Orchestrating Video Game Music (for live orchestra)

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Wow, that composition is chilling and majestic. Nintendo, Absolutely hire this guy for the next Mario soundtrack
w-w-wait... N64 controller....midi... oh god so man ideas
I was on board until around 14:00 when he said he also transcribed the sound fx... that's just... silly
This is pretty nerdy. Yaaasss.... we need more of this type of content.
If this had been played for Allied troops in late 1942, the war would have been over a year sooner.
Bohdan Ishchenko
Now Nintendo need to remaster original Mario game, with Cuphead graphics. They have a soundtrack already.
Carlton Harris
Transcribing the SOUND EFFECTS so they can be performed live?! That is utter madness. Whatever floats your boat though, I guess!
Chase Anthony Brewer
Chris Meredith
Absolutely brilliant. Learned a lot; thank you :)
3:39 as a Brit, that means something *slightly* different.
Hah! F clef!
12:30 who is this guy?
Cmac The Great
killer arrangement\nwas losing it at the rite of spring bit
This is so cool.\nCan we get 5 likes for the Adam?
David Grindley
This is just the coolest!
Very neat, i thought about doing something similar recently and **boom** you made a Video about it
Email' s
what an awesome video!
Eric Rakes
Video game music, especially the original nintendo stuff, is such an underrated art form though. Think of what they had to work with back when sounds were limited to beeps and boops and what they got out of it!
Erik Schmokel
So this is what Amir Blumenfeld is up to these days...
FC Johnson, a Family Company
This dude claims to be bringing this music to its fullest potential, but I don’t know if i’d call arranging simple video game music to a grandiose and slightly obnoxious degree bringing it to its fullest potential.
Oh my good god this is magical
Hell YE
Franck Michaux
The Bowser Castle section is really reminiscent of Vision is a naked sword by Magavishnu Orchestra. I love it to (8) bits.
Gabe Miller Music
I love this guy's enthusiasm. And the final product sounds amazing!
GiggitySam Entz
Can't handle that much camera shake... Don't phones and YouTube correct it ?
Guitar, Skate Girls, Repeat
Ok but jazz
Helium Road
9:58 sounds like the Jetsons theme a little. Speaking of which, Adam, howsabout a little video on TV show themes?
Hiroko Kaku
6:06 (*bass line) \
Honest Mistake
I haven’t watched the video yet but I see George Salazar and Adam Neely in one part and instantaneously clicked
House himself
71 piece orchestra :)
If there is double flats and double sharps could there also double naturals. If so how would these work. Could there also be triple quadruple naturals And so on
Jerrod Shack
This guy is SUPER nice and helpful. With no prompting at all, he followed me on instagram and complimented my arrangements and offered some great advice. Very encouraging.
Joe Galloway
Super June Lee vibes on the interview, I love it!
Johnny Jones
Hey, thats pretty neat!
Jordan Johnson
Justin Y.
Next Video: Creating Video Game Music (For Jazz)
Kai Alex
That pretend gamer guy they show every now and then is super cringey. I feel he´s not adding anything while distracting from the awsome composition
Keith Cooper
This is just too awesome! Thanks so much for posting this!
Ken Stewart
So good! Fabulous arrangements. Love it. Thx for sharing.
Langa Dubazana
This is great! Woop!
Lefman Kan
Living Beings
Nobody mentions that the subterranean theme is basically Jaco Pastorias on Weather Report's River People?
Long Trang
This video reeks of Starbucks, soy, and smart musicians.
Luke Seguin
Honest question how was this paid for? Does this big band gig like crazy? Part of me loves it but there is another part of me that keeps thinking something is wrong here.
that f-clef was lowkey witty
Mario Krušelj
That was two square waves, not saws. :)
Matija Anđelković
This is so awsome!!!! This guy is a genious!!! Don't like though how he dissolved melody in water level... He put too much love into following voices... BUT THERE CANT BE TOO MUCH LOVE!!!\n\nI APPLAUD YOU SIR!
I'm here to annoyingly point out little mistakes only nerds will notice anyway.\nAt 2:29 the sheet music says Saw 1 and Saw 2 but those are actually 2 square waves like he says immediately afterwards.
a lil pedantic comment here, my apologies; at 2:30 when the staff pops up, the first 2 instruments aren't saw waves, they're rectangular/square waves. keep up the good work!!
Mike L
As someone who has only gotten to hear large arrangements realized through college courses, this is amazing
Milton Stafford
This reminds me of a numberphile video
Moses Emmet
10/10 will be re-watching!!!!
The way you notated the percussion sound effects BLOWS MY MIND. I can't imagine how much they had to practice that!
Nathan B.
This is so cool
Neil Dawson
Onur Yemişen
Hey Adam, a question for you Q&As\n\nI am 18 now closing on 19 I have a somewhat decent understanding of guitar and theory( I know the modes some concepts) and just started getting into jazz and sight-reading. I wanted to do music proffesionally and compose my own music for a long time but it just started getting serious. I always think when I see what you and others like you were doing in my age \
Patrick Barrow
This is absolutely delightful.
Peanut Turner
I've been a musician and a gamer for most of my life. To my shame I never realised World 1-2 was in 6/8. I just figured the timing on the programming was off. Should've known Koji Kondo wouldn't have shipped that.
Peter Yost
And they said _Schnittke_ was the master of musical quotations!
Phil Wain
Being from a pre-video game generation, I still find this music and its adaptation and orchestration incredibly enjoyable and a real special artform - workign within limitations. I can only imagine the impact this has on people who actually played the games.
This game is so perfect that even the people that plays it's musics do with a smile in their faces.
They need that song arrangement in the next Mario game it’s excellent
Roe Sham Boe
lost it at 15:07
Russell Ess
What a fun project. Great stuff!
Scarlet Dawn
Why the f*** didn't he go into world 4??? Like what a noob, everyone goes into world 4, that's a given.
Sion-Dafydd Locke
This is what Pops should be doing. Haven’t we heard enough live Star Wars? Also, nice use of the F clef.
Please release a video of someone playing an N64. You've teased it, there's no going back
Well I was not expecting to see Adam Neely do something with George Salazar but here we are. And I’m so glad it exists (and of course, he has Mountain Dew Red.)
Strawberri Red
Wow, some people are so inspiring to watch, this was amazing! Funny though, the lingering feeling from watching this to the end is the slight guilt over not doing my cello exercises more often.
T Caw
If I have to hear the mario bros theme again I think I'll cry. I'm so tired of people making little quirky music videos and covers with it.\n\nThat being said this is definitely the best one of them there is. Well done guy in video
T Perm
11:34 the top melody in bars 3-6 is wrong
The word leitmotif in the first 5 minutes of the video? What is this, S I D E W A Y S ?
The Dirty Weekend Show
Bit off topic here, sorry. I’m in the process of making a mountain bike movie. Have up until now, recorded direct to iphone using memos (not great, but it’s all I have). Any tips for creating music that will match the feel of the pictures?
The Don DeLuxe
Ok, by far the most impressive thing about this is those two poor percussionists having to trigger all the game sounds! Other than the actual arrangement, of course :-)
18:15 is the best part imo
Tom Reid
I love this guys passion for this music, it's so inspiring ☺
Tony Souter
Strings do \
Torsten Landsson
He's a good arranger and the final product is very impressive but I feel like he gets a little full of himself... Like when he reuses the phrase btw I did that and when he explains \
Truck Boi
New game idea, The Licc, Adam Neely has to traverse a land filled with classical snobs and Glenn Fricker Cultists with only his Bass Guitar as he keeps learning more powerful Licc's until he saves the world.
Zac Flasch
This is AWESOME!!!!
Zak James
Conducting Mario music with the Wind Waker.\nThis is a dangerous man...
What's that sound pack used in the notation program? It sounds super!
anyone else getting tom and jerry vibes?
Video game music???
13:40 👏Orchestration 👏 Review
michał botor
'can i curse in this video?'\n'yeah, sure, why no-'\n'i fu-[peep!] love this music.'\nfor fuck's sake.. i wish yt, and the general public, had lastly cut swear words some deserved slack. they play a vital and genuine part in our speech and expression, helping us relieve ourselves of the strongest and most spontaneous of emotions. their drowning out should be actually seen as an insult to the conveyers, for this strips them off of a chance to heartily share their paramount moments with the ones watching.\n\n'now I've had the time of my life!\nno I never felt like this before!\nyes I *swear* it's the truth!\nand I owe it all to you!'
For those less musically inclined, it might be faster and easier to just get the Super Mario History OST (or see The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses).
non-homo Milk
I really love seeing his mindset when making it.
pedro proenÇa
Nice Ocarina of Time there, bud
This is really fascinating to watch. You can see how much passion and creativity and effort went into this. Truly impressive
rational consistent
he is so full of himself hard to watch
jared yee's solo on clarity, but it's the super mario theme
Impressively deep and meaningful understanding of orchestration and arranging.
you'r P I L E
Stravinsky would absolutely approve of using that Rite of spring part.
Örn Leifsson
Ha Ha yes, take the theme and move it up minor third - I tried it on my piano and yes it's so familiar you have heard this trick so many times.