Gamers Are Awesome - Episode 61

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Battlefield 4 (Video Game) FIFA Games Modern Owned Warfare amazing bf4 crazy episode explosion ghosts gun lucky montage... pc reaction xbox one

But where was growtopia players, roblox players, minecraft players or my little pony videogame players?
If you can like this comment because if you couldn't like this comment you wouldn't like this comment. \n\n\n\n\n\n\nmakes sense
3:12 wow he shots the car.... how dificult....NOT
AutoMotion Digital
Last clip is retarted.. I could just make a bunch of magazine changing sounds and get the same thing.. How does anyone think this is good? It is literally one pitch clicking sounds lolololololl
Bauti Martinez
0:40 is so easy do something like that
0:25 game ?
Boris_ gtr
(2:50) Instead of standing still like a normal gamer and instead of dodging like a boss he simply steps into the flying plane like a god!\n\n\n\nMission Passed! Respect+++
Connor K.
Could you also make a serie only about Minecraft and Roblox please?\n\n\n\nSorry for bad English and no hate please... okay :]
Cooper Johnson
4:08 fucking dropshotter
I miss the dishonored clips :(
The vigilante one was not very impressive, the rockets have lock on and the bumbushka is slow and actually very weak
De sampige kasser
Yes we are
Dillon Virt
Did anyone notice at the 4:48 mark with Star Wars the kill sound went with the music.
1:37 that's what we in the industry call an aimbot. The moment he pulls the trigger it auto-aims onto the guy. No human being can flick that quickly that fast that accurate. I can believe a double kill like that after the dynamite kill is possible, it is. But the way he FLICKED onto those guys instantaneously with no sign of him moving the crosshair himself.. that's a bit fishy.
Apareceré en este the gamers are awesome ?
Elias (R6 :D )
The last 👍
Elite Ethan
I finally got put in one YES
Eyeswideopen Iclotsofsheep
5:58 looked like aim assist to me.
FaKeCaRvEy E
Minuet 3:26 the GTA V grafic is bader then GTA San Andreas 😂
Fabian Michel
gamers are indeed awesome, as well as your content is \u003c333
interesting how almost all of the clips where someone goes crazy and kills everyone are on console..
Gaming 007
You are kingggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!
1:30 is an aim-bot.....
I know im awesome 😃
Graphic maker PRO
First one was GTA V supmodi
Gamers are not awesome
Isaiah Chatelier
There’s really nothing special about 99% of these clips
Jacques Winter
First lol
Jay Jose
Was OveRLoaDED22 cheating lol (haven’t played bf1 in 9 months)
Jekyl Hyde
Please don't include FIFA trash in the awesome category
JoZzudi _
Jonathan Testardi
Gun sync is \
Joshua Knell
4:05 I just crapped my pants :O
Justin Richards
My favorite part was 5:58 that person clutched it
K Dog Cannon
No they aren't!
Ww2 sniping is cringe. \nYou have aim assist and get easy quads with people standing.\n\nAnd pure luck.
4:38 the tornado
Lassy Luke
Could anyone tell me the music of the last clip?
I am a gamer too...\n\n\n\n\n\nI play clash of clans
Luke Ukel
Grandi italiani!
Mac Al
4:01 this is why i will never play COD ever again!!
Manuel Vallelo
hola estoy el mejor y el mejor idioma es el español
Marcel Peter
What is The Song Name on5:33min?
Martin Lopez
The last song is called \
Me Dwight
There are some great clips here but i'm tired of seeing fps clips of people coming up behind a squad, it doesn't take skill, if you don't panic anyone can do it.
3:28 Holy crap, someone needs to turn up their graphics!
Mikey Alexander
5:31 throwback to like 2012 when \
Lol the AD has no sound xdD
Mr Nobody
Zero dislikes =) let's keep it that way\n\nUpdate: 2 dislikes who would do something like that =(
Mystical Marowak
All hail our lord and savior chokobo
what is this game 2:05 ?
Nasrullah Gunawan
All of them have hacks, a very old one actually...\n\n\n\n\n\nIt's called *SKILL*
Let me think of an unoriginal comment\n\nHmmm...\n\n...\n\n\n\nHmmmmmmmm...\n\n\n\n\nHmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...\n\n\n\nThat’s pretty nice
Nikhil Ranjan
Is anyone else boycotting star wars battlefront 2?? I am not going to buy the game btw.
Noah Veinstein
the guy at 3:09 didnt actually snipe him out of the car he destroyed the car and it exploded
The guy at 3:50 in Battlefield 1 has a wallhack or....?
Pedro Neves
4:40 Só no videogame mesmo kkk
Bo2 trickshotting
Pop It Dude
dat ending tho
3:47 did he played with hacks
Rikardo Antic
3:27 easy AF... i tried it with a friend and did it first try
Rudolf Scheiner
I don't think it's awesome when a TIE-Fighter destroy the Millenium Falke!
Róbert Pap
Im waiting for the 69th one ;)
Simon Tang
take my dislike
Someone named Waffles
Should I get GTA? I heard it's very pay to win. Someone help meh.
Spookify the Ceratopsia
Wish the song went intense instead of suspense, really killed me in my opinion.
Stealthy Spade63
Nevada-vicetone is the gun sync
There's nothing awesome about griefing that plane. That's just not cool.
TechnicFreak Z
This music reminds me at Batman 🤔
Tharun Khokulan
1:06 Rare occasion where a freemium player succeeds in Battlefront II
The DarkLord
I think everyone can launch their car up in the air and shoot something with Homing missiles
Torkala Torkala
5:10 why include this clip?
Unix ytb
nice song 😱
3:30 why is this one in it? its not even hard.... but the rest is awsome
I want passed on your video !!!
*boycott battlefront 2*
William Azazel Miseria
don't hate the player hate the game XD
XqunK _
4:50 tf was ever happen to storm trooper aim?
Zach Diamond
tryhards too lol
eeeee boy
adam haydar
anas m
andrea scara
You are great
benJisT _
The bf1 clip at 1:27 is 100% obvious aimbot
The way physics work in GTA 5 are unnatural.
daniel slayback
Omg 5:58 is the best
Fortnite... for real ?
j c
Gamer Are awesome but have no life
joe montemayor
That scream at 4:11 lmao
lol lol
3:28 potato computer?
minto namikaze
nigel andrews
that dab at 3:55
5:00 the force is strong in that one
soy piter TM
*Nice Video Bro Greetings from MÉXICO :)*
the raccoon peple
But that tie fighter gun sync with the music dow
vasya ebach
*1:59** game?*
0:20 why? how is that useful? ooh, I know! to be the most hated person in the whole lobby! :D
3:01 my name is jeff