Board James SEASON 1 (2009-2010)

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For your watching convenience, here is the complete first season of Board James (2009-2010)Mouse TrapDragonStrikeCrossfireFireball IslandWeapons and WarriorsDeadly Danger DungeonHero QuestMr. BucketSee more Board James atBOARDJAMES.COM

Board Game (Game Genre) Board James Board James Season One Comedy (Film Genre) Crossfire James Rolfe (Film Actor) Mouse Trap (Game) weapons and warrio...

- thChrch
Props on the willhelm scream...
All the Balls...
Alex Brown
I'm so happy I have been a fan since I was 8 years old, now I'm 17 still re-watching his work. My favorite is Board James. While his other work I love just as deeply. The legend of his career (Angry Video Game Nerd) and the bullshit man are my Childhood characters I love deeply. I've never had a Youtuber have this kind of Childhood effect on me. I think it's because of James Rolfe's Personality that makes me happy. He's so kind in real life, while his Characters are so different from himself (just like a character should be.) If he ever sees this comment I would be real happy, since I have all the DVD seasons of Board James and The Angry Video Game Nerd (including the movie.) He's basically my Childhood actor I adore watching. He's on the same level as Jim Carrey, since he's my Childhood actor as well. I'm really happy that I've watched him over the years!
Arnas Giriūnas
Deadly danger dungeon is playable on kongregate . Good luck!
Barnabis Wirley
that moment when you realized that Mike was the hippy from the avgn Texas chainsaw review lol
Blank Blank
Before it became a horror webseries better than today's Triple AAA Horror movies
They should remake crossfire
Braden Twidwell
At 21:58 when Mike said \
Bryan Manning
I miss it just being simple and goofy.
Bryant NorCal
Mr Bucket episode is a classic! 😆👍🏼
07:13 This Video MUST be released on DVD - or Blue Ray. :)
Witness the slow descent into madness.
Carl Makes It Easy
10:10 \
Dragonstrike remind me of spoony black hole games
Cool Dude
i want mr bucket to give me the succ
Was that a Bob Ross shirt? :o 19:02
James is right in his Dragonstrike video. You got that awesome game, the video has got you pumped to play it, and everyone runs away or refuses to play. =( So you go off to your room alone, and re-watch the video for the thousandth time(Because its awesome!)
David Razi
Mike had the smallest rope?\nArt doesn't always imitate life I guess!
David turbo
The best youtuber period. Cannot believe he has less then 2 million subs
And thats why mouse trap, is so rat
Digicraftmon the Crystal Gem
DAMNIT I thought DragonStrike was an Original name for the taking So beware MY SHOW HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS BOARD GAME
Poor Mr.Bucket, he dies in the water so cruel and the only things he wanted, was balls.
Dr. Spangle
I lost my shit when I saw poe from teletubbies
The Mr Bucket segment should win an emmy or a tony or whatever award they give for buckets.
Elle Williams
Deadly Danger Dungeon = Dark Souls the Board Game
The cat steals the show.
And if board James is bored, he kill his friends
Bob Ross! 19:01
I always crack up at Mike in the Crossfire Board James
GeekZolda - International
Aw shit... the \
Giga Force
This show slowly goes into something light-hearted then into some alantutorial and EverymanHYBRID crazy-shit!
Golden Calavera
04:32 It's a crap\n(Admiral Ackbar)
Also known as - James' descent into maddness
Horcomdev The third
Nice video
So, General Slaughter was from Uruguay.
Board James of this year has been some of your best work.\nIf you ever decide to end it, do something similar to it.
Jared Wignall
Board James! When Board James is bored, he plays some board games!
John Burns
I miss when Board James was just a stupid, innocent show like this.
Jory Stultz
Anyone wanna help me remake James's childhood game?
Joseph Chen
What is the benefit of making these videos instead of just playing them in a playlist?
Elf, thief, wizard, and acrobat.
Kent Clark
That a solar thing you mentioned is happening today.
The Mr. Bucket one is awesome. He gets the absolute perfect balance of taking it seriously and making fun of it. Brilliant.
0:00 Mouse Trap\n2:36 DragonStrike\n10:29 Crossfire\n14:24 Fireball Island \n17:06 Weapons and Warriors \n23:02 Deadly Danger Dungeon\n29:24 Hero Quest\n33:30 Mr.Bucket
Lone Wo1f
45 min of straight cinemassacre pleasure
26:26 that’s what she said
Mahou Point
WoaH! Board James started in 2009? It seems like just yesterday!
Minato Togami
0:00 Mouse Trap\n2:36 DragonStrike\n10:29 Crossfire\n14:24 Fireball Island \n17:06 Weapons and Warriors \n23:02 Deadly Danger Dungeon\n29:24 Hero Quest\n33:30 Mr.Bucket\n\nNo need to thank me.
Cross Fiiiaaaa!!
Sleeping gas crap
Old Man
Hero Quest Looks pretty awesome.
One Boi
Orange koala bro
Lots of balls
OMG! its KappaRoss.. *ahem* Bob Ross at 19:01
Pinka13 _ _
11:33 - 11:42  *( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*
Prince Stormstrider
Man, Board James really spiraled.
Ricardo Guedes
WHY James is so sexy? I love him!
I played Deadly Danger Dungeons on Tabletop Simulator, I managed to get the talisman before dying . That's as far as I went
Sol Cartledge
You really should release a PDF of the Deadly Danger Dungeon board so we can all play it!
Watch Board James decent into madness.
SpunkyJerky The Spaz
12:46 \
I liked Board James more when it was innocent.
Sucy Q
When Board James was just an innocent board game review show...
This is one of my favorite series!
Deadly Danger Dungeon: the Dark Souls of board games
Balls pop out of my mouth
The 16Bit Hero
The Dank Knight
Everything started with an inoccent board game reviewer. Then it all scalated to Christopher Nolan levels of WTF.
I like Weapons & Warriors the most. I think it's a really exciting, manly game!
Tim Gunnar
Everyone knows it, and I'm not afraid to say it, Board James has topped AVGN. Now, don't get me wrong I could watch AVGN videos all day long(and have) but Board James really took it to another level.
Tony Artiano
Mr bucket.. More like....tattle tale
Mr. Bucket, the best horror movie of 2010
Vincent Myren
dank castles
*looks around*\n*says under breath*\nCrossfire..
White DeVile
Mike's smug af face when he says \
WiseRats Wife
I thought the Mr. Bucket episode showed the commercial. Was that another dimension I was in?
I'm really getting that authentic 2009 experience
a random frog
ahhhh dragon strike... i remember that game. It was a cool board game for what it is at the time
I dont understand how and why James/AVGNs subscribers dropped and hasnt peaked since then. This man, busted his Rump and pioneered YouTube, amongst a dozen otheres. He set the bar for content and what it takes as a Creator. 90% of the videos nowadays are \
dank castles and dank memes
I still laugh my butt off at the Mr. Bucket episode, and the possessed Mr. Bucket with his creepy gear grinding and dinging bell, and Jame's reaction to all of it. I'm sitting over here having a giggle fit.
I like old James movies. They have something \
gg gg
bootsy's character is based on doug from the last video
12:05, The Man himself makes his appearance, with a somersault no-less!
BOB ROSS \n19:01
What started as an innocent series on retro board games, has become very dark indeed.
I love me some board James!
I cast a like and favorite spell :)
Dying of laughter after that Mr. Bucket episode oh man you guys must have been laughing your ass off when you made that 1.
Damn Mofo Mike is good!
What happened to the Crossfire commercial?
Board James deserved a movie more than AVGN.
plotwizt. the last episode of board james is gonna be him waking up from the chair
I want board James forever!