Eugene Onegin: Letter Scene -- Anna Netrebko

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Excerpt from Tatiana's Letter Scene ("Puskai pogibnu ya") from Act I of Tchaikovsky's "Eugene Onegin." Anna Netrebko (Tatiana). Watch the full performance on Met Opera on Demand: Production: Deborah WarnerConductor: Valery GergievThe Metropolitan Opera2013-14 Season

13-14 2013-14 2683419754001 Anna Netrebko (Musical Artist) Eugene Onegin (Opera) Live in HD Metropolitan Opera (Opera Company) Opera ... hdlive youtube

Потяжелела что-то и правда... Действительно, с Кубани))
Gosh, this is just terrible, she can't sing.
Aint Misbehavin
A note to say that I heard Ms. Netrebko sing this role yesterday (Met Live in HD) - her voice was in control, on pitch, luminous. Almost unbelievable.
Andy S
OMG she got so heavy! She was so beautiful!
Anna Musan Levi
Arkady Kholodenko
To dunrob3. Fist of all, Anna was doing this with full approval of stage director and conductor. And, if this looks like a spontaneity to you, I consider this as a compliment to THEM (director and conductor). Second, and more important, ONEGIN is Russian opera and to use Tebaldi and Caballe' as yardsticks to something which is not in their culture is outright wrong!
Ballet Elephant
Vulgar and out of tune - don't know what is worse :)
strange face ...
Such a Diva.
I think she is wonderful.  Tatiana is only 18 years old when Onegin walk into her life and I think Anna captures that vulnerability beautifully.  And the music is just breathtaking... I'm sure we can all agree on that.
Crazy organist
Dennis .Brown
Just wonderful.
How about singing the right notes? Almost all the notes are out of tune!
Douglas Modig
The best singer ?? I think not...She is good, but not the best...
in reply to Desideria7\n3 months ago\n\n\n\n \nGalina Visnevskaya even with 69 was THAT Tatiana, and Carmen by 58 years old Agnes Baltsa (I saw her in Vienna 10 years ago) looked and sounded like 19.\n\nReally?  A 58 year old can look like a 19 year old?  I find that impossible to believe, even with Michael Jackson's plastic surgeon.  In the body, sure, but the face?  And how can you really tell since opera singers wear a lot of makeup, disguising their lines and wrinkles?  My father-in-law is a very famous operatic voice coach (shall remain nameless due to privacy issues), I've met quite a few opera singers in person over the last 35 years in person.  They do not look the same in person like they do on stage.   No disrespect, and I don't mean to be a pedant, but perhaps you had too much wine or cocktails that evening and were just a bit euphoric from listening to the wonderful Agnes Baltsa ?
Amazing as always!
Wow those low notes were so flat! Lol!
George Sigalos
I don't think Anna's voice is too deep or too heavy or too tough or dark.  \
Gerhard Scholten
Angela gheorghui is the most beautiful and best soprano on earth
Ilya Safronov
Absolutely. When she is singing \
Isabel Escudero
Grandisima Diva
José Martins Raposo
É considerada por alguns críticos credenciados, uma das melhores vozes do mundo da ópera. Gosto imenso!
Juliet Waldron
Yesterday's Met @ Movies performance was stellar--the whole cast--and this lady's acting is wonderful. I began to forget she wasn't really 18...
Kathy Dudley
Amazing performance, perfection. Saw it Live in HD yesterday, April 22, 2017. I just fell in love with this opera. Anna Netrebko was so believable as Tatiana, and Peter Mattei has the most beautiful baritone. Alexei Golgov as Lenski made me cry.
Kern Tan
I have no idea why I am here. I don't like opera and can't speak Russian. TOLO
Leonie Mikele
Whatever personal knowledge she had of vulnerability, she's lost. Nothing in her body language suggests she knows what it is to be sensitive, to be unsure. What she has, at the end, is arrogance. There are a few moments with her husband where she is radiant. But Anna doesn't know what it is not to be loved. She has nothing to pull from. Her singing, as usual, is inconsistent, with some of it lush and beautiful-- and a lot of it circling around the notes, musical phrasing without any meaning.
Lilli Witt
Anna is simply the best
Luca Furlotti
ML Spinelli
In her interview with Charlie Rose, Anna said that she thought what he called \
Marcelo Bergallo
Some opera lovers know the libretti by heart, even if they are in Russian, German or Italian :)\nIt is sad to realize how poor translations can be.
Marina Struganova
Великая певица и актриса
Melody Morgan
I've never really liked the timbre of Anna's voice, but I have to admit that this was pretty good and I loved it!
Michael Messano
Can't understand why everyone is hating
Michele M
gosh she's got so chubby :)
Mihail K
Friends, listen to the full final version of the performance (this excerpt is from the rehearsal). Anna performed an amazing Tatyana both vocally and artistically. I was never among her fans, but I really must say, that this Tatyana is one of the best ever. And Gergiev's very slow tempos make it possible to listen to each wonderful Sound of this amazing Music being permanently spellbound. Great THANKS to both of them and to all the people, who took part in this brilliant work!
Mike Keenan
Beauty comes from integrity such that there is a glow that is readily observed...
это не её роль...ну не Татьяна она!
Olga Orleanskaya
Надуманное, небрежное, суетливое исполнение. Очень слабый вокал. Чайковского, звенящей чистоты голоса, как и чистоты образа тут нет и следа. Нетребко изначально - раскрученное коммерческое явление. В ней никогда не было и не будет силы и очарования настоящей русской оперной певицы. Достаточно послушать эту же арию в исполнении Татьяна Васильевны Новиковой (бывшей солистки Маринского театра), чтобы понять, где нежная, лиричная Татьяна, а где проходная светская львица со страниц гламурного журнала.
Patti Page
What a woman!
Looking forward to seeing this on Saturday, April 22 2017, on the big screen!!!
Ryan Ortega
Damn, that was beautiful...
Je ne sais pas pourquoi, mais quand elle chante cette scène, elle fait souvent de fausses notes...\nMais son chant est quand même super.
Sean O'Connor
Rubbish. Absolute rubbish. I saw her last night in this very role and she was transcendent. She connected with the music in a way I have rarely seen at the opera. Her \
I wish she had sung this 15 years ago. . . .
Steven Greenwald
Anna is Russian, who can sing this better than her.
I don't. Anna is completely the wrong character, a 21st century celebrity, craft calcualting money grabber. Tatiana is a nice innocent girl. Onegin would run a mile from Netrebko.
Svitoslava Sikorska
пишете всякую..хрень .....вы лучше если можете.....спойте и сыграйте так же как она...или если сможете лучше.........а потом говорите.......хорошая она певица плохая.......что за хрень.....она великая актриса и певица ...зачем лить грязь.....?......зделайте лучше
Whatever the imperfections of a live performance Anna Netrebko is a great and committed artist. Nobody is forced to listen to or like her work. If you don't like her work that is fine, but why bother to come to the comments and criticise ? Surely it is easier and a better use of time to go and listen to another singer that you enjoy in that case?
I love it!!! \u003c3\u003c3\u003c3
Vera Nova
cannot TRUST this performance ~ too very VULGAR, and OUT OF TUNE  everytime when she tries very \
Viktor Ostafeychuk
William Woollen Jr.
I will see this opera, my first live performance, in Vienna's main opera house soon. I am really looking forward to it.
Yongen Wong
She's gorgeous!
Anna Netrebko . . .👏💐🌿Mon Dieu⚜️\nMerci Beaucoup
Tatiana??? No, Anna, no...\nGalina Visgnevskaja, Galina Pisarenko - si che sono le Tatiane!\nMa la Netrebko - no...
antonia belen mas
My wife and I just saw this production in HD at the local theater. Wonderful!!\r\n
tecnica e vocalità poco adatte à questo personaggio.\nraffinatezza interpretativa semplicemente inesistenti.\nla voce è meravigliosa.\nquel gâchis !
Amazing that this is receiving such plaudits. There is scarcely a phrase where she doesn't go out of tune. The opening piano phrases are completely unsupported.
Saw this today at the theater. I was not too impressed with this video before, but within the opera it is truly gorgeous and moving. What other have said about Anna's Tatyana making choices and being a strong character is right on. In this production the balance between the leads is perfect, and true to the book.\n\nBTW, between acts the Met Opera manager said the cast had been sick a week ago, so no surprise if this dress rehearsal was difficult for her.
This is the first time I have ever seen a Netrebko performance which did NOT enchant and/or enthrall me for its beauty and the aptness of the interpretation.  It\nseems to me that this aria bespeaks a kind of forlorn vulnerability as the woman\ndesperately seeks protection and looks for hope.  The lovely descending melody at its heart seems to almost weep out that sentiment again and again (la de da da da dah dah dah...).  Netrebko’s voice is powerful, the high notes magnificent and full, her ability to move naturally and still maintain the highest level of musical excellence is formidable, and she is expresses herself with the kind of thorough passion running out through every cell which is so exquisite about her and makes her not just a singer but a consummate artist.  BUT.  But her expression…she comes across more like a powerful woman berating someone out of anger, than a forlorn woman almost wistfully beseeching the man who is her only hope to protect her.  We live in an age when vocal power and an extreme sport mentality lead tenors to shout and growl their way through arias clearly marked as and meant to be sung in double piano if not pianissimo---but I had never seen Netrebko cede to that kind of impulse toward substituting brutality for conviction, bludgeoning for finesse.  So, I was surprised that as the aria went forward I found myself less and less in the moment, and more and more stepping back and wondering, why is she being so muscular and brutal about this, it’s all wrong?  Maybe she was directed to play it that way, but I would be surprised if such a great artist would take direction in such a wrongheaded sense…  Oh well, nobody is perfect!  And I have finally seen even Netrebko show me that.
Actually Tebaldi was known to sing \
She falls on the floor because that`s now a trademark: you`re young, agile, can sing lying down or with your head bent backwards. \nYou couldn`t have seen Caballé or Tebaldi doing the same. I'll not mention the mastodons that still grace the Met stage.
fabrizio maria Garzi
E' piu' brava della Vishnevskaya che era gia' grande.
Nuccia Focile with Bychkov is the best \
isabel Cazro
bravo! hermoso!
C'est elle que je préfère dans cette interprétation d'Eugene Onegin !!!
I have no issues understanding her. Of course, we all know these words by heart, but still I have no problems or notice any issues with diction. Will tell in two weeks how it sounds live.
The more weight she puts on the sexier she becomes. WOW! I can eat her words.
If you are unable to understand the Russian, you probably have severe hearing difficulties, which would also explain your strange comments about the music.\n\nI both understand her clearly and appreciate her interpretation. \n\nAs for age, I doubt if any one that is capable of singing this remotely well, is anywhere near the age to correctly physically portray the age of Tatiana. \n\nOlder ladies have ever portrayed teen age roles throughout opera history. \nOpera fantasy rarely portrays correct age!
Режиссура чудовищная, режет глаза больше, чем даже вокал.\nНа \
ser gol
this final dress rehearsal was filmed september 19, next day after Netrebko's birthday - september 18
донская казачка!!!!))))
Anna didn't have problems with pitch back in the day when she sang roles for her lyric soprano. Now she's all about sounding massive and dramatic and in pursuit of making sound's volume big she loses control over her pitch and tone because she sings in unnatural register with unnatural for her voice dramatic belting sound. Yet her Tatiana seems touching and appealing to me, but vocally - messed all over the performance. Phrasing is also not appropriate - she's too slow when she should come up with shorter phrases, she does whatever she wants with score, sloppy pitchy endings. At 2:22 she hits not existing note. Wrong repertoire recently.
at the Met she has been forced by there stage directors to forego her acting skills completely, shame on these bastards and ugly Met productions.
vinoringochan varugasu
Now, this is the role for her!
Алина Бурьян
I, for my part, find this version very emotional and sincere. I have never felt particularly moved by Tatiana's part, but Netrebko gives a new ring to it. I can see the difficult feelings she is going through while writing the letter.
Гиви Курчхавия
Одна пошлость, насилие над Пушкиным, разврат и вульгарщина... Странно, что еще юбки на себе рвать не стала в исступлении... На что люди не пойдут ради денег, тьфу ты, ай яй яй...
Никита Цехмистров
Анна Юрьевна Нетребко в данный исторический период - величайшая русская певица, я даже сказал бы - что-то вроде русской Каллас. Её вокальный и драматический талант абсолютно бесспорен.  И хватит некоторым желчным бездарям изображать из себя аутентистов и нести всякую убогую чушь про якобы не те интонации, про нарушение замысла Чайковского, провальную режиссуру и т.п. бред музыкальных недоучек.  Это очень интересная и во многом новаторская интерпретация Евгения Онегина.
Николай Никакой
Очень старается, но разве возможно петь Татьяну её жиденьким голоском? Профанация какая-то... \nShe is doing her utmost, but is it possible to sing Tatiana with such poor voice?\nProfanation...\n
Татьяна Дзю
мурашки по коже.... Восхитительная как всегда!
Фил Миллер
заслуже..нным, а не заслуженым