JAM IT IN THERE - Ingrown Toenail and TURKEY Surgery

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Toenails and turkeys, the ultimate combination! Game Links:

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A kiwi with a face
I will say, between parts do disgusting-ness (if that’s a word) some parts of the ingrown toenail surgery were mildly satisfying, somehow
Absolute Inksanity
I had to have this done 3 or 4 times, and i'm going to have it done another time sometime soon\nand i'm only 12\nalso, I was born with this problem, i never had fungus or anything, its pretty much genetic for a lot of my family members\nNone of it hurts except the shot, which hurts like F**KING H*LL\nalso, the toenail WILL grow back, but the acid they jam into the toe with a q-tip interferes with the growth on the nail, though sometimes it fails, and that's why i had to keep getting it done, and once the ingrown toenail got infected, and so they couldn't use the acid, as it would interfere with the healing
Adriana Au
I actually had a ingrown toe nail but I was lucky that I noticed quite early so I noticed my toe nail in the flesh of my toe now I didn't want to go to the doctor so I did it in a. Painful way but cutting the the part of the nail that was in my flesh somehow I managed to do it and my toe is all fine
I was doing okay until he said kicking a wall with a toothpick
i legit got the most awkward boner when he was licking his lips immortalized on youtube now but its true
Bella Husost
Thank you Matt, I needed to laugh (:
Blake Hall
Honestly if you have an ingrown toenail go to a specialist rather than the er
Brisai Mitchell
I GOT MY FINGER NAIL RIPED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think \
You should do more of these
My teacher had an ingrown toenail and got the ingrown part removed. Her toenail did grow back, it depends.
Christian Porter
thanksgiving and butter will never be the same again
the part when you make the foot red looks like bad photoshoping
Cthulhu's Loyal Potato
I can take decapitation, I can take mutilation and I can take people getting there guts ripped out and much more gore methods. But. Ther is always that one thing in removing nails that makes it so uncomfortable that I can't even watch the video because it's so disgusting. Why is this?\nE
Dani Fisher
All that work and you don't even get to eat the turkey
I had an ingrown toenail\nAnd I did it myself\nI never cut the nail I just soaked my toe in water so it was soft and kinda pushed my skin under the nail, then put cotton under the nail so that it gores out straight till it was ready to cut\nIt wasn't that hard\nAnd this girl always for some reason made fun of me for it\nAnd one day she got one and I offered to help and she said no\nHer toe then got infected and puffy and she had to get a doctor to cut half her toe nail and some of the skin off
- comes to someone selling ingrown toenail removal on eBay or some site that sells things\n\n- steps in \n\n- asks seller \
Dragon Beats
I've had two ingrown toenails and my nail grew back to normal length just never grew back into the skin like the other one. Also the description of kicking a wall with a toothpick in your nails is completely false the most painful part is the needle.
Had this surgery twice. The injections around the base of the toe are moderately painful
I miss Dr Jeff
Elemental Powers
So cringeworthy
Ellie Lovegood
The butter stick 😱😱😱😱😱😱
Emily Dawson
I have an ingrown toenail on my right big toe.
Emily Gonzalez
my name is Jeff
I'm going to throw up
Eric snow
I had the surgery 2 times my nail grew back
Everyday Fun Projects
Fab&Ali Hernandez
I vamated all over my iPad when the nail cut and I my mouth
Funky girl
squeezing puss !!! I love puss
Hailey Walters
Why am I watching this? I have to have this done in like 4 days...
Hannah's Gaming
I had toe nail removal surgery on both of my big toe nails and they grew back
Ivan McKee
i spent the whole video thinking about how this would feel without anesthetic...yeah.
I’m a stupid idiotic retard it’s true
(• •)\n __
Jackson Worthy
I was LMFAO when I heard the sounds coming from the butter being rubbed on. his reaction was hilarious. he made it sound sexual at a few times😂
Jared Gobuty
If you have an ingrown toenail and you don't want it infected, pour hydrogen peroxide on it 2-3 times a day. It won't help heal the nail or skin but it'll hurt less without an infection (you can also use rubbing alcohol if you don't have hydrogen peroxide :D).
Joseph Stalin
I wonder what Dr. Jeff's \
Julian Filadoro
What you said in the beginning made me cringe
Kali R
Trigger Warning: Turkey
Kawaii Bubblegum
Chef Dr. Jeff: and make sure it's moist \nMatt's Face: TRIGGERED
Kimberlee B
I love Matt Shea he's so funny!
Kirby 125
It's not just for the fact that this is nasty... It's because I have a ingrown toe nail and now I'm very scared
Kirk Gavaghan
I've played this game So many times but I still gag every time
Kylez Klaw
Anyone else ever have a ingrown toe nail if not it hurts like hell
How did I start from your Yandere sim videos to you buttering a turkey sexually... tbh, the first time I ever watched something on your channel was that incident between you and JSE with Evie and BoiBot. But that's besides the point! you sir have definitely earned a subscriber! 😁
I'm a little worried about that little white rectangle that keeps flashing on Dr. Jeff's face when he talks. o_O
Lana Del Gay
I had that done o - o
Lardo Yek
Matt’s ASMR turkey cooking simulator.
I died at the the \
(\\__/)\n( ^.^)\n( \u003e )\u003e0 I wanted to give you a cookie\n\n(\\__/)\n(o3o)\n(\u003e0\u003c) But I like cookies\n\n(\\__/)\n( ^.^)\n( \u003e )\u003e0 But sharing is good\n\n(\\__/)\n(o3o)\n(\u003e0\u003c) But this is my cookie\n\n(\\__/)\n( ^.^)\n( \u003e \u003c) So I ate it
Marcus Magnusson
I just removed my ingrown toenail a few minutes ago.\nWhat a strange coincidence.
Mariela Lhomy
I have deformed toes; instead of a flat big tow nail, it's curved upwards. and my pinky toes r all messed up and I can't describe them
Markayla Robertson
+Matt shea I had a ingrown toenail when I was eight but I was to young to get surgery and now I'm none and I got stiches in my left lower leg so I play rough and I guess I'm a tom boy for how roghu I play and sorry for watching your videos even though you cuss
1:29 I've NEVER gone to the doctor for an ingrown toenail. I just do it myself and it works.
MonkeyMia 43
WTF why did they make this game EWWWWWWWWWWWW
MrSwegGaming 360
oh god that was very scary y did I watch dis
Muhammad Ali
This video made me vomit
When he smeared butter on the turkey 3sexy5me
Noodle Junky
The turkey one with the noises and the “the bird” made me cringe inside more times than I can count
This disturbs me...\n\nFortunately i have MattShea to make me laugh through this :'D
GAME:now you should never remove an ingrown toenail at home\n\nMe and le mom making cookies \nBother : AWW **** \nMe and mom run to his room (he has an ingrown toenail) \nBlood and tweezers are around \n\nYes this acctuly happened before
Peyton Peyton
When I saw this the first time a month ago I was like omg sucks for the person who has an ingrown toenail but then I dropped a big table on my toe which caused my nail to fold backwards and I had to get it removed 3 days later and i was in constant pain for more than a week even with pain killers, easily worst injury I've gotten.
Pug nugget
My sister had this surgery
I think there's a breast surgery
Rae Killham
I was watching this while eating XDDD
Raymond Chen
I find it satisfying
Red Playz
JUST DO IT! Lol when he was talking about pus I was like DO JUST DO IT MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE JUST AHHHH DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 years of screaming at the video JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! 100 years later JUST FRICKEN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! infinite years later JUST DO IT!!!! Finally clicks off video
the toenail grows back if you cut off less than half
Rundy Ftw
I’ve actually had ingrown toenail surgery before
S M H :/
YOOOO I have an infection in my toenail I think because after I dropped this ice pack on it it started becoming black and the dot is getting bigger 😖😬
Shuichi i
If I know what an ingrown toenail feels like, then just squeezing the toe makes me feel it
Chef. Dr. Jeff 😂😂😂 Is there anything this man can't do?
Sofi Cottail
T Studios!
If I have to do that on my nail cause it’s ingrown..\n\nI’m dead.
I've had an ingrown Toenail.\nDidn't have any surgerys or anything. The nail just fell off and lemme tell ya, it feels really weird.
The Local Lesbian
I don't know why I decided to eat while watching this
The dancin Doggo
This is weird but good👍
if your toenail falls out, it will regrow, but phenal acid prevents that growth
Thekidd_ Bri
This is weird but also cool asf
Thomas Hawk
Watching this with an ingrown toe nail is painful think the pain xD at least mines not severe lol
Toria Avent
Having actually removed a couple ingrown Toenail in my job, thats actually pretty accurate. Just a little here and there are different. Also, the tonail does grow back, just FYI :P
i had a ingrown toenail to 2 weeks ago i was to the hospotial and i got a present from it and thennnn..... somebody stampt on it last tuesday R.I.P nail
my face the entire video 😳
alex rose
Does anyone else think he's the most attractive gamer on YouTube
connor howard
and 9:50 too
damien neff
i had toenail surgery
destiny gomez
Matt the toe nail grows back I know cuz my dad had a ingrown toenail
I was fine in the beginning until you said \
My mom walked in when he put the butter on the turkey
hip hop time
hey this is exciting well i'm not really nick i am his daughter i am called Scalette i am a big fan i have subscribed liked and i hit the bell by the way i am a girl
When my brothers ingrown toenail was removed they didn't use any anesthetic. ( I'm pretty sure at least)
I wonder what he's thinking.... 9:45
kristine ninika
No bot the most attractive gamer is JustinBieber
Some times the toe nail will grow back but it is unlikely, trust me i had this procidure done on both big toes and only one grew back!
yellow sunfish
I can somehow survive through the gore 😐
yoy dinosaurs and stuff
A whole lemon so dr jeff can we peel the zeth off the lemon first