PS3 UNBOXING! Original Playstation 3 Fat Console 60GB PS2 Backwards Compatible

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Unboxing arguably the best Playstation 3 console: original phat 60GB model. Backwards compatible with PS2 games!PS2 unboxing

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1456supper Roblox
Who still play there ps3
ALL perfect
All these sounds and your movement makes me feel what HOW TO BASIC WILL START IN SOME SECONDS!!!!
AL_ alawe XD
يمتى اشتري بلي ستيشن ثري الله اعلم
Abrahan Quiñonez
make video unboxing ps3 small
Alex .G
It's plus sized not fat!\nStop fat shaming
Angel YT
im still using a ps3 :) Like if you do as well!
Benjie Tuazon
Anyone else still have a ps3?Well I have,if I'm not the only one give me a like👍🏻
Bilal Derbas
Are you on the moon
Did anyone know the ps3 charger can actually charge a Wii u pro controller?
Creeper Farts
Я один русский что ли?
a katana is literally overkill just use a butter knife lol
Darth Goku
Where from you got it? #Plztell
Diabolical Purge
The best thing is you can play online without playstation plus.
Dominik Varga
PS3 is still amazing.\nI still play with it, and it's my favourite console!
Donovan Mont
Does anyone else love it when he clicks the buttons on the controllers
Dwikky Yudha
It's not enough to play GTA V in there...
This is like porn to me.
Elliot RaG3zZ
COD 3 was the best
Franklin monis
What's the price
Fuck You
nice \n\n\nthrow it in garbage where it belongs
Gamerz compilation ツ
Games Player o l d
General mrdallas
Im playing the ps3 but ı dont enkoy it dat much ı just don't have enough money to buy the ps4 💸😂😂💸😂💸😂
Greenpanda Studios
2001: the Xbox has a whopping 1 GB of storage!\n2018: the Xbox one x has like no storage so you need a hard drive but you’ll buy it anyway!
HG -daily uploads
I have a 500 GB ps3 :P the new version
Isko Life
My favourite console PS3
Ismayilov Mehemmed
Give me
JJ Interactive Entertainment
This makes me want to buy a ps3
Jacobs 124
Unboxing first iPhone!
Jake Ben
Man that’s OSD to the max in every single video that u make your wearing gloves u must hate finger prints
Javier Daniel Peña Mejia
Umboxing de xbox one s
I love ps3 its' so good .is the king ps!.is old but is better than the ps4.
Jesús El Lacra
That crispy sound makes me happy.
Jib U
Ps3 gang. I still play bo1 and bo2 along with around 20 000 others
Why wear gloves when touching carboard?
Johnnie Quinores
Ps3 has the Spider-Man font lol
Jugger Nog
i have the fat ps3 and it's still working lmao
Justin Siow
Will it be too late to buy a ps3 in 2018 :)
Khairani Taman Revival
Please unboxing ps3 super slim 500gb
Khuzairi Gaming
I'm still enjoying my ps3 while I can, just waiting for the ps5 or I'll just buy a pc/laptop.
only If I have the money to buy it , of course I would get this one instead of the slim and the super slim because of the 4 usb ports and the bc but its rare 😠
LazyGeekgamer HD is dead channel
I do to this day
Leon Turla
Request: nintendo ds unboxing
Leonel Enrique
Y love the ps3
Martin Jareš
CoD 3 was the BEST!! Played it on PS2 over to the PS3 version and both were awesome
Mayzan Rizan
So slow,
Mr. T
*T H I C C*
Music world
Me toooooooo
Wwwhhaaaaat???? 7kg?!?!?😂
Noah Ramsay
I have the same ps3 as you it plays ps2 games it has four usb ports it's the 60gb motel and it still own a ps3.
Pedrooh ق
I love ps3 and I still play on it
Aqui e brrrrrr
Rxr Entertainment
I am
San The Digital Gaming Kurdish
I love ps3 fat only because this type backwards completeable
Sanjay Gajjar
how much it weighs
Scruper HD
I have this ps3
Sean Manaloto
PS3 will always be one of the pieces of tech that is close to my heart.
Servia Ball
I still play ps3 and Xbox 360
ShinigamI · DarK
No se como verga le hizo para conseguir ese ps3 antiguo de paquete
Silas Melo
Queria ter um ps3 era meu sonho
Favourite system of all time.
Sparky PL #Pan Śmietanka
1:14 start unboxing
Can you do the unboxing of the ps4 gran turismo edition. How many consoles have you got?
How many gloves and knifes that you had
The Andieniable
Do you keep these consoles for collection purposes?
The PS3 is such an amazing system :P
Any PS3 fans here? :)
Uchiha - Zone
Wtf put music
Veena Kumari
I am PS3 PS3 fan
Vegeta SSJBadass
This is the best PS3
WTF 1986
¿Porque Usa Guantes Y Se Los Cambia Ademas?
This brings back memories
The best model of PS3!!
amine Houhouhakim2016
Ninja not ps3
bevon bart
Caramba eu sou louco para comprar um eu tenho a primeira versão do PS2 Fat agora preciso de um PS3 Fat. O firmware do PS3 é o primeiro será?
canal de tudo
Mostra seu rosto
christian cutrona
I wonder how much he spends on gloves every year.
dimariya 007
Ps3 slim 500gb ???
mujeeb king
3.55 and we'r done
music an video funny video
i like playing ps3 an ps4
mustafa tahir
R u german
Who remember the yellow light and the red ring of death
scotty thompson
cool playstation 3 console system do you still have it the relaxing end
shano gamer
I love ps3 but ps4 more
steven fasto
I love the ps3
Such a neat console. Kinda sucks that the launch was bad ($599.99 price, Blu-Ray malfunctions, overheat w/ YLOD, etc.) but the console was still great nonetheless.
Ένας Γιώργος
The Spiderman Logo of PS3 !!!\n😂😂😂
Νικόλας Γιαννουλης
Who is still playing ps3
Алкоголик Спермострел
ا ا
راح أشتري ابلي3 سعر 335
العاب كيم اوفر
fKyo men
الوعد قدام
nice man ps3 Original waaaaaaaaw
ps 4 unboxing💋💋😘
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