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▶ Business Inquiries - [email protected]▶ Like the video and comment!▶ SUBSCRIBE▶ CLICK THE BELL! 🔔 We really appreciate your support.A woman survives an attempted mugging by fighting off her attacker with the help of a good citizen. A security camera catches the entire event. While this video can be intense, it would be valuable for you to watch and pass on to others.Written & Directed by, Adam Pecoraro

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Aco_ Games
Wow!!! Spider man
Alexandre pignon
Amir Kamli
Ana Neryge sex jsrw
Que pau💩
Angelo Army
Anime boy 9000
You seem to be forgetting that spider man has spider sense,in the comics he can dodge BULLETS here he fails to dodge a slow punch
Azizers B
Banana Bros
Fake fake fake fake fake fake
Beccs 112
Nice costume
Jessica Jones origin story
Catrapumba 1000
This was very well done
Daniel travieso
Danielle Mercer
this made me cry. .. I'm pregnant but none the less... this was really empowering! !
DeeGamer J
Denis Daily
So cool is that real
Denis Krstic
SUPER spider-man
Donna jeffreys
spider man you teach hear good 😶 Well done you for getting them back.😓
Elijah Yazzie
This is not spider man cause he would use web's
Elza Quiroga
Enderman Playz
You can tell it was fake... BUT I LOVED IT!!!!!
Ester Manecraf
Evan Bourne
GoGo spider Man
Evan Shutt
Spider man is a boss like if you think he is a boss
FBI Open up
i couldn't help but notice spidermans very hilarious boner this whole time
Fantome Mincraft
You just tell your name
Franco Rodriguez Animator Stick Nodes
0/10 no spider sense
Fred Gamarus
Frederick Antolin
he had no web but is asom fite
Harsha Salagala
love you peter parker spdey and spiderman
Hor Sreyleang
Wow that's a real spider man
Jakobe Seymour
You can see that this is fake=_=
John Contreras
very good vid
John Duffy
batman sucks!
Kara Dyer
POOP NOOB poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop
Kealoha Kanakawai'i
Sandy, u shud of just went home and sleep in your pajamas. Halloween is not today. LMFAO
Luccas Oliveira
1:28 no hate but the cartwheel was extremely unnecessary
Matheus Alves
Mayar Elfahl
Melek Mamedova
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Michael Nguyen
So...\n\n\n\n\nThat isn't REAL Spiderman...RIGHT?
Mike Justice
Well nice dic
Mr. Koala
Honestly I remember watching this one time and I thought it was cool but now I think is really dumb xD...
Muhammad Farid Jailani
Muhammed Efe Düzel
Link atmayın okey
Nayana007 Tonini
Melhor que o homem aranha original
O que não dizer
Kkk .
Oliver Mendonca
just saying, and i am not trying to be a troll or anything, but this could have turned into porn very fast, when he is teacher her to fight
Orlando Gonzalez
100M WTF 🤯
Hi Adam Pecoraro
Parth Vm
wow spider-man is real, what it is possible
Pham Boy10
Rip spidersense
Pixel player
When you teach her how to fight that was gay this video is full of porn 😈😈😈😉😈😈😈 she got a creepy smile 😆😆😆that spiders gay 😐
President Kazoo0tles
Did anyone notice... you know... about spider man ... B====D
Rafael Felipe
Razor Blade
I like the video
Rizea Elena
Robert the Robot
fight someone with the strength of a gorilla...see how that works out
Rocky Plays124
Who else watched his when they were little
Roko Brstilo
Safet Rustemovic
super igrica
Saleh Irshed
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Scorpion de Foc
Faking video
Songul Ermis
What slandırman
Steven Forman
Excellent. \u003c3
The Marvel Bros
Theisbast 123
I like 2:34 / 2:33 part
Tyler Tator Tot
Can't believe a women kicked a guy in the nuts
Vivaldo neto
Bravo em muito bravo mamamia
Whippy the clone of Theodd1sout
I should meet him in the spider verse again
XxPrincessCrystalDream YTXx
Awww thanks for helping me learn karate now I can fight off all my bullies one by one!
Zaid Ahmad
We Empower People...because we are responsible. (With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility)
Zainab Hashin
Zakaria Bourhayal
alstrogildo game
What I love oh my god
anis anis
Prestani sa ovim djeca koja amidjicna skočila sa krova i u bolnici bogtebe
bere Salazar
Eres feo
dj Jackson
Nice man Spider-Man
francis domingo
what the hell??😞😞😞
influent halo 912
I saw this when it came out 7 years ago
jaehyuns dimples
I can tell this is fake Like DUH!!😒😠
kEa 2018 production
He would've front flipped off the car
kev gaming142YT
Bravo good nice good vid
koienigsegg rider
Yep now it's porn teaching
meselhy Mohammad
mifiou gaming
lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol ☺☺☺☺☺
rafa bebe bebe
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