Marvel’s Spider-Man – E3 2018 Gameplay | PS4

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Got an ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ vibe, probably gonna have to buy a PS4 for this aha
Aaren YASS
Yuri talkin to Yuri. SLick. -
Abhay Prakash
Peter : Wait...You?\nHim : RENT!!!
I hope PCSX4 Emulator support this.
Akshat Akut
Spider-Man, God Of War, The Last Of Us 2 and Red Dead Redemption 2. One of them will be the Game Of The Year.
Almighty SW Gamer
Yuri is a men's name. You idiots never heard about Yuri Gagarin? THE FIRST MAN IN SPACE? Omg what a big fail.
Alolan Pichu
Can I play this on a PlayStation 4 slim
Aprieta si es el mejor juego\n⬇️\n⬇️
App Maniac
who else is hyped?
that was Davy Jones at the end
Arthur Viana
Uniform spider man homecoming 2
Azim Alif
Electeo looks like green goblin from the amazing spider movie.
Birky Dirky
It is showing all the sinister six all in one vid, how amazing!!!!
So all they did was remove the model, keep the lighting, and change the voice line... very sneaky
lmao you can hear the doc ock tentacles
Come Walrus
Wait? You?\nGuy:hey how’s your aunt?
Comedyvlog Gamer
i rather get spider man then cod black ops 4 (like if you agree)
Comon Sans
This gives me a Batman Arkham Trilogy type of feeling
Danilo Mancini
Didac Clivillé Oriol
mr negative look's amazing
Doğukan Ayan
Where octopus ?
Dylan Kelly
This game looks so amazing!! but, I know Spiderman has honed his skills as he is older in this game, but I always wished that there could be errors you could make while swinging, like if you hit a wall too suddenly etc, having ragdoll physics or an option to redeem yourself mid flight would feel awesome and work well as a supplement to the gameplay! I understand this could ruin the fluidity of the gameplay for a lot of people, but it would be a cool option :D
Felix Sopowera
Itll be a GREAT game. Thats the same developer the brought Spyro series and Ratchet
To the new PlayStation players, we welcome you with open arms! 🙂❤️
Already pre-ordered, this game is going to be lit
Ganef Hi Hapsara
Rip Xbox😂
Gibbo LAD
It HAS to be the Green Goblin surely!
Hamzah Zaidi
i need to see tom holland react to this
this is electro we deserve in the movie
I am Steve Rogers
Peter: wait, you?\nTony Stank: feeling good yet, kid?
I am not a bot
The five stages of grief told by an Xbox User\n\n\nDenial: There’s no way this game is only going to be on PS4!\n\nAnger: Why would they only release this game for PS4?!?\n\nBargaining: Maybe I could start a petition. *scratches nervously*\n\nDepression: *Sobs uncontrollably in corner*\n\nAcceptance: There’s no way I’m spending that much money on a PS4, I guess I’ll have to skip out on it.
Ian Garcia15
Salty xbox owners Imao
I pre-ordered the Limited Edition Amazing Red Spider-Man Console for this game, I hope it's worth it!
I bought a ps4 just for this game!
John Jazss
Who was that at last
Playstation take my money
wouldn't it be cool if there was an unlockable bonus that gives all the villains their classic costumes and looks
Kenny RosenVille
When Electro said it was an exclusive club he really meant he had to preorder it from EA for 59.99 and then wait a year for it and then it was pretty crappy so he had to wait another year for a patched suit.
Gameplay is Little bit simlar to Spider-Man web of shadows
what's the point of having two consoles if everything is on ps4\n\nI mean xbox is wasting my money.
Lopi Tyner
lucky me, releases on my birthday
I bet the final villain he sees is Mr. Ditkovich because he didn’t pay rent
Malik Roman
Living on the edge fighting crime spinning webs
Mark Burns
Great web swing action
Max Halle-Podell
Anyone else getting serious Arkham vibes from this gameplay?
This is my most anticipated game
My favorite thing about the new spiderman is that it really makes you feel like spiderman.... 😂😂😂
Now I regret getting an xbox one
Mohammad Asad
Early squad......\n\n\n\n\n\n\nLate squad......Doesn’t matter.....where u at.....👀👀
Mora YT
shield is comming
Tom needs to play this game
Yuri calling out for yuri lol
Music DKP
Worst thing about this game according to me..\n\n\n\n\n\nIt is not available for PC😑😑
Nazir of the Dark Brotherhood
Is that Yuri Lowenthal I’m hearing!?!?
Noah Smith
I bet its green goblin or dr octopus
Omar Khader
Spider man died in avengers the sadest moments 😭😭😭
Oscar Leon
Yooooo this game looks amazing!
That ending beatdown was on some, Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy type of shit! Insomniac is really outdoing themselves with this game. 💯
Pahul Singh
I LOVE YOU INSOMNIAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS GAME IS WEB-SLINGING GOOD!!!!! Can't wait to get my hands on this games collectors edition. September can't come any faster!!!!! 😀😁😃😄😆
Pai Zaw Bo
Am I the only one who is hoping Ironman to come and save Peter? :(
omg that ending really killed me! i really wanna know who it was!! also, i hope this game is good as i grew up with the classic spiderman games being my fave and imma get a ps4 again just for this game!
PantherKing 13
Pedro PM
Peter Parker's Pizza Face
The ending villain was Mr Aziz.\nBecause Peter did not deliver his Pizzas in time.
Professor Pepe
4 DAYS!!!!!
*IRON MAN?!*\n\n\n\n\n\n\nEDIT: Yeah, it's probably Gobby.
Rarely Comment . . .
Whoa... 6:44 they actually change this scene, which is good.
i'm really excited for this game, even though i don't have a PS4 lmao
Anybody else playing the game? :)
The villian at the end my money is on it being either doc ock or green goblin
Serubantesu Enrike
Electro sounds like mumky jones lmao
Shellyman Studios
This is going to be the best Spider-Man game ever, look at the graphics!! The Sinister Six set up? Hype!
Living on the edge\nFighting crime, spinning webs\nSwinging from the highest ledge\nHe can leap above our heads\n\nAh, ah, ah, ah, ah\nAh, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah\n\nVillians on the rise\nAnd the city's victimized\nLooking up with no surprise\nArriving in the speed of time\n\nAh, ah, ah, ah, ah\nAh, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah\n\nSpectacular, Spectacular Spider-Man\nSpectacular, Spectacular Spider-Man\nSpectacular, Spectacular Spider-Man\nSpectacular\n\nCrawling through the night\nFacing evil in his might\nHe's a hero in our eyes\nSee the headlights every time\n\nAh, ah, ah, ah, ah\nAh, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah\n\nMaking villains fall\nWebbing rivals to a halt\nRacing up and down the walls\nBringing justice to us all\n\nAh, ah, ah, ah, ah\nAh, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah\n\nSpectacular, Spectacular Spider-Man\nSpectacular, Spectacular Spider-Man\nSpectacular, Spectacular Spider-Man\nSpectacular\n\nSpectacular, Spectacular Spider-Man\nSpectacular, Spectacular Spider-Man.
Sunny Singh
Definitely has some Rocksteady Batman Combat vibz, but looks to be a great game :D
Takatsuki Sen
Anyone else notice the marks on Electro's face is the same shape as his old mask from the green and yellow costume?
TheGR Hyper
Why in ps4 store have the spider-man Marvel's with 69,99 when the CD didn't come ? Plz sony tell me that i wan't to know
Where is Joel....?
Timothy Chow
I think is Stan Lee !!!
I am going to dedicate my LIFE into mastering this game and being the BEST I can be!\nWho's WITH ME??!!!\n(Wow....that was a little over the top)
Tobias Crane
This game looks so good I’m buying a PS4 just for it. You’ve turned me over to the dark side insomniac
Uncanny Murdock
Love the fact that they are staying true to the spirit of the comics, simultaneously paying homage and putting a unique, modern spin on the costumes and characters. Electro broke the prisoners out from the Raft in the New Avengers comic as well, the only difference being that all the prisoners were supervillains in the original.
Valof 92
Tomorrow 😀😀😀😀😀😀🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
In the end its Pikachu
Zelda’s Knight
People with a PS4 get: Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War and Spider-Man\n\nPeople with a Switch get: Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, Octopath Traveller and Super Smash Bros\n\nPeople with an Xbox One get: Sea of Thieves... oh and State of Decay 2... \n\nWhat a time to have an Xbox...
The combat in this game looks way more fluid than any of the previous games. I love how all over the place Spidey is. He's _fast,_ almost preternaturally fast, even without his spider sense, and tbh this is the first game that I felt really displayed that properly during combat.\n\nAlso Yuri Lowenthal is doing an amazing job voicing him. That man is so talented!
hehe boi
Screw that September 7 release spot a game about my favorite superhero by one of my favorite developers who made one of my favorite series give it
mega Frogboy25
Please put VENOM in here
miko galang
He saw Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield
noa gill
Does anyone realize that the voices of spider-man and vulture are Ben ten and Doctor animo
I think it’s either Venom, Goblin/Osborn, or Doc Oct.
zig-zag creative
Wow wow wow amazing n best spidey game ever
İsimsiz Adam
Octopus? Really?
Амон Кауэр
Ахаха, налетели в конце, как гопота.