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Play vampire rain Xbox 360 do it please
normal people: I binge watch game of thrones and walking dead\nme: this video
RIP The next two hours, you will not be missed.\n\nThis is my fucking jam!!
Adamack Beats
The Big Rigs truck in reverse part has always been one of my favorite parts of an AVGN episode
Adolf Hitler
You're the all the lose
Akira TV
Man this is entertaining!!!!!!
So sad you didn't have the glitch gremlin appear in big rigs I bet he would have a field day lol.
Bart Nikkelen
Say what you will about Big Rigs, they've got the right spelling for \
Bob Builder
He should play Shrek swamp speedway for gba
Bob Roberts
Right when the big rigs commercial started I got an ad
Brekner Catalin
That moment when you realize you've spent 10 years of your life watching a great guy have fun :D
crazy bus! i died of laughter
Chris Brandenburg
haha, EA is the new age LJN
Classic Jesse
Clorox Bleach
This compilation is ASS! The games that is
Woah season 8 is done
DarkAnimeCommander Soto
Big rigs. Going forward, full impulse. Going in reverse, warp 9.
Elly O
when he says \
JG Gaming Channel
The Angry Video Game Nerd is awesome!
Jordan Carter
If I ever got the chance at making a movie, I’d ask James just to be in it
Joshua Hudson
Binge watching all of the nerd episodes takes a long time... but not as long as...
Joshua Lewis
I heard that they figured out that you can 16 octodecillion miles in reverse in big rigs.
Total Games reviewed: 26\nReferences to Simon's Quest: 2 \nWhat were they thinking: 3
Oh snap it's more amazing content wrapped into one simple package!\nThanks guys, although I still think you need to play some more 3DO and TurboGrafx!
The word of the nerd has been heard
LegendaryKitsune JR
YEAH THE NERD IS BACK BABY THE NERD IS BACK WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!! I freaking love do cinemasacre I've been watching your video ever since 2011!
Leif Kristus
Gotta say James really missed the opportunity of making the 12 days of shitsmas seemless, when he grabs one of the presents at the end of the episode, just make that grabbing of the present the intro of the new episode and don't make the video pause, would have made it so better.
Thanks for uploading this just as I finished Season 7.
Lilly Satou
The crazybus theme is my alarm.
I've seen all the videos, but for some reason I still watch this.
Hey James, I know you probably will never read this, but if you ever can have a look at Barbarian and Obliterator for Amiga, that would so make my day.\nCheers!
Louis Beaulieu
Just love your videos! Great personality. Keep it up!!
The SpaceBalls Inuendo at the end of the \
MTN 927
Oh wow, 2014...\nIt doesn't feel like it was, at all, that long ago. -- Playing *Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze* while watching the new *Big Rigs* and *Desert Bus* episodes of AVGN.\nGoddamn. Time moves so incredibly fast.
Big Rigs was an early access steam game, before there were early access steam games.
Maya Fey
Medik is a meme
My favourite season of AVGN by far.
2 hours of avgn goodness? If you need me, I'm upstairs watching a guy screaming at a screen for 2 hours.
MemeBoi 126
I love the alliteration that you used in the Beetlejuice episode.
Michael Johnsen
The Penn & Teller bus game must be one of the best trolls in gaming history.
These season titles suck, being all chronological. Should have been:\nSeason 1 - \
Mike Perona
Lol awsome pepare ship for ludicrous speed
Mokemann Aha
im gonna wank so hard to this
why am I jacking off to this?
Neil Purcell
The Porky's game: \
Nik Dk
We need big rigs on ps4
Nikola Nikolov
'Have you ever heard of a video game where you can't lose?' \nUmm have you played any game in the last decade?
The dude who was the producer of the fucking Big Rig game went on to work on League Of Legends. I'm actually telling the truth.
Patrick Martins
Episode 118-133
None of the other riled reviewers or enraged enthusiasts will ever replace you.
Player Zer0
Yeah another season keep up the good work angry nerd
I´m from Venezuela and the buses are craaaaaazy around here!
Preceyese Seyeght
Worst 2 player game is New Super Mario Brothers for WII,, it is horrific, i always get mad if Luigi jumps on my head or i die cause of the other player and and and, in this game your dying all the time cause of the other player...
Professional Debil
No cartridges or Cds were harmed during production of these videos.
Nerd nerd nerd nerd is the word nerd nerd nerd nerd is the word
Raf Da Man
(We are gonna turn history into shitstory!) Dont schools allready do that?
Rami Al Ahmad
long live the nerd!
Rickard Lejonhjärta
Its pretty rad to think that someday people at university will study Internet media history and read about James Rolfe (among others) who started the Youtube videogame movement\nFrom humble beginnings etc
River Bank
after watching the advert, i want a copy of big rigs.
Sarah Connor
James.....I think i speak for all the fans when i say....thank you. Thank you for all the hours of joy, thank you for all the hard work you do and thanks for bringing us all together 😊
Sness 64
Question. Why is Mike is becoming a meme?
Sounds of Katajamäki
Watched from beginning to end in one sitting. You have a talent of creating long-lasting entertainment, Nerd. Never stop doing these!
Stephen Boyd
I JUST walked in my front door from working an overnight shift!! I need to go to sleep! What the hell am I supposed to do now?!? Welp, guess I'm watching the Nerd...
Stupid Google
You're winner
Wow this is early\nWhat's up with Mike's big schlong
Sweet Swedish Mapping
This video is as long as Matei's schlong.
Taekwondo Time
You still haven't done *Sword of Sodan* for the Sega Genesis! :D
The Addicted Dolphin
I was born the same year of big rigs and yea I'm just as disfunshual
Aw yeah another season.
Please play takeshis challenge
Tim Graham
I was laughing so hard when the truck was going in warp speed 😂
never seen the avgn movie cos heard bad things about it and james had to compromise a lot, but the ET review was great, good to finally see it
You're Winner!
Tristan Derrig
how can the truck keep going when he coverd his ears
Tuấn Trần
AVGN is actually really different from other angry game reviewer. Cause many people just get angry because of bullshit reason (like they don't get used to the game controll, that's bullshit), but AVGN, he goes crazy because of logical reason, which makes me understandable for his shitty patience, or me too ! Love AVGN !
Walter Muller
I kid you not: right at the moment where James wonders what the Big Rigs commercial could be like, my video was interrupted with a Call Of Duty commercial 😂
James just found the BLJ in car racing games.
Mike's Cock is the size of the Cinemassacre Chainsaw! If not, bigger!
Zeno Sama
As a new truck driver I give Big Rigs 2 thumbs up
big blu space boi
i love this
That Big Rigs commercial always has me dying
The word of the nerd has been heard.
Big Rigs! Now you're talkin'! THE episode that started it all for me.
livi hartz82
i've watched all nine seasons of avgn at least 5 times each i can't wait til season ten comes out at the end of the year keep up the awesome reviews
AVGN's facial expressions are pure gold haha JAMES ROLFE is 100% gaming genius :) \u003c3 \\m/
did anyone else notice the Big Rigs trophy had *three* handles on it, instead of the expected two handles?\n\nwhy would a trophy need three handles? do the drivers of ghost trucks have three hands?\n\nmaybe the third handle on the trophy isn't a handle after all, but the trophy's third \
staticmetal2002 xbl
James....Thank you for your time making and still making Nerd videos. They are so great and have brought back many memories over the many episodes about he shit games of old. So thank you James and keep up the good work.
My friends: I'm on season eight of walking dead\nMe: oh yeah? Well I'm on season 8 of AVGN!
uʍop ǝpısdn ʇou ɯɐ l
AVGN is THE reason I subbed to Cinemassacre. He's the greatest.
We should turn Desert Bus points into a form of currency, like Bitcoin.
TechTV. Does anyone remember that? X-Play did a review just like this. I don't mean that in a bad way tho, it just reminded me of a very different time when we watched TV to get gaming info.
Is E.T. the worst video game of all time? No, Ride to Hell Retribution is!