2 Chainz Geeks Out Over a $500K DeLorean by West Coast Customs | Most Expensivest Sh*t

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He claims it’s the best ass he’s ever seen, but 2 Chainz didn’t come upon it in a strip club—nay, it was a dope bumper at West Coast Customs. 2 Chainz stops by the famed luxury auto company to check out one-of-a-kind ridesSUBSCRIBE for more videos: 2 Chainz Geeks Out Over a $500K DeLorean by West Coast Customs | Most Expensivest Sh*t Music:"Pink Limousine" by Rootbeer feat. Pigeon John & Flynn AdamShot at West Coast Customs

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A Suburban Dude
Where's Xzhibit?!
Aron Sch
how can he smoke so much weed without getting super thirsty.
Ashley Gentle
The blue retro design is clearly a Morgan and specifically the Morgan Aero 8. If your going to come up with \
These cars are pretty ugly... that futuristic car is 1 million and that DeLorean is 500k...... i rather buy a Lamborghini Aventador for that price!
I agree with the guy, the charger should have been a coupe, not a sedan. I love what they did to that charger, except the wheels, those are trash.
Bilal Ahmed
2 chains and everyone else should not be smoking ! It isn't healthy !
Bo Rerun
how many air bags does it got
Chance The Rapper
Didnt like the matte finish on Will.i.ams car. Made it look abit like a toy. A gloss blue would have been better
Chandler Johnson
A fool and his money will soon part.
Charlie Nangle
The only thing that makes this close to a delorean is the doors.
I hate 2 Chainz's music, but he seems really cool!
Cillian Kane
1.40 - \
Cold Boil
That light blue car was so sick!!
I would've bought the mario cart...
D. R. Davis
why is he only wearing one chain?
This guy started his business with a $10,000 loan and now he's selling million dollars cars 👍🏽
Is he burning a blunt at 1:37?
Drew Reese
2 chain smoking a blunt in the show room lol
East CoastKickz
He showing 2chainz his GTA5 garage
Elliot Reindeer
I would had just taken a DeLorean and stuff a 2jz twin turbo engine in it and slap on a liberty walk body kit with some nice Rays wheels.
Eric C
I love how in Pimp My Ride Westcoastcustoms make the car look like shit but all of their own cars look clean
That is a waste of a delorean... its riced out
imo... those are the ugliest cars ive seen
Did anybody notice the shirt he was wearing? It was covered with playboy bunnies
At 0:22 Mario kart 😂😂😂😂
Frosty Taco
poor delorean! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Geovanny's Vlogs
3:00 look
Gerardo Valenzuela
beats speakers? really? beats are a joke...
Go Green
2Chainz is like the imaqtpie of the rap word.
God Class
why did they let 2 Chainz smoke WEED IN THE PUBLIC?!
HypeBeast *
Rice coast custom
3:00 Giant USB charger jack under tail light
2 Chainz isnt as rich as you might think. His networth is only around 6.7 million.
Isiah Edwards
My friend told me that chrome wraps are illegal because they're very distracting. Is that true?
Jack Hintze
Jack Windrammer
West Coast rapes cars. I can't stand what they do to classics
Jared Shulenburg
Gta5 be like
Jason N
Why is 2 chainz wearing only one chain?
Jean Gimenez
a deloran with cheap interior..using that vintage name to make a car I didn't even know existed..watch out alot of funky cheap products are being made to keep business alive
Joe Casson
Geek Squad? I thought that was just a Best Buy thing?
John Brown
I would never run out of imagination. When I'm Wealthy... I'm holding West Coast Customs to his word. If you can dream it... We can build it.
John Morgan Channel
Omg that cool
That awkward moment when you're waiting for Xzibit to pop up outta nowhere LOL
Maoriprincess _1
he is so tall
Martin Brochu
West Rice Customs
Maxime Bertrand
Please film the cars, not Titty Boy
500k if I was a millionaire I would buy that\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nBut I'm not 😭
Mini Monster Mayhem
they have some crazys kill but my god, the cars in that show room were all horrible looking.
Mo Jo
Completely screwed the Delorean too much money not much sense
Mr Green
Noo i wanted to see the mario kart
Mr. Nationwide
You wouldn't even tell it's a DeLorean if you saw it.
Nico Nico Ni
If I had that type of money that DeLorean would be mine lmao
That charger is amazing..he deff was right they messed up making it a four door
Rhys NG
When you walk into a hackers garage on GTA V
Robert Harris
West Coast Customs low key got the ugliest cars
Seth Darvick
They took a beautiful stock Delorean and turned it into a blanched potato. I would love a stock Delorean with modified or replaced engine. What the car lacked was POWER, not beauty. WCC did a crappy job on restyling.
Shiranami Rei
why the delorean look like a Z31 in the back though?
Shroom Mane 45
Lmao will I am just plays to much GTA 5 that's the z type smh.
my question is, if they made these cars for people and those people bought it.....why does west coast still have them?
I thought west coast customs was corny af but after seeing this I can tell they can make high quality customs for the right price of course
If you want a futuristic car, buy a tesla
Stan Price ayers
Blue W.I.L.L.I.A.M is bacically a Morgan with reverse. Does
Stephen Martin
The Delorean is meant to be kept for nostalgia, not to screw up!
Steven Maurice
Will-i-am had the audacity to go on Top Gear and claim that he was starting a car company and that this modified Delorean was an original concept for his first production vehicle. He even claimed he would build it in his old neighborhood in LA. What a fraud. And Jeremy Clarkson believed him!
Tam Thang
they overcharged those card lol........the delorean for 500k.....dam thats like 400k for fun, 7k for the car.....and the rest labor and engines and new interior
That Merc Guy
way to ruin a dmc12
The Hair On Your Phone
Im about to start a heist anyone wanna join?
does he not care he's smoking in the building?
Victor Gonzalez
2 chains really is big
Viking Variety
None of these people even know what an actually nice car is, pure garbage
when you see mario kart car
No DeLorean will ever be worth 500k.
That charger was sick!
a bottle_taste
Who here noticed that this is the place Logan and Jake Paul were at in the song \
$500,000 for a piece of scrap \n\nIt's not even a DeLorean anymore it's a wannabe European super car (I think that's an insult to super cars actually)\n\nOh and I knew I couldn't take the gentleman seriously when he said the charger should've been a 2 door (it's called a challenger you dumb f***)
I'll look at a lambo before that crap
daniel massot
nice car but anyone notice the popped panel on driver side pillar??
give birth boi
This is abuse
the same garage as in the Rise Of The Pauls
anybody looked at the rear light of the delorean and thought it looked like a Z31 fairlady Z / 300ZX
itsdab boi/.mp4
Looking like a gta garage
jason murphy
2 chainz just smoking a fat joint looking at amazing rides what a life
mahir sadique
he looks kinda like DeAndre Jordan
mario ibanez
whats the song at 3:57 ??
Now he has a weed smell in the delorean hahaha
max william
Bill gates ( a nerd) can buy this swag all in 1 cheque.....
I hate 2 Chainz the rapper, but really like 2 Chainz the man.
Everything that made a DeLorean exterior cool has been lost here.
i want to drive the mario kart stoned
1:34 really? why did you do that?... we wanted to see the interior...
never mind that DeLorean, i wanna see the giant Mario Kart
silverss onyoutube
That delorean looks like a fiat
still making horrible looking cars. somethings never change
tommy d u b b s
Yo dawg I heard you like dolorians