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Trying out the new Snakehead fish in Feed and Grow! Let's show the swamp lurker who the real king of the swamp is!More Feed and Grow • I spend a ton of time on Twitter so if you want to interact with me, that's your best bet. Thanks again for the support. I really appreciate it :)

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I just called an Ubur, should arrive soon
When your comment gets no likes so you like it yourself
Albert Rice
Catfish at 37 seconds is on drugs
Ali Taher
If they ever add water shockwaves anything that big would kill everything in the swamp by just landing in the water.
Ammonite The SeaWing
“He tried to get away, but I ate his body, whole! And then I ate his whole!.................... body!” - MattShea 2017
Amy Lyons
Holy shit!
Aspen The Husky
I need to catch an ubur
Beatle Juice
wow thats tiny (in real life) i know as i just compared a normal asian snakehead to a giant water lily as seen in the swamp and found him too be the average size so honestly it's size is actually not amazing. but what am i doing analyzing a video like this?
Big jay vlogs
How does Auqaman Drive...............He calls a Ubur
Nobody touches my meat but me!!\n\n-Matt Shea 2017
Hey Matt, I never really was a fan of you until I saw the Yoshis Island stuff, it was different, because it was old, from less often played times, maybe you could do another game like that, Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario 64, games like those because those games are true high marks in gaming but the most popular people always shun them to say.
Bob Willson
17:02 ....and that is why the snakehead fish is such a danger to the environment as an invasive species, class. Any questions?
Braydan BigBoi
PLZ Make Remix Of You Saying Hello Everyone At The Beginning Of This Video. Like If You Think Matt Should Do This
Brian Bonnick
hey Mattshea I am your number one fan my cousin is the silver nasty I really would like it if you did a shout out for him
Brian Bouchard
i wonder what would happen if 10,000 crabs fought a lvl 5 swamp lurker
Bruno Kollman
0:00 why is the little fin on the catfish jerkin out like crazy
Caleb Ames
The catfish at the beginning (before 0:45) was having a seizure
Cat Man
Cat Poke
1:15 You almost died by swimming near his mouth like a real fish vs. snapping turtle
CatsAteMySoul _
Just gotta nibble on the but *gets eaten*
Catzilla GamerYT
i have a burbot plushie\n\n\n\n\n\nam i right?? uhhh needed to use the translator...
Christopher Hardebeck
Bebos does have rage
D e p r e s s e d :'3
What do you rate on your ubur fish ride?
DVS Bros
MattShea is playing as the snakehead and I'm going to the snake pits soon.What a coincidence!
14:14 AWH CMON 1336 COINS? 1 coin away!
Deshi Zone
How much the snakehead grow \n1.snakehead \n2.giant snakehead \n3.mega snakehead
Dominic Perry
i think i have an explanation for the flying meat, the entire map is in low-gravity because everything in is the water, besides the crab,eggs, and swamp lurkers as examples, are the only thing in the entire map with gravity. so even out of the water, low gravity is still active causing the meat to float in the air. Like if you agree!
Edwin Benedict
16:24 \
Ella - Draws - Shit
I bet you 1000000000$ matt won't reply :(
Erica Canfield
The biebos has gang and rage
when youtube says there's 3 views but 14 likes and 12 comments.
Catfish is so pusslicious.
Francis Garcia Marquez
Anyone from discord?
Furret s
2:48 you can see the snakehead trying to eat a fish
#MattShea I know this has nothing to do with this video but, please check out my \
GoldenGamez NL
Grandma Patrick
Henry Watts
at the end of your level 100 and 500 and those types of videos you should kill your fish to let us see the amount of meat that would have dropped.
Hunter Milby
DID YOU SEE ALL THE COINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😵😵😵😵😵😵😵
Jackson Merriam
Why does the snakehead have anaconda skin, it looks nothing like a real snakehead
Jason Torres
For those who don't know snakeheads are a real fish
Jerahmeel Renales
Matt Got Glasses This Time Hehe!!
Johnny Rivera
anime sucks
Josh Loyola
That snakehead is as big as your channel ;)
Kawaii Unicorns
Matt you should do crab madness after the new update a few months ago because when you had a crab army and all of that it was like a year ago
Go to 4:00 you will thank me later
they should make a randomly generated infinite map so u can level up and be fine
Lawrence Mullins
0:29 uhhhh......mister catfish, are you alright?
Lia Guaba
the snakehead looks like a ball python, I should know , I stepped on one don't ask
Malakai Jackson
I eat his body whole then ate his whole................body
17 minutes of Matt talking about his meat
Minecraft fgt
You still haven't done a video on the Great White.
Nathan Nelson
And the Klej
Nicholas Anson
no idea if anyone's mentioned it or not, but your playlist is from latest to oldest, would be a huge help if you reversed it so people could watch from your first play of the game to the latest.
Night Howl
*I miss this*
Nightmare 447
The snakehead is a very deadly fish IRL. They can actually breath air out of water and have a lot of teeth!
Nugget likes the killing in this video. Nugget Approves
Omar 1111
get outa my swamp
If the cat fish are tickling his pickle does that mean that matt some times goes and starts jerking his gerkin
Perry Man
Mattshea is a uber!!
Potato Sack
All hail klej gaming
Don't worry Matt. Snakeheads can breath and wiggle around on land for 3 days.
Sad Gamer
Lol\nDied 13:42\nBorn 13:42\nLol
Salad Tits
They should add seals to this game
Salem Algaroe
MATT PLAY CITIES SKYLINES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sealy Boi
Hi Matt! love your vids!
Hello MattShea. If i ever need your help finding out if my girlfriend is a catfish or not i will call you. If she is a Catfish i hope you do with her/him what you did with the other Catfish in this video. Thanks.
Stuffy The Stuff
Tae Williams
They should add a walrus n a orca
The Gaming Worm
WAIT! Are you telling me in the title that a snakehead ate Shrek!?
The Lost Cosmonaut
WAIT! Are you telling me in the title that a snakehead ate Shrek!?
TheVulture Kingdra
Damn the should add the Goliath tiger fish
Toten Kompf
Tristan Powell
Half shark half octopus 🐙
Tube Gold
So much meat jokes
Ur mum Giey
do you think the ubur is an uber driver?
There is a new update in this game
Vatreni Dečak Igrice, Reakcije I Još Toga!
The Ubur Fish Is An Ubercharged Fish
Wait, What!?
I just love how Matt gets his fish/sea creature so big that it can no longer function properly anymore. So much grinding, it's very impressive he goes through it all, and then goes through it all again during editing, so he can cut it out so WE don't have to go through it all. Such a dedicated Entertainer. Also, I almost thought he was going to say \
Ya_Boi_ K
Did he forget the (once the fish is dead he can push it to the top of the water and it will break into meat) glitch
bearded meme dragon
F.A.G.F (
evil puppy
Can you continue Undertale it would mean the world if you did
gabe Re-made
Did you tell use when he just got bornd
lezer 2002
good video
phantomjohn **
Matt wtf are you doing you need to continue hitman absolution your just in episode #7 or 8
savage empire
so if i get uber he will get me lol
self inflicted
0.33 what is wrong with the cat fish?!?!
subscribe to subscribe to europe heart finale
lazarbeam was dead by mattshea mattshea eated lazarbeam when mattshea was level 500 and lazarbeam was level 200
th shrpstlfe
Uhm I've never been to Uvuur Javeer
toxic inc p o t c
The world serpent much
I'll give everyone 20 piece chicken nuggets from McDonalds I won't get pinned by mattshea