1 Hour of the Best Professor Layton Music

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Thanks for watching!Composer: Tomohito Nishiura**This video is not monetized, and is completely for non-profit purposes. This compilation is fan made---I edited it together, but the songs and images used belong to their rightful owners**

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Back in the day my brother would always hum Iris (it would always annoy me) as we were both big pl fans, now it is probably my fave song from the whole franchise.
Has Layton not had even a single reference in the Smash games? Most puzzling indeed...
: FairiesChild
This helped me relax between study sessions for my finals. Returning to this video months after school finished I somehow feel more nostalgic than ever. I wish I could be a kid without responibilities again, playing endless hours of Layton games.
A Little Light Arson
LoOk PrOfEsSoR a HiNt CoIn
Sadly my favourite game series is not as recognised as it should...
I'm crying, you're crying, we're crying :')
Aliénor Merlet
Professor Layton...my childhood..
These songs are ingrained into my brain because of how long it took me to solve all the puzzles. I'm so bad at them yet I enjoyed them so much!
Anatium Regina
Ash Generation
I might say this youtuber is replying to all of us.
Ave True to Caesar
ok who disliked this video
Becculaura Dunski
Me: Yo, pass the aux \nFriend: Fine, but don't play any trash \nMe: Okay. \nAlso me: *plays this*
Charlie Painter
These games are such a genuine gift. The music, art and narrative were all so perfectly crafted; it's a shame that it didn't get the recognition it deserved.
Chassa Bee
My favourite song is the main theme of Miracle Mask as I remember beating the game 3 times and I'd usually stay on the title just to listen to the music. 🎤🎭
this gives me the feels. all the hours playing through and figuring out puzzles and being captured in the game- AHHHHHH.
Chirpsuke チルプケ
Amazing compilation, favorite games, favorite music. Great work! Subbed :)
Curly Head
I decided to study with this music, because I can think that all is a puzzle, like \
D :
NOSTALGIC *cries at the fact there are only 2 layton games that were translated in Korean*
19:18 when you wanna raise ambrosia but you listened to some fire mixtape
Daylen Graham
34:49 the game were man cries
I loved this! You definitely have to make a second playlist! and I don't know if you've played the phoenix wright games, but a playlist of the best music from there would be awesome too! Great job on this :D\n\nBTW: I have a question, what was your favorite game from the Layton series and why? Mine had to be Curious Village just because it was the first in the series that I played. It's so hard to choose though because I think they're all fantastic games
Diana Sofia
Despite being only recently introduced to Professor Layton series, there is something very nostalgic about this music.
Don't Mess Up My Tempo
So many comments are from people who haven't played the games... :(\nPlease try them out!! Professor Layton is one of my favorite series, but it's so underrated. It's best to play them in order, so I recommend starting with the Curious Village.
Emily Kim
In my opinion, Unwound Future was the best game, and I'm like tearing up because I remember what happened when that song played. Iris did the same thing to me. T_T Let's hope I'm not balling my eyes out at the end of this. Thank you so much for making this!!
Emmy Bowers
I love this series! My favorite game by far is Pandora's box I just did not expect the ending at all and all of the music in it is excellent. Folsense is my favorite place in any of the Layton games and the music for Folsense is just so daunting, it's excellent!
Ender Warlock
Would love to see him in Smash he wouldn't be a character sadly but maybe an assist?
Ervin Mustafic
Dude i've always listenned to music with sick beats but those Professor Layton music Are so good Thanks you for those amazing 1h04 ^^
Ev r
My favorite games saga! Luke is too cute
Fiona Shrek
Oh I loved the series so much. Its make me happy than I hear the music. I played all games about 3-6 times and I still loved to play it and cry at the same sequences all times.
Fodimin Layton
Now if they just put him in Smash Bros, a lot more people would listen to this.
Gage Peters
This reminds me of a puzzle...
Gamer Bro
Best hour of my life
Nintendo please release all Layton Games as a Collection on the Switch. Thank you!
Henry Knippling
My favorite game has to be unwound future, the ending put me through such an emotional rollercoaster not to mention it had some of the hardest puzzles of the entire series
Hershel Layton
Just beautifull
Huib van den Heuvel
a great tribute to one of the best game series in excistence. for me my favorite has to be azran legend, miracle mask, last specter, unwound future, diabolical box or the curious village.
For mobile users:\n\n00:00 - The Curious Village, \
I remember the first time I heard 'Iris\
Jarrod Smith
lol its actually really dramatic.
Jesserio •v•
*(SPOILER WARNING)*\n\nWhen I played Lost Future, I was in tears at the last scene, I was so attached to Claire and Layton's relationship, yet it was sadly crumbling again! I decided to rewatch the moment later and cried again, and it happened again for the third time 😂 It was very uncommon for me to cry in games, but I guess Lost Future got me so much 💔💔😭
Jos Meijer
professor layton and the unwound future made me cry when I was younger.
Jovian Arts
( ಠ nಠ) Art reminds me of Maplestory, Adventure Time and Animal Crossing combined. \nMa hart...ma soul..in love (╯✧▽✧)╯
K. Tze – Kindervideos
The Unwound Future, \
Aww, my childhood :)
I really really want to play this game right now but sadly I have to study.. At least the music gives me the impression that while I study I really do something important and intense
I miss proffesor Layton games
Layton pro 🎩⚡
Professor Layton will always be my favourite games, they are so under appreciated too!
Leah Grace
I've been playing the games sense I was 7 or 8, I'm now 13 and they remain my favorite game series (I haven't played many series, to be fair, but still) I'm looking forward to watching The Eternal Diva with my brother and playing The Azran Legacy soon. I know for certain that many tears will be shed, seeing as just listening to this music makes me cry.
Leonard Michel
The only anime style game I would watch a film of.
Longjumping Piano
I haven't played a Layton game in my life and I'm in love.
Lorena Carrero
This music really makes me cry. Layton games have been a very important piece of my childhood. It's just listening to the first chords of the main theme and something inside starts to move and makes me very emotional
Luke Robertson
London streets remapped reminds me so much of the fullmetal alchemist symphony!
Lydia Pinkhassik
This series was my childhood. Thank you for making this playlist :)
Maaaaan, this video tickled my heart strings from start to finish. \nI started this up so I could have something good to study to, but I was mostly too distracted by all the feels it gave me.\nThis series is still super, SUPER special to me, apparently. Thanks for making this. \u003c3 Now on to the second one!
Malia Day
Don't ever delete this. 💗
Mars Project X
So how did you pass your exams?\n\nI listened to video game music while revising so I was always happy 😊\n(Genuine good advice)
The Unwound Future's main theme is still one of my favorite pieces of music of all time-- truly a phenomenal work of art for an equally fantastic game :')
This video Is so well edited, well mixed and well selected, I loved all the Layton games and \nI cant thank you enough for this! :-)
Layton serie takes a top spot in my gaming appreciations, the feels \u003c3
Mysterious Kitten
Who else is using this to study?
Nicolas Squirrel
The Unwound Future is definitly the best game of these fantastic game series ! Great ost in all games anyway\n\n\nProfessor Layton has been a truely inspiration source for me during my childhood
Doctor: you have 1 hour and 4 minutes left to live\nMe:
Nicole Costa
Hey! I've never played Professor Layton, but with all I've been hearing about it I'm totally DYING to. Can someone please give me a brief summary of the story? I would love to know more about such a beautiful game!\n(I don't why, but Professor Layton kinda gives me some Detective Conan vibes. Is that real or not?)
Ollie Green
The soundtracks for these games are etherealllll
Paradox Paladin
Folsense is easily the most beautiful piece of the Layton songs.
Oh man, I had totally forgotten about Professor Layton.\n\nEven though I wasn't the greatest fan of the games past Unwound Future, Professor Layton is still an excellent series.\n\nThank you for reminding me of this great (sadly discontinued) series.
Professor Layton
Don Paolo dislikes this video.\nBut who is the other person? How puzzling
Ray Raivern
The memories.
The ending of the lost future (Unwound future) is so sad when I see Layton cry.
God, I wish they'd make an anime out of this.......\nEDIT: THEY HAVE! Out of Katrielle Layton :-)
This music remember me of another puzzle! :D
I love this
Sebastiaan Buwalda
Beautiful! I always love the violin and accordeon tracks :)
I knew the main theme would play first. Love it.
One of the most underrated OSTs in the gaming world. Love it!
Stephanie Simpson-White
I always cry at the violin beat drop in the Unwound Future theme (12:50 in this video). Best song from the best game.
Taiki Mori
I love this video! I liked how all the main themes are in there XD (because they ARE the BEST). I was wondering why \
Tara B.
Here I am, listening to the music of my childhood at 2am. I missed it so much \u003c3
Ahhh, Tomohito Nishiura you did it again, I've loved your style ever since Dark Cloud, and now only today do I learn you did all of the Layton games? Wonderful, there's hours and hours of new music for me to discover!
The Mad Hatter
I now have the urge to replay all of the games haha.\nThanks for uploading this!
The Original Asier El No Moderador In The Plaza
The dirty midget
Curious village: Ok\nPandoras Box: Good\nLost future: Get me a tissue please
this chills my spines listening it again after all these years following the series....I miss Layton! the new one is come though although sadly, Layton does not really play the main star here. I do wish he will come back to the game series in the future!\n\nLove the unwound future theme! I always love that series! so touching :\
53:30 When you're writing a five-page essay in an hour:
astari karina
I was underestimating this playlist bcause it's a game soundtrack i've never play and its' design style doesn't appeal to me.... but 0:00 had me stay and 03:32 had me finish this playlist. Nice 👍
Good video, thank you :) I've never played the 2 last games because I don't have the 3DS nintendo... really need to finish them :(
cait expectation
I used to be obbessed with this game as a kid and I even watched the movie a dozen times, i have all of the ds games still. I miss the good old days of struggling with the games (I cheated so many times on every single game). An instagramer brought me here. 😂 The Last Spectre is my favourite Layton game.
ignacio lopez taboada
me Before playing any layton game: 3+3= 1596 :P\nMe AFTER playing curious village and diabolic box: *drinks tea with raised little finger* Oh dont you love tea, luke? it is very satisfying drinking it after resolving two PUZZLING cases. \n\nLuke: I agree professor! no mistery is match for your intelligence!\n\nThanks, Luke : ) your are on your way to be a true gentleman, just like I am.
Poor Hershel, when he lost Claire by second time. When he cried, I was really shocked and I almost cry too, but when I play a game, it's almost impossible to make me cry, despite my sensitive personality. This is a great saga, and its soundtracks are incredible
I was having headache and could not focus on my work this morning. But this video helped me to get rid of the headache and now i can focus on my work again. \n\nThe selection of the music is awesome! I love it so much ! thank you!!
Professor Layton is by far the best puzzle game ever made!
I know the main theme kind of changes every game and all, but the Curious Village main theme will forever be my Layton theme headcanon. I mean that theme kicks ass while staying humble and suave at the same time with a tinge of sass. It's something you can play indiscriminately during workouts or tea parties or when studying. Plus, nothing says Britain more than a tea-sipping gentlemanly fencer in a top hat and that's exactly what that theme evokes.
Me: pass the aux cord\nFriend: you better not play trash\nMe:
This music makes me really sad for some reason.
My childhood~