PS3 RSX GPU reballing from begin to end

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I just like to share knowledge.Maybe I could have done things better, maybe not.When you like this video, please give me a thumbs up.I know, I used too much thermal compound, nowadays using much less. Please do not comment on that, because I already know.

ps3 reball rsx

Nou ik in de veronderstelling dat dit echt een chinees moet zijn om dit soort priegel werk te doen, \nzie ik aan het einde van het filmpje \
Abdelkrem Abdelkrem
what materials and tools have you used?
Adam Ahmed
Hi, at 14:20 what is the name of that mop like tool which you use to heat the solder braid with?
Alexia Ashford
por que le pones pasta de silicona se volvera a estropear
can you tell me the solder irons you are using in this video and spatula tip
Apolo John
Qual é o modelo desse console? Is CECHH01?
Bob Marley
Ok so is that a blow dryer/heat gun? And what was that on top of the processor?
Brown Trout
do you perform this as service and whats cost?
Carlos Hijosa
mete la placa base en el horno envuelta en papel de plata y menos rollos jejeje
DJ Eylisium
The sounds on this video are pure ASMR!
Darrel Jno baptiste
The ps3 motherboard seems more advance than the ps4
Deckard Threepwood
Please do that to my PS3!
Diego Alejandro Cabrera
Madre mía ! Que trabajo de chino ! Es muy tedioso a la vez que admirable.
DiegoPeral Benchmark
From its construction you can see clearly this was a nice piece of machinery made it by Sony, PS4 is just a copy of this with more memory and processing capabilities of course. Real revolution was here. How long did it last with this technique?
Dystar 924
The PS one had the greatest bonus features before Spider-Man specs... 🎮♠️🕸🕷🍃
Habe es bei meiner vor 3 Jahren gemacht sie funktioniert bis heute aber habe zu setzlichen Kühler montiert 2 x 40mm sind am hinteren backover verklebt bringt sehr viel ist noch eine ps3 die ps2 Spiele ab Spielt macht da Leute aber die normale fat umbauen lont nicht da man die ps3 fast kostenlos bekommt ab 30€
Filip Bednarowski
This is my kind of ASMR \u003c3
Gabriel S.
nice thumbnail picture
George PPS
It’s amazing how this could be done and how well you do it! wow!
Georgi Galabov
again, as a learner, please share knowledge on temperature setting for hot air? Preheat? Temperature probe to what max temp? What flux do you use?
What is the model of this console???
Great william
what's the temperature you used during this progress?
Grobi Grobian
Nehm Mal n Akkuschrauber, voll öde ey
Hi im Ish
12:52 i remember back from metal shop my instructor would always yell...DON'T FORGET THE FLUCKS (flux) XD. One of the rare few high school teachers i liked :). Most of them were so crazy and annoying.
Icinesis Wayons
This guy is meticulous I've seen him in many other video's and he knows what he's doing!
Inotamira Orani
Is it just me, or is the sound off by like, half a second?
Javier Paredes Sanchez
Buen video enseñando un poco del duro trabajo del técnico reparador
John Powell
WAYYYY too much thermal compound!
Jomi Garrucho
great video, but the occasional audio lag is disturbing
Can somebody tell me what the problem was? \n\nIm guessing the solder under the chip got too hot with the heat of the ps3 running and got missed placed? anyone???
Jonas Ebel
great job!
Joshua King
Where the he'll you get all those tools at?
Katsu Kiogin
It is like asmr just watching it annoys me with the delay in audio.
Kazeem Yusuf
Nice job you. Please how can I get the machine used to fixed the ps3 thank you?
What is the name of the tool you're using attached to the soldering iron for desoldering? I'm trying to find one for my soldering iron.
Krzysztof 363
Hot air?
audio sync pls, good work
Lotus cola
Sony boards look like jewellery but, sony virtually makes no components on their products, and the assembly is generally terrible, so many sony failures.
M Xxx
great job ..what are you charging for that work on the ps3 phat ?
نيمراو دايلك
Mafty Kyle
amazing technique channel
Mahir Sharma
Once I used too much thermal paste .. now my ps3 is showing false temperature! It cpu reaches to 80+ within one minute at the same time rsx is at 45-50 degrees... what should i do now ? How can i fix this ! Please help ! I bought 2nd hand ps3 a few months ago ! Plz help ! 😓😭😭😭.
Mert BEY
Good job
Mido Tech Tips
This is the most satisfied video I saw so far man keep doing your work with this quality every step was 100% right and please don't care about this bad comment from other people's about how much thermo you should apply with PS3 special this fat model you need to apply alot of amounts because the size of CPU &GPU heatsink. Nice job I really like it
HI you use a lot of components (alcohol, flux, wire and braided wire) can you please tell what you use exactly in which moment. Will be nice if you could write time and the component. Thank you.
Hi, what's the name of the tool at minute 13:43 ? Thank you :)
Nguyễn Hải Nam
What type soldering station and tips your using ?
Né Ounaoe
Bom dia! tenho um ps3 e parou de ligar após queda de energia. Notei que ao medir alguns componentes, a placa modulo de wifi esta em curto junto com outros. Para poder efetuar a troca do mesmo, tem que comprar no mesmo modelo do módulo wifi AW-GM381 ou pode ser outro (numeração)?
OctoMan PC's
Bravo this was a pleasure to watch! This is an ART! However, doing this is NOT worth all this effort! Spectacular job never the less!
Oton Gabriel
Exelent video bro :o
what are the temperatures that you use at what temperature should the video chip arrive to be able to lift it without being damaged, what temperature do you use to put the chip back?
Paton Van Aensland
Wish I could send my ps3 to you sir for a fix up. Excellent work on that one though.
Rob Satanta
No wonder the place I called to repair this wanted $150. Looks way beyond anything I could do. Very good video though!
Rose Phoenix
I thought that when I saw the PlayStation 3 is supposed to be like it's something like fantastic magnificent and amazing that what's going on inside of the PlayStation 3 the game better inside of it like like a futuristic technology but it is not when you open a tight ends at 3 I was so not positive I was like does mild have to be upside down I mean it supposed to be like a something like a avoid like 21st century of Technology but it's just like a flat of a pancake but let me tell you this remember that the first game console that in 2001 that he was released it's it's called Xbox now have you ever done it before but if you do so this Xbox the first one have amazing of a technology but have cable would have powers over tawasentha like a parts and cables wires I mean it was incredible game system of the geek nerd or two smaller brains they could think anything that it David mazing of a technology the 21st century on the Xbox but let's see what's going to happen next anyway for the PlayStation 4 or even five I don't know new looks new games console and new ships
Thats alot of work. I would rather have a P.C. But besides that, Great job.
Shoaib Shaikh
Very nice video. Can you please share the temperature settings used in the Rework machine?
Is it just me or the audio/video is off sync... Also, thats a lot of thermal paste!\nAmazing video though :)
SliP _
It'll be broke again in no time. you gave it a bandaid at the very best
PS3 had great hardware packed together.. marvel of engineering
sound out of sync
Tomás Delizia
OMG I cannot believe you went though all of that for a model that's not even fully backwards compatible. Impressive anyways.
Toyota Grande
Ty Robinson
I love seeing fellow reballers work. I've done business with this guy buying products and always been great. I've been reballing for about 6 yrs now and I can say this is a great job. Keep going, Pro !!
Very Nice work, my respect! Thats the way i like to see that all, Nice and Clean, all great, just the Thermal Coumpond was to much, and the IHS you could replace it next time first on the Cooler it self :) Best Regards
Vicious Saito
can you make a list of all the tools you used
Vincent Telfer
just joking but all the dust and webs cleaned of the board might have fixed the problem
William Hall
I do not have any PS3's I am trying to fix or anything.. but I just wanted you to know that I appreciate the time and detail you put into this. I do a couple DIY documents myself and I know this can be tedious. \n\nGreat job!
Yogesh Jain
Kudos!!!! Awesome precision in all the work! Thanks for sharing. All the best to you for the future.
chris Bryson
it looks incredibly satisfying to do
Thats how a Professional do.
Would you work on my ps3 cheA01? It has the same ylod problem. Please let me know.
idris ighit
combien vous le réparer
Great video, thank you for sharing!
iulian ispas
Thanks for saving a pice of gaming history
javi javier
re fácil solo hace falta un par de maquinarias para este bricolaje jaja
jhon lopez
At what temperature do you withdraw the rsx?
jordan harding
jurgen bussche
omdat er nedls te lezen staat :)
kafula sinyinza
great video no stupid music playing in the background
mantra gloom
BTY..I used this vid to disassemble and reassemble,and Gilksy1`s PDF and vid to reball
I wish I was capable of doing this for my ps3 without completely destroying the unit.
ps3,ps4,xbox 360 and xbox one reballing service
i reball ps3 only for 30$
ramon librea
take good care, of with you're video games if your unit two twenty or one ten!
What temperature do you have your soldering iron at?
were somehow satisfying those solder cleaning parts
sirus gonzalez
facil hermanos cambien la bateria. tiene sobre voltaje.
I would like you to fix mine
Looks very professional. You know what you do. How much would you take for doing it ?
Александр Калинин
Ну кто так термопасту мажет(((
Евгений Поляков
you have to reflow this chip with the same result, its like amd gpu where the problem is between crystal and body of chip, just reflow it with flux to 215 degree. p.s. secret from russia
Фёдор Николаев
Термопасты многовато ебанули мужики. Thx, this is a great video!
ЮриЙ Подойников
монитор служит ещё ковриком либо чтоб ноги вытирать? ужас неужели протереть зкран нельзя?