You're Not Going Anywhere! (When Idiots Play Games #88)

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07:28 it's GTA V. Not Red Dead Redemption.
Alex Qualcuno
Alimuddin Rahmat
7:20 GTA
Alyax93 Sigle TV
Andre Luiz
Andrew Nicola
7:25 gamesprout being gamesprout lol
7:25 didnt know red dead redemption have armored car and sport car
Baha Guven
7:28 red dead redemption ?
Balls TheTalkingDog
1:15 is this a northernlion stream sniper? \
Batdog 55110
Apparently this video is private
BestowalPants Gaming
7:25 wrong game
7:25 it's Red Dead Redemption, you know, when you time travel to the futur :P
Black Ops 4 WTF
Amazing video like everyday!\nHey guys I made my third video today, it would be nice if you watch and assess it. Thanks;)
Black list
2.42 มีไทยด้วย
Bluecave Gaming
I wish my clips got in the vid...
Brandon Papper
I actually think the shinobi from for honor was me
6:20 Roman blocked his number. He was calling to ask Niko to go bowling.
Captain Punch!!
U are the best man
Clems First
C4 in Insurgency? ?\nThat's somethig you don't see often (C4 beeing used)
Cremedela Meme
I cant wait for RDR2 funny moments
Rockstar really made Red dead2 look like gta5 7:25
David Pires
360p squad.
Dog of Wisdom
Red Dead Redemption looks very different than the last time I played it.
Dowódca Pieseł
EduVinnie 007
7:25 Red Dead Redemption????
Ei Ei
Nice Video. Love from Germany🇩🇪😘. But you maked a mistake, because i thinking it was in 7:20. The GTA5 clip. You wirte Red dead Redemption
Emanuele Ciccolini
I love this game AHAH!
Endless River
144p squad brah
2:05 press F to pay Respect :( Poor guy
I love gamesprout
7:20 Yeah... that's TOTALLY Red Dead Redemption right there. I mean, it couldn't possibly be anything like IDK... GTA5 Online perhaps? lol
Francesco Migliaccio
Your video is so funny.
Gameknight 1110
7:24 nice red dead redemption
Good lemon Cranko
7:25 umm I think that maybe just maybe that’s the wrong game
Gibt's hier auch deutsche Zuschauer?🇩🇪
Haedon Ameigh
24 more days till Red Dead Redemption 2. 🤩
Henry Likanal
Omg omg omg! Thank you for Featuring my vid!
It’s me ! 😛 9:43
Jason Wharton
7:20 - Wrong game named, it should be GTAV
Justin Y.
Read Dead Redemtion 2 Hype Train inbound
JxWxE sal
Hmmmm that's not red dead redemption 7:30
Kevin Gunawan
07.24 are u sure that red rempedition ??
Little Heart
came down here to read comments on red dead redemption mistake
M.mohsin M.mohsinkhalid
Ohhhhh crap!!!
7:24 is GTA5 not Red Dead
Alguien noto que del minuto 7:28 estaba el GTA V y decía redes desde redemtim
Matthew Readhead
I love your videos sooo muchhhh
Midnite St0rm
7:20 Wow red Dead redemption looks amazing. I didn’t know they had armoured cars in the 19th century Midwest.
Moyasser Mohammed
7:28 its not red dead redemption
Mr. Bola
7:20 Red Dead Redemption???
dap 4:34
Ned Lees play
Nasuh Esat Kaçmaz
New Za
*2:45** คนไทยนี้ว่ะ55*
Noob Gaming
7:25 Read Dead Redemption 3: In The Cities
Nopphadet pechsangharn
There's bug สไปเดอร์แมนติดรถ hahaha
Octavian Ortega
7:21 that’s gta 5
OscarTheChungo X
6:28 YASS
7:30 there is a gta5 clip named with red dead redemption
Paydayonline 2569
7:21 Red Dead Redemption Dlc looks lit
Very funny
Rafael Alódio
7:25 I am pretty sure that game was GTA V.
Ranscan KNRT
Good work man 👍👍
Robin K.
6:49 Like a PRO!!
Sagi hilely
I didn't know they had cars in Red Dead Redamption 7:29
RDR\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003eGTA V
Simona Buonavolontà
Solo It
3:00 hello darkness my old friend...
Spizy Chili
Pls GameSprot don’t add Fortnite clips in your vids. It makes the whole video so cringe. I hope you remove Fortnite clips. \u003c3 Nice video.
Stasiu S.
Red ded dedemption on gta 5? 7:31
Team Alpha
Well Done Team Alpha Gaming Approves ;)
Terror 1st
7:20. modern red dead redemption.. impressive 🤣😂
The Funk Phenomenon
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The Sloth King
7:24 wow Red Dead Redemption cleans up nice!
4:43 that me 😍
All these clips were awesome lmao nice one guys
Tiago F
7:25 Red Dead Redemption 2 will have Insurgents!!!
9:12 mew sound effect😂
Topic TM
7:20 why Reed Dempt redemtion
Utsukushii Korosu
7:22 Red Dead Redemption looks a lot like GTA V... and those horses look like big ass armored trucks. 😏
7:22 I'm pretty sure this was GTA 5
Yoru Kage
7:20 wow rdr good an upgrade XD good vid like always
Shout out to me for being first 😂🤙🏾
7:25 since when they get a DLC?
best gameplay
7:25 since when are cars in red dead
caiera 04
How do you NOT like #GameSprout videos? Unless you were on the receiving end of those kills this is GREAT STUFF!
erdano tsabat
6:20 the best fail ever
how many turtles are watching this channel
madhavan jith
7:20 ; the game is GTA 5 not read dead redemption.
niklas koskinen
Shape scan privacy access album district excuse questionnaire hour investigation potential.
opappi Tipps & Tricks
spooky lingerie
sees halo 2, thinks sniper... friend dies from beam rifle\nme-😒rly? did u not see that coming?
summerysteam 96
7:20 it gta v not rdr 😑🤔
videos gameplays nico
In the minut 7:24 its GTA V no its RED DEAD REDEMPTIONS XDXDXD
1:15 what kind of child-molesting serial killer uses J as his interact key?!?!?!
Степан Одуха
6:20 Niko, it`s Roman, let`s go bowling!
7:25 u wrote GTA5 in Red Dead Redemption\nCool its fine keep on