Street Fighter 2010 - Angry Video Game Nerd - Episode 85

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The part where you got way off-track was definitely the best.
Afonso Markmann
Street Fighter: The Movie - The Game. Seriously, you can't get more stupid than this.
Alexros Kalfanuc
Anthony Spitery
Arcanus Zenbrk
This game is on the 3DS Virtual Console. just thought I'd tell you.
Armored mecha
2017, Still no hover cars.
Arrion Archie
the closest thing we have to hover boards are the handless segways most viners have.
I'm watching this in 2018, and still no hover boards. I did forget to grab my mail for what it's worth, though.
Barry Wilson
Ah, the future was so long ago.
Brandon Ortiz
Ah... it's year 2010 in this video and you have a Commodore 64 in the background?! The Commodore 64 predates ALL of the Back to the Future movies.
Broncos13 Fan
Well we do have self lacing shoes... And hover boards that don't hover...
Chris Pera
I have a small wiener
Crystal Penix
It's almost 2018 and I'm still waiting for the shoes that lace themselves
Was Street fighter 2010 an inspiration for Gantz? The futuristic suit, the alien-looking \
Nothin in 2017 I mean vr's pretty cool
DPlex HD
The only thing we got from 2015 are the Auto Lace shoes.\nand unstable hoverboards
Dani Dupeyron
Daniel DeMayo
They need to come out with streetfighter 2020 the final dump
Daniel Ray
According to Futurama, the suicide booth was invented in 2008... Why hasn't this happened yet?!
in 2015 we never got that cool stuff from back to the future 2
Elijah Sim
Yeah ah James the 2015 your thinking of never happened
It's 2017. STILL no hoverboards.\nInstead, we got fidget spinners
Eric Kelly
11:47 he from another Capcom title: Super Ghouls n Ghosts
2 more years for RAID 2020
G Sai
TARGET better be in SF5
GamingManiac #1
It’s 2018. Earth is still shit.
Ghostly Gaming
8:58 Don't you mean... Fighting Street: The Good Edition? Hurr Hurr.
5:17\nproof Guile's theme doesn't go with everything :(
Still holding out for 2020 review.
Iceyninja 7563
Nah even in the arcade street fighter 1 had bad controls and audio
haha, street fighter: the movie: the game, reminds me of what happened with pokemon yellow version.\n\npokemon red/blue versions were created, then pokemon the animated series was created based off of that where ash starts with pikachu, so then fans of the animated series bought red/blue but were pissed that you couldn't start with pikachu, so they made pokemon yellow to satisfy this.\n\npokemon yellow is a game based off of a tv show, based off of a game
2017 still nothing
Honestly, despite it being flawed and freaking difficult. It's a pretty good game. \nI wonder if anyone has made a fan mod out of it? With some work, this game could be a real classic.
JD Miller
He's the angry... video game... neeeEEEEEEEERRRRRrrrrrRRRRrrrrrrrD
[2010\u003e] In 2015, We're gonna have Flying Cars, Hoverboards, and Self-Lacing Shoes.\n\n[2015\u003e] There was none of that, because Back to the future is just fiction.
Jay S.
Random fact about Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game:\n\nAkuma has an infinite combo that you can do by literally just doing the spin kick over and over. One touch death every time.
Jeremy Parson
Not a bad game. Well at least not too bad
Jonathan Szuhai
Quick show of hands: Who else thinks Kevin Straker's space-suit should be an alternate costume for Ken in a DLC for Street Fighter V?
AQt the end the game should say Conglatration You'r A Wiener.
Kalle Nemvalts
2016 we still have no hoverboards
Listen to the theme at .5 speed and it sounds like Kyle is high xD
How the hell is this on Wii U Virtual Console?
need aTARGET DLC for SF5
LeamTRAP the humantronic
game shouldve been called cyber fighter 2078
MC Chase
Major Shake
One more year til we get our hoverboards nerd...
still waiting on Street Fighter the good edition
Michael Block
Street Fighter 2010 was a great game in that it was an original.
Mr. Prog
It's sad to see people hating on this game just because it was the subject of an AVGN video. People who haven't played it have no right to say it's a bad game. AVGN never said it was a bad game. A lot of people who have played it enjoyed it. So stop hating \u003e_\u003c
2018. Still no flying cars, hoverboards and self-lacing shoes.
MyName Jeff
if the only street fighter charecter in the game is ken, they should've called it 2 thousand-ken
Narnia Lives
Dear AVGN (James),\nNope none of that cool stuff happened. Only in 2016 are they now putting self-lacing shoes on the market from Nike - for thousands of dollars. The future isn't as bright as we once thought it would be.\nSincerely\nA Person in 2016
Nathan Lopez
Street Fighter 89 looks like Streets of Rage
Ndoki Hasaki
The Jetsons takes place in 2002.
Nestor Irias
I can beat that game with close eyes:\nGreat Underrated NES Classic. \nGreat review!
We Have Hoverboards that Don't Hover, and Self Lacing Shoes that Don't Self Lace...
Osaze Hinds
Yeaaaah... None of that happened in 2010... :(
Sorry, we don't have hover boards and flying cars in 2015.
Peridot47 Dexter How
Do catfight the fighting game gets so bad
Peter Stepanov
On April Fool's day, could you please review a good and modern video game (like Halo 3/4 or Minecraft), just as a joke on the fans?
Please like my comment 1
It's 2017 and no there is still none
Pupo Spico
8:14 kwak kwak kwak
RailFanning & Stuff
The problem here is all the game were made in the 80's and all the developers were on Quaalude's and Cocaine !!!!
Raw and Uncensored
Well we are on our way to the 80's idea of the future. We have robots emerging in Japan and Nike has shoes that self-fit your feet...
What's the intro music at the start?(not the angry video game nerd music)
Renee Miller
The self lacing shoes are the only things that was predicted
Rexx Vulgrim
I've played the original Street Fighter on an arcade machine. The gameplay was really stiff. The game wasn't very fun.
Ri Dragon
Awesome! We get to see all Mike's art! Gotta say, it was fun watching him improve as the episodes went on. Kinda gives you a bit of inspiration as an artist to watch the improvements over the years. Yo Mike! If you ever ever get a chance to read this, or someone who knows him reads this, tell him he's a real swell guy who deserves like.. a whole tray of soft cookies.
Saddam Hussein
It's been 5 years...\nWhere the hell are my Titanium Rocket Jockstraps?!
Sam Parker
This game actually looks kinda good, if only it had better controls and a more fair time/life system
Sega Swirl
What strength!\n But don't forget there are many guys like you\nall over the world
Sketch Haze
It's the year 2016, and we STILL don't have those shoes. That's not bullshit alone. That's life being bullshit!
The Quarter Guy
Sorry to say, it's not the TG-16 port...\nThe original Street Fighter is really that bad.
Sooooo...when we'll get that futuristic techno-world with hoverboards, flying cars and antimatter rifles?
I'm so pissed of because of all these Back to the future comments overshadowed the comments which were made for this game. =-=
Time limit on NES games (unless it's mario) are pointless
SUPER STREET FIGHTER II TURBO: HYPER EDITION!\n\nOh wait....they....they did that.
Vasily Petrov
Writing from 2016. Unfortunately there are no flying cars and hoverboards :( Have to wait until the year 3000.
Wario's Gold Coin
Now we are in 2016, 1 year after 2015....and there are no signs of any commercial hoverboards.\nBack to the Future part 2 was wrong....or did we all got it wrong.
This game bring back childhood memories...awesome. Thanks for this upload AVGN...keep up de good work. Greetings from Trinidad & Tobago (the Caribbean)...Blessings.
Xmod's Gaming
Oh yeah game genie boom lol
Zero Ace
That last level sounds just like trying to A rank a stage in Sonic Adventure 2
am not spam bot llc.
I come back to this video entirely for \
brad morgan
James looks a little thick in the face here
He's gonna take you back to the past.
Gotta say, even if it doesn't play well, for an NES game, it's goddamn gorgeous. Detail and color abounds.
I cannot be the only one who thinks that this game looks like a lot of fun, despite being reviewed here. Even James seems to have a bit trouble to find shit to talk about, he even praises it a few times
grim the reaper
I actually think this game is freaking awesome It's no street fighter but It's a cool sidescroller like megaman
javon darrien
What is the song at the street fighter 2010 title card
joe shmo
to be fair, street fighter a.k.a fighting street is an perfect arcade port. trying to do special moves are very hard to pull off and all the voices sound horrible. it's exactly like the arcade game.
Actually wrong the movies of Street Fighter was big influence for original game and sequels.
in 2025 we will have flying cars
Hadoken! Hadoken! Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku! _Guile Theme fades out_ 👏🏽😂😂😂
randy sahvahje
3/10 not enough lester the unlikely
Grimace from Sesame Street.
thyago phyllip Melo
i like this game.\nits not a bad game.
wjLohmemes the fox
2015: we got hoverboards that don't hover. sorry. that's going to be in 29XX