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Nerf War: Game Master (Twin Toys Videos Are Deleted) is brought to you by Twin Toys.In this episode of Twin Toys, Eli and Liam and Daddy are visited by the game master, a hacker aka project zorgo, in which he challenges the three of them to a little game and if they don't participate, he will delete their videos. After completing the first game, the game master comes back with another game in which the twins have to pick two out of the three doors wisely to reveal the identity of the game master. But choose unwisely, and the game master will take them out. Will the twins be able to pick the correct two doors and will they finally reveal who has been hacking into other youtubers like Stephen Sharer, Chad Wild Clay and Rebecca Zamolo. Who will win in yet another action packed PBT Nerf war?Check out our friends videos:ExtremeToys Tv )

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the game master is all waste \nlooking from Alston Liu.\nthe game master is\nqbanguy.he is a youtuber.
Abhijith Krishna
Do a prison video but I liked it and also subscribe
Ahmed Froebels
I saw a guy in a red hoodee go in your house
Alivia Lane
Ally_ Girl
Hey twin toys bless you all love you channel. Can you do a roblox video with the nerd guns like Eli or Liam gets jealous and starts attacking the other person because they got robux and they didn't
Amaan _Gamezz
Twin toys army yaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
Ashley Morrison
With Respect Please Pin My Comment
Ashton Shay
🇱🇷I live here I live in America where do you live in America south west east or north please tell me in the comments I’m on your side now how to play game
Baddest Bitch
I like your Channel
Bridgett Patterson
Britney Estefania Velez Ardila
Twin toys your naeber is the game master you have to biliev me
Damian Barrera
Water your phone number
Devil Dares: Comedy & More
This is like tic tac toy! Tic tac toy has the same problem with the Toy Master!
Diego Perez Matia
The gamemaster look like the movie v for vendenda movie and the same costume for v for v vendenda
Diomarys Martinez
Just i
Elizabeth Cruz
why don't you guys show the games masters face
Emily Edwards
Hi guys I'm Emily and im a fan and I just recently lost my dog
Emmanuel Lukanga
Is fake right
Ethan Vanderkooy
Baker Cheo que está pues en f
I am #1 hacker
Twins I’m mean
Gamer Twins
I love you twin toys
Gary Hiniker
I might know who the game master is and besides I'm 8 years old I think it's your mom because when the hat is off it looks long hair and just like your mom's hair so that's why I think your mom's the game master besides when you're making the videos of the game Masters tean where is your mom your mom's like nowhere so she must be the game master
Geraldine Kivlehan
Dad is gm😎💲💵💶💰🔫💣
Gwendolyn Brown
Game master sucks
Harry Playzone
Good characters
Ines Ruiz
I like your videos in your awsome
Izabela Solomon
Game master might be girl El I Liam believe me
Javier O. Ruiz
There is a drone in the back round spying on you and run for your life 🧘🏻\u200d♂️🤺🤼\u200d♂️⛹🏻\u200d♂️🤾🏼\u200d♂️
Joann Ishoda
is the game master your mom
John Andersen
This 'game master' thing doesn't exist. Trust me, it's just a cheap thing youtubers are doing to get more views.
Jose Perez
Guys live a like if you think the gm is less strong then nerf guns
Junior vlogs
That just the mom
Karimulla Mohammad
Put a like if you think the haker suks\nPice of
Kendra Monteggia
Like this if Eli and Liam are awesome
Kie Mcdermott
leav alike if you hate hackers
Kirstin Benson
Zorgo diffuse 11:01\nZorgo diffuse 11:01
Kushia Gavin
twins your amazing
Laksh Pro
No way the neighbors are the game master
Lance Gonzales
guys don't be scared i'm 6. never be afraid of anything. and don't be scared of anywhere or anything
Laura Spicer
Don’t trust him
Leonilde Mendes
20 only three you think you can stop me I am the game Master and I am going to delete your YouTube and Pratik so goal is to meeting you too and I am doing the same as him Siri don’t want to do do you don’t want I to delete your video channels are you not the game Master I am 40 so cool then want to be inputted so cool put put the forms up soon to be in for Pratchett to go to don’t want to be with the from down Siri don’t want to be you people is going to be are you going to be haunted that every child come out the way and you going to go to do you and
Levi Purcell
Hi twins tois
Nice shutout to PDK and Aaron.
Mahee Mahi
Maria Guerrero
I love u guys like ur channele
Marvel Fan
This has some ‘Quality’ acting
Mason Roberts
Me and my friends Ansar ali
The hacker is sucks
Michael Stokes
Who is the game master
If you have lost videos this could be project ZORGO
Ninja kidz 2 Ninjas rock
I love you twin toys are the best
Pauline Dinh
You should do the episode with Pokémon
Pearce Star456
Do part2
Pedro Gamer
Popularmmos EthanChen
5:37 the venom from extreme toys tv
Prince Biribuze
Game master sucks
Priyanka Akhouri
this video is awsome
Raeann Davidson
i love you
Raquel Ku
stephen grace lizzy carter have a GM
Rayshawn Guy
Was that scary
Richard Winters
I know what kind of hacker that is that is a REAL HACKER
Rodolfo Codilla II
oh noooooooooooooo
Rohit Jeyabalan
The tiwn toys are going to win
Roxanne Jenner
Drop a like if you like fortnite
SAAS gaming
I am from Indonesia
Sammy 09
It was a great video but the Game Master a real person and is working with Projekt Zorgo!!!!!!!!!
Shinchan -My Roblox gameplays and Shinchan videos!
Again....Project Zorgo
Steve Babbs
I rote for twin toys not the game master from Charlie Babbs
Suneetha Mupparthi
l'm cannot be suspense How is game master
Sybil Thomas
I don't know who is PPK or Aaron answer is I do know about the game master I watched a videos so I can tell you next video I'll tell you what do you mean the hype on your shirts like hype from fortnite
T Sslamin
1 like=you REALY hate the game master
Tamim’s Channel For kids
I knew something was about you buy a big jail and then trap the hacker
Game Master was the pirate that didnt get his treasure\nThen he got revenge while scaring the kids
Do you want M Sceptile EX,Latios EX,Volcanion Ex,Thundurus EX,Mewtwo EX,Kyogre PrimigenioEX,GenesectEX,RayquazaEX
Yo-yo Boy
Can you do hide and seek
You Tube
Ye he did..
Yousef Aldhahiri
GUYS the Game Master is SO easy to know who it is. 1. He/She has LONG hair like a girl. 2.She was using a Voice Changer. 3.the only girl in the house Was the GAME MASTER.BUT WAIT.... there is more!!!!! There is a mom BUT. The mom is NOWHERE to be seen. IKR that’s weird!!! So this Comment Tells u the Identity of the Game Master!!!!.... it is... THE MOTHER!!!
abu bakar asees
Hose the game master🇵🇸🇳🇱🇵🇦🇳🇴🇴🇲🇴🇲🇵🇰🇲🇽🇦🇺
asad sayed
Can you please pin this TWIN TOYS
carolina miccolis
You guy's are Awesome!😎\nThough you guy's should be TF2 instead of Overwatch. Because TF2 is better than Overwatch.
coolest kids
I am so sorry Twin toys
darren Liaw
And chad wild clay and vy qwant and carter sharer
goku harden
The game master is your mom
hackers9cate Kobe
It's the mom
henry heidenreich
I like your video and I think you guys will beat the game master you guys are awesome family
natalie mcfaden
Poo the game master pooed himself twin toys
nerf gunner Reynolds
Drop a like if you hate the game master
salma Arshi
who is the Game master
seema Khaira
special Danielles secrets
You and many other people are being attacked by the game master
zydrunas kasiliauskas
Noobs lol I no game master his the fak is a YouTubeber
วัชรพงษ์ พิมพ์พรม
Their Y he ko !!!!!!