ESCAPE HELLO NEIGHBOR PRISON: FGTEEV ACT 2 - Roller Coaster, Shark Doll House (Full Game Part 3)

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Aaliyah Cookie11
The neighbor as two kids a girl and a boy.
Abby Brunton
you are so funny and i am a fan of you f tv duddy hahaha
Amber Anthony
Austin Lawnmower man lund
You’re welcome 😇
Ayesha Alameddine
You guys are great! Keep going with dat editing tho lol 😂
B house Vlogs
Question why do you guys use different sound for the chase music
Bah Kids
Can you play more hello neighbor game👧🏾💑😁🤘🏾👩\u200d🏭
Bella 123
i subscribed and hit the bell
Birth of Cleetus
the mom is the daughter and the arms is the brother that pushed her sister off the roof making your neighbor sad and keeping the only family member alive which is the brother by keeping him in the basement so he will not kill/hurt him self plus the person that flat lined was his wife cause they got in a car crash first his wife died in a car crash now his daughter so now he is keeping you in his basement because you will know to much so he is keeping you in his basement and when you escape his house he does not chase he's just worried what yo might tell everybody to take his only family member BOOM thats the story of are neighbor the story y o u n e v e r k n e w until now
Breanna Kohler
This is act 3
Brissa Hernandez
A strate line means that the person died my grandpa is dieing I cry myself to sleep every night and pray for him and same for my grandma I loved them with all of my heart and my soul
Britany Crawford
I downloaded it so web were away from Meh house I can watch dis. BTW this is mah moms account
I want your Murch
Caylee McDivitt
Are you still a gamer
Christopher Creevey
Amazing 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😌😉
Christopher Sharpe
Don't tell me duddy is death
Cj Rivera
Love you 🤗😘😍
Clarkkent The Gamer
You are getting more better
DankMeme King
I did act 2 SUPER easy i stood next to the neighbor then i flew in the air and a cutscene appered then act 3 started
David Carballo
HI IM DAVID Minecraft and robox. ON the XBOX 360
Dean Mulholland
It was a dream
Dendi Artstetrianto
Tahta the girl its the real story if you see hello neighbor hide and seek so that why you push her the roller coaster is the boy
Dulce Sofia Valencia
I love you vids so much😺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💙💙💙
Esmirna Deoleo
Fgteeev is cool
I love you to :) love ya
Floridalia Medrano
Grizenny Rosario
Harry Salter
Ice. Floor.
You’re so famous too me
Jackson Drabble
James Kitchens
we love yall too!
Jamie Lukoski
Happy thanksgiving to you because I love you're channel 💓👍😢
Javier Echevarria
I am a fan I love you ll
Jeffreygamingandvlogs Klop
Fgteev your the best youtuber like if u agrae
Jennifer Strong
Fgteev I love your videos I love Your YouTube channel
Jordyn's TOY World!
guys you are the bestest comedian ever!!! you guys always make me laugh and my baby sister i subscribed and turned on nonifications love ya!!!!!!!!!
Joseph Wonfor
I love you sooooooooooooooooooooooo much
Josephine Damian
When you break a window then die,the neighbor always board the window that you just destroy with a item
Judy Moody
You guys are the best we love you guys😊😊
Kareena Singh
I saw your Poster in hello neighbor
Kasey Duncan
Your videos are the best
Kevin Meyer
Who else loves Hello Neighbor?
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Fgteev+hello neighbor=fgteevneighbour
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Linda Gleeson
FGTEEEEEEEEEEV you guys are awsoooooome ... like if you agree
Lockdown JH
Golden apple is a reference to the book
Luis Bonilla
I love hello naber
Mary Annesty Alonte
I subscribe and like too
Matthew Murphy
I love fgteev your the best at hello Nabur
Mercy Shinkolo
Michael DJ
I am a huge fan I have been watching since you started. Keep up the good work!👍👍😄
Michelle Lawson
I love you so much lexs love you so so so so
My wolf
The neighbor moved
Nelson Sanchez
I love you fgteev 10000000000000 prsent love you
Nick Boswell
wouldn't it be cool if you could play as the Neighbor!!!
Oksana Solonenko
You’re so funny daddy
Paul Douglas
Paula Mponzi
🍰🥞🍰🥞the kroBor is in the Beisment
PretzelMaggie Dabest
daddy you kind of insult our country
Qisstina Vlogs
That little girl on the roller coaster she is the neighbor's Daughter. His daughter died because the neighbor's son accidentally push his sister at a high place of the house. \n\nThe hospital. The neighbor's wife died because of car accident. \n\n\n\n\n -Sorry for the spoiler (If u didn't know about this)
RRRobelt Nest
Hi Funnel vision my name is Rylee i am your number 1 fan . i am going to start my own videos you inspired me to \nhave as much fun as you .show Chase Mike Shawn and Lexi .thanks for the good videos.
Racquel Queja
Don't \nPress\nThis because no one will\n👇
Renwick Ward
This. Is. new. I. Only. Play. Act. 1. And. 2. 3
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i love you so much that when i went to sleep i dreamed about you and like hugging you i really want to see you in real life!!!
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I love 💗 your Videos
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you are the best youtubr in the world
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I like like chase
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Vaughn Repolona
fgteev duddy what editing softwere do you use?
Try CC to look wat it say it say it say shut up 21:53
abdullahi ali
Who else love you guys
beverley king
christopher moore
🍱Fred people who say they have the right choice
husain merchant
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isparklewolfs 721
I love this vid but what was the orange stuff chase was drinking?
johnny danger
Shout out its Darryl
I love it when Duddy just make rap music out of nowhere !😆\nLike if agree!
Hi fgteev ilysm
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play more minecraft like if you think they should play more minecraft
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