Illuminati Election Secrets Revealed ASMR Binaural Mouth Sounds Reiki

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Through the use of Binaural sound waves, we will divulge the secrets of the 2016 Presidential Election. Mouth Sounds and Reiki hand movements will allow the hypnotic pulse of the information to enter your mind and give you the wisdom, secrets, and truth behind the Election results. Doctor Andrew Michaels will pull the thoughts and illogical notions from your brain and destroy these foul ideas. They will be replaced with proper Illuminati and Free Mason teachings to allow you to succeed in the world.Do you know who the real winners of this election were? The brotherhood of the true Illuminati, the citizens of the first United Nation of the Illuminati, the United States of America Inc. Stay tuned for more and don't forget to share, comment, rate, and favorite this video. Please pass on suggestions for future rants in the comment section below.Introduction animation by the super talented Kody Pendleton.Introduction music, Atlantis, by Jason Shaw of at:I do accept donations through Google Donate on my homepage or through Paypal also linked on my homepage, but I do not have a patreon account. I don't care who suggests videos, whether you donate or not, if I can do them, I will.

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