How to Escape Granny Horror House

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Admy Shin
Your ringtone is so scary!
Brodster Cormier
K dude just go with h the flow
Charlie And Ellie
I always do the glitch and when granny says do you want to play hide and seek I’m always like yeah come get me😂😂😂😂
Corry Fuggy349
I glitch granny guys
Dangerous Dynamite
You also play COC
Darla Reid
She not even scary :) 100
Day Tyler
I played granny but I kept dying
Daylin morales
ya me to
Dhuri P
Thanks it helps me a lot
The cuting thing isn’t there!😫
Empty box of apple juice
Lol he using the same recorder as me
Ezekiel Turrecha
Same as slendrina
Fgteev Fan page
Can u make a vid wit ur friends and have a challenge to go escape granny plzzzzz
Gaby Sotelo
This is creapy
Gamer S
Have you gotten to the car yet?I have and forgot to bring the cey
George Aiken
Tip : you can open your bedroom door on the first day. Granny will not lock the door on the first day but she will on the second day.
Gilbert Waweru
It's so enjoyable.
Gopal Raj
You will play clash of clans
Granny 1
Ur good at this game I wouldn’t even last a second
Gray Family
Were you using an LG? Cuz i was waching this on an LG
Hamdan5565 Kumut
Who scared with this game. Like if u scared
I love Jimin and jisoo
I beat the game. On my YouTube video!
Isaac Suresh
Technically this game is impossible to win
Isabella Arriaga
My frind got out
JaedenWesley Medina
that was Lmao! Hahaha especially when granny is walking behind the door I think she's attempt to catch you but she can't cause she's an idiot old women
JaiSOM0 - XD
James Bagang
I was gonna get a hearth attack when i am playing granny
Janice Trieglaff
What does two green dots on the padlock mean
Jimins Coconut
I tried playing this and my ass landed to the core of the earth
John Boyd
You are very grate at granny and can you give me your coc I'd so we can be friends on it
Jovan Outlay
You're too bold my heart beats fast when I get close to her but I still beat it
KaTrops Fam
I like that whaaa😀wow
Kelly YT
I like playing dis game
Kelsie dootson Pranks
why music like if u put a thumbs down
Krish Gamer
Kushina Namikaze
Can we race
LadiesMan 201804
I am sorry about the music i didn't realize how bad it was till i put it on youtube
LatinoD S
+1 sub now u have 400 subs 😁
Life With Monni
You really helped me learn how to play granny
Lindsay Kia
I always play this game while playing a song 😇😇😇😇
Maisie Good
OMG when she says “where are you.... I’m done. Done!
Marvel Fan
Most terryfing voice is\
Mary Gwyneth Alia
I can hear the voice of the people playing one of the girl said nasaan na
Mcklain Keithley
Meadow Baxley
This was very helpful ty
Mubarak Palo
so scaring
Muhammad eishan
You are excellent for escaping granny. Granny is such as lazy as a pusy cat
Neha Guchait
u are a great player!!!!
Nova Playz
I play granny, say *IM GONNA GO FACE MY GRANNY* And I end up dropping the vase a bunch of times in the room you spawn in and hide under the bed :/
PiXiL_G4l4XY :3
Why would a dirty looking elderly woman kidnapp someone like WHAT???
Pikachu i Bulbasaur
Panie nagrywacie
Prnsis Amira
Me to I love this game
The real question is.......\nWhere was he/she going after he/she left Granny’s House?
Raven Bozeman
i never left my spot which was the first room 💀
Rj Dreger
Wow that was amazing
Ruth Santiago
Thx for showing me to Get out of the house
Sasa Oun
am so scary
Scarlett Irv official
Guys i found a secret room in a window its the killing room
Shailaja Deshmukh
you are intelligent
Sohail Sheik
This is true , I got out...🙄👍👍👌👌
Steve Martinez
I just go straight out cause she’s in the basement 🤪😒
Subhan Hasan
I win granny always because i make granny STUCK IN THE BED :D
The Savage
I already escaped. Vid is in my channel
Thunderous 22
Im not playing but my heartbeat is so fast lol hahahaha
Toy Ldyva Lovers
I can't find a key?
Lol have this game and it funny not scary lol hahahah omg
If it's easy mode, m8 I run not hide
I find old keys door but they tell that I can't finish it \nSome one now why ?
Zacharias Grankulla
1,3k grannys disliked this video
aal-e-raza gilani
I beated granny game in hard mode with darker mode and with extra locks in Granny 1.4 version I’m a pro!! :D
breno bhs
I finished build Granny House in Minecraft
chesta goorsaha
You are a pro ♥★★★
dinesh jaiswal
I like vedio of granny. I like also and like it
This game is scary,but i love all you're videos and i love you're CHANNEL
gaming yu
Ilike playing 😄😄
What happen After!?!??!
josephine rose
ay love playing granny 🎮🎮🎮
loudboy 6608
Is this easy mode?
mijaly Encinas
Who plays granny
milky tejero
Fucking granny
pinkie lil
i'm copying you
rainbow cutie rainbow
I have the game
scorpinator Rocks
I hate granny but I would like to be it but I like the game😕😕
shanda stooksberry
Thx i need to know how to play its hard
steve donaldson
Granny: do you want to play hide and seek? You: no granny your a killer
talisha Cannaday
You is very good
tasleema shabir
I like this game
the legend 69
It makes granny extra creepy the way she talks especially how she hardly speaks
zaahia ismail
I love this game but I kept on dying my cousin is an expert at this game ☺💖💞😀😇
محمد علي
احب لعبه Granny
Wow i also try! If u can get out of granny's house....why not me!!??😊