We had to have a serious talk with Everleigh...

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Aaliyah Tudor
Who’s here when posie is born
Aidan Kane
I was an only child little girl for a little while. And when my mom told me I was getting a little brother, I wasn’t happy, I wanted my parents all to myself. But when my little brother came along, I was always by his side. I was his best friend, the person he looked up to, and his big sister. After being with him, I grew to love him so much and now we are so close. Ev, I promise you, it may seem that attention is all drawn to the baby, or it may feel like you will never love her, but trust me, that time will come when you feel like you have to protect her and care for he as much as your parents do. And Ev, I promise you, you will love her so much and she will probably love you even more. I wish you and your family the best of luck and lmk if you read this and it helped☺️☺️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Allie Nordmark
Allie Watson
Any ace family members here?
Andy the Astronaut
I love how everyone is telling their stories and me sitting in the corner the only child lol #onlychild
Ashleigh Brooke
Omg!!! CRYING!!!! Cole is the sweetest!! I hope and pray for a dad like cole for my girls one day! 😍🤞
Ashley Workouts
Not good You just think they forgot about you
Awesome times with Jensi
I have 2 older brothers they are annoying
Ayla Albert
I wasn't only child hit 2 years until my sister came in my mum had a little bit more attention thing to me but I doubt that strengthen
Brandon Burris
I have a sister and she the oldest but I got a loooot of attention but now I am going to be the middle child so I am going to feel the same as you but it’s super fun and I’m nervous because it’s coming out in the same month I was born in on the day 29 th and I was on the 13 th
Cailey Christen
Don't worry everleigh when I was 6 a little baby boy came in to my life. I was a little upset but once I actually met him we became best friends. Baby's are fun! :)
Cassidy Nicole
Everleigh is going to be the best big sister! she has so much love in her heart.
Catherine Peter
i was 1 and a half when my brother was born and i was the oldest so i didnt know that much about what was going on but i specifically remember my parents sitting me down and i was like i dont care i have a cute baby in the house.
Chelsea Ann
It was totally hard for me it took me 13 years to be connected with my little brother. Love you guys. #Labrant Fam.
Cherrie Bermundo
P for poise, take her a🚿🆗 \nAnd put on her👗🆗 AND let her🌃 oh AND 🍐🍐 FEED HER🙌🙌🙌🙌 take Good luck at taking Care of the 🚼🆗😘😇 GOD BLESS :D
Cheryl Ashley Greene
Why did you do that to your daughter ! 😐😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😄🐙🎉🎊
Claire Bear
Everleigh so adorable when she dances
Coral Breeden🤠😜
I was the very little kid of four, I was the youngest. But sometimes it was hard to understand things hat were going on. And sometimes my older siblings acted weird, like mad and stuff. So j make sure everly gives alot of love Wich I'm sure she will. Being a big sister will be great, j make sure she wins a little when you play games when she gets older two!!!!!😘❤️🤪🍾🤠🤠🤠🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 Have fun!!!!
Cynda Bonikowske
When I was about six I had a new little baby brother and I was kind of hard for me but after a couple weeks I got more used to having a little baby brother is probably the best thing of my life and now I'm 9 and I have two little baby brothers take for granted I just lost a little baby cuz my mom was pregnant what she lost her baby so it's kind of hard for me but I got it together but I was grateful for the two little brothers that I had
Daniela Airey
I understand Everleigh and what she is going through, it’s tough for a six year old! \nMy brother was alone for four years and it was tough for him, not knowing that the attention won’t be for him all the time, but he has understood and now he is 15 years old.
Diana Anton
i cried to much because my mom was always with my sis and giving her attention so i had no one to play with and my dad was in another country
Djessy Hermsen
My mummie is also preganent its a boy and its amazing
Donna M Jeronimo
it was really hard for me to take care of my brother
Ellaaa Rene
I was an only child for 11 years. Then my Dad and Stepmom had a baby 5 1/2 months ago. At first I was a little jealous because I thought I wasn’t getting any attention. But now I know that it’s really not like that. Yes, she is a baby and needs a little more attention, especially since she was premature, but it won’t take away all the time you get with your parents. And now I love my baby sister and she’s pretty much like my baby too. I ended up loving my sister so much I would get sad when my parents would take her away to go to bed. So it’ll be fine Everleigh! ily!! 💕
Hey Everleigh!\nMy sister was born when I was 8 years old. Which means that I was the only child for 8 years! I remember feeling the same exact way you did. I remember being scared that my parents would love my baby sister more than they would love me, but that was not true what so ever! My parents loved us both sooo much! God blessed your family with a baby, and beautiful, happy, loving parents. Your parents have unconditional love for the both of you! Just remember that the baby needs more attention and help since she can’t do things by herself quite yet ;that doesn’t mean that they only focus on her, or only love her. You and your sister will grow up and be best friends, you are going to love her so much!! I promise! I wouldn’t trade my sister for anyone else in the world!! I love her to death! You are going to be such a great role model for your sister! You can help your mommy and daddy out a lot with this new baby! Trust me! Wishing you the best xoxo- Emily
Emily Ryann
Esmee Prins
i was a only child until 11 but then my father get a realation with a girl who has 2 kids first when i hear that i was a little scared. but it was fun because you can do things together your the one who they wanna be and you can share a lot of things so ev you gonna enjoy it and i know you already do but if she posie is older you gonna do a lot of things together so your doing great
Fabiola Suárez
*WHO ELSE’S DAY GET 1000000% percent better when Cole & Sav post?????!!!*
Felicia Rose
I was 6 when my sister was born and 9 when my bro was born. I got very jealous of my sister because my mum was always having to look after her. But my mum would always make time for me when she could. When my bro was born, me and my sis hated it and wanted him to leave, but after a while you learn to live with it and you learn why. Don't worry everleigh! Siblings are great once you spend more time with them rather than annoyed at them 😂❤
Finley Rosenbaum
Ev I was 7 when my sister was born and I love her sooo much!!!! It was hard to share my parents but it all works out because you become the helper and just remember they still love you just the same!
Foxy Gaming
When Cole told Everleigh that he wouldn’t love her ANY less I cried, like this guy has so much love for this child he isn’t even biologically connected to 😭❤️
Gymtwins 1022
When I had my sister I was soo excited so don’t be sad ev
Hailee Steinfeld Fan
I was so exited when I found out I was having a baby brother but the day he arrived I was crying saying to return him I thought I was being replaced and forgot about but now he’s like my best friend and we argue at times but I love him as well as my 3 other younger sisters that came along a couple years after him
Harmanpreet Singh
When I was about 6 my mother got pregnant and had the child when I was 7. Obviously I felt odd since my mom and dad were spending more time with my younger brother. as he got older, we noticed something odd. My brother has autism and it was hard getting used to it, especially me because I’ve never dealt with a younger sibling, let alone a special one. I remember being 10 and him being 3 and I’d just be so embarrassed because he’d just yell randomly and cause attention, making me super uncomfortable. But now I’m 14 and he’s turning 7 and I love him with all my heart and though he suffers from autism I always remembered how much better my life is with him. So if your reading this to everleigh, having a younger sibling isn’t bad at all, you learn to love them and protect them because you play the role of an older sibling, and that’s the coolest thing about it.\n\nEdit: I’m so glad so many people can relate! I’d always be so embarrassed to have friends over because I’d be terrified about what they’d think of my brother. Just know if your uncomfortable with something like this, talk to your parents, it gets better, I promise.
Holly Tab
That was emotional for me too. I love u and your family loves u 10000000000000000000 times more and always will. Change is big but u have to deal with it. But just think of a way around the problem and be accepting for what ever life throws at you. Maybe even write down ur thoughts and feelings in a special diary and put the date there. So if u ever want to look back at it or if u want to show ur sister if another baby would b coming to help her or if u just want to write to ur parents for them to look at and go through instead of u going to talk to them if u can’t. Love u and you will love baby P. Ly ❤️❤️❤️
Hope Malloy
When my mum told me that I was going to have a little sister I was 8 and it was really hard because I was an only child Anyways it gets easier ev just enjoy having a little sister while you can. Because it’s beautiful watching them grow up 💗💗💗💗💗
Imogen And holly
5 years but then after everything changed because my mam had another baby and my step dad doesn’t like after me or doesn’t talk to me comment and like if this has happened to you
Awh Everleigh!! Your parents will still love you just as much!!❤️❤️❤️
It’s KK
My sister was born when I was 5yo, and now I’m 10, and I love her to death! At first it was kind of hard for me, because my parents would put all their attention towards her, and I used to think that they liked her more, and to be honest, at times I was jealous, but as days progressed into months, and months progressed into years, I realized that they were doing this because taking care of a baby is hard, and doesn’t leave you much time to do anything else. I understood that they love us both equally! And I remember that on her second birthday she just came up to me and hugged me! That’s when I realized something else, that being a big sister is really important, and provides you with a sibling to love! I’m sure that Everleigh, and the baby will get along really well, and will love each other! I love you guys so much! xoxo ♥️♥️💖 \nEdit: OMG thank you so much for all the likes!
Izzywizzygymnast 124
Hi my besties parents split up and they both had a baby with other people 💖 so now she has a bro and a sis
I was a only child for 6 years then my brother came in and it a little hard at first butt it gets awsome really fast
Janine Jankowitz
It was hard 😣😥
Janine Wastell
I was 8 and my bro was born and I love him so much everleigh ur soooo cute and ur gonna love ur sister I bet ya x
Jorja Mackay
U should change ur profile picture❤️❤️❤️
Kendon & Ashley
My mom says that just after a couple days of me being home from the hospital my brother said \
Kk GachameVerse
Ev everything is gonna be okay I felt the same way when my brother was born and a little bit jealous but now I love him. You are going to love your baby sister with all your heart and never forget that your family loves you.
La Toya Harper
I was the only child for 7 years then Alyssa came I was jealous about it then my mom said don't cry I will always love you forever
Laurel Bingham
I was a only child for 6 years and then MY sister was born. I loved her so much and I held her every second I could. I got mad when someone else tried to take her! 😂\nI hope Everleigh loves her beautiful baby sister just as much as I love mine.
Leah Finley
I was an only child for 14 months
Leeann Hendrix
yes my sister came in and i felt really hurt but i know what it is like
Lexi FlameS
I had a baby sister when I just turned 5 and my mom and dad did not have a very good relationship so they broke up and I had to be home with a heart broken mom trying to take care of a baby but baby girl let me tell you in 11 years old now and YES they can be punks but they will be the ONLY person that you have when your parents are gone and I want you to know you will have time with your mom and dad and ALOT of time with your sister what I'm trying to say is don't worries you will live the best life a kid could ask for
Lienuks Mangina
Well I was a bit upset but when my mommy said that when the baby came I loved her so so much and right now she is 3 and she is o fun to play with. So Everleigh no need to worry she will be so fun to play with I might even send you a video on instgram about where we have so much fun Also love your vids and keep up the good work💜💜☺☺
LifewithJewels Beauty
READ THIS TO EVERLEIGH: When I was 5 my little sister Sophia came out of my mommy’s belly and I was kinda jealous but once I saw my baby sisters face she looked soooo adorable so cute I feel in love with her! It was extremely heart warming to finally meet her! Ever since she was little I’ve played barbies with her I remember when we took my mommy to the hospital I took my Barbie with me and when I met the baby I gave the Barbie to her! It was very cool and fun to have a friend in the same house so we can play together and I won’t be lonely so when your mommy has her baby you won’t play with all your toys alone you will have a best friend to play with you!❤️
Lily Anna
Roses are red\nViolets are blue\nI came for 6:38\nAnd so did you
Lily Blaker
My sister was born when I was 3 and it was hard but Everliegh I know you can get through this! You'll love your little sis/bro soooooooo much!💘
Luke Doran
I got totally different from the best thing ever that happened to me 😍
Luna Dixy
I have 5 children it is driving me up the walls
Madeline Bastedo
I know I’m a little late coming in but I wasn’t an only child but my brother was an only child for seven years and we don’t have the same father so whenever I came along my dad had a talk with him and said that just because that Your sister coming along and I might give her more attention to her doesn’t mean that he loves my brother any less so always love us both the same
Madison Clegg
My mum had my brother when I was 8 has an different dad too it was hard it was an New beginning coz I thought my mum wouldn’t love me anymore but now I don’t that they will always love me and my brother the Same but when I watch ev coming and seeing baby Posie for the first time she love her alfalfa so sweet love you guys so much what an amazing cute family ❤️. Ps sorry this is so late lol 😂
Makenna Mathews
I prayed about it and o was a only child for 5 years then I had my little brother but I just prayed about it and I talked to my parents about it and I never felt jealous really I felt more like excited that the baby is here but on the other hand I felt like I was had more responsibilities and I wanted to be the best big sister that I could possibly be but just tell everleigh to talk to y'all guys like you said in the video and I'm sure she will be so excited when baby p arrives
Mariana Hernandez
Ummmmm when my mom brought home my brother for the first time I ran crying to the restroom yelling take him back!
Marshall Williams
You are going to love her you can have sleepovers so it ok you will love her very much so don't worry .....
Matt Parker
I cried a little but I had to realize the part of the family now I loved her so much I hope you have a good life with your baby
Mikki Wong
Well my brother was like 3 so i don't know what he thought about me
Natalie Erickson
I was an only child for three years. When my mom went into labor I was so excited. I waited for so long in the waiting room and I WAS ANXIOUS! When my mom gave birth to my brother and I was allowed to go see him I was singing as a walked down the hall. Then after a few days reality set in. I wasn't getting as much attention and it was a little hard to get used to. Now I'm 12 and I've had my brother for 9 years and he gets a little aggravating, but I still love him and I wouldn't trade him for the world. Don't take the little things for granted Everleigh, love your sister and help out your parents.
Noa-Rose Golan-Ende
I was 4 when my sister came into the world and i am the oldest of my siblings so i was an only child before my sister came. When she came into the world i was quite jealous at times and i was a little angry with my parents because all the attention wasn’t on me anymore and most of the time my mum and dad were with the baby, However i loved playing with her and helping out my parents and i do very much love her. Now i understand completely and love her very much. I hope this helps.
Olivia Puppiesss
I hope everleigh understands that she was looked after the same way and a little child needs to be looked after so he/she can succeed in life ❤️❤️❤️😔❤️❤️❤️
Phoebe Dyson
Is the girl name posie?
Poppy rose Bray
I thought I was going to have no attention but when the baby come my parent loved me and the baby the same ps don’t worry everligh it will be fine pps sorry if I spelt your name wrong love your biggest fan poppy
Reet Naidu
Well I am not a older sister but I have heard that the older child feels left out but since Savannah and Cole are such amazing parents that I’m sure they will know how to manage. But it’s not that bad
Rosi Kapsazova
Russell and Carin Ashton
Im 10 now and my little brother dawson came when i was 5 in agust my B-day is in may so i think a little younger than Everly when my mom and dad told me adout this i cryed to. in 2016 my little sister adi came then in 2018 we had a angel baby named evie i am still crying do not forget eveyone still loves you and you will alway be ther baby
When my brother was first born he had gastric so my mom sent him to her mom to take care of him for 1 year and after that he kind of knew that I am his sis so ya\n\nFor Everleigh I feel that she is quite a strong girl but when I saw her cry and when I looked at her eyes she had a felling that she might loose her parents but now in your latest video she is still the same happy princess \n\nAll thanks to both get parents giving her the trust that you guys won't let go of her and always keep her close to you heart and so as baby Poise \n\nWelcome Home Poise❤\n\nSavannah and Cole: BEST PARENTS EVER\n+ \nEverleigh and Posie: BEST SISTERS EVER\n=\nGREAT FAMILY😘😘
Sam•hayliegh Wilson
It was good just by myself but until my sister's came it was hard they needed to get feed my dad would work it was hard
Sarah Memon
I m second child. Who also?
Sarah Vadnais
Don't be. Sad
Shannon Smith
I played with my brother so much when he was a baby
Skye Hanna
I was almost 5 when my baby sister was born. I was so so so excited and I came back to this video after watching Everleigh react to seeing Baby P. I think I reacted the exact same way as her. there will be huge moments of jealousy. I remember I felt like I didn't get enough direct attention. If i asked a question is was answered but not really invested in. That would be my advise for you two as parents. For the most part I loved being a big sister and still do. She is my partner in crime now and we do so much together. I'm now 24.
Sof M
I was 4 a month away from 5 years old when my little sister came and i really wanted to have a sibling however it was obvious that she would get more attention. Of course i was jealous but you get used to it with time and now even though we sometimes fight i love my sister like no other \nI love you guys and i bet ever will be an amazing big sister
My mom was pregnant when i was five and she had the baby when i was 6 and it was definitely a new beginning because i was so used to being an only child but i loved my brother and yes i got a little bit jealous sometimes because sometimes he got more attention i did when he was little but i got used to it and i learned that hes a baby so he needs more attention. Now that hes 4 years old, he does get on my nerves sometimes 😂😂😂 but boy i love that kid so frickin much and i will never stop loving him. Please like this so cole and sav sees and reads it to everleigh because i really want her to see this.
Sophie Mckinley
Hey Everleigh! ☺ if your reading this don't worry! I was in the same position but it all worked out just fine I was happy when the baby came and now I have a little sister! Yeah, sometimes she is annoying now she is a bit older but I love her very much and I wouldn't change it look the world! Lots of love 💙💙💙💙💙
The Carters
it was super hard\nBecause I was seven when my younger sister was born\nTell Everly that she is super brave
Trinity and Beyond
Awe... that was so happy sad
Unicorn Lover
Do you have a p.o. box cause I have fan mail for you guys
Yvonne Smith
We needed to have that talk whith parker
*so excited for them to go from 3 to 4 😭😭😭* Everleigh will be the best sister 🙏🏼\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nPs I’m a small YouTuber xxx
alie's post
Who's cutting the onions?
chloe xxcloud
It was hard \nBecause my mum spent loads of time with the baby not me and I got a sitificut at school and she didn’t care well at least I think she didn’t care
jame vang
I have to wash my little sister's butt
jocelyn fun with toys
Everly this is for you Rose's are red violets are blue sugar is sweet and so are you your pretty and kind your a sweet little girl your strong so dont cry when i was a baby when he was born i always hit him i was jealous
kaylee production films
I’m an only child and I always will be but I wanted a sister but I think it would be hard at first but then get better
nancy kight
When I was five almost six my mom had a baby I was kinda embarrassed because I couldn't go to school and I knew I had to tell them
I am 8 but I don't have a siblings but she will be happy because she always wanted a sibling
sarah 123
My brother was 15 when I was born and my birthday was the day after his so his birthday was ruined because of me lol
shelelah piggee
When I was a little baby I never saw my dad
shylars world