune Fyora
Owh...mAh gawd......these look so epic.....give it 7 years and they'll look outdated...still amazing for it's time
KorecanARMY V.I.P
Woah all of them looking real!!! \nLook like movie,İ like it...
I have no idea about the Star Wars Old Republic game... but I am literally crying so much? Like tears down my cheeks.. Jesus.....
Lexi Strong
I would feel very catfish/clickbaited, if I'd only ever seen WOW trailers and bought the game based of them. If only their games could hold up to their trailers in either story or graphics (the game is still okay, I guess ... but the trailer's almost descriptive 🤨 At least blizzard got overwatch's marketing more accurate).
Lord Vader
1st 2 games are Best 👍🏻
Lucia VEVO
8:18 wilhelm scream
Magdalena Inostroza
I thought that the first game was going to be about black canary or something\n1:06 proof
Margaret Fuentes
What about Detroit become Human? It was an absolutely amazing trailer for an even more amazing game!
Marlon J
I didn’t even realize the first one was Star Wars until I saw the light sabers my dumbass lol
Maxl S.
Skyrim is missing in this ranking (my opinion)
Melbourne Meliodas
In Beyond Good and Evil 2 is the monkey's voice actor the same from the movie in \
Hmm, looks like the BGaE franchise has *matured* quite a bit. I like it!
Michaela Weisbarth
I’m sad that the elder scrolls online 20 minute trailer wasn’t listed
Midoriko Tawaketsū
When I first saw that one with the monkey I didn't realize it was a game
I Realized That The First trailer Was star wars When They Showed The light Sabers
Naiomi Ortiz
The third one looked like fortnite!
Narcoleptic Insomniac
i was abt to say how the first one should be a movie series, then i realized....
Nightlorddemon gaming greek
The world of Warcraft I choose was the epikiest cinematics ever what do you say guys do you agree the wow is the epickiest cinematic ever?
7:15 Animal representation of human by collor...\n7:27 ...
Olga Olguśka
I like that monkey😉
Opaque Motives
The trailers were great, fantastic art.
You didn't include the Detroit Become Human trailers, which were awesome!
Oğuz Han
14:11 you're welcome
missing \
Paweł A
Priyo Adi
Beyond good and evil 2 are so racist potrayed other . White and their supremacy complex may their race are the first to be extinct
Roblox Prostitute
*Im already tracer*
Salome Daushvili
Wow they actually showed the little girl in the thumbnail :o
Sam Bunt
Final fantasy omen trailer????
Shahar Bar-tor
Where is fallout 76
Shaun Sarath
Overwatch new character: Thanos
Sinister 66
The Assassin's Creed trailer was better
Starlin Danh
From my experience... the more beautiful the cinematic sequence, the shittier the game when released....still looks nice though
Starwars123 456
They should make ALL of these movies
Trish_ Army
The star wars movies suck and then there’s the cinematic which is so much better
Tymoteusz Gancarz
World Record Egg
I’m sad I didn’t see far cry 4 intro
YoRHa No.9 Type-S
I hate the game so damn much, but hearing tracer talk at the end of that OwOwatch trailer makes me feel again.
Zack Gamer XZ
Connor é gado dm++++
Who else wanna lowkey play the star wars game but doesnt know the star wars history?
call me Rocky
i think i have a crush on that blonde girl on the thumbnail
casey Whittington
this should have been blizzard entertainment presents the best 5 movie trailers
chloé bérard
Assasins Creed III takes place near where I live and it’s crazy that I recognized the river in which the Aquila sails. Wow. Beautiful game.
cristina candela garcia
Those trailers really were awesome! I liked every single one of them!\n\n1st trailer: I don't tend to like Star War games, but this was awesome! And those bastards! They turned that sweet girl into a Sith! The protagonist better give them hard.\n\n2nd: Oh that monkey was just... bwahahahaha! In your face pig. The afro girl was cool too.\n\n3rd: Let's face it: Overwatch is Overwatch. Enough said.\n\n4th: Assasins Creed: Another awesome game.\n\n5th: Why the cinematics are always way cooler than the actual game? This was very emotional. I liked it.
edla dolin
to make super game \n1 .. Make a very very very ugly monster to be main character \n2 .. Big very big big muscles \nAnd still weak aff you logic =(\nI hate ugly characters
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That was some violet evergarden moves right there
Horizon zero dawn was also good\n\n*cautgh* cautgh*
kabrial muthu
Assassin's Creed 3 and unity trailer is my all time favorite.... Because if gives the true feeling
The divison should be here as well, the e3 cinematic is so good
meriem mimi
When the cinematic trailer of the game is epic while the game is trash !......
michaela the awsome one
Rip horsey
patrisia fun
12:12 that would be my sister if she fights cause she is a pschyo and always like things that involved fight but she is nice to and a warm person but if shes angry dont ever involved with him
sexy korean girl
need more
вeYOUтιғυl тrυтн
I’m a little startled by swearing animals lol
†Hε Ħїḓdёи ϟεяαρнїм
Assassin's Creed III was my favorite trailor
•Golden Galaxy arts and animation•
i w a n n a b e t r a c e r