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Nerf War: Game Master (Twin Toys Videos Are Deleted) is brought to you by Twin Toys.In this episode of Twin Toys, Eli and Liam and Daddy are visited by the game master, a hacker aka project zorgo, in which he challenges the three of them to a little game and if they don't participate, he will delete their videos. After completing the first game, the game master comes back with another game in which the twins have to pick two out of the three doors wisely to reveal the identity of the game master. But choose unwisely, and the game master will take them out. Will the twins be able to pick the correct two doors and will they finally reveal who has been hacking into other youtubers like Stephen Sharer, Chad Wild Clay and Rebecca Zamolo. Who will win in yet another action packed PBT Nerf war?Check out our friends videos:ExtremeToys Tv )

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I tink dis is all fake
Abhijith Krishna
Do a prison video but I liked it and also subscribe
Ahmed Froebels
I saw a guy in a red hoodee go in your house
Antoine Allen
The best video you guys have ever made it's so good hope something goes down next video love you guys🎧🎮
Ashley Morrison
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Ben Turpie
Can you do hide and seek
Bridgett Patterson
Cade555 Poop
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Caike Costa de Paula
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Omg I will die I iuzt mani go Nikita owt
Dyson Heine
is the game master your mom
Emmanuel Lukanga
Is fake right
Enchated Gamer
padre and baba is daddy which means the game master is.......
Ethan Vanderkooy
Chupe Ford Night es tu
Fame Beauty
i love your videos can you do a spice and ho challenge
I am #1 hacker
Galaxy _ Wolf
Project Zorgo is a game Master
The hacker is the mom
Gameupwithlou _
Gibson Navas
i love twintoys can you make a boxfort and stay for 24 hours and play fortnight
Glenn Muir
When you were talking to the neibour some body walked into your house
Henry Hitchcock
plz shout me out I love your channel
ITs _Amaan
Twin toys army yaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
Jody Harlow
Hey call the babysitters that u had in your past videos I know they got past things but just call them.
Jonathan Roderick
i loved this video so much
Jose Machado
U guys are the best
Jose Perez
Guys live a like if you think the gm is less strong then nerf guns
Karimulla Mohammad
Put a like if you think the haker suks\nPice of
Kendra Monteggia
Like this if Eli and Liam are awesome
Kendrick Williams
Who is the game master
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Very creative guys! Loved it
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leav alike if you hate hackers
Kingston Rideout
I love you twin toys are the best
Kushia Gavin
twins your amazing
Laksh Pro
8:28 so scary
Lance Gonzales
guys don't be scared i'm 6. never be afraid of anything. and don't be scared of anywhere or anything
Lightning Gameing
I love you twin toys
Lightning Gamer
Thats project zorgo
Lss Seminiano
Lukas Sears
is the game master real?
Marcos Tellez
Maria Diaz
Maria Diaz Flores is a hacer
Maria Guerrero
I saw two people at ur house
Mark Montgomery
ZTwins twins toys there should be get to game masters but they lied why do you know what they say I’m game masters on Chad wild fires channel and Papa Jakes channel so tired walkway and meet with Daniel I don’t think you know Daniel so here’s the beer that her team I think you should call Chad welcome and you should tell the map is another rack on your end I’ll help you and papa Jake is using a lot of nerve guns with him by hackers and you can you can you should come to your house that’s the morn suit on and you have a life
Mason Roberts
Michael Stokes
Who is the game master
Mikell Williams
The \nI just want \nSeven11 has
Mishari Adam
I like or love the game master
If you have lost videos this could be project ZORGO
Paola Falco
Davads tv is the Hacker
Pearce Star456
Do part2
Pedro Gamer
Peter J. van der Ploeg
And the game master also hacked you... BRUH DESTROYING THE GAME MASTERS ACCOUNT AND CHANNEL IS NOW HARDER! Ok im done ill destroy this trash bag once and for all \u003e:(
Priyanka Akhouri
this video is awsome
Raeann Davidson
i love you
Raffi Julius
Game master name is pz5
Raquel Ku
stephen grace lizzy carter have a GM
Raquel Zamarripa
Project. Is. Watching
Rayshawn Guy
Was that scary
Ria Ramroop
My name is rondell
Rodolfo Codilla II
oh noooooooooooooo
Sammy Street
It was a great video but the Game Master a real person and is working with Projekt Zorgo!!!!!!!!!
Shefali Ahmed
I'm gonna like cos no one wil
Shinchan -My Roblox gameplays and Shinchan videos!
Again....Project Zorgo
Star Wars Dude 2710
This should be fun.
Suneetha Mupparthi
l'm cannot be suspense How is game master
T Sslamin
1 like=you REALY hate the game master
Taanish Sushil
Tamim’s Channel For kids
I knew something was about you buy a big jail and then trap the hacker
Game Master was the pirate that didnt get his treasure\nThen he got revenge while scaring the kids
who is the Game master
Bro 5 year olds don’t play halo or COD (Call Of Duty) which are 18 like if u agree p.s you can’t hack a door it has no electrons in a DOOR
Xmech Jcox
Good good our plan is working and remember project zorgo is watching
Yvoone Crook
You’re my favorite twin toys what are you gonna do in fortnight dance battle
For real
coolest kids
They did not delete the one million subscribers look
Guys this is important message the ding Masters attacking the other YouTubers and now he's coming for you he can delete your Channel or videos with his computer device
darren Liaw
And chad wild clay and vy qwant and carter sharer
goku harden
The game master is your mom
kayla rodriquez
I like your videos you’re the best
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sam mckeown
Is that the hacker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
seema Khaira
shahanara naz
Hello twin toys family I am your biggest fan I love your all videos very mind blowing I think you are the best.
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game master works with project