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Mega Man 11 (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch) from a series that hasn't gotten a proper game in a LONG time. After Keiji Inafune's Mighty No. 9 disappointed pretty hard, is Capcom's answer worth it? Let's discuss.Subscribe for more:

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Abidinator 12
Old School and Japanese Stuff:Falcon\nNew Stuff:Jake\nWhen Jake isn’t there:Andrew The Not So New Guy
Amy Carter
It is on my Steam Wishlist. When I have a capable PC, of course...
Andres Valle
When is AC odessey before you buy video happening?
Andrew Curry
Mega Man X \u003e Mega Man
Austin 3:16
Would you recommend if you actually beat and liked Mighty No.9?
Burst Mortem
Carlos Eduardo Vieira
If you have played older Megaman games, those gimmicks aren't completely New!
Charlie L.
Still dont get why mighty 9 failed .it ia ppssible making good classic game. Guess he just wanted the money
Clorox Hammer
Before you buy?...\n*Pirate flag raises up*\nI don't think so! Muhahahaha!
Im just suprised they actually made a new megaman game.
You sound a little down Falcon.
9 stages, huh?
Get ready to hate bounce man world. I can’t ever get the bounce tech.
this game is not creative to me...its a rehash the same past games
they should make a mega man X remake or something , with new story new voice actors , i like x more than the OG meg man because of the armor upgrades , the black and the falcon armor and so on , also being able to play as zero , which is like my favorite game character when i was a kid xD
Devin 7 11 Luna
BuT wHaT aBoUt MeGaMaN lEgEnDs?!?!?!?!?
Mighty No. 9 has much better controls than this game.
I've been waiting for this for far too long
Just buy it, support megaman
Dylan B
*In Megaman 11, you will make Dr. Wily cry like an Anime fan on prom night.*
Ethan Bradberry
But can you make the bad guys cry like an anime fan on prom night?
It is the Dark Souls of MegaMan!
I wish it would come out for mobile looks cool
Faith DuBose
(See's trailer)\nLook's cool but how good can it be?\n(Play's demo)\nGET ME THIS FREAKING MASTERPIECE!
I think you meant anime style,not a cartoony style\nAlso,did someone notice how Fuse man looks a lot like zero, and blast man looks a lot like bakugo from bnha?
Gaming Is awesome
I've played mega man but that was years ago. I think I'll but it.
Gaming Retrospectives
Highly recommend this game to anyone who likes Mega Man or platformers in general. A lot of good old-school challenge in this one. The Blue Bomber is back!
I hope that there will also be a new Double Dragon and Streets of Rage Series that takes all of the things that we loved about those games and expands on them.
Hawk Eyes
soooooo can we please get back the Battle Net series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Henrik 3riksen
Never played any megaman game. Anyone else?
I hope Capcom puts more faith in Mega Man from now on
Jayce Pyles
Hopefully this motivates Capcom to make Megaman X9
Jet Wilson Barrientos
i'm just waiting for the next battle network and starforce series
Joe D
I want starforce 4!
Jonathan Arwood
I absolutely love Mega Man 11, its hard to figure out where I would place it in the hierarchy of Mega Man games but I can easily see it becoming my third fav behind 2 and 4. I've been practising my speed runs all day today (took a break to rest my hands) planning on submitting to SGDQ next year
Can we get a new installment into the zx series next haha, I'm excited to play this game as Megaman is my all-time favorite video game series, and I'm more excited that it's making a comeback.
with this im hoping legends 3 gets un shelfed updated and finished
just look at this flaming ostrich!
Legit Trip
Honestly, didn't have my expectations high so not disappointed.
Libra0923 Dragon
What is with “first” lol
LucaZ Yang
I will buy this, eventually, but I still like X more (until 6), so I'd like a continuation of Mega Man X as well.
Lucas Tonon
See you in 2028 for Megaman 12
Manared Pickens
it *FEELS* like MegaMan
Mauro Galvão
Just didn’t like the soundtrack. I was hoping something like megaman 2 or 3 music
Michael Hill
Complaining that a new Megaman game is too hard is like complaining that a new Ninja Gaiden game is too hard.
Mike Echo
The slow mo time make it a lil bit easy compare old school Megaman games.
Mio Akiyama
Wow, capcom seems to be on the roll now, with megaman 11, dmc 5, re 2 remake, and monster hunter world.
Nate Kuri
its the Dark Souls of Mega Man
i beat this game this morning....its awesome.
I'm super stoked for Megaman 12\nIf it happens.
Awesome game! Loving every second of it. Well except the Bounce Man level....fuck that level
PM Salvo
Nobody is asking the right question. Megaman Legends 3?
Philthy Phil
Love mega man. Mega man 11 is totally kickass and I think with this game could come alot more mega man games and I'm totally behind that. I loved the first mega man game when it released. Mega man 11 does what I think the originals didn't do.
Prince Dogboy
Anyone old enough to remember when Nintendo Power held a contest for a mega man game where you sent in your \
This or cuphead which is better
-Before you buy-\nmore like: *BUY THE DAMN GAME!! IT'S SO GOOD!!*
Ragnahawk no
The art style is cancer. The gameplay is black and white. I'll pass.
Ralphy R
Dam man \nMega Man looks really awesome
Renaissance Nerd
I always liked the X series better, but hopefully this sells well and we get even more Mega Man!
this was a really good review, nice to see mega man back 2018
Rubbers are for land lubbers
Anyone else have tight farts ?
I tried Megaman 11's demo on easy mode and got absolutely destroyed. I'm no expert, but I was trying my hardest to make progress. Once I got a game over screen, all I could think was \
Sean Liao
It looks like a great game, but I have to say that I prefer MegaMan X series, and I miss using Zero's blade and moves so much.
Shrish Vellore
So can we FINALLY get ZX 3
Solar Flayme
I want a new 3D mega man game not a 2d/3D platform game. We have plenty of power to make a new ultimate mega man game. Come on!
Souls of Death
Shut up and buy it. Its cheap and challenging. Also anyone can play it. It is by all means a Game not a story. In my opinion games have gotten less game like and more story based.
Spino DNA
Pretty damn curious
Stubz Turner
Mega Man 11 just made Mighty No.9 feel like an anime nerd on prom night.
Demo was freakin hard as fuk!!!! I hope megaman X is around the corner. I love that version way better.
The Gunman
Should be titled \
The Pengum Crew
1:16 Wow, can't even count.
So Capcom snubs Megaman, Inafune leaves and tries to make a spiritual successor and horribly fails, and then Capcom is inspired to finally making a good Megaman game.\n\nThat is some twisted irony there.
Theo Lumina
Now this is a better review compare to IGN's questionable 7.5 rating
That health though at 6:26 oh man had me at the edge of my seat! Just clutched it man Nice!
Yay, a new good Megaman Game!\n\nHey. Hey Campcom. How about Megaman Legends 3? I mean, that poor blue boy is still stuck on the moon! Why don't you be nice and save him, hm?
Tj Coley
As someone who's favorite video game charcater is mega man I am very looking forward to buying it. From the demo it felt like a mega man game but with smoother controls, better graphics and and cool new mechanics. And happy that it's difficult that id expect from the series but also has modes that make it more accessible for casual players and kids
Tomas Mucho
I already bought it I just like these videos.
Tony Stark
Will give this a pass. Thanks for this.
Vasily Krushev
RE7 was supposed to be the biggest Capcom's comeback\n\nMH World was supposed to be the biggest Capcom's comeback\n\nDead Rising 4 was supposed to be the biggest Capcom's comeback\n\nMegaman 11 was supposed to be...\nWell you get the idea.
So what you mean is... Thanks for making megaman great again?
play on normal. Ridiculously hard.
So far it is everything i wanted out of Mighty No.9
Will X ever be revived too?
blackbeard teach
God I love platformers.\nIt sometimes feel like a dying genre.
charicific sai
I wish capcom brings back the mega man zero series , that'd be like the equivalent of dark souls ,
You guys should make a new series \
eddie cornejo
Can't wait to play megaman battle royal
I accidentally said 9 instead of 8. Darn you, Stage Select! You made me think of the number 9! -Falcon
I love Mega-Man and so I really appreciate your opinion on this one. Thanks!
kurt morales
I'm praying for a StarForce 4, Come on Capcom do it.
Thanks you just made me a new buyer
Kind of funny this game is same price as initial Mighty No.9 release...maybe Capcom was being cheeky\nStill waiting for Mega Man X9 tho!
Before you buy, make sure you are not a rich fortnite kid who calls every other games trash
As far as artistic design, it kinda falls flat. ARC Systems really raised the bar on how 3d cartoon graphics should look. This could have used a brighter color palette and more highly detailed textures.
Isn't it 8 stages to start given the center stage is just Mega Man
ひらが優Hiraga Yu
I wanna play as Zero again... :(