Angry Video Game Nerd - Season Three

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AVGN Season 3 (Virtual Boy to Milon's Secret Castle)February 2008 - February 2009Watch Season One ►

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Alexander E. J.
When he says \
Alexei Gladyshev
They should have input display available and turned on in these videos to improve understanding of what's going on beyond the compounds of the screen. Like this comment so Mike Matei can see this for future videos
Anon Anon
imagine red dead redemption on virtual boy! you could call it \
Bando Beast - Urban Exploration
Black Hat
His AVGN episodes are more professionally shot now, but I miss the old school ones where the nerd would lose his shit and yell so loud the mic would peak LOL.
Bogumila Czwakiel
Konami make cb the warth of cortexx👙💄💄💄💄💄💄💩💩💩😳😳😳😔
Boku no Pico Academia
The special effects in the Superman 64 episode still look more convincing than the effects in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace!
2:19:22 Batman And Joker BDSM
D.A. Bassett
It's now just 1.3 years away from a review of Raid 2020!!!
Dan Sturby
Superman 64 is one of the best episodes
I can't watch the IntelliVoice part without thinking of Phelous' YouTube Poop of it where the Nerd tries a bunch of different games on different systems and they're all BAE SEVUNTAIN BAUWMERRR!!
Dead Meme
Did I just really see..... Jesus in a mech suit? Damn, he went all New Testament on mario
Definitely Screwed
I hope she made lots of SPAGEDDY
James Rolfe is one of the best (internet) comedians of all time. He has many, many fans in germany.
Donnell Skelton
the death and Return of Superman was a pretty damn good game
Mike makes a MUCH better Joker than Leto did!!
18:09 I wish people still didn't give a shit about virtual reality. Sometimes I do long for 2008.
Funny how there was a lull in VR interest, and now, since the technology is finally able to support it, VR is exploding again.\n\nNintendo should come up with a good VR machine to compete with the Oculus and such, and call it the Virtual Boy 2.0
Eat Steel
I watch AVGN while painting warhammer miniatures: double nerd flavor ftw...
Eddie Gebhard
What a great series. This is what YouTube was made for. Great job!
Eric Gerwatowski
Mark Hamill can suck it, Mike Matei was my favorite joker.
I have been watching AVGN since 2007, I now have a 4 year old child and still watching AVGN episodes over and over again.
G Gutherie
reviewing that game in 2020 doesn't seem too far from a possibility now, I honestly didn't think the nerd would continue for this long
Helix Echoes
THIS IS A SHOW... I've been 10 years late in discovering the NERD.
HybridPark 97
Rolling Rock... On the Rolling Rocker lol
Isaiah Belter
Shit. it doesn't feel like it's already been 10 years already.
James Corwin
2:55:55 That's actually a thing now :P iOS Super Mario
Jemime Disraeli
that batman vs joker avgn was, and still is, the best bit of all avgn, Mike was so damn funny as joker
Total games reviewed/commented on: 115\nReferences to Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest: 6. \n\
Juuso Kuusisto
watching this again for the millionth time proves it that avgn can stand the test of time better than actual TV shows.
Kinda Bored
Kirby the Medic
I feel like avgn is James's therapy for all the pent up anger he experienced playing this shit as a child.
Kosaku Kawajiri
1:49:33\nMy three seconds of fame. That was me, offering to donate Superman 64. I was such a happier person back in 2008. Times have changed for the worse.
Lee Perkins
What city is Dick Tracey set in? San Andreas I think, what with every building having a sniper on it.
Leonard Wall
I wanna see the nerd play new VR after rehearing the \
Liam Slaney
Wipe your arse on totto , lmao mike another classic
Lord Belial
The Super Mario 3 clip. You could have held up the Iron Maiden CD Fear of the Dark and shouted \
MaDDsHoTT 33
Gotta love Mike's Wizard of Oz lion. Laugh everytime!
Markis Miller
I fall asleep to this.
Melissa Valdés
mike does the joker better than jared leto
Micah Nelson
I I actually find the fact that whenever one player dies you have to start the level over, it shows that you need to work together better. It shows that the game requires teamwork and that's what I like about Battletoads.
Hell's confusing.
JAMES lemme just say thank you for all the hours of entertainment and for all the effort that you and cinemassacre put into everything!
10 years later and everyone is going crazy over Virtual Reality stuff again. A pretty ironic cycle, and again we're basically having the same issue. Nothing but shitty games.
Mitchell Mammel
Mr C
Anyone else watching these currently? I’ve been on a major marathon here. Swear these never get old
Mr Password Username
00:00 Virtual Boy\n18:16 The Wizard Of Oz\n29:22 Double Vision Part 1 - Intelivision\n39:02 Double Vision Part 2 - Coleco Vision\n47:04 Super Mario Bros 3\n57:29 NES Accessories\n1:10:22 Indiana Jones Trilogy\n1:28:59 Star Trek\n1:39:21 Superman\n1:50:07 Superman 64\n1:59:49 Batman Part 1\n2:10:25 Batman Part 2\n2:19:56 Deadly Towers\n2:28:05 Battletoads\n2:35:30 Dick Tracy\n2:49:29 Dracula\n3:00:49 Frankenstein\n3:14:44 CDI Part 1\n3:21:25 CDI Part 2\n3:32:52 CDI Part 3\n3:45:34 Bible Games 2\n4:02:29 Michael Jackson's Moonwalker\n4:11:37 Milon's Secret Castle
My friend thought that slim good body was a pervert
Niko Beliveau
Avgn = LIFE
I just noticed Golf was made by T&E Soft.... aren't they the Hydlide guys?
Christ.. this guy puts some much work into his videos.
Pensive Scarlet
I forgot just how funny it is when The Nerd says something so appalling that even he feels the need to apologize. XD\n\nI also forgot what a great classic Joker Mike Matei was. You know, your Bat Nerd performance reminds me so much of Michael Keaton in general, just the look and tone, I can't help but think of Birdman. :D
Perry Harney
Man... seems like I've grown up with James. I watched him since middle school... I'm in the army fixing apaches now lol
tbh this is probably my favorite nerd era.
I always appreciated the AVGN for giving me knowledge about these older gaming consoles and the games that came with them. \n\nDidn’t grow up with them, but I did play on my Uncle’s NES and I remember being 4 years old playing with the Zapper I believe.
Remi Vézina
it's really an art to be angry. Thanks a lot to share
Ricardo Bonilla
Lmao the dude who was playing the Cowardly Lion was awesome 😂
Robert Wiener
Mike makes a great Cowardly Lion!!!\n\nAVGN: \
Saad Baig
2018 anyone
Sebas Peimbert
today we only have stupid react videos and prank videos, these were the golden days of youtube
Smint Verse
That's the longest intro ever
SpaceMario (OLD CHANNEL)
School night and I have a test tomorrow.\n\ntime to watch AVGN!
Staaz Mon
We're gonna go back to the past...
Stitch Snow
Mike \u003e Jack Nicholson \u003e Heath Ledger \u003e Jared Leto
2:58:58 - I wonder if Fred Fuchs is aware of AVGN ripping on his name by now.
Taekwondo Time
You still need to review *Sword of Sodan* on the Sega Genesis. :D
Thanks Angry James, because of you i'm learning english... i hope you're proud of you...
Techno Szene Bayern
2:26:40 Nice in German :D
That Fry Guy
That Guy Who Watches Videos
The main game shown in this video (that was released in 2015 and where the bulk of the content was filmed in 2008) is The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, released in 2016, according to YouTube Gaming.\n\nCall me crazy, but that doesn't seem right.
The Geek Chronicles
I've watched all seven seasons in 5 days, I need more AVGN episodes :/
The Melori
i was the 1,000,000th view (:
I wasn't old enough to drink alcohol when these episodes came out. Now that I'm over 21 I can safely say Rolling Rock is gross.
Typewriter Maniac
1:41:04: ET needs a map.
Why doesn't someone include the Batman Forever sprites in one of those giant Mortal Kombat MUGEN games?
X Gen
I laughed so hard watching this I shat my liver out. It flew across the room and killed my cat. It was worth it.
Why did you cut out the Led Zeppelin part in the Star Trek review?
Beeee Zeventeeen booouumbher!
4:04:20 Looks like the kids are giving Michael a, reward for saving them?
adankseason ADS
Deadly Towers.. what did he say in German?
His anger level is max for battle toads I love it
Probably the best season. So many good episodes here.
g33k_ d4sh
Most of my day off today i have been watching these seasons in order.....time well spent imo.
jhon jacson
oh jeez man, poor guitar guy, he just wants to be part of the show and be accepted.
This really is taking us back to the past with messages from MySpace. Damn, I can't believe some of these eps were so long ago. Seems like just yesterday they were new!
is it weird that I watched this whole video without pausing\nedit: the only reason this is 4 hours long is because of the intro
3:51:24 A little more then a year and we can expect a avgn review of Raid 2020 :D
That double vision song was actually pretty damn good. Guy is a very good guitarist. Those rifts ain't easy to pull off I'm sure
2:26:40 actually made me laugh so much😂 Hearing it a second time around is hilarious
10 years later and I still love this series to death. It's honestly more funny now that I'm older.
the angry australian
this show and its theme song...are a work of pure artistic beauty...not taking the piss i mean that
The focus on NES games and the look of his basement harkens back to that special window of time from about 1986 to 1990 or so ....when NES was king and Transformers looked like Transformers.\n\nWeekends were made for NES... you'd get your allowance, go spend the night at a friend's house, go out to see a movie with friends, pop some quarters at an arcade, then rent a nintendo game and play it all night trying to beat it.
The Batman episode is some of Mike's best work!