Deniz Marc - What Have You Done?

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I've only seen the early parts of Deniz and Roman's storyline (and watched A LOT of fanvids XD) so I could be totally wrong, but... my impression at least is that Roman never really quite loved Marc. He wanted to, maybe he thought it would be easier, and I'm sure he was attracted, but I'm not sure he ever really loved him. In these videos, he (almost) never looks truly happy with Marc. His eyes don't shine, his smile doesn't light up his face, not like it does with Deniz. So while Deniz might think of Roman holding Mark every time Roman holds him... I suspect that every time Roman held Mark, he was thinking of Deniz.
Daniel Rafer
Dears all, \nI try to find a video in youtube about deniz, roman and marc, with the soundtrack \
Hafida Mohamed
good song
Hanane Madhupal
Hello I researched a lot about this series and did not find him Can you help me please😢😢
Hijeme Jr
Umm i wonder what happened to them when marc left cuz i stooped watching when they broke up .. And i remember this scene 1:42 did deniz wore roman shirt ( the brown one on him) ?...🤔 oh great work btw your editing is so perfect 👍🏻👍🏻
Misery M.
Welche Folge ist 2:34 bitte?
Mjnooonk Bison
Omg ! This is the best video of roman and deniz. On youtube ... You did a great jobBut may I ask you to do video like this one (about roman and marc. And deniz)and use jay sean song -war- please do it please pleaaasseeeeee:(\u003c3It'll be perfect ....thanks \u003c3\u003c3
Taghreed Maali
The best episodes are from 900 to 1000) when roman cheated on deniz with Marc
Tyler Clendenin
I hope he get pregnant on gay video scene i hope on all seasons by the guy
mama anjar
What the end of this story? I don't like if would be sad end, how's tragic. I couldn't stand 😭
siobhan kelly
These two are the best gay couple ever on screen, I don't think Igor wanted work with another actor after Dennis left that's why his character became straight again.