Sadness ~ 1 LIFE LOST = START OVER (#4) // Super Mario Maker 100 Mario NORMAL Challenge

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Super Mario Maker 100 Mario Challenge normal mode (#4), but if I lose a life, then I have to start the entire thing over again. There are 16 levels total to get through, and it can end abruptly. --CONTACT ME--Stream ►

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C'mon eric you can do this :)
New Challenge: Complete Expert mode with 100 lives remaining, meaning you can die but you need 1ups to replace the lives
Mario makeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrr yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees I like this challenge
Autum Wright
When do you plan on uploading more of your original content again? i miss those, like your Goat Simulator narration, playing other games, things like that.
Axel Thebrownsofa
Do a ''Easy Mario Challange'' With the one life start over rule but you need to set a new world rekord at at least more than 5 of the levels. How about that?
Benjamin Zhang
34:22 the face that I make when someone steals my poptarts from me
I used to have a pet gecko. His name was Oscar and I lov ed him so much. He was like a child to me.\n\nThen he got sick and stopped eating. We had to give him to a pet store so they could take care of him. I miss him everyday. I'm not lying or looking for sympathy or likes. I just thought I'd tell you.\n\nThank you for reading. Have a good day/night.😊
Big bread
Hi Eric\nI really love your mario maker videos! You're doing a great job! Keep i up! I'd love to see more. Hope this comment will make a smile on your face like every other positive comment you read ❤
Blaise Quay
I love these videos, also could you do the the old cyclic version of Sonic Wave.
Brayan Ponce
Ericvanwilderman You Can Play Danganrompa 1-3.On Ericvananime or normal channel that will be amazing. Just asking ;)
16:52 That sync tho
Chief Anthony
I skipped to the end 35:01, thinking \
Christof Wagner
SUCK ON......... *MILK*\n2:17 Lol
D a G
A b s o l u t l y *S h o c k i n g*
Dalton Stephens
34:21 *Eric WTF Face!!!* 😆😆
Dark Emperor Gamer
Dax Hallman
*Too Hot to Handle*\nTranslations\n*Run 1*\nLevel 1 - by Kumamonnosenbei!\nLevel 3: Keep On Running 1 - by Taoshitawotashitatawo\nLevel 4: Haunted House Don't Move - by dani\nLevel 6: Kuribo Self Full Speed - by Mr. Riku (Kuribo Full Speed Auto)\nLevel 7: Star Road - by Tamaki\n*Run 2*\nLevel 2: [Eric hid the title for no reason]\nLevel 3: Aim for the Last Moment! - by Rikuto\nLevel 6: Torrent of Aquatic Fire - by link\nLevel 10: Dash and Mario - by A-chan\n*Run 4*\nLevel 9: VS - by Hayato\nLevel 11: Varied and Awesome - by Igaguri (Dagger)\nLevel 12: Full Automatic With Springs - by Ruiji (Luigi)\nLevel 13: [Eric, it's a French level. It's beautiful because it has the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe]\nLevel 14: Dash Full Automatic - by Chibiguru (almost automatic, almost)\nLevel 15: Pretty Severe - by Rei
Eric can you play alien: isolation? Pleaaaaaaaasssssseeee ;)
Diesel Marcus
Dillon Rorke
If you could have kept your ego down for at least five more minutes you would have won, Eric!!! You drive me crazy with entertainment!
Doomed RPG game player( The Doomed One)
Dubst3p Gxd
Just ignore this comment
The story from smw is that Bowser trapped the Yoshi's in eggs. Not that they were born.
Eamon McMurrer
lol what’s my cup size xD
Edelevil 0117
“It’s not hard”- famous last words
Endless Trucker
Now do 1 life = start over Geometry Dash challenge...oh ._.
Ethan Watson
OMG YES!!!!! I really hope you stream Mario sunshine! That was my favorite Mario game.
Fighting games Passion
Frank C
34:16 I just can't believe it... hahaha
Fresh Sans
The whole time you were saying \
GD Unknown
That's worse than dying at 98% on demon level
Gamer Bro99
Is there not ice power
To me, eric deserves atleast 1 mil subs 😅 luv ur vids eric and keep on making them :DD\n\n\n\n\n\nHave a nice day 😁
You say you are bad at games so often for some reason, its a weird thing for you to say since I've seen you pull off some crazy stuff normal people wouldn't be able to do, seems a weird lie that, and then you pull what you did at the end of this and kinda prove it, lol. Still, some jokes you are really trying too hard.
Best Mario Maker Video Ever! 😂😂
they are going to make a mario maker 2 for switch
You realize that there's no rule saying you can't skip a level
Hey Eric can you check out my new level called demon loop it’s a demon level but I don’t have so many downloads and my name is called in geometry is isaa899
IoanPeScurt :-l
Under 50 comments :O
Jakob M
I love your Mario maker vids! \u003c3
Jason Ott
yo mama so fat, thanos had to snap twice
Joseph Morgan
I just got around to watching this, and got to the part u mentioned mario party, it does infact have online play and i'd be down for it, except apparently its literally all just minigames, and no party board aspect ;-; I think if you wanna play a game with mods and viewers, mario kart 8 DX is definitely the better option, 'cause at least then you can have a wider range of people joining :)
Come on play kaizo mario world plz plz for the love of God play iiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttt
Leo The Pianist Protogen
Start by pressing read more\n\n1: i have a dig bick\n2: you that read wrong\n4: you read that wrong two\n5: you didn’t notice I skipped 3\n6: you looked back\n7: you smiled\n7: you didn’t notice I skipped 4\n8: you checked\n9: i bet you didn’t notice I did 7 twice\n10: why are you still here\n11: just go\n12: Th1s t00k m3 4 v3rY vErY l0nG t1m3 t0 m4k3 s0 pLz Dr0p A l1k3\n13: T0taLLy 0r1g1n4L XD
Malte Johansson
I like these ones more than the super expert runs
Meow T
Mario god is gone at the end of the level. Meow! xD
Mr Gaming BRO
Tttttttthhhhhhhhheeeeeee tttiiiiiiiiiitttttttteeeeeeeeeellllllll iiiiiiisssss ttttoooo lllllooooonnnnnggggg!!!!!!!!!
This was an AWESOME end, dieing in the last level is supperb, specially cuse now you got do this all over again!
Can you handle 24 hours of playing games???
Nathan Genesee
Please play paper mario
Norcda Childa
Odin Feidje-Baug
19:32 the pipe graphics are wierd
Super Mario Maker super expert 1 Mario challenge \n\n\n\n\nHow would Eric do?
Hi Eric! I sent to you a Mario fanmade game, I hope you will play and record it! :D Thanks!
Mach mal ein deutsches Video
Yay im sick today so i can watch your vids early....only legends will ❤ this comment....
Princess Bowsette
I Love you to eric 😘\nOne of these days youll be able to rescue me instead of that stupid princess peach I promise ❤
eh, super mario sunshine isnt that great. Its okay, but it has some parts that dont make sense at all, like a giant sand bird in the sky that looks like its made of minecraft blocks. And the design didnt feel as creative this time. This was like the first mario game where there were huge arrow signs telling you where to go. But like i said, some parts are decently fun, but sometimes, it really doesnt feel like a true 3D mario game. Galaxy, 64, and Odyssey all are 3D, but still manage to feel close enough to games like World that it feels normal to play.
Sam Wildeshire
The only problem they have to counter on Mario Maker Switch is the lack of touch controls while docked; I'm all for using the Dpad and such for placing blocks, and on screen keyboard for IDs and naming, but...\n\nI really don't want to undock every time I make a level, you know? I feel like that's the hurdle Nintendo has to overcome.
Samuel Mahusay
34:17 Instant Karma LMFAO
Serponge Geometry Dash
I wonder, if you never played sunshine, have you ever played galaxy?
Smashing Grounds
south park fractured but whole has DLC you should finish it :D
SuperMooshie21 - Plushies, Gaming, and More
3rd gotta go to school
Tee Doe
Eric Suckaburg haha
The Gangster
Like if you Love Eric!!!!
The Guy
Switching Mario maker to the switch
TheBezt_Agar.iohub Agar.iohub
I like your vids. Do you still play geometrydash
Once again until you recognize it: 全自動 = fully automatic
At lvl 15 i was like\n*Holy GG Eric*\nThen he died at lvl 16
TheZero Y
5:00 Geisterhaus = Ghosthouse
Tinyhorse Gaming
In super mario party there really is a online play
Troll Gamer
18 minutes ago omg I am so late!
Tyler Murinas
I like ur MARIO maker videos but could you do creator highlights on MARIO maker like u do on geometry dash (btw I don’t have a Nintendo console so I’m not trying to get him to play my levels).
Please keep making that challenge, it's my favorite!
Vsus Here
No one cares if you are early.\n\n\n\n\nCause i'm.
It’s not hard... famous last words
Xano [GD]
I was like. This is the time.. hes gonna make it. Than lava poop comes out xD
that end :) haha
Thats such a small cup size Eric! Get a larger cup so you won't have to refill it halfway thru the stream!
Zombot- Mope io
Baka means idiot in japanese
Mario Maker couldn’t work on the switch or would be very impractical to use since the switch doesn’t have a second screen.
exam hater
Hey Eric have you tried duelo maestro on geometry dash yet?
Hi Eric (: I know this is kinda off topic from this vid. But are you going to play Catherine: Full Body when its released? I really hope you do cause I found out about you through your Catherine Playthrough. 💕 As always... Peace✌
I imagin how that feels im sorry for your loss
leffe boi
Worse than your 98% on Spacelocked death?
3:17 yoshi hatches from an egg, so he is not a mammal, so he *doesent \
nighttrash3 /\\
ntomatas gamer gr
So close damn
please upload the sunshine stream also on youtube. \u003c3
i feel the reason why they dont have a mario maker for the switch yet is because they are just going to make a new one instead of porting it over so they might have all the suits from all the games like the frog suit and hammerbro suit from mario 3 and the penquin suit from new super mario bros
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