Demonstrating All 7 Modes in Parallel [MODAL MUSIC THEORY]

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Popular but still underrated. Plz keep it up
Adrian Cruz
I would say that the note of interest in Major is actually the perfect 4th rather than the major 7th, at least modally speaking. If you play each chord in the with their corresponding 7ths included, then you find that you can’t substitute the the tonic chord with any chord that includes the perfect 4th of the scale. In fact, that the 7th feels much more restful upon the tonic triad than the perfect 4th does.
Afron Prime
Hey bro the 20 80 rule still applies. You like 80% of the scales and 20% not so much.
Actually, if used correctly, the Locrian mode can be incredible. I’m currently working on a song that uses it (at least for some parts, it changes keys every two measures), and it sounds pretty good. Locrian sounds awful on guitar, no matter how you do it, but with some free VST plugins I’ve managed to make it work. I also have a thing for “uncommon” chords, like diminished, augmented, and some really wacky ones where I basically just throw notes together. I actually try to stay away from major and minor, to try to give it a little more depth.
Akio Iwano
Locrian is the foundation of terror themes!!!!
Alef Sousa
I'm seeing this video already knowing the modes pretty well, but I have to say: the way you teach and explain those things is awesome! If that video was around when I started learning about these things, my life would've been SO MUCH easier! Great job, man!
Aleksandr Novik
you have such a radio talk host voice every single time i think the radio is on somewhere
Alex Lawson
Locrian works well for dark metal. Enter sandman by metallica is in locrian (uses the flat fifth frequently in the intro)
Amrit Mehta
*I just realised... You look and sound like Symour Skinner from the Simpsons!*
Anti Phase
I think somewhere in the Middle East guitar teachers say: Well, this is Phrygian, sounds the most generic and traditional. And those are other modes, they`re kinda exotic
Backpack Empty Of Dollars
phrygians where its at
Brandon Keaton
Brilliant video, man. I do not use \
C Nutella
It sounds like Primus writes in Locrian
Carlos Sm
please make a how to use dorian video!!!!!! btw the how to use lydian scale video was amazing
Cathal Brady
Locrian = Rage Against the Machine (Think I Heard a Shot) ?
Charlie torrez
A regular diminished chord for home super imposes the locrian bb7 mode from double harmonic major -_-- home chord for locrian is a m7b5 or a locrian chord which is a 1b4b5 -_-
i only came here to watch locrian power get unleashed.
Colton Crawford-Sicz
You are by far one of the greatest teachers on youtube!
Scott: I don’t trust teachers\n\nAlso Scott: I want to teach you...
Best mode video ever. Nobody else explains it quite right.
David Seow
This was the most clear explanation of modes I've come across - as someone who knows next to nothing about music theory I gained a lot from this! Many thanks
Davide Mura
Yo what did Locrian mode even do stop cyberbullying
Deondre Richmond
Keys are determined by the third and seventh notes. therefore, locrain would have some cool uses.
Dmitry Zadubrovsky
Great explanation!\nI'd also add that major tonalities can sound sad too, especially Lydian. For me it always had this \
Doug Steele Guitarist
Subbed, you're smart and seem like a nice guy. That does it for me. Also, LOVE writing metal riffs in Lydian.
Gerald Dixon Cummings
Your pal with the shades and headphones needs some sun.
Is it bad that I find Locrian more interesting than Lydian? Maybe it's because I havent yet heard enough examples of both, but Locrian just sounds more interesting to me as of right now.
Hanten Kurosu
Actually, I managed to compose quite a few riffs in locrian that sounded cool, but it was Black Metal, so it's kinda cheating..
Hawkuist Gaz
Utterly riveting answering your question about your creativity and innovation to get some more emotionally and complex instrument breaks👼
locrian and phrygian are good for math metal and grind.
Jairo A.H.
Great, great video! Kudos Jake
Jamshid Mahmood
Try listening to Indian raag todi, which borrows the same notes as locrian.. it evokes the feeling of spooky and horror and unexplained phenomenon. Raag todi in some renditions eliminates fifth altogether. Actually, Indian music is all based on the modes, each mode is one of the major raag category in Indian classical music.
Jeb Bush
I like Dorian
Jerry Zheng
When I first heard the Locrian Jam, I instantly thought of Larry LaLonde’s guitar playing in Primus. For example, some of the confusing and random sounding guitar on “My Name is Mud” seems like its Locrian.
Joseph Porter
I just found your channel and I love your videos and I'm learning a lot from you, but one note that might help; I was trying to tell someone about you yesterday and couldn't remember the name of your channel. Have you thought about starting and concluding your videos by saying the name of your channel so it sticks in people's heads a little more? ie, \
Josh Dell'Aria's Musical Escapades
As I was listening, I started realizing that the Dorian and Mixolydian modes were pretty much opposites. The Dorian mode has the natural sixth to make it minor but not quite so dark, and the Mixolydian has the flat seventh to make it major but not so much. They essentially do the same things, just in opposite directions.
Kale Train
One use of Locrian I've seen is to switch between it and other modes, using it as a \
Kev C
Poor Locrian, always the bridesmaid.....
King Harvick
Your \
I love composing in Locrian, But, you have to do the Beatles thing, and kinda ignore chords when composing, and select notes that work instead. A lot more effort, but you will find cool options like Neopolitans, and Augmented 6ths.
One of the best explained mode videos I've ever seen - I'm linking and promoting you through my own channel. Keep making good stuff!
Go resolve, locrian, you're drunk.
Maemi No Yume
I disagree about Locrian. There's use to locrian and it can feels really special and delicate. Just don't try to compare with anything and don't start with a goal. Just accept what locrian has to say and feel its color the way it is. If you try to label Locrian you will probably fail, because locrian is special. For me locrian is very delicate and deep. I will try to make a piece using locrian later.
Malsawmtluanga Renthlei the confusion is gone, everyone explains like its the same shit as playing the major scale in different positions, but i think its about memorising those different positions and applying with one root note, hope im right
Minor doesn't sound evil.
Matt Stanford
I really liked the Locrian solo. Used sparingly or to \
Max Johnson
I am definitely the Locrian mode of my family.
might have found the Adam Neely of guitar
Miguel Silva
beginner question passing by: if the backing track were to be comprised of more chords than not only the 1st and the 5th, one would probably not be able to use most of these modes, right? If I understood it correctly, then the more chords you add in the b. track, the more restricted would be the list of available/usable modes. Am I getting smth wrong?
Locrian I think could work pretty well with extreme metal genres
You are amazing at teaching and highlighting exactly what it is you want to show us! Thanks for your videos!
Nicholas george
Nick Varey
Uh oh did he just say bagpipes were Irish? The Internet is about to be broken by a horde of Scots
You're getting a furrowed brow from a Scotsman!
Niklas Sarri
Locrian is good for two things: 1) play over dominant seven chord, but launch it from the third. Over G7, play b-locrian. It is just playing with the third as \
Nitay Arbel
Noel Yates
Locrian: used in jazz for \
I've been stuck on this for a while. Great explanation and I think the biggest revelation for me was your back track chord selection: power chord I and V. Are there more tips for the backing chords or any good resources for learning more on that?
Oli Freke
Did you show Bach for 'bland major'?!? I know it's a bit nit-picky, but Bach wrote the book on harmonic complexity (ie, the 48 preludes and fugues - I'm sure you're familiar with that, of course). Apart from that, I really enjoyed the video (having just done my own tiny video on dorian and mixolydian so far).
Peter Virden
Locrian modes need love too
Phillip Hanson
Finally! This is a such a common sense, logical and well-explained tutorial on the topic of modes! Why is it that almost all other tutorials on modes suck?? Good grief. THANK YOU for stripping the all too common ego out of the equation and just delivering an effective explanation with examples.
Rafe Tizer
If there was no video to go with your voice, I'd have sworn I was being taught modes by Jake Tapper. Excellent lesson!
Richmond Riddle
Bagpipes were invented in the Iberian paninsula, and are generally a western european/celtic thing. Not just in Irish music.\nI think it's funny that they are so strongly associated with the northern Brittish isles, and not other places.
Rick Kelley
Alright, I was wish you until you equated health insurance commercials with the words “elated” and “overjoyed” 😅 j/k
Rita Cardoso
I actually liked the Locrian mode :D
Ryan Perrin
an easy way to get a full sound is harmonizing a riff in thirds. I love writing a light, and admittedly boring, riff in ionanian, then doing the same exact riff over it in phrygian or aeolian. makes it much more palatable in my opinion\n\neven great with chords!
Sagnik Ghosh
The main riff from 'good times bad times' is in mixolydian if I'm not mistaken
Sean Demers
Should have put the ♭5 as the interesting note for Locrian. \nAlso note that each of the 7 modes' 'interesting note' happens to be on the scale's tritone. \nFor example, Dorian's signature note, the ♮6, creates a tritone with the ♭3.
Semantic Samuel
I tried jamming in locrian with my band once, and they all told me to shut up and play anything else...back to good ol' pentatonic. I have seen some YouTubers play in locrian before though, and it can sound really cool. It's not a mode you can just play easily - I think more than any other mode it needs properly scoring and thinking about to make it sound weird, but not unpleasant.
Signals Music Studio
My humble apologies to Scots for not crediting them for bagpipe music.
Simply Void
Classical music is sad af
Surfing On Squarewaves
Locrian is kinda useful for conveying that mixture of monotony and dread we all know and love. Army of Me by Bjork uses it well.
Very good lesson, Thanks, Could you make another video like this one but with Melodic minor and Harmonic minor Scales modes ? Thank You for all your lessons, very helpful.
For using the Locrian scale, I've found that playing it over a bII works really well. A 2-5-1 that uses a tritone substitution will get you a 2 - b2 - 1 progression, which is great because the bassline can move chromatically. So what do you do on that bII chord? Play around in Locrian until it resolves.
Trevor Wesley
Locrian is awesome! I see Locrian as the door way to all other modes... but I suppose modes and scales are different because modes are changing the tonic... and yeah I agree, locrian isn’t the best tonic.... but as a scale, it gives me access to passing tones that build tension to be released.
Who are the 112 people who didn't like this video?\nI bet one of them was Lil Wayn.
Björk pulled off Locrian mode in \
alexander g miller
great lesson. i'd really like to hear you to talk about altered modes and whole tone scales or octotonic scales. thanks :)
hey great video but i think bagpipes are from scotland not ireland :)
chaak castellanos
Locrian, sounds fuzzy and dazed
Love the little details....underlighting the styrofoam head in the colors of the text graphics for each of the different modes. Makes it really easy to grasp!
gentrifried prufrock
Your video is the only explanation of modes I've seen that made sense to me thanks
herr schnitzoflitzki
Thank you so much
juan pablo
I liked your video a lot, but i had to hit dislike because I couldn't stand this disrespect towards Locrian mode. I hope you reconsider your life choices and jam more frequently with this scale.
That was probably the clearest explanation of the modes I've ever seen. Well done. FYI though...bagpipes are Scottish, not Irish :)
8:40 ... \
I wish I could go back and punch every guitar teacher who all made this a million times harder to understand than it needed to be. Thank you for making it comprehensible.
Man... you had me cracking up with the mixolydian advertisement! Love it! And I'll check with my doctor!
This is literally one of the best videos on the internet
Why diss locrian? that jam sounded sweet
Locrian is sick for metal though
I knew a guy that was so full of himself that he wrote a song in locrian just to say he did. It kinda sucked. Not much use for locrian? I agree.
I usually use the Locrian over the V chord. E.g. in C major, V is G and locrian would be on B. B is third of G so can work over it. Also, I switch from phrygian to locrian as they both have the minor second thing going on.
i have a question and is one of the reasons that i cannot wrap my head around what appear to be contradictions in music theory,\nwhy is G mixolydian different to C Major?? no sharps or flats so it;s a C Major as i was taught C Major is the only scale with all the notes played natural, could someone explain?
Great stuff. How did you get to be so articulate? On the Locrian mode, I remember a teacher of mine showing me a particular style of music that utilizes this mode. It was a Spanish style, something that made me think of riding with the bulls or something like that. The notes have to be played quickly for it to work.
This was the best explanation and demonstration of modes I have ever seen. Cheers
Στέλιος Ζαμπουλάκης
While Locrian in itself is not really pallatable in a jam session, removing it's minor 3rd and 6th(Which would correspond to A# and D#) you would get the Iwato scale which has this really cool minor Japanese timbre and you can use this in the same vein as the phrygian scale, but getting an entirely different exotic flavour.