Tanya's MOD Spotlight (Overwhelming Artillary) - Forts RTS [76]

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Hello there! Project Incursus here!Today we're playing with Tanya's Mod! It includes a lot of new toys. Check it out on the steam workshop!I love hearing back from your guys about my family friendly videos, what do you like? What criticisms do you have for the video? Leave a comment below and let me hear it!Your support is always appreciated, a like and subscribe goes a long way to more videos!Subscribe:

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Abies alba
new toys? you seem to be having a lot of fun with the new mortar type =3
Two separate\u200b ads went on at the beginning of video
Alex Houghton
...Is this what its like to play against me in supreme commander?
Aron Septianto
it's rare to see incursus laugh in joy
awesome\nPlease more justice raining from above
Captain NeL
Derick is 2x3 or 2x2 and generate 15m. Two upgraded mines are 2x1 and generate 14m. I prefer to use mines.
Chris V
Ahh yes by the laugh alone I can tell your a man who enjoys destruction and carnage I think I could find my self a home at this channel
Daniel Strand
When the foglauncher fires it sound like WWII Russian Katyusha rockets
Daryl Razon?
Arty only in forts
For the Honor Forge
I just rewatched the Atom Cannon parts in patient anticipation for livestreaming. :)
from General Tanya-chan:\nNice video! :D\nPS: You can actually build the swarmlauncher in a 45 or -45 degree angle.
Husky Beaver
Nice, looks like a meteor shower is just decimating the population!
Jake Grube
fyi its spelled artillery
Jay Koerner
the positive thing about the oil well seems that it doesn't effect the ability to place bottom nukes, unlike a normal mine
Maarten Reij
Plz do more of this mod \nIts awesome
Mack Johnson
Those mini mortars (I guess that's what we call them?) sound just like nebelwerfers from WWII! haha
Interesting, those tiny T-3’s use the sound of the Katyusha as their firing noise! What a glorious sound for an even more glorious weapon, it is worthy of Stalin’s organ.\n\nMaybe..\n\nThey also sound like the German nebelwerfer(?), but then again the two MRLS’s, sound almost exactly the same
Mukhlis Nur
that atom cannon didn't just cause a structural damage... it caused a psychological damage as well...
Nogi Sonoko
M56 Atomic Cannon, it not only wreck your opponent base, but their will to fight too.\n\nBut damn i'm enjoying every single moment of pure destruction in this episode! It more scary the fact that you just showcase all the weapon and just playing your opponent XD
Sapto Datta
more forts live stream
Solar Wave
Dont play with your food 👍
Love the forts vids
Vladimir Lenin
its spelt artillery not artillary
Why are you repairing your enemy base . 14:14 😂😂😂😂
they actually used the launching sounds from \
Wilhelm Stenvall
Why are the enemy screaming stop? It's PvP bro!
connor li
that atom cannon is Phil swifts soul beast
diego madariaga
I feel the paim from the artilery
And did you know that \
artillery general tanya-chan
ישי לוי
I love that mode